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"Nico Robin?" Hancock asked, eyeing the woman who was sitting alone at the spectator stands with a book in hand.

"Yes, I do believe we've already met alongside the rest of the crew," Robin confirmed, setting aside her book.

"Indeed, I was not really interested in you back then."

Robin gave a wry smile, "I could tell."

Hancock took a seat beside the archaeologist, the other Kuja warriors taking their own seats a distance away to give the two privacy. On the parade square, the Guard of Honor remained standing at attention, having been coerced back into place by Hina. Luffy took his place on the stage again, trying to remember his lines while Zephyr berated him.

"So what changed your opinion of me?" Robin asked, just as Zephyr yelled at Luffy again for forgetting his lines.

"Luffy did all this for you," Hancock stated, glaring at Zephyr but somehow managing to restrain herself.

Robin nodded, knowing it was not a question.

Nami had already told her that Luffy was polyamorous, but Robin had still found it hard to stomach given Hancock's reputation. It was well known she was quite willful and arguably harder to please than the other Warlords.

What the archaeologist did not know was that her willful reputation came from the fact that Hancock only listened to Luffy and no one else.

The Pirate Empress turned to face Robin, the archaeologist mirroring her action.

Hancock closed the distance between them, touching Robin's shoulder with her own. Before Robin could make sense of Hancock's action, she had pinched a few strands of Robin's hair to take a whiff of.

Robin managed to prevent herself from recoiling from the display, giving Hancock a raised eyebrow instead.

Hancock smiled before releasing the archaeologist's hair, "You're his now, aren't you?"

Robin narrowed her eyes slightly.

"We're having an after, after party once the parade finishes. You're welcome to join us if you weren't already invited."

Robin was aware of the party because Nami told her about it, but she was not privy to who was invited since the navigator had neglected in telling her that.

"Nami already told me," Robin informed, turning back to the parade rehearsal.

"Did she? Then I would assume she has already 'indoctrinated' you. Tell me, when did it happen? I believe it should be after the first time I met you?"

"You are fine with sharing him?" Robin asked, not answering the question.

Hancock's smile grew wider, "You and Nami are quite similar. Darling really does know how to pick them…"

Robin tilted her head at the comment.

"She asked the same question, not believing I could share." Hancock explained. "Those nights sharing him with your navigator was quite fun actually."

Robin smirked, "Nami always makes it more fun in the bedroom."

"Ah, I have a feeling we'll get along quite nicely, Miss Robin."

"Just Robin would be fine. We are going to get quite intimate soon aren't we? Fufufu."

"Fufufu, you are quite right about that."

The two women shared a laugh, a close bond already forming between them.

"Please, won't you tell me about your first time with darling?"

"Fufufu, if you would share with me his time with you. Nami had told me you were his first, I'm quite curious how you got together with him."

"Why of course, a few years ago…"

Luffy swallowed the pieces of meat in his mouth, opening his mouth wide for another bite of the succulent flesh that Sanji had 'prepared' for him.

A short distance away, Garp was similarly chomping down on an obscene amount of rice crackers.

"You'd expect the man of the hour to at least socialise instead of stuff himself here…" Smoker sighed, having been dragged to the after party by Hina.

Hina chuckled, "Well, it's Luffy after all. Hina thinks this is fine."

"Maaa… I had half expected the room to be in pieces now with both the grandson and grandfather together," Aokiji chuckled, a few sticks of barbecued chicken in his hands.

"I'm surprised that Luffy had so many connections here…" Nami mused, looking at the various Marines that were present for his after party.

"Ahahaha, Vice Admiral Luffy is really amazing isn't he?" Coby laughed nervously, not expecting himself to be invited to such a party. To make things worse, he only recently came to know that even the Admirals were rather close to his friend as well.

Helmeppo rolled his eyes, "Well, I think it's safe to say that most of the people here probably didn't get to know him by choice."

"Oi, Helme-what's-it, get me more booze over here," Zoro called from his table.

"Cap… Yes, Captain Zoro!" Helmeppo saluted before rushing off to fulfill his order.

"Hmmm? Where's Robin?" Nami wondered aloud.

Aokiji shrugged, "She felt it was better to abstain from showing up. Her position is quite delicate right now, after all."

Nami rolled her eyes, already guessing the archaeologist was probably setting up the venue for their private party at Hancock's request.

It was actually amusing to see the two older women getting along with each other so easily despite the fact that they have not known each other for long.

The Straw Hat navigator wondered briefly how many girls would be joining their little fun time tonight.

Deciding it did not matter to her, she joined the rest of the crew at the table, picking up a bottle of alcohol for her own.

The navigator paid no attention to the despairing Sanji that sat beside her, in fact, everyone else was deliberately ignoring him.

The food that Luffy was currently stuffing himself with was originally meant for Hancock, but when Sanji had offered it up to her, she had immediately took them to Luffy to hand feed him.

The Pirate Empress blushed as Luffy ate another piece of meat from her hands, muttering something about married life under her breath.

Swallowing, Luffy made sure that no one else was paying attention to him before whispering, "Hancock… How's Olie?"

Hancock sobered up slightly, "She managed to sneak aboard my ship with no problems, I'll hide her in Amazon Lily as a Kuja."

Luffy smiled, "That's good, I hope that doesn't trouble you."

"Anything for you, darling. And I would gladly help my dear sisters too," Hancock fidgeted under his gaze.

Luffy raised an eyebrow at her words but decided it was of no concern to him as another meat was presented to him by his fiancee.

The party only ended close to midnight, but for several others, the party had only begun.

Hancock held her fiance's arm as they made their way towards the bedroom, Nami had already left earlier to join Robin with the excuse of an early night. Hina had also slipped out unnoticed, leaving a drunk and unconscious Smoker behind.

Having been warned by Nami multiple times, the Vice Admiral made sure not to overeat. His navigator had made it clear that if he had gotten sick on them in the middle of their fun, there would be several hells to pay.

Then again, his definition of a normal meal was already well beyond a normal human's capability.

Reaching the door to his bedroom, Luffy pushed open the door without hesitation.

Both Hancock and Luffy were immediately swept away by the fragrant perfume that permeated the room.

Hina was seated on the bed with her back against the headboard, her hands busy massaging both of Robin's globes as she lay in between her legs. In return, Robin had materialised a pair of hands on the headboard to mimic Hina's actions as well.

The archaeologist had her eyes closed in pleasure as she stiffened slightly, her legs wrapping around Nami's back who was still busy lapping away at Robin's sex.

Luffy noted the various piles of discarded clothing on the floor, apparently they had moved from one end of the room to another in their lovemaking.

A smooth hand slithered underneath his shirt, caressing his chest sensually.

Luffy looked towards his fiancee, her eyes already addled with lust as she stared back into his eyes, her hands still roaming his body.

The two lovers leaned in for a kiss, both lips parting to allow their tongues to meet.

Hancock stripped him of his shirt, letting the clothing float down to join a pile of lingerie already on the ground.

The two of them broke the kiss when they heard three moans of approval coming from the bed.

Nami, Robin and Hina had opted to stop what they were doing to enjoy the view.

"Oh… Don't mind us… Keep going," Nami insisted, slipping a hand in between her own legs.

"Ufufufu… Don't let us stop you two now," Robin cooed, mimicking Nami's action.

"Just give us a good show," Hina smirked, joining the other two as well.

Luffy grinned as he wrapped his hands around Hancock before pulling her towards him, his lips mashing against hers just as his arms closed around her waist.

Hancock yelped in surprise at the sudden kiss before slowly melting into her lover's embrace, her hands coiling around his back.

She felt her knees go weak as Luffy pushed his tongue in, skillfully wrapping it around hers.

Luffy took his time to taste her while one of his own hands roamed underneath her shirt, pinching her nipples playfully.

The Pirate Empress dug her fingers into her lover's back, her thighs quivering in pleasure.

He pulled his tongue back into his mouth, Hancock's tongue giving chase immediately as he invited her in. One of her legs snaked out from under her dress to wrap around his waist, displaying the flawlessly smooth appendage for their audience.

"Sooooo hot…" Nami moaned, resting her back against Robin as she increased the pace of her fingers on her love button.

Robin sighed in response, her eyes half lidded as her own fingers played with her sex in a slower rhythm.

"Mmmm… Hina calls dibs on the next spot," the Marine officer moaned, winding down from an orgasm.

Luffy broke the kiss with his fiancee, the Pirate Empress breathing hard as she fought to catch her breath, arms still wrapped possessively around him.

Lifting her up, he carried her to his bed where his other lovers were waiting, placing her down gently.

The Vice Admiral crawled his way into the lionesses' den.

Hina was the first to pounce on him, followed closely by Nami.

The Marine Commodore latched her lips on to his, her tongue already forcing its way into his mouth.

Nami busied herself with stripping Luffy of his remaining clothing, discarding his pants on to the floor unceremoniously.

"Well, hello there," the navigator greeted her commander's half erect cock, her fingers wrapping around it appreciatively.

She began pumping her hand slowly, watching with interest as the appendage began to harden in her hands.

Robin got on her knees and sucked the tip into her mouth, her tongue running across the opening in deliberately slow circles.

Luffy moaned into Hina's mouth, his hands pulling his colleague closer to him as they deepened their kiss.

Not to be outdone, Hancock recovered from her position and slid behind her fiance. Her hands roamed around his chest while her lips latched on to his neck and sucked softly.

Satisfied with the hickey she left on his skin, the Pirate Empress moved her lips to his collarbone, planting another kiss there.

By this time, Robin and Nami were working to bring their lover to orgasm. The navigator's hands a blur as she pumped on Luffy's rod while her tongue tasted his chest.

Robin's head matched Nami's rhythm as obscene slurping sounds filled the room emanating from her lips.

With the four girls working together, Luffy stood no chance in holding himself back.

Robin felt her lover tense and prepared herself to receive the torrent of cum that spurted out from his manhood.

She shuddered in pleasure as the first ejaculation hit the roof of her mouth, the taste of his semen flooding in and filling her.

Luffy groaned in pleasure as his other lovers held on to him, Hina still claiming his lips with hers.

He gave a long sigh as he felt the last spurt of his semen empty out, relaxing into Hancock's arms.

Robin released his manhood from her mouth, Nami already waiting below her with her lips parted.

The archaeologist tucked a strand of hair behind her ear before slamming her own lips on Nami, depositing some of their lover's seed into the navigator's eager mouth.

While the two girls were sharing a passionate kiss, Hina finally broke hers to gasp for air, a trail of saliva bridging in between Luffy's and her lips.

Hina licked her lips, enjoying the residues of Luffy's taste before eyeing the other girls, "So… Main course?"

Robin and Nami pulled away from each other, sharing a grin with Hina and Hancock.

The four girls pushed Luffy down on the bed and on his back, pouncing on top of him.

Robin went for Luffy's lips, taking over Hina's previous position. The archaeologist straddled her lover's waist, her arms wrapping behind his neck to pull him closer.

Hina, Hancock and Nami dived for his cock, Hancock claiming the tip with her mouth while Hina opted to suck at his balls, leaving the shaft for Nami to lather with her tongue.

The three girls painted his entire manhood with their saliva, making sure that every inch of it was tasted. With their combined efforts, it did not take long for Luffy's cock to harden completely again.

Hancock sucked away at the tip dutifully, her head bobbing up and down at a slow and steady rhythm while her tongue continuously caressed the tip.

Nami was less reserved as she ran her tongue up and down his shaft wildly, sometimes planting kisses and sucking on the cock like it was the most delicious thing she ever tasted.

Hina was the more composed of the three, sucking a ball sack into her mouth to taste for a moment before releasing it, moving to the other one and repeating the process.

All the while, Robin continued her passionate kiss with Luffy, her fingers now digging through his hair while the Vice Admiral's hands groped her bottom. Their tongues were entwined together as they revelled in each other's taste, their eyes closed and fully immersed in the pleasure.

Just as a familiar pressure settled in Luffy's balls, the three girls between his legs stopped the ministrations almost at the same time.

Seeing their lover relax slightly, the three girls began their assault again, switching their positions without hesitation.

This time, Nami claimed the tip while Hina took the shaft, leaving Hancock to worship her fiance's balls.

Luffy moaned into Robin's mouth as Nami sucked hard on the tip, beginning a vigorous rhythm as she greedily sucked his cock. The navigator had not forgotten to repeatedly tease the head as well, running across the slit with her tongue.

Hina took as much girth of the shaft as she could into her mouth while she maintained a steady pace of lathering it with her saliva. The Commodore seemed determined to cover every inch of it that she could, her lips brushing against Nami's more that once as her head moved at a different pace than the navigator's.

Hancock had buried her face into her future husband's crotch while lying on her back, her nose was pressed against the ball sack as she sucked and licked away at the globes.

Once more, the girls felt their lover stiffen again and moved back, a grunt of frustration emanating from Luffy's still occupied lips but he made no move to stop them.

When his breathing calmed, the three girls converged on their lover once more.

Hina sucked the throbbing head into her mouth, relishing the taste of it as she moved her head slowly. She sucked hard and slow, her tongue running across the head in slow strokes.

Hancock spared no effort in 'marking' her fiance with her tongue, lapping away at his manhood with a face full of bliss.

Nami took her position in sucking Luffy's balls with fervour, rolling the globes in her mouth while her tongue tasted every surface it could reach.

Robin finally broke their kiss, panting for breath as she stared hard into her lover's eyes. Luffy's hands were now wrapped around her waist, stroking the small of her back affectionately.

The archaeologist slid herself downwards slightly, the sides of her lips curling upwards into a smile when she heard Luffy hissing in pleasure as her soppy wet sex made contact with his cock. Without much preamble, she began rocking her hips against the throbbing rod, slathering her love juices on Luffy's manhood.

The other three girls made no sounds of protest at Robin's actions, as though all four had planned it from the start. Hina had moved her lips to accommodate the archaeologist's rump without pausing her sucking while Hancock simply lathered the area that Robin's pussy lips did not cover.

Robin let out a husky moan purposefully, feeling Luffy's arms tighten around her as she continued grinding herself on him.

The Vice Admiral glanced at his lover, seeing her bite her lower lip at him with a quiet lust burning in her eyes.

He closed his eyes and moaned again as another wave of pleasure washed over him, bringing closer to the bursting point.

Invigorated by their lover's voice, the four girls redoubled their efforts, this time determined to make him empty his seed.

Nami felt his balls tighten, releasing it immediately with a pop from her mouth.

Hancock and Hina took that as their cue to retreat as well, leaving Robin to grind him with her sex.

The archaeologist's hips rocked faster as she felt her own climax nearing, her juices spilling out to coat her lover's manhood.

Luffy groaned as he pulled Robin down for another kiss, his tongue instantly pushing through her lips to coil around hers.

Both of them felt a sense of weightlessness as their pleasure peaked, white semen spewing out from Luffy's cock while Robin had her own climax at the same time.

Hancock, Hina and Nami watched with fascination as the strands of cum splattered on Robin's back, leaving globules of cum that glistened in the light.

The two lovers parted their lips with a sigh, Robin resting her head on Luffy's chest contentedly.

She ignored the other three girls who had already begun licking off Luffy's seed on her back to 'clean' her.

Luffy caressed her hair in slow strokes, enjoying Robin's low purr as she cuddled closer to him.

Hancock reached down to grasp her fiance's semi erect cock, lightly stroking the purplish head with her slender fingers.

The youth moaned at the touch, still sensitive from his orgasm.

"No time to rest Luffy, you have four insatiable girls to satisfy tonight," Nami purred into his ear, sucking on an earlobe on Luffy's side.

Robin giggled as she mirrored Nami's actions on the other side, "That's right, Luffy. I expect you to make plenty of love tonight."

The two girls slithered down on to Luffy's chest, planting butterfly kisses along the way until they reached his nipple. The Vice Admiral's back arched when they sucked the bud in, rolling their tongue around it in circles.

Meanwhile, Hancock had unbuttoned the top of her dress to mush his cock in between her breasts, pouring a generous amount of massage oil into her cleavage. Pushing her breasts together with her elbows, she began moving her bosoms up and down, trying to get her fiance ready for the next round.

A shadow passed overhead as Luffy looked up into the dripping sex of Hina, the Marine Commodore already lowering herself on top of his waiting mouth.

No words needed to be said as Luffy wrapped his arms around her thighs to pull her closer, his tongue already pushing against her pussy and lapping up her honey.

Hina's moans were loud as she grinded her hips against Luffy's face, her juices were beginning to overflow as strands of it trickled past the youth's cheeks to stain the bed.

Feeling the need rising within themselves, Robin and Nami raised a leg to hook over their lover's thigh, occupying a leg each as they grinded their aching sex on him while roaming their hands on his body. All the while, their lips never left his erect nipple, filling the room with the sounds of their sucking.

Hancock was only too glad to have the two girls pull apart Luffy's thighs even wider, giving her more space to maneuver. By then, Luffy's cock was already moving to full erection with the tip visible in the Pirate Empress's bountiful cleavage. With the oil acting as lubricant, she had no problems massaging the phallus with her breasts while her head bent down to suck on the tip.

Luffy silently thanked the inventor of sound proof walls as he continued his tongue's assault on Hina's pussy, tasting the small nub of her clitoris while making her scream out her pleasures.

Robin and Nami had moved themselves slightly away from their lover, leaving space in between them though their lips remained latched on his nipples.

As though on cue, Hancock released the fully erected cock from between her breasts, slithering up towards her lover to straddle him, her knees occupying the space that Robin and Nami had given her.

"I shall partake in darling first," Hancock announced, slowly slipping his cock into her depths.

Luffy exhaled as he felt his fiancee's walls coil around his rod like a snake, squeezing him hard as she pushed him deeper inside of her.

"Ahhh…. So deeeeeeep…" Hancock moaned in ecstasy, her head thrown back and her eyes barely seeing through the haze of pleasure.

The Pirate Empress took some time to adjust to her lover, her vaginal walls clenching and unclenching repeatedly while her own hands groped at her own bosoms with need.

The other three girls had been momentarily distracted by the sight, finding themselves enjoying the flushed sight of Luffy's fiancee. She was, after all, the one who holds the title of Most Beautiful Woman in the World and her charms were felt even by them. How Luffy managed to counter charm her was only known to a select few of them.

It took a soft bite on Hina's clit to bring the Commodore out of her reminiscing, throwing her thoughts back to the pleasures that Luffy was currently giving her from between her thighs.

Hina rocked her hips at the same time as Hancock, both of them following a similar rhythm as they rode their lover to nirvana.

Luffy raised Hina's hips away from him with a hand, giving him space to breathe. The Commodore was in the midst of protesting before her words were replaced with another moan, feeling the Vice Admiral plunge his fingers into her snatch.

Already knowing his lover's sweet spots, Luffy found the little bumps that were Hina's G-spot almost immediately, his fingers already caressing it mercilessly.

Hina's moans were reduced to a whimper as she fought to control her orgasm as best as she could, her body contorting which each stroke of Luffy's fingertip.

Robin and Nami had resumed their task of tasting their lover, their mouths latching back on to his still glistening nipples. The archaeologist, however, had sprouted and extra pair of arms to cup Hina's bosoms, giving the woman's nipples a playful squeeze.

"Hnnnghhhfkkk!" Hina screamed eloquently as she came, her dam of love juices bursting open just as Luffy clamped his mouth over her love button.

The Commodore would have collapsed on the bed had Luffy not held her firmly in place, his mouth still sucking greedily on her nectar that she was spewing out from between her legs.

While his mouth was occupied, Luffy's hips had started to buck against Hancock to match her movements, pressing the head of his cock against her cervix with each thrust that sent immeasurable pleasure into his fiancee.

The Pirate Empress had to steady herself with her hands placed on Luffy's hips as she rode him with wild abandon, her eyes burning with unbridled love and lust.

Her eyes took in the sinful sight of her fiance eating out one of his lovers while being serviced by another two, no jealousy was found amongst them as Luffy kept them all sated, mostly.

With that thought in mind, another thrust of Luffy's hips was enough to send Hancock over the edge, her knees clamping hard on her lover's sides while her pussy walls constricted the phallus buried inside her. Her juices still managed to flood out from between her legs, drenching Luffy's bottom half and staining the sheets.

She felt the edges of her vision darken before snapping herself back into clarity, a light buzz in her head.

Looking down, Hancock noticed that Hina was now comfortably laid on the bed beside Luffy, her hands idly stroking at her belly contentedly.

Her eyes slowly drifted to her fiance's, who was now staring up at her.

Hancock felt her heartbeat quicken when she saw the love in his eyes, her hands unconsciously reaching out for him.

Luffy grinned as he grasped her hands in his, alternating a kiss on the back for each one.

"Hmmm… Luffy treats Hancock so sweetly," Nami pointed out, placing a kiss on Luffy's cheek.

"Fufufu… He treats all of us sweetly," Robin giggled, pecking Luffy's other cheek.

"Now, I know Hancock won't let up until she at least has your seed in her," Nami breathed, kissing Luffy on the lips for a moment. "So don't keep the rest of us waiting, alright?"

Luffy grinned as he rocked his hips again, thrusting himself deeper into his fiancee.

"Mmmmfff! Luffy! I'm… Ooohh… Still sensitiiiiive!" Hancock moaned, her grip tightening on both his hands and cock.

Luffy paid her protests no mind as his hips picked up speed, his head turned towards Nami to begin kissing her in earnest. Robin had busied herself with tasting his neck, enjoying the touch of his body with several hands. Hina propped herself up on an elbow as she enjoyed the show, her hand now reaching between her legs.

The Pirate Empress's back arched as she felt his gland rub against her sweet spot, turning her brain into mush. Soon, her need of pleasure took over her body as her hips slammed downwards with equal ferocity, already seeking out the seed of her future husband.

Luffy was only too happy to oblige as he slammed his hips upwards in tune with her, his moans muffled by Nami's kisses.

More of Hancock's juices poured out as their hips slammed into each other, her tongue had rolled out of her mouth and her eyes rolling towards the back of her head, her mind was fully focused on the pleasure her fiance was giving her.

Robin was still occupied in savouring her lover's taste, having moved up to his earlobe and sucking on it softly while her hands continued to caress his chest.

Luffy grunted as he felt his body spasm slightly, the tightening of Hancock's walls told him she was close as well.

The Vice Admiral slammed himself inside the Pirate Empress one more time, his balls shrinking back to his body as he spilled his warm seed inside of her.

Hancock's mouth was opened in a wide 'O' as her body slackened suddenly, the electrifying pleasure of her lover's semen filling up her womb was enough to shut down most of her cognitive senses. The only reason she could still stay upright was the arms that suddenly sprouted around her to hold her in place, the conjurer still occupied with sucking on Luffy's earlobe.

Even in her semi-conscious state, Hancock's pussy walls still clamped down hard on her lover's cock, milking out every spurt of his seed that he emptied inside of her as though her life depended on it.

Off to the side, Hina gasped as her own orgasm hit her, her thighs clamping together tightly on her hand as her body spasmed involuntarily.

It took a full minute for Hancock's consciousness to fully return, her pussy still massaging her lover's semi-hard cock instinctively.

She looked down at her lover to see his lips currently locked with Robin's, the archaeologist wrapping both her arms around his neck while Nami had latched herself to one of his nipple.

Out of the corner of her eye, Hancock could see that Hina was still in the midst of recovering from her own orgasm, her breaths still ragged.

Hancock caressed Luffy's hands with her thumbs, neither of them had let go of each other throughout the mind blowing orgasm.

Luffy broke his kiss with Robin to stare up at his fiancee with loving eyes, Hancock's heart fluttering when she saw the emotions behind his gaze.

"So… Who's next?" Nami asked cheekily, pinching Luffy's nipple between her fingers.

"Hmmm… I believe Hina called dibs when we were having our little tryst just now," Robin said in between kissing Luffy's cheeks.

"Mmmm… Hina? Do you… Ah... Want to take over?" Hancock asked, rocking her hips slightly.

"Hina still feels a bit sore…" Hina groaned, her thighs still quivering. "Nami or Robin can go first."

Nami chanced a look at her archaeologist friend, finding her engrossed in painting the contours of Luffy's cheekbones with kisses.

"You can go first," Robin decided, planting another kiss on her lover's cheek. "I'm still not done kissing him."

Nami gave a yelp of glee as she pushed herself up on her knees and crawled towards where Hancock was.

The Pirate Empress moaned as she lifted her hips away from her future husband, a trickle of white semen spilling out from her pussy's entrance and sliding down the inside of her thigh.

Nami showed no instance of hesitation as she held Luffy's semi-erect cock in her hand before positioning her glistening wet snatch over it, promptly sliding it within herself.

The navigator gave a loud moan of approval, her pussy walls already massaging Luffy's cock and coaxing it on its way to full erection.

Hancock joined Robin in attacking Luffy with their kisses, her lips latching firmly on his as her tongue sought his out.

Hina had moved behind Nami to cup her hands on the navigator's bosoms, groping at the globules of flesh.

Nami herself had been busy grinding her hips against her commanding officer, reveling in the feeling of his cock reaching full erection within her, the tip kissing her cervix.

Her body shivered as Hina pinched her nipples, sending a wave of pleasure tingling down her spine.

Tilting her head back, her lips pressed into Hina's as they shared a heated kiss, Nami moaning into the Commodore's mouth.

Hancock broke her kiss with her fiance, moving down to lick at his neck while locking his arm in between her legs, Luffy's fingers already playing with her clit without prompting.

Robin pulled Luffy's chin towards her with a hand, her lips were parted when she slammed her mouth on his, inhaling his scent deeply as her tongue darted across the gap between them. Her own thighs were clamped together with Luffy's other hand in between them as well, mirroring his actions with Hancock.

When Hina's hands moved from Nami's breasts to her hips, the navigator needed no other encouragement to start pistoning her hips in earnest, the loud sounds of flesh slapping against flesh echoed in the room.

Her movements grew even more hurried once Luffy started slamming his hips upwards as well, shocks of pleasure travelling up the navigator's spine whenever their hips connected.

Hina shoved her tongue down Nami's throat, her own pussy quivering in need as she moved her hand down to the woman's clit, rubbing it furiously to get her to orgasm.

Nami's hips stopped moving at the contact while Luffy continued to piston himself in and out of her, the tightening of her walls already clueing him on his lover's imminent orgasm. Even then, his lips still remained clamped around Robin's, their tongues still locked in their battle for dominance.

Hina pinched Nami's love button just as Luffy slammed himself into her one more time, causing the navigator to spasm involuntary as the pleasure broke down her final defenses to let her orgasm loose. Her back arched while her thighs tightened their grip on her lover, a spurt of her love juice squirting out from between her legs.

Luffy did not stop however, his cock continuing to piston into her even as she came.

Hina muffled Nami's screams with her mouth, hugging the navigator close to her while her hands played with Nami's bosoms.

On the fifth time he slammed himself inside her, Nami's body sagged downwards as all her strength left her, Hina catching the unconscious girl in her hands as she broke their kiss.

"Hmmm… Hina can never get enough of her Tangerine taste," the Commodore grinned as she licked the sides of her lips.

Robin released Luffy's lips, her hand giving his cheek a last affectionate stroke before turning her sights to the Commodore.

"Hina, if you would. I'm awaiting my turn as well."

The Marine chuckled as she laid Nami down on the bed before laying down beside her, spreading her legs as she did so while giving her lover a come-hither motion.

Luffy untangled himself from Hancock and Robin, the two women giggling at him crawling towards the Commodore with his cock still fully erect between his legs.

The Vice Admiral moved between her thighs, letting her wrap her legs around his waist while he positioned his cock at her entrance.

He pushed himself in quickly, not bothering with lubrication since Hina was already more than wet enough.

Behind him, Hancock and Robin had opted to keep themselves entertained by scissoring each other, both their legs entwined while they rubbed their sex against the other.

Their hips gyrated in tune as they lathered the other's hips with their own love juice, moaning as their clits touched and sending shivers of pleasure to their core.

Even though their moans were by no means soft, it was still drowned out by Hina's screams of pleasure as Luffy pounded her without mercy.

Her screams were loud enough to rouse Nami from her unconsciousness, the navigator waking up to see her lover slamming himself balls deep into the Commodore laying on the bed beside her.

Nami smiled at him, Luffy returning her smile with one of his own as he continued pounding Hina without pause.

"How is it Hina? Good?" Nami asked, stroking the Commodore's arm idly.

"Hnnggghhh! Sooooo…. Goooood! Harder! Lufffyyyy!" Hina screamed, her insides burning up with heat.

Luffy obliged, grabbing both of her hands for more leverage. The Vice Admiral increased the pace his hips was slamming into his colleague, increasing the volume of her screams.

Hina wrapped her legs tighter as her back arched, all the senses in her body overwhelmed with pure pleasure.

Nami had thought of riding the Commodore's face, but the trembling of her own thighs and how Hina was currently screaming incoherently convinced her otherwise.

That was also when she noticed Robin and Hancock still scissoring nearby with their eyes closed, both of the women lost in their own pleasures.

As sore as she was, Nami could not help but reach a hand between her legs at the incredibly arousing sight.

"Deeper! Luffy! Deeeeper!" Hina screamed, trying to push her hips against him to put out the fire that was deep within her.

Luff growled as he pulled Hina away from him, the Commodore giving a screech of protest.

The Vice Admiral flipped the woman over on the stomach and penetrated her once more in one fluid motion.

Hina's protests evaporated into mewls as the new position let Luffy reach even deeper into her, his cock scratching the itch that was within her pussy.

Luffy groaned as the Commodore snapped her legs together tightly, making her tight pussy even tighter than before.

Nami managed to push herself up to her knees, making her way towards her lover's side to embrace him.

The Vice Admiral tilted his head, the navigator kissing his lips as soon as she reached him.

Luffy moaned into Nami's mouth as Hina began pushing her hips back towards him, trying to coax his seed out of him.

Nami broke her kiss before giving the Commodore a light spank on her ass, sending a shiver of pleasure down the Marine's spine.

"Hina always likes it rough hmmm?" Nami smirked, giving her other ass cheek a spank as well.

Luffy grinned, his hips still slapping against Hina's, "Well… Hancock's a bit worse in that area."

Nami raised an eyebrow, turning to look at the Pirate Empress that was in the midst of her orgasm together with Robin, both the women screaming out their pleasures as they came.

"Never would've thought that," the navigator mused. "Now, are you cumming yet? Or maybe I'll give you some help with that."

Luffy groaned as his subordinate reached a hand down to massage his balls, trying to coax out the seed from them.

Just as he was nearing the point of no return, Hina's body stiffened as her orgasm hit her like a truck, the pleasure overflowing out from her core.

Luffy gasped as Hina's incredibly tight pussy tightened even more, gripping his cock in a vice grip.

That was enough to send him over the edge as his balls tightened, his seed spurting out of his urethra to paint Hina's womb.

Hina spluttered as another orgasm rocked through her the moment the semen impacted her womb, the electrifying pleasure almost knocking her out.

Nami watched her lover pump his seed into Hina, a look of glee on her face as she beheld Hina's face of pure pleasure, the Marine's eyes rolling towards the back of her head with her mouth opened in a wide 'O'.

With the final spurt, Hina's eyes closed as she succumbed to the blissful pleasure of unconsciousness, collapsing limply on the bed.

With a sigh, Luffy pulled himself out of Hina, the woman's love juices still clinging on to his manhood as he withdrew from her depths, forming a clear liquid bridge in between their sex.

Nami immediately took the phallus in her hand, shoving it into her mouth as she relished in the taste of both Hina's and Luffy's cum.

The Vice Admiral groaned as his subordinate ran her tongue over the head, cleaning it of any semen left.

Robin soon joined her, planting kisses on her lover's neck while Hancock still laid on the bed, recovering from her climax.

The archaeologist nibbled on his ear, "My turn yet?"

Nami released her commander's rock hard cock from her mouth with a pop, "Kept him hard for you."

Robin chuckled as she laid down on her back, pulling Luffy down on top of her.

She kissed him on the nose before mashing her lips against his, enjoying the taste of him on her lips.

Pulling back, Robin laid fully on her back while her hands reached upwards to push her own hair aside, distracting Luffy slightly with her extremely kissable neckline.

Before Luffy could decide if he wanted to penetrate or kiss her first, Nami cut in front of him to straddle her fellow crewmate, pressing herself on top of her.

Luffy raised an eyebrow at the navigator, seeing her line her hips to match Robin's so that her sex was directly on top of the older woman's.

"Come on, the two of them got you to cum in them! I want some too!" Nami whined, wriggling her hips seductively.

Robin giggled before giving Luffy a nod, showing that she was fine with him taking the two of them at the same time.

The Vice Admiral pointed his cock at Robin's entrance before slowly pushing himself in.

The archaeologist had her eyes closed as she fully immersed herself in the pleasure of being filled, a small gasp leaking past her lips as she felt Luffy's cock kissing her deepest parts.

Nami let Robin have the little moment to herself before finally slamming her own lips on hers, shoving her tongue into her mouth.

Robin kissed her friend back without hesitation, already used to the girl's more wild love making during their own sessions.

Luffy pounded Robin a few times before pulling himself out of her, angling his rod upwards before shoving it into Nami's snatch without warning. His hand reached down and two fingers replaced the void within Robin's pussy that his cock left behind.

Nami shivered in pleasure as her lover's cock filled her core while Robin's tongue filled her mouth, the archaeologist sprouting hands all over to caress her body. She did not need to look back to know that Luffy was getting a similar treatment as well.

Luffy pulled out of Nami after a few thrusts before inserting himself inside Robin again, switching his pace to a slow one that he knew she preferred. The same hand that occupied Robin's sex now switched up to Nami's, thrusting it into her sopping wet snatch.

Robin purred into Nami's mouth, the hands she sprouted on Luffy caressed his body slowly, enjoying the feeling of his skin.

Luffy thus alternated thrusting himself into the two girls, giving them equal amounts of loving. Whenever his cock left a pussy, his fingers were quick to fill it up again, giving neither of his lovers a chance to complain.

All the while, the two girls shared kisses as they groped each other's bodies, trying to bring the other to climax. Tongues wrestled with each other while their hands groped and pinched at bosoms, moans emanating every now and then from between their lips.

Hancock had managed to recover a while ago, moving beside her fiance to demand kisses from him which he gladly provided.

Behind them, Hina still lay sprawled in her unconscious form.

Luffy's hips began picking up speed as he felt the familiar pressure build up again, his hands gripping on to Robin's thighs as he pummeled her insides.

"Cumming?" Hancock asked, a knowing smile on her lips.

Luffy could only grunt in response as he concentrated on holding back his climax as best he could.

Robin was not as patient however, sprouting a hand underneath to stroke his balls, encouraging him to release the inevitable.

"Cum! Do it inside us!" Nami screamed, her own climax not far off.

"Luffy… Cum!" Robin pleaded, her voice quivering from the pleasure.

The Vice Admiral roared as he slammed himself inside Robin, his first spurt painting her walls white. She gasped as her body stiffened, her other arms disappearing in a flurry of petals as she lost her control over them.

In a single fluid motion, Luffy pulled his cock out from Robin and slammed it into Nami, his second spurt squirting directly into his navigator's womb.

Nami screamed out her pleasures as she felt the seed flood her deepest parts, her back arching upwards while her hands gripped the sheets tightly.

Luffy withdrew himself once more, slamming back into Robin again to give her his third spurt. She managed to bite back her own screams as Luffy slammed himself into her G-spot, his cum mixing with her own love juices as she climaxed with him.

He pulled out one more time to plug Nami's squirting pussy with his cock, causing another orgasm to crash through her while his fourth spurt coated her walls.

Luffy pulled out for the last time, emptying the last of his seed on both their entrances, his cum mixing with their nectar to gleam in the light.

Luffy collapsed back on his haunches, exhausted from keeping four insatiable girls sated, for now.

Hancock sat down beside him while kissing his cheek, ignoring the pair of whimpering girls that were still recovering from their own orgasms.

"Mmmmm… Round two? Darling?" she asked innocently, her hand already stroking her fiance's cock.

Luffy gave her a grin before pouncing on top of her, Hancock giggling as he mounted her.

It took a while more before the other girls recovered, joining in on the fun again until they finally drifted off to sleep together, cuddling with their lover.

All of them agreed that they would definitely do this again.