The castle was enormous, the biggest one within the entire country. Prince Kaito lived there with his father and mother, the servants, as well as his most trusted bodyguard and childhood friend, Kamui Gakupo. The prince sighed and looked out of one of the big tall windows of the castle. He felt confined within the castle and hated the feeling. He wanted to explore the outside world more than anything right now.

A loud crash came from a nearby room. "Huh? What was that, I wonder?" Kaito muttered and walked towards the room. He heard another crash as he opened the door and looked inside. He saw nothing which confused him. As he closed the door and turned around, a large crystal was thrust into his chest. He could hear the shouts of the Royal Guard and his childhood friend Gakupo running down the halls in search of him and his parents. But Kaito could only stare wide eyed at the man before him, who had put a Legendary Crystal in his chest.

He didn't recognize him at all. Or rather, he couldn't as his face was masked. But he had a cold stare. The guards and Gakupo were shocked when they saw the Prince and the mysterious masked man. Kaito moaned softly as he collapsed to the floor, bringing a hand weakly to his chest as he stared at the crystal. The man had begun to run away but Gakupo ordered the guards to go after him while he tended to the prince.

They obeyed his orders without question and the samurai rushed over to the prince who lay on his side with blood beginning to form a pool around his now frail looking body.

As Gakupo knelt down and pulled the blunette in his arms, he felt a strong sense of fear. Kaito was struggling to breathe, his eyes being half-lidded and his body almost completely limp. Not only that, but his skin was paler and colder as well. He managed a weak wavering smile as he stared up at the samurai.


"Don't waste your strength on words, idiot!"

He knew what Kaito was trying to say. He was trying to apologize for being a burden yet again. Kaito coughed weakly, his breath coming in short shallow gasps. Gakupo gritted his teeth a bit before pulling the crystal in Kaito's chest out carefully but quickly. The prince in his arms winced but his face relaxed a moment later, his half-lidded eyes struggling to focus on his surroundings. It was a bit blurry at first but then it cleared up some as he stared up at his friends worried gaze. He managed another weak smile to the other, his gasps and struggles for breath slowing down.

He felt so tired, the darkness growing at the corners of his eyes.

Gakupo noticed Kaito's eyes beginning to close further and he shook him lightly, "Stay awake! Stay with me, Kaito! Don't you dare die on me, not now!" He had pressed a thick cloth over the wound, blood soaking the cloth quickly and he could easily feel his friends heartbeat fading. He was dying... He stood up with Kaito in his arms and rushed to the only person he knew could save him. I have to get him help! Please, Kaito, hang in there just a bit longer!

The citizens of the Kingdom were frightened. Their king and queen had been killed and no one knew of the princes whereabouts or if he was alive. They had all taken refuge within the property of the Hatsune family, who were benevolent people. They were also a family of mages, who were adept in healing.

The door of the mansion burst open, revealing a long haired samurai carrying the prince in his arms. Murmurs travelled throughout the room until the man before them shouted. "Please! Where is Mikuo Hatsune?! The prince is dying and he needs help!" He sounded desperate to say the least, but anyone would in his position. Everyone loved the prince. He was kindhearted and could bring light to any situation. Whenever someone in the kingdom passed away, he would attend their funeral and cry for them.

Mikuo walked up quickly and took the prince into his own arms. "I must treat him here, the wound is too severe!" His sister Miku was quick to bring something out to lay the prince on. Everyone watched with worry and anticipation, all of them shocked at the injury the prince had sustained. Mikuo placed a hand over the wound and a tealish green light appeared at the palm of his hand. Kaito moaned a little before wincing, the wound gradually healing. The prince had regained consciousness halfway through, much to the everyone's relief.

"Wh-where... am I...?" Kaito managed, his voice weak and weary. Mikuo managed a kind, soft smile.

"You are within the Hatsune residence, my prince. I am currently in the process of healing the wound you sustained. It is a good thing that Gakupo-sama rushed you here when he did, or you would have died from a wound such as this."

The prince weakly nodded his thanks with a small smile. When the wound was fully healed, the Prince had once again lost consciousness. The people stared in worry for their beloved prince. "He is only tired. It would seem the ordeal has taken a lot out of him. Miku, we can't move him to a room yet until we're sure my magic has completely healed the wound. It would seem the object that had been used for an attempt to kill the prince was a legendary crystal. If he is moved now, the wound may return, like stitches tearing."

The girl nodded and went to get more blankets and comforters. The citizens walked up to Gakupo, tears in their eyes as they all began to speak. "You saved the prince! Thank you! Yes, thank you so much, Gakupo-sama!"

"It was no trouble at all. The prince is my dear childhood friend, the one who showed any kindness to me when we were children. The day I met His Highness is one I'll never forget." Gakupo stated. The people looked at him with interest. No one had ever known how the prince and Gakupo the Samurai met, only that one day the prince had all of a sudden attained a new, faithful and loyal bodyguard.

"If you all would like to know the story of how Gakupo-sama became His Highness' bodyguard I shall tell you as I was there." A woman announced with a smile. She was a maid from the castle who had volunteered to help the Hatsune's whenever she could.

"Meiko... So this is where you were?" Gakupo comments, his eyes somewhat wide. Meiko sighed and pouted a little.

"Do you want to hear the story or not? I for one think its a rather touching story," she stated and everyone within the room nodded and agreed that they wanted to hear this story. Gakupo smiled and simply let her, for he had no problem with her telling them the story because it brought no shame upon him at all. That day, was the beginning of his life.

"All right, then," she took a seat before continuing, "It all started nine years before when the prince and I, as well as four guards were walking through the town when we heard a cry for help,"

9 Years Ago

A child named Kamui Gakupo with long purple hair about eight years old was kicked into an alleyway by older children who were at least ten. "Street scum! You should really watch where you're going, ya know!"

"Yeah! After all, wastes of space like you are just trash! No one wants to get infected with your dirt and disease, so why don't you just die?" A second says and a third child laughs. They were soon all interrupted by a shout of another boy, most likely Gakupo's age. When they turned around, the three older children's eyes widen in shock.

"Leave him alone! What did he ever do to you?" A blue haired boy asked. Gakupo's eyes widened as he recognized the child as the prince, Kaito. He had a maid with him who couldn't have been anymore than fourteen and guards were trailing behind the two.

Prince Kaito rushed over to Gakupo and helped him up before staring at the other to with a kind but stern stare. "Just because someone's different doesn't give you the right to judge! Everyone has a place in this world whether they realize it or not! When someone is born, it is not a mistake. Children living off the streets are survivors because they are surviving everyday. No one is a waste of space, everyone's life is precious," the prince stated, Gakupo's eyes widening with each sentence.

He had never seen such a kindhearted person before. He felt that he needed to protect this person. He looked at the guards and the maid. They were staring at the prince in admiration even though he was younger. Way younger. He said such deep and meaningful things with true sincerity and feeling. The prince turned to Gakupo but was shocked when he saw Gakupo kneel in front of him with tears and complete admiration in his eyes.

"Will you allow me to become your bodyguard? Please! I am highly skilled with a katana and will not hesitate to serve you!" He had tears streaming down his face and even though he felt the guards, maid, and three boys staring at him in complete utter shock he didn't care.

The prince blinked a couple times before he smiled brightly. "How about instead of just my bodyguard, you become my best friend too? It's lonely at the castle even though I come into town and have everyone who lives at the castle including the guards! I love everyone, but its lonely without a friend my age! What do you say?" Kaito asked, holding his hand out happily.

Gakupo smiled brightly and nodded. The two children were taken back to the castle, the guards all inwardly smiling for their prince. The maid sat across from the two boys who were talking away without a care in the world in the princes room where she had served tea and snacks for the two children.

She smiled to herself, feeling very happy for her prince as well as the poor boy who had once lived on the street. But now, Gakupo was cleaned and dressed very nicely, with a katana being forged by the royal family's blacksmith.

The Prince truly does have a kindheart.

Everyone was touched by the story. They were brought out of their thoughts by a light moan and they all turned towards the prince, who was awake. He hadn't even tried to sit up which worried Gakupo. His face was flushed with fever so one of the people called for Miku.

Miku appeared with a bowl of water and a cloth and after wringing the cloth out some, she placed it on the prince's forehead. "He'll be alright. Don't worry, he's simply too weak to move a lot right now. Your Highness, if it ever gets hard to breathe, please have someone inform me or my brother," Miku states, receiving a weak nod in response.

"Is he really going to be okay? What about the ones who did this to him?" someone asked.

"My brother has made an extremely strong barrier around our land. It keeps out anyone with ill intent and anyone outside the barrier cannot see what's inside." Miku explained. She went back to tending to Kaito. His breathing was labored and his eyes were glazed over from the fever. He coughed weakly, closing his eyes. His body shivered, even though he was covered with blankets. It hurts... every breath hurts... When the prince had stopped breathing, everyone became alarmed. Miku shook him lightly, causing the prince's eyes to flutter open as he started to take in weak gasps of air once more. He looked at Miku with glazed eyes.

"It h-hurts to breathe..." He managed to say before closing his eyes and coughing, his breath getting weaker. If it weren't for the prince's shivering and his struggles to breathe, everyone would assume he was already dead. Aside from the flush of the fever, Kaito was deathly pale.

Everyone watched him with worry and sorrow filled eyes. Their prince had been healed but the magic had not yet settled. His body was considerably weakened to the point a fever such as this could kill him. Some had tears streaming down their face as they watched Kaito struggle to stay alive. Miku immediately called for her brother once more. When he arrived he examined the prince before placing a hand over his chest once more to begin a healing process.

"He's dying. The effects of the crystal have weakened him too much. If he stops breathing, he won't even realize he did. The fever is too much for him in this state," Mikuo said to no one in particular except Miku. Gakupo was immediately alarmed at what the mage had said.

"I thought you had healed him!"

"I did! But a fever in this weakened state could kill him! If he didn't have a fever, he would recover without any problems. But a fever when he's this weak, when he can barely fight it, he could die so easily." Mikuo explains, voice full of fear and worry. The only reason the kingdom had accepted his family was because of the young prince. "It would bring shame and sorrow upon my family if I let the one who accepted us into the kingdom die! Our family of mages was not going to be accepted into the kingdom until the prince met with us himself! He was the only one at that time who truly believed in us and our good intentions!"

The two mages had tears streaming down their faces. Miku was assisting her brother with healing the prince. She had fallen in love with the prince when they met seven years ago. He had said such passionate things, that what or who we are should not be judged by history alone. The prince was only ten when he had said such things! As the two were healing the prince, Kaito's expression had changed from one in pain to a much more relaxed one. His labored breathing had also begun to even out more and become less struggled.

Kaito's bright blue eyes opened slowly. The two mages let out long sighs of relief. "Prince Kaito, do you feel alright?" Miku asked worriedly. Kaito nodded, having regained some of his strength. He shakily struggled into a sitting position with Mikuo's help. He smiled apologetically.

"I'm sorry you had to go to such lengths to heal me. I'm sure there are others who needed to be healed as much as me." He said, placing a hand on his head guiltily. An old man walked over, shaking his head. "Nonsense. Everyone here has received treatment. You are much more important," Many nod in agreement at the old mans words. Kaito smiled again and turned to Mikuo and Miku.

"Thank you. I owe you both my life." He bowed his head happily, making the two sibling mages lift there hands up and shake them.

"We're more than happy to do so for you, Prince Kaito!" Miku replied in a panic. Mikuo nodded, in as much as a panic as his little sister. The prince pouted of all things in response to this and shook his head. "What did I say about the formalities, you two? We're friends, so drop the 'prince' title. I don't even like it when Gakupo uses formalities. If my friends and people I knew were to use such formality, I'd feel bad,"

"Feel bad? Why?" Mikuo asked in confusing. Everyone else was wondering the same question as well.

"Because we're all people. Or to be more specific, we're all human. So we're all equals no matter who we are, you know?" He stated, obviously embarrassed with everyone staring at him. Miku giggled and out of all the things to do, she hugged Kaito. His face flushed bright red.

It didn't take long, but now there were men standing outside of the barrier Mikuo had created. They were trying to break in, as they knew the barrier contained something.

"I can't keep the barrier up much longer. Everyone needs to escape now!" Mikuo announces, leading all the citizens out. They escaped through an underground path way while Kaito, the mages, and Gakupo were getting ready for a different method of transportation. Teleportation. "Please stay close. If you stray too far from us during the teleport, we could be separated." Mikuo warns. A large light circle appears at their feet, with Kaito and Gakupo staying close to the two mages as they were instructed. They were soon engulfed in light and no longer in the mansion.

Instead, they were floating down a tunnel of light. Kaito had lost consciousness because of the sudden increase of magic and Gakupo held him close so Kaito didn't get separated from them. When they reached their destination, Gakupo looked around to find that they were in a forest. It was a beautiful, breathtaking sight. But his main concern was Kaito. He shook him but the blunette didn't respond. "He won't wake up!"

"Don't worry. The sudden increase of magic was too much for his mind to take all at once so he lost consciousness. He'll be okay," Mikuo reassured. Gakupo sighed in relief and began to address their surroundings once more. The land they were in was nowhere even near their homeland. He couldn't tell, but they could have arrived in a different country. Kaito moaned, opening his eyes and sitting up quickly in surprise, but immediately regretted the action as he fell back again. He felt dizzy and light headed, unable to see straight.

Gakupo caught Kaito in his arms as the blunette fell back. He noticed that Kaito's eyes were unfocused. "It's all right, don't be afraid, Kaito. You're just dizzy from the increase of magic during teleportation," Mikuo soothed, sensing the prince's fear. Kaito calmed down and when he was no longer dizzy or light headed, he sat up slowly.

"There's a town nearby. We should go there and get some new clothes, as well as look for a place to sleep." Miku states. The other three nodded their approval and when they reached town, they found an inn and a place to buy new clothes. Kaito wore a long blue and white coat over a black shirt. He had on a pair of black boots lined with blue and gray pants that easily tucked into the boots. A long blue scarf was wrapped around his neck as well. Mikuo wore a tealish green cloak with a black shirt and light gray pants with black boots.

Miku wore a white dress with teal designs at the bottom and top with a pair of teal dress shoes. Gakupo wore something of a kimono like design with a very detailed shirt underneath and boots. He had his katana in a sheath at his side as well. Kaito laughed cheerfully, smiling brightly like a child. "I love this new outfit! It suits me so much better than my old clothes!" He cheered, jumping up and down. Gakupo sweat dropped and sighed. He is such a child... The sun was going down so they all went back to the inn.

When he was sure everyone was asleep, Kaito stood up and walked out onto the balcony of the room and rested his arms on the rail. His eyes were hidden by his blue hair but he felt his smile falter and turn into a frown as tears started to stream down his face and his lip was lightly quivering. He burst into quiet sobs moments later. All he could think about was his parents; they were killed for no reason! He couldn't sleep knowing they were gone. His chest felt tight from pain but not from his earlier injury. The pain of knowing he'd never see his parents alive again was gripping his heart, making more tears stream down his face.

He gripped the wooden railing. It just isn't fair! But then again, life is never fair, is it? He thought bitterly, unable to stop his tears from falling as he sat in the corner of the balcony and cried himself to sleep. By the time he did fall asleep, it was already six in the morning.

Gakupo awoke the next morning to find the prince missing from his bed. In a quiet panic, he searched the room until the spotted Kaito on the balcony. He walked out and saw his face. It was stained with tears and his eyes were puffy and red. He shook the princes shoulder and when Kaito opened his eyes, Gakupo silently gasped. Kaito's eyes were bloodshot, causing it to clash with the color of his beautiful bright blue eyes. The blunette hadn't slept much it would seem, probably only a few minutes, his face still being wet from tears.

When more tears started pouring from the poor boy's eyes, his friend panicked and rushed to get the Hatsune siblings. Mikuo gave the prince a sorrowful look as he helped the boy stand. Miku placed a hand on Kaito's forehead and used her magic to put him to sleep. The boy fell limply into Mikuo's arms and the older sibling placed Kaito in his bed.

"Miku used a spell to put him to sleep. Kind of like a sedative. Kaito's in a lot of emotional pain right now," he looked down for a moment before looking at the other two, "I will stay here and watch over him. You two go into town and collect things for our journey. A wagon, horses, food, water. The necessary things. We can't rely on magic alone,"

Gakupo and Miku nodded and quickly left. In town, Gakupo glanced at Miku before turning his eyes in front of him once more. "So... How long have you liked him?"

Miku blushed and looked at him with a panicked expression. "It's not that obvious is it?!"

"Yes, actually. However, I doubt the prince has realized."

"Oh, thank goodness! That's a relief!"

"Is it? Is it really?" Gakupo stopped and stared at her. His expression was unreadable.

"As it is, Kaito needs a lot of emotional support. He doesn't have to know how you truly feel yet if that's not what you want. However, he does need us to be there for him." Gakupo started walking again, leaving Miku to trail behind him. They gathered everything they could possibly need and when they arrived back at the inn, Mikuo was tending to Kaito who was still asleep. Kaito had been awake all night and stayed outside the entire time. He was in so much pain and none of them even knew it because he acted so happy during the day.

But at night, he cried and cried. All alone. They placed Kaito in the back of the wagon with Miku and started down the road. They were nowhere near another town yet, but an hour later Kaito had woken up. The sleep seemed to have done him some good, but he was so out of it when Gakupo found him that he didn't remember very much of that morning.

They had decided to stop and make some lunch, but Kaito had tripped over the bucket of water that Mikuo had carelessly left on the ground and Gakupo caught him before he fell face first. Said mage poked his head out of the wagon as he was gathering food. "What just happened?" He asked curiously.

"You're stupid, that's what just happened!" Gakupo and Miku both retorted in unison, glaring at the mage who flinched and timidly rubbed the back of his head with a nervous smile. Kaito wasn't mad but he did stare wide eyed at the three as they verbally quarrelled. They only stopped when a loud growl came from Kaito's stomach, making the blunette blush deeply. Mikuo brought the food out and quickly began to prepare something for the group to eat. In all honesty, he was the best cook.

Kaito had never entered a kitchen. Gakupo was a terrible cook. And Miku was just as bad as Gakupo, possibly worse, as everything she made came out looking like charcoal. When the food was finished cooking, Kaito gratefully started eating. The three friends didn't show it, but they were shocked. They knew Kaito was in a lot of emotional pain, but he hid it so well that anyone who didn't see the state he was in earlier in the morning would never had expected Kaito to be sad or depressed.

"Look what we have here!" A cheerful but deadly voice called from the bushes and trees of the forest, causing the group to stand up abruptly. Gakupo unsheathed his sword and stood protectively in front of Kaito. A man with short brown hair jumped out into the grassy clearing and locked swords with Gakupo. Two male mages did the same, heading straight for the Hatsune siblings. This left Kaito all alone and undefended as another much bigger male that was possibly the leader cornered him against a tree. Kaito whimpered in fear and held his hands up in front of his face with his eyes shut tight as the man thrust his sword towards the prince.

But pain didn't come. He felt a cold air surround him and he opened his eyes to look at the man. first thing he saw was the man's sword, frozen in solid ice and inches from his face. The next was the man himself; completely frozen in ice to match his sword. Everyone stared in shock and the other three bandits ran off. "Kaito... Did you do that?" Gakupo asked with wide eyes.

"Wh-what?! But I don't-"

"You might want to rethink that answer, Kaito. You were stabbed in the chest with a legendary crystal; it is said that those who survive a wound from one of those Crystal's, especially to the chest, will be granted a power that suits them," Mikuo announced, his eyes wide as if he just remembered that detail.

Kaito stared in shock before he was able to register any thoughts at all. I did that? Oh man... By the Gods what has happened to me?