Kaito sighed in the back of the wagon, staring at the palm of his right hand. Gakupo smiled a little and put a comforting hand on the prince's shoulder. "It's all right. Gaining powers won't change who you are. Besides, I think I might worry a bit less if you had these powers." He soothed. Kaito smiled brightly, a true smile with his sadness gone thanks to his friend being there for him. Gakupo felt his heart speed up a bit as he blushed a little, but luckily no one noticed.

If anyone knew how he felt about the prince, he wouldn't be able to face anyone ever again. Not even the prince himself. He mentally sighed and growled lightly in annoyance when the wagon stopped moving. "What's the matter now?"

"N-nothing! Just checking the map!" Moody samurai! Mikuo thought and sighed as he checked over the map. He had marked out the town they were in before and the travel to the next town was taking longer than anticipated. It'll be nightfall soon. Not good... He snapped the reins to make the horses move the wagon and they kept going down the long road. Several minutes passed before Mikuo very reluctantly spoke up.

"Gakupo, please stay alert. Before you and Miku came back to the Inn from buying our things, I heard from some townsfolk that dangerous creatures roam these woods at night."

"Why didn't you tell me beforehand?!"

"I...I uh...forgot?"

"You blithering idiot!"

"It wasn't my fault! I got distracted!" Mikuo whines. Gakupo sighs. He was about to fall asleep when the mage had said that. Now he was extremely worried for Kaito's safety. He looked over at said blunette. He was asleep, curled up in an innocent position like a little child. The samurai smiled a bit before glaring outside. When night had completely fallen, glowing eyes were watching them from the shadows and thick bushes. Kaito scooted closer to the campfire in fear, whimpering silently and then was alert when he heard a twig snap.

A ghostly creature in the shape and form of a large big cat with long saber-like teeth stepped out. It's body was completely ethereal as it glowed. It ran straight towards Kaito as Gakupo unsheathed his sword and slashed through the creature but his sword simply passed right through as if the being were no more than mist.

The cat charged into Kaito and knocked him back several feet as it went right through him. Gakupo rushed over to Kaito. "Don't worry. That was a simple spirit. They're guardians of the forest. They won't harm you but they occasionally pass through your body to sap away a large and considerable amount of energy if they are too weak to obtain it elsewhere. Everything else here though will probably and most likely kill you," Mikuo stated calmly as if it were no big deal.

Kaito was unconscious as Gakupo laid him in the wagon. Why the spirit chose Kaito he'll never know, unless the mage did another one of his sudden lectures. The prince had barely enough energy for himself. He sighed as he covered up the one he secretly loved with a blanket.

"Oh yeah that reminds me. When the other creatures of the forest are having trouble catching prey, the spirits will pick the most exhausted member of a group to sap their energy and allow the catching of that particular prey to be easier... Oh shit!" Mikuo's eyes widen and he quickly hooks the horses back up to the wagon.

"Grab your stuff, get in the wagon, and hold on tight!" He shouted. Miku and Gakupo did as they were told and the moment they were in the wagon, the horses sped off with a harsh snap of the reins. Gakupo groaned as he hit his head on a crate in the back of the wagon and cursed. He looked outside of the wagon to see large Fenris wolves chasing them. There were two of them, making the situation all the more worse.

"We're almost out of the forest! We need to hurry! If those things catch us, we're as good as dead!" Mikuo yells. As they neared the forests exit, one of the Fenris wolves slashed the back of the wagon open and before Gakupo could do anything, Kaito and Miku fell out of the wagon. The prince was still unconscious as they tumbled on the ground and came to a stop in front of the beasts. Miku screamed in horror as one of them neared Kaito, but she was too afraid to do anything. Tears streamed down her face as another walked towards her with its sharp deadly teeth completely exposed, shining brightly in the moonlight.

"Mystifarbus Acheenta!" Mikuo shouted a spell, knocking the beast away from Miku. Gakupo ran to Kaito, slashing the Fenrir beside him across the face. With a couple of reluctant snarls, the Fenris run away and back into the forest. Miku broke down into sobs, her brother quickly sedating her with a spell. "Restorundis Absolaris!" He recites, and the wagon is restored to a brand new form.

"Reori," he chants a one word spell, and the horses who had run off from the commotion suddenly return. He hitches them back up to the wagon with a sigh, then he and Gakupo place Miku and Kaito in the back of the wagon. They rode the wagon to the next town, and when they arrived, the sun was rising. Kaito moaned as he sat up and winced, grabbing his side.

"Why do I feel like I was thrown out of the wagon?" He asked. He looked at the samurai and mage and noticed they both looked nervous at his question. Mikuo rubbed the back of his head while looking in the other direction, and Gakupo stared at the ground stiffly. Kaito sighed, yawning big with one eyes closed as he stood and stretched. He rubbed his closed eye sleepily. "Aside from the pain my body is experiencing first thing in the morning, that was the best sleep I've had in days!"

Gakupo smiled thoughtfully while Mikuo yawned. "Yeah. Well... I'm going to sleep. Unless the town's being raided or unless someone's dying, don't wake me up,"

"Wouldn't dream of it, mage,"

"Shut your face, samurai,"

Before Gakupo could retaliate he saw that Miku had also woken up and upon seeing the blunette, she tackled him in a hug. She immediately began sobbing. "I thought you were gonna die! I seriously thought you were going to die, Kaito!" She sobbed, utterly confusing the poor blue haired prince who was unconscious the entire time they were under attack.

"M-Miku? What's wrong? Wh-what are you talking about? I'm not going to die..." He stuttered a bit, trying to stop the girl on top of him from crying but she was holding on too tight, clinging to him for dear life as if he would vanish before her eyes and her arms were the only thing that could keep him from doing so.

"Miku, if you hold him so tight he'll suffocate. Let him breathe some so we can explain what happened," Gakupo gently pries the poor girl off the blunette and then he helps Kaito stand. When they explain the situation, Kaito's shoulders slump and he hangs his head. "Oh wow... What I thought to be my best sleep in days could have been my very last. That's disheartening..."

A couple hours later, after getting some rooms at an Inn, they get breakfast at the nearest diner. Kaito had to wonder... What were they travelling for exactly? The kingdom's people escaped and so did they. So where were they going? Kaito stole a glance at Gakupo before looking down once more. "Mikuo? Where are we going exactly that calls for us to travel so far?" He asked finally, unable to stave off his curiosity.

"We're searching for a way to take back our Kingdom, and possibly anyone willing to help. I don't know who invaded our kingdom and it's castle, but I don't think we should just let these people drive us out of our homes and the place we grew up. But personally, what I hate the most of what they did was they tried to take your life, Kaito," The mage replied, ending his last sentence with distaste, disgust, and a clear sliver of hatred. They dared to kill the King and Queen, and also tried to take the Prince's life! No way I'll forgive them! They can have the kingdom, but laying a hand on the Prince is not something I will allow!

Kaito stared outside the window longingly for a for a few minutes. He missed his parents, his home. He forced back his tears. He couldn't let his friends worry about him. He had already caused enough trouble as it is. Kaito headed back to the Inn alone and walked up to his and Gakupo's temporary room that had two large beds, a desk, and a few chairs as well as some drawers.

He sprawled himself out on one of the beds, his limbs spread out as he stared up at the ceiling. He closed his eyes but didn't sleep. He wasn't sleepy, but his body was tired out. He opened his eyes and looked at the palm of his right hand.

He stretched it out in front of him as if reaching for the sky and imaged the ice from before. It saddened him he had hurt that man. It didn't matter to him if the bandit was trying to kill him, he hated hurting people! He hated it... It didn't matter to him who they were or what they did, they could feel same as everyone else. He wondered what the man felt when that happened. Fear? Quite possibly. No one wants to end up into a frozen block of ice because a naïve Prince who has never left his kingdom even once suddenly gains powers.

He felt like such an idiot. He never meant to hurt that man. He heard the door open and Gakupo step in. Kaito looked over his shoulder to stare at his slightly older companion. Gakupo was only a few months older than the blunette.

"Are you sulking because of what happened back there with the bandits?"

"N-no...not really,"

"I can read you like a book, you're so easy. You are sulking. It's pitiful, really. The prince, my best friend since we were kids, is sulking like a child."

"H-hey! Th-that's not very nice, Gakupo!"

Tears sprung in the Prince's eyes all of a sudden when he remembered what he was so depressed about, and they streamed down his cheeks of their own accord. The samurai's smile disappeared and his eyes widened in shock as his friend started to cry. Oh, crap. I'm such an idiot! I made him cry, didn't I? He walked over and sat beside the blunette, wrapping a comforting arm around his shoulders.

"I'm sorry... I should be more considerate of your feelings, especially when you didn't mean to freeze that man," he said apologetically, looking down a little. His breath caught in his throat and he stiffened as Kaito leaned into him, his beautiful bright blue eyes fluttering shut. Gakupo smiled softly, stroking Kaito's soft silky hair. It almost felt unnatural how soft the younger's hair was. His pale skin and frame made him seem so... Delicate and fragile. He could see that the black shirt underneath his coat only covered his chest, exposing his belly, and had to wonder what the prince's naked body would look like.

The moment that thought crossed his mind, his eyes widened and Gakupo's face flushed a deep crimson. Wh-what am I thinking?! H-he's the prince! The samurai laid the prince gently down onto the bed and sat in a chair in a corner of the room reading a book. He had fallen in love with the prince the day he met him, but didn't realize it until six years later. He remembered that day like it was yesterday.

3 Years Ago

"Your Highness, please, there's no need for you to do something so dangerous for me," Fourteen year old Gakupo had insisted worriedly as he watched the prince climb a tall, large tree. Gakupo had accidentally let the haori Kaito had given him go and the wind blew it into the tree.

"Nonsense! You've told me that this is your most precious haori! You can't let something like this that you treasure so much go so easily..." The prince replied nonchalantly. He crawled across the thick branch and grabbed the cloth tightly just as another strong wind blew and knocked the young blunette out of the tree, where he was nine feet in the air. Gakupo ran towards the prince as he was falling in order to catch him but didn't get there in time.

"Prince Kaito! Are you all right?!" He asked worriedly, sitting the most likely injured prince up in his arms gently. Kaito groaned softly, opening his eyes. He smiled brightly with a slight grimace as he held up the haori.

"I got it!"

"Does it hurt anywhere?!" he asked again, completely ignoring what the blunette said.

"Ye-yeah... I think I sprained my ankle pretty bad." the prince replied reluctantly, not wanting his friend to worry so much. But after that, Kaito had been bedridden for a couple days. He had contracted a fever from several of the infected cuts he received when he landed. Gakupo was so worried, he ended up contemplating his feelings for the prince and the conclusion he came to was that he was in love.

He had decided not to tell the kindhearted prince. He was merely a former street boy, living off what he could before. Now? Now he was the prince's bodyguard, and proud to be so. He couldn't ruin his prince's trust and faith in him over something like love of all things. But the prince would forever remain a precious person to the samurai.

Back To the Present

Gakupo heard a light groan and looked up to see the prince stirring in his sleep. The blunette woke up briefly to remove his coat and scarf, placing them in the desk chair beside him, then crawl back onto the bed and fall asleep without even bothering to cover up. I suppose it is hot out, and the cold never bothered the prince anyway... Especially not now. He thought, thinking back to when Kaito had accidentally used his powers.

He blushed once again when he looked at Kaito. He was slim, not skinny. He had a nice build but not too much muscle as his stomach was perfectly smooth and flat. One arm laid across his stomach while the other had the hand resting lightly on the pillow his head was on, slightly tilted to the side as he slept soundly and peacefully.

Gakupo pinched the bridge of his nose. "Of all the... Why, by the Gods, is he so damn enticing?!" He muttered sharply, careful not to wake Kaito. He sighed and closed his eyes, falling asleep within minutes with the book covering his face.

15 Minutes Later

"Gakupo! Wake up! Look at this!" the blunette shouted excitedly, making the long haired samurai jump out of his sleep. The book covering his face was sent flying across the room and into the wall.

"Are we under attack?!"

"Uhmm... No. But look what my magic did! No idea what it is but its cold and creamy and really sweet!" The prince replied, a blush of happiness on his face as he ate something out of a bowl. Gakupo recognized the dish as one out of the wagon. How on earth did he sneak off without me knowing? He walked up to Kaito to see what he was eating and his eyes widened.

There were colors of different kinds in the bowl but what was perplexing was that what he was eating was a frozen treat of some kind. If I remember correctly, this frozen treat is called ice cream. It was invented by the ice mages twenty years ago as an enjoyable dessert of sorts. And now that Kaito has ice magic... He looked at said prince who was happily eating the ice cream with a wooden spoon. He can make this stuff any time he wants! And now he's hooked on it! Gakupo's brow twitched irritably as he watched the boy eat.

When the blunette finished, he giggled with excitement. "That was delicious!" He exclaimed, then looked out the window to see Miku. He had to wonder why she was carrying leeks. He made a disgusted face and pouted. I hate leeks! Mom always tried to get me to eat them but when she couldn't she gave up! He hissed at the memory of his mother trying to make him eat the green vegetable. His eyes widened when he saw Miku look at one of the leeks then abruptly take a huge bite out of it.

Kaito's eyes bulged. "That's disgusting! And she's still eating it!" he exclaimed, slamming his hands on the windowsill. Gakupo shared the same look when he saw her as well, but only briefly as he blinked and shook his head. First Kaito, now one of the Hatsune siblings. They're doing the strangest of things. But this actually normal for Kaito, like when he wondered what a leaf of an apple tree tasted like and tried to eat one, the goofball!

He smiled to himself a little. Although he'd be lying if he said he didn't enjoy their weird oddball ways occasionally.

The Castle

"Are you sure the prince is dead," Kageito asked the assassin and middle child of the Royal Family of their kingdom, Taito, suspiciously with a sadistic smile. The man in question nodded and removed his hood and mask. He had bandages everywhere, along with a blood splattered scarf.

"Yes, I would assume so, Your Highness. Unless he can survive a fatal wound to the chest, I highly doubt he is alive," Taito replied monotonously. Zeito, the eldest of the three brothers glanced at the assassin briefly before returning to the book in his hands with a bored expression. So we conquered the Kingdom without much of a fight and the prince is supposedly dead. How boring, they didn't even find his body. I wanted to play with him. Zeito thought and sighed tiredly.

He was known for sexually abusing beautiful people, men and women alike. And according to rumor, the prince was very handsome. Some even went so far as to say he was an angel in human form. That he had the most striking blue hair and eyes with pale skin and a perfect body. Tch, damn it. I told that Taito not to take it so damn far. He never listens.

Zeito closed the book in his hands and walked to his new room within the castle they had taken over. It was the room that once belonged to the deceased king and queen. He stretched out onto the bed, still sporting his bored expression even when Taito had crawled into the large bed with him. The dark purple haired teen gave him an apologetic look and snuggled closer to Zeito. "I'm sorry, Zeito-nii. I didn't mean to do anything to upset you," he whined apologetically, burying his face into the others neck. The elder brother smiled, unable to stay mad at his little brother for very long. When you over look the sadistic side that can come out of the younger, he was actually a very sweet and shy boy.

And he was very attached to Zeito. After Taito had fallen asleep, Zeito looked outside of the window. If that prince was still alive, he wouldn't hesitate to go find him and bring him back here to use as a toy.

He laughed quietly, smiling as he stared up at the moon with blood red eyes.

Back in the Town

"Miku, what happened to the leeks I asked you to buy?" Mikuo questioned, raising an eyebrow at his sister. He had a feeling that she had eaten all of the leeks. And he was right as he watched her squirm a bit before replying to his question.

"I...um...ate them?"

He face palmed, shaking his head lightly as he ran his hand down his face. He supposed it was for the best. He wouldn't be able to get the prince to eat any anyway. He knew Prince hated leeks, and knew that if he tried to ever feed the prince such a thing that it would be the death of him. He sighed and prepared dinner, as the Inn allowed them to cook their own food. Once the food was cooked, he made a plate for everyone including himself.

"You may be stupid but your cooking skills never cease to amaze me, mage," the samurai commented. Was that supposed to be a compliment?! The mage glared at the other across from him who simply ignored him and continued with his meal while Kaito savored each bite of his dinner happily. Afterwards, the four went upstairs to their rooms. Miku and Mikuo were down the hall in the same room while the prince and Gakupo were in a room a couple doors down from the stairs.

Kaito took a deep breath as he took off his coat and scarf, laying them to the side once more. He removed his shoes as well and placed them beside the bed as he curled up under the covers and quickly fell asleep with a small smile. Gakupo sighed quietly, wondering how Kaito could be so cute without even trying. He fell asleep as soon as he closed his eyes, entering a sea of complete darkness.

The next morning, Gakupo awoke to find the prince missing. Not again! He searched downstairs then outside as fast as he could. He stopped when he finally saw the prince, happily conversing with a pair of twin neko's. They had blond hair with furry blond ears and tail to match, but the tips of the tail and ears were black. They also had big bright blue eyes. They were different from Kaito's however as his contained a somewhat darker shade.

"My names Len! This is Rin!" the boy with the short pony tail exclaimed happily. The girl punched him in the shoulder.

"I can introduce myself, idiot!"

"You're so mean! Like a witch!"

"I'll make you eat those words, Banana Boy!"

"Sorry, they don't appeal to me and my tastes, so I'll have to kindly refuse."

Gakupo walked over out of curiosity and looked at the twins then Kaito before speaking. "Hey, Kaito. What's going on?" He asked.

The blunette smiled at him. "Mikuo said we needed allies the other day right? As I was looking around town, some thugs tried to steal from me but then these two appeared out of nowhere and saved me," Kaito replied as if it was no big deal but this only triggered Gakupo's really overprotective side.

"Your Highness! I have told you not to leave without me when travelling in such places! To think you would do something so dangerous and speak of it as if it were not a problem!" Then again, for as long as I've known him, this is how the prince is... Gahh!

"Gakupo! What have I told you about the formalities?" Kaito asked with an angry pout as he continued, "Mikuo and Miku addressed me in that same manner before I left the Inn this morning!" He was not happy about being addressed that way a third time. Gakupo's shoulders slumped as the blunette scolded him for being formal. He soon turned back to the twins with a kind smile.

"So, can we join you on your journey? We can fight just as good as any warrior, possibly even better!" Len stated. Kaito nodded while Gakupo face palmed. Now they had a pair of fourteen year old neko brats with them, thanks to Kaito. But Gakupo decided it was for the best, as it was true about the neko's ability to fight. They are swift and light on their feet. Once a neko grows attached to someone, they are extremely loyal and aren't known to betray their comrades. Kaito explained what they were doing and why, and after explaining the twins still wanted to come along. But they couldn't hide surprise upon learning a kind person such as Kaito is a prince.

Gakupo set up the wagon with Mikuo and the prince's help. They had already finished buying everything they needed and were going to set out on the road again to hopefully find more people willing to help. Kaito observed the landscape they were traveling on, simply watching the trees and other things they passed in the wagon. The twins were in the back of the wagon with Kaito and Gakupo, curled up against one another with their tails linked as they slept.

The prince smiled briefly at them before staring out of the wagon again. He wished he could be of some help to his companions. Right now, he felt like a burden. If he wasn't here, if he had died that day back at the castle, his friends wouldn't have to help him take back the kingdom. He felt useless. He also felt terribly bad for Gakupo. The older teen didn't have to become his bodyguard but that day the look on the others face made it impossible to refuse. That day, the prince only wanted a friend, not a bodyguard. But instead he had gained both.

I cause so much trouble for everyone. I just... I want to protect the people I care for... They support and help me all the time and I am unable to do anything. The blunette thought sadly, making sure no one saw the tears that silently fell from his eyes.

And yet... They stuck with him despite how utterly useless he seemed. But unbeknownst to him, he was more help than he thought. Because he's the reason they choose to stand up and fight, because he had already done so much for everyone.

He cared for the Kingdom's people, regardless of origin or status.

He took Gakupo, a mere street kid, off the streets and welcomed him into the castle as if he was family.

And when the Hatsune's were about to be rejected from the kingdom for being mages, he stepped in and intervened, convincing everyone that they should be allowed to live there as much as anyone else.

And now, he accepted the twins, who were often discriminated and hated for being different with people going so far as to call them freaks of nature, as close precious friends. He had told them exactly what he thought. That it did not matter what they were, they were people just like him. With feelings and thoughts.

If only he knew an impact he made on others, he would not look down on himself. At least, that's what it seems like.

Kaito thought for a moment and smiled when he remembered what his mother had said when he was six years old.

"Sometimes it's more important to be kind than to be right. Having an intelligent mind that speaks is fine, but a loving heart that listens will do more good,"

Those words will forever be etched into his heart...

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