Okay, I don't know if you people have read my profile or anything, but I now officially am finished writing B-K stories, I still enjoy the games, mind you, but I have found that writing stories about them have been horrible for me the last few chapters. I started these fics for fun, but now they are just a hassle. But no more! I will not be writing anymore B-K for a long time or probably EVER! I am really sorry about this, but if there are any Tales of Symphonia fans out there, you may be pleased to know that I will be writing fics there (Once I finish up all my other stories; I want to start without any distractions). In conclusion, there will be no Darkness 3 from me, and I cannot bring myself to even write an epilogue, so instead, HERE ARE SOME RANDOM FACTS ABOUT THE DARKNESS STORIES!

Darkness 2: Evil Reawakened
Appendices Regarding the ending to Darkness 2:

You see, I was in a hurry to get out the final chapter, but I couldn't think how to end it, so I put in that stupid thing so I could get the chapter out fast. Almost right after posting the final chapter though, I realized my mistake. I sincerely apologize for the ending.

Regarding the final fight of Darkness 2:

Meh, at that time, I was going through a Dragonball Z obsession, as well as writing a fight in one of my Sonic the Hedgehog stories, and I decided the fight wasn't turning out too good, so I spruced it up a bit!

My inspiration for Darkness 1&2

Now you will all know how some my fanfictions came to be!


It was September 2002 and I had just gotten an account on and was eager to start writing stories. The only problem was, I didn't know what to write! Anyway, in school one day my teacher was talking about "Dark Energy," which is something in space. Right after I heard Dark Energy, I thought, "Hey! What if everyone has Dark Energy in them, and it can cause them to be evil!" When I got home that night, I posted the first chapter of the first book in my series, "B-K Super Stories 1: Dark Energy" Later, I decided I didn't want to start a series, so I renamed it Dark Energy, but a bit after that, I thought that Dark Energy sounded stupid, so I renamed it Darkness.

Darkness 2: Evil Reawakened

A little while after writing Darkness, I thought "Hmm.. What would have happened if Kazooie AND Banjo turned evil?" so I wrote about it.

I guess that's all sweatdrop when I think of any more, I'll post them.