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The Universe in her eyes

Chapter 1 - Stars In Our Eyes

Their forever started with a promise.

It was as simple as breathing, as easy as love; yet neither of them dared to speak the words, out of fear the other would back away. So they tried to express what they couldn't say with words with actions, little glances full of devotion and drowning in each other's arms - and it worked fine, for both of them. There was never a single moment they questioned their relationship, that they questioned them.

Their forever started with a promise.

As simple as loosing, as easy as grieving.

"You can't be serious about this one. Please tell me you're not." Her voice was supposed to sound exasperated but ended up mirroring her bright smile. The Doctor raised his eyebrows at her, in mock outrage. "What's wrong with bananas, Rose? Bananas are good!" Rose laughed and rolled her eyes at him. "I know but I'm still not going to an entire planet full of those blasted things!"

He sniffed. "Alright, then. So I'll just go there on my own-"

"Don't you dare." She laughed again and he couldn't help but stare at her for a moment. The warm, faint light of the small nightlamp to their feet and the soft glow emitting from the stars above them let shadows dance across her beautiful face.

Rose pointed, not noticing his gaze on her, on another constellation on the map he was holding up in front of them. It was only just their second and they were going to go through so many more of the maps and cards scattered across the floor around them. Both were huddled up on the sofa in the library, his feet streched out on a pile of cushions she had put under them, Rose cuddled up against him with bent legs. The Doctor shifted the arm he had draped around Rose's shoulders and pulling her close, to reach for the specs in his pocket.

"What about that one? Sounds interesting.", Rose commented and chuckled when he leaned closer to the map, pushing the specs further up his nose. He let her teasing comment about his sight in this body slide. It's reading-glasses, he'd usually point out, huffing indignantly, which always made her laugh. Not tonight, though. Instead, his gaze was glued to her glowing face, her almost shy motion to the paper in their hands, and it reminded him so much of the night they had stood in the Estate's backyard in front of the TARDIS, the ashes falling down on them, with fluttering hearts and hesitant touches.

She had never been more beautiful to him than that night when her face broke into a wide grin that looked like it could grow flowers, and had said "Yeah. That way.".


"Hmm? Which one were you saying?"

Her finger tapped on the map. "Pappanicopolopolous."

He stopped, his eyes flitting back to her. "What?" Rose huffed and closed her eyes, knowing what would come next - and she wasn't disappointed. When she opened her eyes again, a big grin had spread on the Doctor's face. "Rose Tyler, are you messing with the names again? That gonna be the next Raxacoriofallapotorius?"

"Shut up." Her cheeks were glowing but her embarassed lip-biting grin was way too endearing for him to stop. The Doctor let out a soft chuckle. "Pappanicolopolous.", he corrected her, gently.

"Pappanic ... olo ... what?"



"No, Pappanicolopolous. Just say it real fast-"

"Pappanicolopolous!", Rose cried and asked "Yeah?" through squinted eyes, waiting for his reaction.

"That's my girl", the Doctor said softly, giving her shoulders a squeeze. She sighed and rested her head on his shoulder. "That planet any good?"

He shrugged. "Oh, you know, the usual. New skies, new ground under your feet, four moons ... dinosaurs, probably."

She gasped, her brown eyes growing wide as she catched his gaze. "You're joking."

"Nope!", the Doctor replied happily, popping the 'p' and Rose knew he would have bounced up and down on his heels if they were standing.

She let out a huff of breath, pondering for a while, then she looked up at him again, not taking her head off of his shoulder. Instead, she snuggled closer to him and closed her eyes, yawning. "Yeah, sounds good. Let's do that."

The Doctor nudged her with his shoulder, grinning. "Rose, you're not going to sleep now, are you?" She opened one eye at him. "No, of course not. It's called relaxing. Not that you've ever heard of something like that."

"Oi!" She grinned at him, tongue poking out between her teeth. He chuckled. "You humans and your laziness. If it were for me-"

"If it were for you", she interrupted him, her smile not faltering, "You'd be bouncing around and never let me sleep."

"That's not sleep, that's hibernating."

"That's six hours, Doctor."

"Still", he muttered, pouting but not being able to cross his arms, since one of them was still wrapped around Rose.

Rose laughed. "A child, you are. A pouting, 900-year-old alien child."

He sucked in air between his teeth. "Oh, mind you, ninehundred and four!", he stressed and made Rose laugh and pat his chest. "Sorry."

She closed her eyes again and the Doctor chuckled. "So", he stated, leaning his head on hers, his fingers drawing absent-minded circles on her shoulder. "As for tomorrow ... what do you say that after our visit on Pappanicolopolous we head for London? But in the 90s, you know, there was this great thing ... an art gallery, this, um, this artist had an exhibition - what was his name again ... Howard? ... Howard Da-something, couldn't quite catch his name back then - weeeell, when I say it was 'great' it means I don't really remember much, but it was a positive event - at least I hope so - and you'd like it, I think ..."

He stopped when she gave no reaction and noticed her breathing had slowed down. The Doctor looked down at her and found her fast asleep, lips slightly parted, her head still on his shoulder. He smiled softly and just looked at her for a moment, drinking in her relaxed and content features, resisting the urge to brush his hand over her cheek.

Instead, he gently loosened his arm around her, put one on the side of her neck and slowly, carefully lowered her head to his lap - his other hand quickly grabbing a cushion to place it in it - being as gentle as he could, not daring to disturb her peaceful slumber.

So then Rose Tyler laid there, head resting on his lap, her legs still bent, taking long and even breaths. The only sounds in the room were their mingling heartbeats - her slow pace somehow slowing down his hectic and fast double beat - and their relaxed breathing.

The Doctor smiled down on her one more time, then he crossed his arms behind his neck and leaned back on the furniture. Above him, through the dome of the library, the universe waited for them, somehow giving them its approval.

A slow, peaceful, happy smile crept on the Doctor's lips at the thought of that and the weight of Rose's head on his legs. Everything was just right - the Doctor and Rose Tyler, in the TARDIS.

Just as it should be.

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