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While Kirsten tells what she knows to Maggie, Cameron and Linus corner Camille and tell them their plan for the day.
"I can't believe you're making me watch her," Camille states through gritted teeth as she FaceTimes Linus. Having a class right after the stitch, the college student quickly retreats toward school as a safety precaution. Cameron stands off to the side, but he knows the woman's comment is toward him.
"You live with her. It's easier," Cameron explains still not looking at her.
"Baby," Camille mutters when the taller scientist is not in her view. Opting for a friendlier approach, the woman asks, "Is she acting any different?"
"Besides her puke fest from earlier? No. It's Kirsten though. She'll bounce back," Linus comments while ignoring his rather Camille- like phrase. Just as Cameron begins to leave his friends' now obviously personal conversation, he sees Kirsten leave the office.
"Hey, how d'you feel?" He asks saddling next to her.
"A little out of it, but fine. Just take me home," She replies, but from residual emotion or the stitch, he is not sure. As he drives her home, Cameron lightly questions Kirsten over her memories in the stitch.
"There was a waste basket and a park with children playing. The man she talked to was in most of the memories, though. The one of them fighting wasn't until the end. All I really remember is the smell. In her memories, it was really strong," Kirsten comments as she looks out the window.
"Hey, Stretch? Do you remember what it was?" Cameron asks as he takes his eyes off the road to assess her demeanor. He looks back just as his friend comments, "A cologne of some sort, maybe? Possibly something the man could've warn? All I know is that was the most powerful part of the sequence."
Wanting to ask her more questions, Cameron parks the car and walks the blonde to her door. Instead of making a comment, Kirsten simply opens the house door. He can see she is mentally drained and tells her, "Get some sleep Stretch. Don't hesitate to call."
Nodding, Kirsten uncharacteristically kisses Cameron on the cheek before walking inside. Left outside his friend's house, the scientist inwardly questions the woman's reaction before heading back to work. Grilling Maggie on any abnormal behaviors she notices during her meeting with his friend, Cameron comes up empty handed. Instead, he gets a call from Camille who tells him his Buttercup is acting like the more emotional version of River Tam.
"What are you talking about?" Cameron questions once Camille calms down.
"I'm saying that she's going crazy. She's going through our shampoo bottles and throwing them in the trash. Part of me wonders if she's going to sit down with one of my textbooks and tell me that it has no order and needs to be reworked," Camille rambles adding, "I don't have a Bible on hand for her to dissect. 'Curse her sudden, but inevitable betrayal!'"
"Okay, the Firefly comments are a major turn on," Linus interjects from his seat where Cameron stands on speaker phone. Shooting his friend a disapproving look, Cameron answers, "I'll be right over. You sure this is something residual from the stitch?"
"Not unless Cinderella here has been doing this when I'm not home and I don't know about it," Camille comments before saying her good- byes to attend to her friend's freakish desire.