I'm SO sorry for my last chapter! This is the fixed version and the last chapter of the story. I tried to make the story end as if it were a lost episode of some sort, so forgive any cheesiness on my part.


Picking up her phone, Kirsten sighs and calls her friend.

"Did Fisher call about anything on Tyler?" She asks almost as soon as he answers.

"Hello to you too, Sunshine," Cameron greets before asking, "Did you sleep at all last night?"

"Yes, I slept. Do you know what happened with Tyler?" She reiterates. Raising his eyes upward, Cameron states, "No one's said anything, but you'll be the first one I tell when I do find out. You feeling any better?"

"As fine as I can be," She mutters poking at her food. After finishing, the blonde puts her dishes away and waits for Camille to come home so they can head back to the lab. If she is lucky, she can find out about Maya's death.

"What did he say?" Kirsten asks once she sees Fisher enter the lab later that afternoon.

"Tyler didn't do it," The officer replies. Both Cameron, who does maintenance on his Stitcher program, and Kirsten look at the man skeptically as he explains, "His mom made an off handed comment which made us suspect her. She confessed half an hour ago."

Fisher talks a little longer, mainly answering Kirsten's questions, before heading up to Maggie's office.

"You okay, Stretch?" Cameron asks. Nodding silently, the blonde says nothing. Finally, Cameron stands to leave as Kirsten says, "It had to be Tyler."

"You heard Fisher. Sorry, Cupcake, but the evidence points to the mother."

"No. I'm saying I don't know how Tyler's mom could have killed her."

Seeing his friend's confusion, Cameron answers compassionately, "Ask Fisher. You couldn't access all Maya's memories, Kirsten."

The blonde nods as the man walks out of the room. Once the woman is unable to see anyone, Kirsten waits for Fisher to come down.

A couple hours later, Kirsten hears the front door open.

"Camille?" Kirsten calls out from the kitchen.

"Hey, Cameron said they found out who killed Maya," She says softly.

"Yeah, Tyler's mom did it," Kirsten answers nonchalantly.

"How?" Camille asks genuinely curious as she sits in the dining room chair.

"She came to the apartment to talk to Maya. Told her to get some rest, cleaned the kitchen, and left the gas stove on," Kirsten replies matter of factly.

"See, that statement is when you use emotion," Camille points out.

"She's dead," Kirsten informs her friend. Rolling her eyes, the brunette tells her roommate she is going to get ready for bed. Giving a noncommittal answer, Kirsten continues preparing dinner when she hears a knock at her front door.

"Cameron?" Kirsten says tilting her head to the side.

"Hey, just wanted to see how you were," Cameron tells her when she moves a little from the door. Seeing the look her friend has on his face numerous times, the blonde knows he is concerned.

"I'm fine, Cameron. You can stop hovering over me," She replies letting the man inside. As the front door closes, Kirsten hears her friend mutter, "Not really gonna stop."

"Why did you not want to talk about your parents last night?" Kirsten asks pretending she does not hear her friend's previous comment.

"They're not my favorite conversation, okay?"

The blonde crosses her arms with an unfazed expression.

"They hover," He states simply. Raising her eyebrow, Kirsten replies, "Like you?"

Nodding, Cameron answers, "Yeah. I'll see you at work, tomorrow?"

Her blank stare allows Cameron to say before letting himself out the door, "Okay. Night, Stretch,"

As he drives home, Cameron shakes his head knowing the last few days are a whirlwind. Replaying his conversations with his friend, the scientist wonders if he ever wants to see an emotional and hormonal Kirsten again. He dismisses the though as he enters his apartment complex twenty minutes later. In the lab the next morning, Cameron hears a familiar voice say, "Do we have a stitch?"

As the blonde has electrodes applied to her, Cameron realizes he would rather have emotionless Kirsten and no matter how long he does his job, he will always keep his friend under observation.