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"What's your relationship with him?" Nami asked.

"Ah, we're just friends. He was put under my care for some time during his training," Hina grinned, a playful glint in her eyes.

Hina sat in the Captain's cabin, hands massaging her temples. She looked at the mess of papers stacked in front of her and sighed uncontrollably. There was loud creak as she looked up at the other occupant of the room, Monkey D. Luffy, grinning at her.

He had been a bane of her existence ever since the patrol started when Garp had unceremoniously dumped his grandson on her ship.

"I want you guys to bring him out on your next patrol! Let him see how we do things around here!" He had grinned at her. Not that she was in any position to protest either way.

It would have been fine if he had behaved himself like a proper marine. But he had Garp's blood in his veins after all, the boy was too full of energy to even stay still for 2 minutes.

The boy had ran around the ship poking at everything that interested him, which was practically everything including Hina herself. She swore if he wasn't Vice Admiral Garp's grandson, she would have already locked him up in a barrel and stowed him in the furthest, darkest corner of the ship for the whole patrol.

"Hina!" Luffy grinned.

Hina sighed again, "What?"

"You look pretty," Luffy smiled innocently.

The remark was too sudden and out of place that Hina's mouth opened in surprised, causing the cigarette in her mouth to fall out of her mouth and on to the table.

"Ah! Fire!" Luffy screamed, rushing up to Hina and frantically slapping down at the fire the cigarette had started.

Hina panicked and pushed herself away from the table, stumbling backwards on her overturned chair.

"Ouch... Hina embarrassed..." Hina rubbed her head as she sat up from the floor.

"Are you ok?" Luffy reached out his hand to pull her up.

"What's with you? Saying these kinds of things so suddenly..." Hina pouted at him, grabbing his hand and pulling herself up.

"I don't know, I just kept hearing the others saying that you look pretty all the time," Luffy confessed. "I just wanted to know why no one said it to you directly."

"God, Luffy, you can be so dense... I know you're related to Garp but you don't have to be as tactless as he is..." Hina groaned.

A knock sounded on the door, "Captain Hina! We have sights on a pirate ship!"

"I'm coming!" She yelled back, before turning towards Luffy. "Follow me, and don't get in the way."

Luffy nodded, still grinning up at her.

They both walked out on to the deck of the ship, most of the marines had their weapons drawn and were awaiting orders. Smoker stood at the prow of the ship, arms crossed with 2 cigars in his mouth.

To the starboard was an island that had a pirate ship anchored in the water a distance from it, apparently the pirates had chosen to abandon the ship and escape into the island the moment they had spotted the ship.

"What's going on?" Hina stepped beside Smoker. Luffy had chosen to stand on the other end of the ship, away from Smoker.

"Damn pirates thought they could hide inside the forest, they even abandoned their ship here. We're already preparing to disembark." Smoker grunted.

"What's your plan?" Hina raised an eyebrow.

"I'll take a company and smoke them out of there, you'll take another company and stay on the beach to encircle them, make sure none of them escapes. Just in case, set fire to their ship as well."

"And the boy?" Hina jerked her chin to Luffy, who was now dangling at the top of the mast, swinging around without fear.

Smoker narrowed his eyes at the boy, he had been spared of his antics for most of the patrol thanks to Luffy's distaste of his cigars but he had heard enough complaints from Hina about the boy that would last him a lifetime. He shook his head as Luffy continued jumping in between the ship's mast, not even caring about what was going on below.

"Let him do what he wants, as long as he doesn't get in the way," Smoker grunted.

"I'll station a squad on the ship for defense then," Hina turned to the men, already giving out orders and separating them into groups.

"Men! Spread out! Push them towards the beach, don't let a single one of them escape!" Smoker yelled, pulling out his jitte.

The marines did as they were ordered with precision, each man covering his partner as they advanced through the forest, looking for the pirates.

Smoker himself dispersed into his smoke form and drifted through the forest, trying to find traces of the pirates. It was obvious enough, the pirates were not intent on covering their trail, you didn't need to have tracking skills to know a whole group of pirates had just barrelled through this section of the forest.

As Smoker followed the trail of broken branches, muddy footprints and rustled leaves, he emerged on another empty beach at the other end of the island.

"What?" Smoker gasped, he looked at the footprints in the sand that lead directly in the ocean.

'Did they choose to swim out of here? No, that's impossible… But where are they?'

"Captain Smoker!" A Marine yelled out to his far right. "There's another track of footprints here that lead directly back into the forest!"

"What did you say?!" Smoker sprinted to where the Marine had shouted. Indeed, there were a whole bunch of tracks on the beach that lead directly back into the forest.

"WE'VE BEEN TRICKED! Back to the ship, men!" Smoker yelled out, sprinting through the forest, not noticing the thin layer of gas that seemed to cling onto the forest floor.

"I'm soooo bored…" Luffy slumped on the railing of the crow's nest. He stared out at the island where Hina had set up an ambush on the beach, waiting for Smoker to push the pirates out of the forest.

He had wanted to join them on the island but both Captains had vehemently refused, stating that he would just be in the way.

Luffy pouted when he remembered that, "What's with them? I can fight too!"

He had thought that he could at least watch the fight from the crow's nest and proceeded to ascend the mast in record time.

When he reached the empty crow's nest, he was rather disappointed to see that the forest had obscured most of his view of the island. He couldn't even see any of the Marines that had followed Smoker into the forest, let alone any battle that might be taking place.

"I'm soo bored…"

Hina stood on the beach with her arms folded, watching the forest intently. The marines had already set up a firing line with their guns poised ready to shoot at any pirates that emerged from the forest.

Hina tapped her foot impatiently, Smoker had already gone into the forest for more than half an hour, the pirates should have been chased out long ago. In fact, the distinct lack of any sounds of battle unnerved her.

She bit her thumb anxiously, thinking what course of action she should take. Smoker might have gotten careless and fallen into the pirates' trap, or the island might have been bigger than they thought. She needed to contact Smoker, but she had left her den den mushi on board the ship, thinking she hadn't needed it.

"Commander!" Hina yelled towards one of the Marines. "I'm putting you in charge of the beach, make sure you don't let any pirates escape. I'm heading back to the ship to check on Captain smoker."

She got on one of the boats and rowed back towards the ship, all the while cursing under her breath.

As she neared the ship, she had a feeling that something was wrong, the whole ship was deathly quiet. She floated the boat close to the ship, quietly ascending the ladder at the side of the ship.

Peeking her head out over the side, she gasped as she saw the pirates she had been waiting for on board the battleship. They seemed to be climbing up the ship on the other side of Hina, having swam all the way there from the island. The marines that had been stationed to defend it seemed to be fast asleep, most of them being dragged along by the pirates towards the central mast.

Hina was about to step on to the deck when she realised every pirate had gas masks strapped firmly to their faces, on their backs they carried a weird looking backpack with a nozzle attached to it that seemed to be spewing out gas. She ducked her head back down as she noticed the thin layer of fog that seemed to cling to the deck of the ship.

'Bastards are using sleeping gas...'

Hina climbed along the side of the ship, looking for a pirate that might have stayed at the railing to snatch a gas mask from him. Fortunately for her, one such pirate had been stationed at the back of the ship, no doubt trying to slack off the work his other crew members were going through in dragging and tying up the Marines on board.

The pirate didn't even had time to shout when Hina reached over the side of the ship, grabbed him by the mask and pulled him overboard, snapping of his mask at the same time.

Hina deftly strapped on the gas mask on her face before leaping over the railing with a soft thump. Peering over the corner of the stairs that lead down to the deck, she breathed out a sigh of relief as the pirates had not noticed her yet.

Hina jumped back over the railings to cling at the side of the ship, slowly climbing her way back to the side of the deck. As she neared the deck, the pirates' conversations became clearer.

"I think that's all of them."

"Heh, this'll teach the Marines to mess with us, the Gas Pirates!"

"Hey, anyone seen Gary?"

"He's probably slacking off somewhere again, that lazy bastard."

"So what do we do with them?"

"They set fire to our ship, we should do the same to their crew!"

"Let's dump them on a boat and put a breath dial with some flammable gas on it. We'll send it towards the beach and then fire their own cannons towards them!"

"Hahaha! you're so evil Captain!"

Hina gritted her teeth, she had heard enough.

She leaped up from the side of the ship and landed among the pirates, she held her arms stretched out and rushed towards the largest group of pirates, passing her arms through them. The pirates that had been in her way immediately found themselves bound in iron manacles that wrapped around their body as they fell on to the floor.

"Argh! What's going on?!" The pirates screamed, clearly not expecting her.

"Damnit! It's Black Cage Hina! How did she get one of our gas masks?!"

Hina ignored the panic screams as she continued to take down one pirate after the other with her devil fruit powers. Spotting the captain, she immediately sprinted towards him, arms outstretched.

The captain tossed a black colored ball at her feet which Hina jumped up in order to avoid it. The ball exploded and a green cloud of dust enveloped her.

"I'm wearing one of your masks, remember?" She grinned, charging towards the Captain again. When she was about 3 steps away, she suddenly lost feelings in her legs and stumbled face first on to the ground.

"Hehehe, there's other ways that gas can get into your systems, Black Cage Hina" The pirate sneered. "This nerve gas for example, can seep through your skin to disable your movements."

Hina glared at the pirate, trying her best to move her body but her body refused to listen. The pirate strutted up to her, hands on his hips, "Men! Clear the gas, I'm going to have some fun with her first!"

The pirates flipped a switch on their backpacks and began blowing the sleeping gas away. The captain removed his gas mask to reveal an ugly looking smirk that had a few teeth missing and his predatory yellow eyes shone with cruelty. He advanced towards Hina, licking his lips as he took out a transparent ball that was filled with pink colored gas.

The pirate reached down and removed the gas mask from her face, smirking as he tossed the mask aside. Hina tried to scream but found her mouth unable to move as well, she could only glare at him as he flipped her on to her back.

"That's a fine body you have there, Black Cage, don't mind if I… Explored it a bit?" The pirate captain smirked, grabbing a handful of her breasts and squeezing it hard.

Hina did her best to glare at him, not giving him the satisfaction he wanted.

The pirate seemed to be unfazed by her defiance as he held the ball to her face.

"You see this? It's a potent aphrodisiac that's especially potent on females, one whiff of this and you'll be a bitch in heat. When the nerve gas wears off, you'll be begging for all of us to have our way with you."

Hina widened her eyes in fear and tried to push him away, even with all her effort, she couldn't even get a finger to twitch.

The pirate popped open the ball and let the gas flow towards her, Hina immediately held her breath, the only thing she seemed to be able to control now. The pirate Captain smirked at her, "The best part about it? It also soaks through your skin too."

Hina watched with fear evident in her eyes as the gas disappeared under her skin. Within moments, she could feel her body heating up and an irritable itch spread between her legs.

The captain laughed as he dropped her on the deck, waiting with his men for the nerve gas to wear off. With each passing second, Hina could feel more and more of her body as the nerve poison wore off. But for each sense she regained, the more turned on she was. Her breath was coming out in large gasps as the aphrodisiac took a hold of her body, a wet patch already forming on her pants.

"Yahahahaha! Resist as much as you want, but you won't be able to take it! Did I mention that this poison has lasting side effects? You won't be able to resist the first person that lays with you for as long as you live!" The pirate laughed.

"Now submit to us to a lifetime of slavery on our crew! Fall, Black Cage Hina!"

A shadow passed overhead the pirate captain as he looked up at a descending knee. He didn't even have time to react as Luffy kneed the pirate in his face, knocking out a few of his teeth and smashing him into the deck.

It took all of Hina's will to see past her lust as Luffy stood protectively in front of her, facing the mass of pirates with no fear.

The pirates cursed as they pointed their gas nozzles at him, preparing to blow the sleeping gas at him.

Luffy glared at the pirates, releasing a controlled burst of Conqueror's Haki. Within seconds all the pirates had collapsed on the deck of the ship, foaming at the mouth.

What should have taken a normal person 5 years to master was ruthlessly drilled into Luffy by his grandfather within a span of 6 months. But Luffy had took it all and survived, had anyone knew what lengths Garp had gone to train him, they would have sworn Garp was trying to kill Luffy.

"Luf... Luffy..." Luffy heard Hina cry weakly behind him.

He turned to see a hyperventilating Hina sprawled on the floor, "Help me... Please..."

Luffy rushed up to her and knelt beside her, "Hina! What did they do to you?! "

Hina gasped as another wave of lust hit her, she had regained most of her control over her body but still not enough to move freely.

Luffy panicked and held her up in his arms, carrying her to the sick bay on the ship. Hina had gasped the moment Luffy had touched her, an involuntary orgasm rocking through her body.

"Luffy... wait..." Hina gasped weakly, but he didn't hear her.

He shouldered open the door to the infirmary and carefully placed her on the bed. He turned towards the medical cabinet and flung it open, staring at the multitude of medication.

"Oh... Er... What do I use?" Luffy picked up a few of the bottles to examine it.

Hina was sweating now, she slowly pushed herself up from the bed, staring hard at Luffy's back.

Her panting filled the room as she shed off her cloak and unbuttoned her blouse, revealing the black laced bra she wore underneath before tossing the shirt away. She sat at the edge of the bed, unbuckling her belt and pulling off her pants, a matching black lace panties underneath.

Hina pushed herself off the bed as she slowly advanced towards Luffy, her left hand busy rubbing and pinching her erect right nipple.

"Hina, you know what medicine do I need to-" Luffy turned back just as Hina lunged for him, her arms wrapping around his neck and pulling him into a deep embrace.

Hina felt herself melt into the kiss, her body squirming in need as her tongue forced its way into his mouth to explore it.

Luffy gasped as he felt Hina push her breasts on him and wrapped a leg around his thigh, pulling him closer to her. He dropped the bottles in his hand as he gave himself over to the new primal sensation he was feeling.

Hina grasped both sides of Luffy's head as she continued to kiss him with lustful passion, grinding herself on his thigh. Luffy felt her hands reach down to explore his chest with gentle caresses, slowly pulling his shirt over his shoulders before dropping it on the floor.

Luffy's hand found its way to the perky mounds of her breasts, softly pinching one of her nipples. Hina let out a scream into his mouth as she climaxed from his touch. She arched her back and grasped on to his shoulder firmly, her nails digging into his skin.

She broke the kiss, panting, her eyes were glazed over in lust. Luffy fared no better, having never experienced such intense pleasure before, he was reacting on pure instinct.

Hina pulled Luffy to the bed, slamming him down while straddling him, she groaned again as she felt his erected member poke against her.

"Luffy… Oh, Luffy…" She gasped, reaching behind her back to unsnap her bra, letting it fall away on to the side of the bed. Luffy's eyes widened at the sight of her breasts bouncing free from its constraints in front of him, without wasting a second, he reached out both of his hands and grabbed on to them, squeezing and massaging her to her next climax.

"Oh god… Luffy… I can't take it… Please…" Hina begged, barely holding herself up as she grinded against him.

"Hina… I… Don't know about this…" Luffy hesitated, though his hands never left her bosoms.

Hina mashed her lips against his, her hand reaching down into her soaked panties to rub her aching clit. She broke from the kiss and stood up on the bed, pulling down her panties and kicking it away to a dark corner of the room.

"Luffy, forgive me… Please…" Hina cried, lowering herself on to Luffy's face. Luffy gasped as her sweet juices flooded his mouth when she grinded herself on his face. Luffy lapped greedily at her juices, causing Hina to let out another scream as her over sensitive clit was licked, forcing another orgasm on her. With every lick, it only incited another toe curling orgasm from her.

Hina collapsed on to the bed, utterly spent, Luffy had not allowed her to let go as he licked her fervently on the bed until he was satisfied. The aphrodisiac had done more than spiking her lust, her sensitivity had also been blown past the roof.

"Hina…" Luffy gasped, pulling down his pants and underwear to reveal a very stiff and erect manhood. "It's starting to hurt here…"

Hina gasped at his member, her womanhood was practically spewing out juices at the sight of it.

"Put it in, please, Luffy, please just put it in!" Hina babbled, already spreading her legs wide for him.

Luffy gasped as his manhood touched her entrance, it was already so slick with juices that he easily slid himself into her.

"Oooooohh, Luffyyyyyy…." She moaned as Luffy speared into her.

"Hina… Wait…" Luffy groaned as he felt her walls closed down on his member, trying to milk him as best as she could.

Hina had gripped her legs behind him, pulling him into her embrace as she rocked against him. She was already cumming the moment he put it in and she didn't want it to stop, it just felt too good.

"Luffy… Please, I need it…" Hina gasped into his ear, not slowing down her rocking.

Luffy began pounding into her in earnest, his hands cradling her back as she screamed out her orgasms.

"Hina… Something's coming… I feel… Something coming!" Luffy cried, trying to pull back.

Hina would have none of that, clamping her legs firmly around him. She forced Luffy to drive himself deeper into her as he let out his seed into her. She screamed as earth shattering orgasms hit her with every spurt of his seed.

They both finally collapsed on the bed, Luffy on top of her.

"Luffy…" Hina gasped, kissing him. "That was wonderful…"

When they both finally found the energy to move, they both dressed themselves after Luffy helped Hina clean herself up. Luffy noticed that Hina was giving him very affectionate glances and he wondered what exactly did the pirates do to her.

When they finally reached the deck, they found all the pirates bound on the deck with Smoker standing over them.

"Oh, you're back Smoker," Hina stepped towards him, as though nothing had happened while he was gone.

"What were you 2 doing?" Smoker raised an eyebrow.

Hina snorted at him, "The pirates snuck past you and I had to deal with them alone with Luffy, they managed to poison me but Luffy had brought me down to the infirmary to feed ne an antidote."

"Huh…" Smoker noted Hina had called him by his name rather than just 'boy'.

"So what happened on your side?" Hina poked a finger at him accusingly.

"Tch…" Smoker clucked his tongue. "These bastards gave us the slip, then had the whole forest laced with their sleeping gas, I was not affected thanks to my devil fruit but all of my men had fallen asleep. I managed to get all of them out of the forest before taking the beach team back to the ship, but all the pirates had already been knocked out when we got here."

"That was Luffy's doing by the way," Hina smirked at him.

"What? The brat did all that?!" Smoker widened his eyes.

"Conqueror's Haki, and a controlled burst it I might add. Garp didn't give us a boy, he brought us a monster," Hina grinned at him.

"Hmph, I'll decide that when I see it for myself…" Smoker grunted, though he seemed rather shaken by the news.

Hina turned to walk back to her quarters but suddenly collapsed, shocking everyone.

"Hey… Hina, you ok?" Smoker asked, genuine concern in his voice.

"I'm fine…" Hina waved his concerns away. "The poison isn't completely out of my body yet…" No one could see the flush in her cheeks and the obviously erected nipples that pushed against her blouse.

Luffy knelt down beside her and lent her his shoulder to lean on as he half carried her back to her quarters.

"Luffy… I think I need another dose of your… antidote," Hina whispered suggestively in his ear.

Luffy could only shudder at the thought.