"Come on, dude. You can do it. Just relax, let me do all the work."


''That's it. All you have to do is swallow, man, but go slow. Wouldn't want you to drown on a bottle of water, would we?"


"You're okay, Sammy. Just a little more. You're a dehydrated, concussed disaster on two le... er, make that one leg. Probably why you couldn't think straight enough to get out of this mess by yourself."

"'nough. Tired. Wanna sleep."

"Dude, shit you're in, it's not a tired you can sleep away. Not till we get you out of here. Now drink some more. Little sips. You know you scared the shit out of me, right? One second you were there. I turned around to take care of that chupa that was on my ass and when I turned back you were gone. Just disappeared off the face of the planet, dude. I spent five hours looking for you. Five hours. How the hell could you just disappear? It's a goddamned desert. There's hardly anything out here and what there is is only 'bout a foot tall. Tell me, man, how can a six and a half foot Sasquatch disappear in that?"

''Tripped over rock."

"Then cut your head open when you fell down that arroyo. And you managed to get covered up by the only piece of limestone in the whole friggin' desert, and it just happened to be stickin' out far enough over the place where you fell so I couldn't see you from above. I swear, only you, dude. Only you. Clumsier than a newborn colt, all long limbs going everywhere but where they should."


"Aw, nothin to be sorry 'bout, Sammy. My fault. I wasn't watching where you were going. My fault it took so long to find you. My fault... 's that leg feeling better now?"


"Good. Didn't think I'd be able to find two pieces of wood long enough to splint a gigantor's leg out here in the middle of nowhere?"


"Damn rights. luck. And right now I'm feeling so damn lucky that when we get outta here, I'm gonna go play the lottery then go to Vegas and bet on a pony somewhere that has the worst odds ever."

''Took ya five hours to find me. Not so lucky then."

"Found ya, though, didn't I?


"Yeah, I'll always find ya. Whoa, dude, slow down now. Sips, remember? Just little sips."


"I'll bet you are, but you don't want to hork up what you already got down. Anyway, I had to find you 'cause I'm the one who lost you. Had ta find ya. Right, Sammy? ...come on, Sam. Don't make me out a liar. We're lucky, remember. Wake up, dude."

"...Le' me 'lone."

"Whew. Can't. Gotta keep you awake till the EMTs get here."


"Yeah.. Got yourself in a pickle, man. There's no way even your awesome big brother can get you out, so just as soon as you're feeling good enough for me to leave you for a bit, I'm gonna climb up out of this canyon to get a cell signal and they're the first ones I'm gonna call. Looks like it's gonna be a helicopter ride for you, dude."

"You, too, 'ean. Don' wanna go 'lone."

"...y...yeah...yeah, okay, little brother. For you, yeah."