Darkness 2: Evil Reawakened

Chapter 2


Kazooie was in the castle where she had battled Banjo two years ago.

Kazooie was running.

"Kazooie. Kazooie. Kazooie" said a voice.

"Wa? W-whose there?" Kazooie stammered.

The voice was everywhere! No matter where Kazooie ran, she could still hear the voice!

Then, she ran into the room where the Evil Awakener was. In the room was herself with a smirk on her face!

"Hi" Kazooie #2 smirked.

"Wh-who are you? Kazooie stammered.

"I'm your evilness"

Suddenly, the evil Kazooie grew huge and reached toward Kazooie with her talon!

Then, Kazooie would wake up, screaming but every night, the talon would get closer to Kazooie before she would wake up and then, one night, the talon got her. When that happened, Kazooie did not scream. She woke up with an evil smirk on her face.

She had a plan: why should she fight Banjo when they could be partners instead?

She began to laugh as she flew towards the rubble of the old castle.

How'd ya' like it? I'm sorry for this chapter not coming sooner, but I got grounded.