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Wind softly whistled, and blew into Ezio's exposed face as he watched the sun slowly set into the distant horizon. Upon the drowsy head of the golden orange sun, sat a crown of pink and plum and indigo, with tiny faint diamond stars just beginning to appear over head.

"You want to know another thing about me?" echoed a girls voice from is memories. "My favorite time of day; dusk, and dawn."

His hand gingerly went to the place that concealed a white feather of a Dove, wrapped in a dark dusty blue striped scarf; on its own accord. Ezio bowed his head as his heart ached for the soft, caring voice of a strange girl, from a strange place that is the future, and past. He wondered where the lightning had taken her, and if she was well looked after. But in his heart, he knew that she would get into some sort of trouble, and would find a way to get out—even if she got heart in the process.

He sighed and looked out to the twilight horizon, as if by chance he could find her that way. But that was an impassible dream; he knew well what her path was, and he knew he would never see her again; at least, not in this world.

Sighing again, he pushed Elinana from his mind as he rose, and then leaped from the top of the Coliseum. Air whistled in his ears as gravity pulled him down. He turned in midair, and soon met the sting, and hiss of hay. Leaping out, he brushed himself off, while whistling for his horse. Hoof beasts quickly approached him from behind, and halted. Turning to the bay, he mounted the stallion, and then rode along the stone road.

A howl cried to the twilight as Ezio guided the bay past the civilians of Rome. Ezio heard their voices, but paid no mind to their words. Over the long years of hunting Templers all over Italy, he developed his hearing to only picking up words that called to his interest; if not for this small habit, he would have failed his missions long ago.

But tonight was a quiet one; no thieves, no murders, no guards looking or chasing after him, and no cries for help. Yes it was quiet, and it felt good, but also unsettling. Something was amiss, but none of his senses screamed of an ambush, or a stoker. "I must be getting paranoid." He thought, deciding to simply enjoy the easy ride to Rosa in Fiore.

He soon arrived to the brothel, and guided the bay to a small stable for the beast to drink and eat. Patting the horse in farewell, he strolled up to the door of the brothel. Once inside, the perfume of roses greeted his nose, and by a nearby courtesan with gold tresses pulled up in a bun.

"Maestro Ezio," the courtesan purred in Italian. "The Madame is waiting to dine with you."

"Grazie, Isabell." Ezio warmly smiled at the sapphire eyed courtesan. "Would you join me in my chamber after diner?"

Isabell smiled as if she was the cat that ate the canary. "Sì, Maestro."

They parted ways, and he soon found his sister standing by the stone fireplace. "You are late fratello." His sister pointed with sharpness.

"My apologies Claudia," he smiled, and soundlessly approached her side. "Time escaped me."

She smiled, and embraced him. But she knew he was late because his thoughts had dwelled on the past. They talked business as they ate spaghetti—which is a poor man's meal. But it was one of Ezio's favorite dishes, and she could not deny her only remaining family some comfort.

Once the last smudge of tomato sauce was cleaned off by his last bite of fresh bread, Ezio popped it into his mouth and leaned back, feeling the satisfaction of a full stomach.

"Ezio," Claudia addressed after wiping her face with her napkin. "We have to talk about your former apprendista."

"Claudia, I hade many apprentices—"

"Oh, you know well which one I am talking about!"

Once again, his hand on its own accord, went to the place that concealed Elinana's gifts. "She has gone to a vary far, and vary dangerous land in search of her Father, Claudia," he gazed at her with an almost rumbling growl in his voice, as if to warn her not to press farther. "That is all."

"You say this land is far, but if she can get their sourly a letter could reach her!" Claudia pressed.

"You do not understand, she is gone!" Ezio's voice rose, but then he gained control of himself again.

"That land she has travelled to, is it so perilous that you consider her dead." She stated more then asked. "Why did you let her go? Surly her father would never whish her to go after him?"

"Do you think I wanted her to go!" he rose and slammed his fists on the table, disturbing plats, wine glasses, and the silverware with a jingling clatter. "Did you not think that I wanted to go with her, to see her safe?" he shook is bead. "I had to watch her go! Knowing well that she could vary well die." His anger slowly dissipated as he leaned on the table with his fits clenched.

"I loved her as if she was our lost kin," He hid, and fought the claws of a sob in his throat; swallowing it down. "I could not force her to stay. It was not my place to ask her to stay either…I wish this fate was not hers, she deserves better…"

He turned, and lifted the fallen chair back into its lags, and went to stand by the fire. "I'm sorry sorella," he apologized over is shoulder. "I miss Mother, and Father, Mario, Federico, and dear Petruccio…Elinana and Petruccio would have been good together."

"I miss them as well."

Ezio turned to his sister that sat with a bowed head, still sitting in her chair. He went around the dining table. Then when he stood by her, he gently pulled Claudia to her feet, and wrapped his arms around her. She placed her cheek over his heart, and embraced him back. They stood like that for a good five minutes, then he brock the silence. "We are still here, Claudia. And they would not want us linger on ideas of what could have been."

Claudia gave a small laugh, braking away. "You should take your own advice. Go on to bed, you look tiered."

He did indeed felt tiered. But he remembered the courtesan Isabell, and felt not that tired. "Buonanotte Claudia."

"You as well Ezio."

He smiled, and left for his chamber.


The slowly rising sun lit the land of Rome a golden flame. The city was still to drowsy to bustle yet, but it still moaned with the early risers. Ezio moaned too, as he stretched. He leaned on the window railing, enjoying the sight. On the soft, cool breeze was the earthy smell of dirt form the farmer's crops, as well as the damp sent from the river, mixed with the perfume of the roses on the nearby balcony.

"Help!" cried a female voice from the streets below.

Ezio tensed immediately, knowing that this was a genuine call of fear, and desperation. Darting to collect his boots and hidden blades, he wasted no time on leaping to the nearby balcony and darting to the neighboring rooftop. As he flew in the direction of the cry, a shriek of distress tore through the air. He halted briefly, then continued northward.

Ezio leaped to another shingled roof then halted dead in his tracts. Laying in a small garden was a still courtesan, with blood across her throat; dying the grass crimson. Ezio leaped to the stone wall of the garden, then beside the body. Kneeling beside the dead courtesan, he took in her wide gray eyes, and brown hair that laid lose on the crimson and green grass.

Ezio did not know her name, but he recognized her face; she was one of his sister's girls. As he said a sort of farewell, and closed her eyes, he saw a crinkled up parchment clenched in her still warm hand. Gingerly prying the parchment from her hand, he stood and unraveled the wrinkled parchment. It was a half written page from a ledger book, a vineyard ledger by the looks of it. But it was the name of the owner that called to his attention; Rosso. Looking at the dead woman again, he turned away and made to return to the brothel.

"Ezio," Claudia addressed her brother as he wrapped his crimson sash around his waist. "If that Templar cagna really is behind the murdering of one of my girls; I want you to be careful."

"I always am, Claudia." Ezio replied, adjusting his armor.

Claudia sighed, then continued. "One of my girls learned that Belloza Rosso marred Count Godric under our noses last year."

Ezio froze to the name, as the memories of a young, monstrous man floating to the surface of his mind. As well as the words of insult, the room with the stone pillar and fire, and the African warrior. "I should have killed that boy long ago." Ezio thought.

"I will do what has to be done, and I will return; I always will sorella." Ezio approached his sister, and kissed her forehead. "Stay safe Claudia."

And with that he marched to the door to begin his hunt. "You as well," Claudia uttered lowly. "Dear brother."

To be continued

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