Written for the Super Short Contest: Hope at Poirot Cafe Forums.

Warnings: A little OOC, and Shinichi is a female.

Words: 512

Gazing upon the many horrors in life, it was only natural Shinichi was a bit detached than the rest. Dead bodies, murders, threats, and more were of normal sight to the high school detective. She never did question why bad things happened, she did understand for the most part, but at the same time she wondered if there was any good out there.

Then she met Kaitou KID, the high-profile jewel thief who ran circles around highly trained task forces with ease and a grin on his face. During their meetings on the rooftop, underneath the moonlight, she'd often find herself wondering how a 'criminal' could turn out to be like him. From previous and current observations, there wasn't an evil bone in his body.

Now detectives are naturally curious beings. There's a reason for all the poking and prodding at clues and most likely bodies when they're trying to figure something out. So questioning a thief was not above them when they should in fact be catching him. That wouldn't give her answers though, since she knew it was futile even if they did get him in jail. How long do you think you can contain a professional escape artist like KID? Not very long before a couple keys go missing and suddenly an officer's down.

So yes, Shinichi was well aware of the fact that catching KID would do nothing to smother down her raging curiosity. She still had many questions after all. One being, "Why steal?" The underlying meaning asking why he choose to do bad things when he could use his brilliance- his skills- to do good. To be useful. Help the world become a better place and perhaps give humanity a little hope. Something Shinichi was beginning to lose faith in until she met him.

"Why question?" The thief had replied with a half grin before jumping of the roof and gliding into the night, leaving the Midnight Blue Sapphire Diamond in the stunned detectives hand. Shinichi could only frown unsatisfied. "Why not?"

It wasn't until they met again that Shinichi had yet another question for the white clad thief. She spoke softly, yet her voice carried. "Would you still believe in hope when only bad things come to pass?" She had asked causing KID to stare. Shinichi expected confusion, perhaps even anger at her rather depressing comment. But the only look she could see past his monocle and top hat was thoughtfulness.

"Bad things happen around you, yes. Only for a reason though. You make bad things turn better. You solve problems. You are hope." He replied to her, just as softly as when she had asked the question. A small smile broke through as the thief turned towards the sky, holding his target under the moonlight proudly. "Perhaps it was just meant to be. Your calling. Don't hate it, embrace it. And when you need a break, I'll be out on a rooftop waiting with my puzzles and tricks to distract you. Lean on me and I promise you won't fall."

And so she did.

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