that feeling when you take a 5-year break and then write 2 chapters consecutively lol (I know this is v short but get ready for the feels bby)

It was starting to get warmer again. Not warm enough to sit without a jacket, but still warm enough so that her fingers didn't get numb from the cold.

Rose Tyler sat on the rooftop of the Powell Estate and looked up at the stars, wishing she was among them. Her chapped hands clutched onto her old phone, a single name on the screen.

"It's been," she checked her watch, angling her wrist so that she could see the dial properly. "Eleven months, three and a half weeks, four days and … about six hours."

She turned her head up to the stars again, closing her eyes, and imagined herself in the console room of the TARDIS. After a few moments of the deafening absence of the whirring of the coral, she spoke again. "It's weird that nothing's changing over here. It's just," she felt her voice starting to shake, and she concealed it with a short, humourless chuckle. "Same old life. Back in Pete's World. And –" she screwed her eyes shut, willing herself not to start crying anew. "And you're not here. And I guess that's the worst of it, really. So; I know I said that I wouldn't call you anymore, and I know I need to let go, but I just – "

Her voice broke and she bit her lips and forced the air out of her lungs into the chill of the night. "You'd say I'm silly. A silly ape who's not working properly anymore. But that's just me being human, don't you think, Doctor?"

For a terribly hopeful second, she expected a reply. A noise from the other end of the line. Anything.


Rose sighed, rubbing her eyes with her free hand and sniffed, the tears finally falling now. It had been almost a full year since she had seen him or heard his voice. Not even calling his phone gave her much, as he had never recorded a voice mail because, really, why would he? She'd called him every night, regardless. Perhaps it was to pretend as if she wasn't lonely in this world that wasn't really hers. Or maybe it was to keep her wounds as fresh and open as possible, perhaps in an effort to not forget him, she didn't really know. Rose never wanted to forget. The Doctor and the possibility of seeing him again was the single thing that kept her fighting. She couldn't give up now. She tried not to think about how it felt as if they were further and further away from their goal than ever before, and instead sniffed again and said, "Anyways, I should go. Mum's probably caught onto me being up here again. She doesn't like it much. I don't really care, to be honest. Sometimes I feel like this is the only place I have left anymore that feels close to you, you know?" She looked up at the stars again. "I'll hang up now, Doctor. Good night. I love you."

With a final sigh, she hung up and wiped her tears away, not once tearing her gaze away from the night sky.

For now, all she wanted was to sit here and pretend she was looking out from the windows of the library of the TARDIS. And tomorrow, forever tomorrow, she would try again.