Fire Dragon's Ivory

Chapter 1: Pre-Fairy tail Part One

Disclaimer: I Don't own Fairy Tail or any of the things affiliated with it.


"Put on your clothes"= Regular Talking


'Put on your Clothes' = thinking/ thoughts

"Put your clothes on" =Dragons talking

'Put you clothes on' Dragon thinking

*Fire dragon's wing attack*= Spell

*Smash* = Sound

-X774- Forest in Fiore-

A boy with messy pink hair, slight tanned skin and black eyes about the age of eight was standing in front of a huge boulder staring it. He was wearing a red shirt and a black shorts. watching him from behind was a huge dragon with dark red scales covering most of it's body . The dragons legs, belly inner tail were a beige colour. It had large tattered bat like had a few scars on it's belly and neck but it's most noticeable scar was a large X shaped on in the centre of it's body. It's back was covered was covered in black spikes. It had a triangular head with large horns, large sharp teeth and glowing yellow eyes. It also had lone sharp claws and red nails. (Igneel If My description wasn't good enough)

"You better be watching you gecko I'm going to destroy this boulder." Natsu said as he pointed to the large rock.

"You said that yesterday you brat and all you did was hurt yourself trying." Ingeel said.

"Just watch." Natsu said. Natsu started to considerate his his magic in his mouth. A magic seal appeared in front of him.

*Fire Dragon's Roar* Natsu yelled as a torrent of flames jetted out of his mouth and hit the large rock causing it to break.

"See I did it." Natsu said proudly.

"I am impressed that you managed to break it but.." Igneel said.

"But what?" Natsu asked.

"You started another forest fire." Igneel said as he raised one of his hands a pointed to the trees Natsu had set ablaze.

"It's not my fault that the stupid trees caught on fire." Natsu said.

"At least you don't have to hunt tonight." Igneel said.

"Yay food." Natsu said as he ran a grabbed some of the dead already cooked animals and completely ignored the burning forest.

"You're not that smart are you." Igneel said as he started to eat the flames off the tree.

"It's not my fault you're the one who hasn't taught me how to do anything but hunt and fight and plus I'm plenty smart." Natsu said as he devoured a deer like some sort of wild animal.

'He does have a point but I don't know how humans act but at least I thought him to read so I can use books to teach him.' Igneel thought as he finished eating.

'Maybe I can take him to a human settlement.' Igneel thought.

"Natsu tomorrow we will be going somewhere so we can pick some books." Igneel said.

"What's a book?" Natsu asked stupidly.

"It's a set of pages that have been bound together with information in it some books can teach you magic." Igneel explained.

"I thought only dragons could teach people magic." Natsu said while sounding shocked.

"Natsu being taught magic by a dragon is incredibly rare and most people think dragons are extinct or just faction." Igneel said.

"Magic comes in many different form and there are many ways to learn it and books are the best way." Igneel continued. Igneel then lectured Natsu about different types of magic but Natsu didn't here most of it since he fell asleep after thirty seconds of Igneel talking.

'Jeez it is going to be a lot harder to teach him stuff than I thought.' Igneel thought as he watched his son fall asleep. Natsu woke up on Igneel's back who was flying at amazing speeds.

"Igneel where are we going?" Natsu asked as he rubbed his eyes.

"I already told you yesterday." Igneel said.

"I can't remember." Natsu said while sitting up.

"Ok I'm going to say it again. I am going to drop you off near a human settlement, you are going to find the settlement with your nose, When you go to the settlement you are going to buy books on writing, maths, social skills, Human behaviour,magic and the human body." Igneel said.

"So how am I going to pay for this stuff do I give them food?" Natsu asked.

"No Humans have a currency but gold should do there is a sack full of it strapped to your pants." Igneel said.

"Wow so shiny."Natsu said as he stared at the gold.

"Also remember not to upset any females you meet."Igneel warned.

"You do remember what a female is right?" Igneel asked.

"Yes I remember they are just like boys but they don't have family jewels." Natsu said.

"The first book you are reading is the one about the human body." Igneel said with a sigh.

"Damn It I wanted to learn some more magic." Natsu said.

"I will not have my son not knowing anything but fighting." Igneel said. Igneel touched down near the village and Natsu got off his back.

"Natsu can you smell the humans?" Igneel asked.

"Yes and I can smell a bunch of food." Natsu said while licking his lips.

"Calm down Natsu remember you have buy the books and if you do have extra money buy all the food you want and make sure not to start a fight with anyone." Igneel warned.

"Whatever you dumb lizard I'm going to get some food and books." Natsu said as he spirited in the direction of the village.

'I swear if he burns down that settlement I'm going to teach him a lesson he won't forget.' Igneel thought as he watched Natsu disappear.

'I can't wait to eat all that food.' Natsu thought as he neared the village. The village was a very small one it had a few shops and houses. Outside the village was a sign that read 'Tengoku village'.

'Now I need to find the book shop. whatever that is.' Natsu thought as he walked around the village. Natsu wasn't paying attention since he was too busy thinking about food and he bumped into a girl which caused her to drop the wood she was carrying and knocked over the wood in the wheel barrow behind her. The girl had white hair and big brown eyes. She was wearing a white short sleeve button up shirt a blue skirt and a blue rose ornament in her hair. The girl was about seven years old.

"Sorry I didn't mean to get in your way mister." The girl apologises while sounding like she was about to cry.

"It was my fault I wasn't looking were I was going. I was too busy thinking about food." Natsu said while getting up.

"Thank you mister." The girl said shyly.

"It's all right and my name is Natsu Dragneel by the way." Natsu said as he reached out his hand.

"My name is Yukino Agria." Yukino said as she took Natsu's arm and let Natsu pull her up.

"Nice to meet you." Natsu said.

'This must be a girl. I wonder if all of them have white hair?" Natsu thought as he stared at Yukino. He started circling around her and started examining her.

"Natsu-sama what are you doing?" Yukino asked while being sniffed by Natsu.

"You smell nice." Natsu said.

"T-t-thank you but we are you looking at me like you've never seen a girl in your life?" Yukino asked sounding very flustered with a huge blush on her face.

"Well I've actually never seen a girl since I live in the forest with my dad." Natsu said as he stopped examining Yukino.

"Why are you and your dad living in the forest?" Yukino asked.

"Well judging from the sizes of the houses here Igneel would not fit in any of these and plus people would be scared of him." Natsu said.

"Is your dad some sort of monster?" Yukino asked in fear.

"No he's a fire dragon." Natsu said proudly.

"Wow that's cool." Yukino said.

"I know right." Natsu said.

"Do you want any help with that wood?" Natsu asked as he pointed at the pile of wood.

"Yes please." Yukino said. Natsu picked up all of the wood effortlessly.

'Wow he's so strong.' Yukino thought as she watched Natsu carry the wood.

"Thank you for helping me Natsu-sama." Yukino said.

"Well it is my fault that you dropped the wood in the first place." Natsu said.

"So were do I put this?" Natsu asked.

"We take it to my house." Yukino said.

"Ok lets get going then." Natsu said excitedly as he sprinted down the gravel path.

"Natsu-sama that's the wrong way." Yukino said.

"Whoops." Natsu said as he returned to Yukino.

"Just follow me." Yukino said. Natsu did as he was told and followed Yukino to her home.

"So why are you here anyway?" Yukino asked.

"I actually can't remember." Natsu said which caused Yukino to sweat drop.

"All I remember is that Igneel gave me a sack of gold to buy something." Natsu said as he moved all the wood to one of his arms and showed her the large gold filled sack.

"Wow were did you get this much gold?" Yukino asked still amazed by the large amount of gold Natsu had.

"Igneel gave it to me so I could trade it for the things I need buy and after I get what ever I was supposed to get I can buy all the food I want." Natsu explained.

"I know a place were you can exchange gold for money." Yukino said.

"What's money?" A very confused Natsu asked.

"It's what people use to buy clothes, food and books." Yukino explained.

"BOOKS." Natsu shouted excitedly.

"Why are you so excited by books?" Yukino asked.

"Because that's what I needed to buy." Natsu replied.

"Why would you need books?" Yukino asked.

"Igneel said I needed to learn how to be more human." Natsu said.

"Well your first lesson is don't smell people." Yukino said,

"But I see the animals smelling each other all the time." Natsu said.

"That because they're animals." Yukino said. Yukino and Natsu continued down the path and reached Yukino's house.

"Here we are just put the wood in the back." Yukino said while pointing at the small cottage. Natsu ran to the back and dropped off the wood and ran back to Yukino.

"Where are your parents?" Natsu asked.

"They are at work." Yukino said.

"Ok but what's work?" Natsu asked.

"It's what people do so they can make money." Yukino said.

"Oh, Now lets go exchange this gold for money." Natsu said as he grabbed her wrist and dragged her along.

"Natsu-sama that's the wrong way." Yukino said.

"I knew that." Natsu said in embarrassment. Natsu and Yukino trade the gold for two million jewel. Natsu was unimpressed since he didn't see how pieces of paper were worth the same as the gold he had exchanged. However this was the most money Yukino had ever seen in her life.

"I want my gold back." Natsu whined.

"Natsu-sama I already told you that it's worth the same amount and plus most shops won't allow you to pay with gold." Yukino said.

"You're really smart." Natsu said which made Yukino blush.

"Thank you Natsu that's really nice." Yukino stuttered.

"So do you know where we can buy food?" Natsu asked.

"Don't you mean books?" Yukino said.

"Isn't that what I said?" a confused Natsu said which made Yukino sweat drop.

"No you were talking about food." Yukino said.

"I guess I'm hungry. but Igneel said no food until I got those books." Natsu said. Natsu and Yukino arrived at the book store and Natsu picked up books about writing, Maths, Social skills, Human behaviour, Magic, House construction and The human body. Natsu only had to spend two hundred jewel so he still had a lots of jewel. Natsu decided to buy the house building book because he wanted to be able to make a house like the ones in the village for himself since the cave he was living in started to look pretty bad compared to them.

"That's a lot of books." Yukino said as she stared at the massive stack of books Natsu was carrying.

"Igneel said there was a lot of things I needed to learn." Natsu said.

"So what are you going to use the rest of the money on?" Yukino asked.

"Food." Natsu said.

"Is that all you think about?" Yukino asked.

"I think about fight and magic too." Natsu replied.

"Wait you can do magic?" Yukino asked.

"Yeah." Natsu said.

"So what are you going to use the money on?" Yukino asked

"Maybe I can buy you some food too since you helped me by these books." Natsu said.

"I know a good place to buy food." Yukino said. Yukino guided Natsu to the restaurant after Natsu sprinted of the wrong way again. The two kids were now sitting in the restaurant eating food. Natsu was trying everything on the menu while Yukino bought some ice cream.

"Wow all this stuff tastes amazing." Natsu said as he gobbled more and more food.

"That's good Natsu-sama but can you eat a little more quietly." Yukino said as she saw that people where looking at Natsu.

"Sorry Yukino I was just really hungry Igneel said I can only eat after buying the books." Natsu said as he stuffed even more food in his mouth. Natsu finished his food which cost him five thousand jewel which amazed Yukino. When they finished eating Yukino invited Natsu to her house to meet her family but along the way they were stopped by two tough looking teenagers and both of them were much bigger then Natsu and Yukino. One had brown hair, brown eyes and was tall than his friend. The other had a shaved head and brown eyes.

"Hey here do you think you're going?" The shaved one asked.

"We're going to Yukino's house." Natsu said excitedly.

"Not without paying us first." The brown haired one said.

"If I pay you what do I get?" Natsu asked.

"I'll tell you what you get if you don't pay." The shorter one said.

"Cool I get something for free you hear that Yukino." Natsu said excitedly.

'Natsu-sama that's not what he meant' Yukino thought as she hid behind Natsu.

"I can't tell if you're just stupid or if you are making fun of us." The tall on said.

"Hey I'm going to smart after reading these things." Natsu said as he put his books down and pointed at them.

"I wonder if I should start reading now actually I'm kinda hungry. Hey Yukino do you want to get more food?" Natsu asked completely forgetting about the teenagers.

"Sure Natsu-sama but remember to eat quietly this time." Yukino said.

"Of course." Natsu said before he grabbed the books and started walking to the restaurant.

"HEY DON'T IGNORE US!" The punks yelled.

"What do you guys want?" Natsu said sounding annoyed.

"GIVE US YOUR MONEY OR WE'LL BEAT YOU UP!" The yelled while charging at Natsu.

'Oh they wanted to fight this is going to be great.' Natsu thought.

'I better put these down and get Yukino out of the way.' Natsu thought before putting his books down and moving Yukino. Natsu got into a fighting stance and got ready to fight. Both teenagers came at Natsu at the same time thinking they could take him easily but they were very wrong. Natsu dodge both of them and delivered a swift roundhouse kick to the shaved one which knocked him out.

"What the hell." The remaining one said in fear.

"This is no fun." Natsu said before he punched the other guy.

"Natsu-sama you're so strong thank you for saving me those two always steal stuff from me." Yukino said as she hugged Natsu.

"It's ok Yukino those guys deserved it and plus if I knew they were mean to you I wouldn't have knocked them out so quickly." Natsu said.

"Why?" Yukino asked as she got out of the hug.

"So I could burn them until they begged me to stop." Natsu said with a physicist look in his eyes.

"Natsu-sama I think that would be overdoing it." Yukino said as she sweat dropped.

"I'm just making sure they never do it again." Natsu said.

"Well just don't fight too much you might get into trouble." Yukino teased.

"Ok but I just don't like it when people are mean to you." Natsu said.

"T-t-thank you Natsu-sama." Yukino said.

"Now lets go to your house." Natsu said. The two kids eventually returned to Yukino's house. They were greeted by two adults. One of the adults was male he was of average hight, He his build was average as well, had black hair, brown eyes like Yukino's and a scruffy beard. He was wearing a white short sleeved shirt and blue jeans .The woman was shorter than her husband, she had an ample bust, wide hips, long white hair like Yukino and black eyes. The wife was wearing a blue dress with a floral design that went down to her knees.

"Welcome home Yukino who's the boy?" The mother asked.

"This is Natsu-sama helped me get the wood home and stopped those two bullies for picking on me." Yukino said as she hugged Natsu's arm.

"It kind of looks like he's your boyfriend." Yukino's mum teased.

"I'm too young to have one of those mum." Yukino said as she let got of Natsu.

'ALL GIRLS DO HAVE WHITE HAIR.' Natsu mentally screamed.

"What's a boyfriend?" Natsu asked.

"Oh look he's so innocent. It's so cute." The mother said.

"Seriously what is a boyfriend?" Natsu asked.

"You better read that book on human relationships." Yukino said.

"Fine as long as it tells me what a boyfriend is." Natsu said.

"Trust me it will." Yukino said.

"Now that's over with would you like something to eat?" The father asked.

"Sure I'm starving." Natsu said.

'But you just ate half the restaurants food like an hour ago.' Yukino thought.

"Natsu are you sure you can eat any more food?" Yukino asked.

"I can still eat." Natsu said.

'Where does it all go?' Yukino thought

"Natsu can you get Sorano, She's in her room." Mrs Agria requested.

"Sure thing Yukino's mum." Natsu said before he went to the room with a sign with Sorano on it. He knocked on the door and waited. When he did he saw a beautiful girl with white hair that went down past her shoulders, brown eyes like her sister, she was the same height as Natsu and looked about a year older than him. She was wearing a white dress with frills on the skirt and collar, A blue short sleeved blouse on top on the dress, a bow tied around her collar and a blue ribbon in her hair.

"Who are you and why are you in my house?" The girl asked.

"My name is Natsu and I'm here because Yukino invited me." Natsu answered.

"It's good that Yukino has made a friend thank you and my name is Sorano Yukino's older sister." Sorano said while bowing.

"It's ok I'm glad I met her or I would of gotten lost in this town." Natsu said. Sorano and Natsu walked to the dinning room to find a feast. When Natsu saw this he start drooling a bit.

"Wow so much food." Natsu said.

"Feel free to dig in you helped our daughter it's the least we can do." Mr Agria said.

"Thanks Mr Yukino's dad." Natsu said before he sat down and started eating the food.

'Yukino was right this kid has a huge appetite.' Mr Agria thought. Natsu ate his food while explaining what had happened today. After he finished eating he was about to leave but was stopped by Yukino.

"Natsu-sama will you come back?" Yukino asked while tugging on his shirt.

"Of course the food he is great." Natsu said.

'Is that all he cared about?' Yukino thought feeling a bit hurt.

"Plus if I didn't I wouldn't get to see you any more." Natsu said as he flashed a toothy grin.

"Bye Natsu-sama I hope you comeback soon." Yukino said as she watched Natsu run out of the village and disappear into the forest.

"It looks like my little sister has a crush." Sorano teased.

"Onee-sama don't say stuff like that its embarrassing and I'm only seven." Yukino said while blushing.

"Don't worry your onee-chan will help you out." Sorano said.

"Onee-sama please stop it." Yukino pleaded.

"I'm just joking but he is cute I might take him for myself." Sorano joked.

"Onee-sama don't do that." Yukino said.

"I'm just joking Yukino." Sorano said.

"You're mean sometimes Onee-sama." Yukino pouted.

"Come on lets get inside it's getting dark." Sorano said as she went back into the house.

'I hope you come back soon Natsu-sama.' Yukino thought as he cheeks turned a light shade of pink.

-Forest clearing-

Igneel had been lying down waiting for Natsu the entire day.

'WHERE THE HELL IS THAT BRAT IT'S BEEN TEN HOURS ALL I TOLD HIM TO DO WAS GET SOME BOOKS.' Igneel thought angrily but he calmed down when he picked up his sons scent and the scent of books .

"WHERE ARE YOU DUMB LIZARD!" Natsu yelled while looking for Natsu.

'At least he got the books.' Igneel thought.

"I'm over here you brat." Igneel bellowed.

"There you are dad." Natsu said as he spotted his father.

"So which books did you buy?" Igneel asked.

"Don't worry I got all the books you said to get and I also got one about building houses." Natsu said as he hopped on Igneel's back.

"Did you meet any humans?" Igneel asked before he started to fly back to their home.

"Yeah I met a few of them. Two of them were guys and they were jerks so I beat them up but I did meet a really nice one she showed me around the town and helped me get these books." Natsu said.

"Oh so you met a girl what did she look like?" Igneel asked.

"Well she had nice looking brown eyes, short white hair and she smelt nice.' Natsu said.

"At least I know you can identify a female." Igneel said.

"Of course I can like I told you I'm plenty smart." Natsu bragged.

"I think the only reason you knew she was a girl was because you smelt her." Igneel said as he sweat dropped.

"Hey I also checked her body she was a lot softer than me." Natsu said.

"Natsu don't go around touching random girls you meet." Igneel said.

"Why?" Natsu asked.

"Not every girl will let you do that without hitting you." Igneel said.

"Oh Okay but there is one thing I need to know." Natsu said.

"What is it son?" Igneel said.

"Do all girls have white hair?" Natsu said.

"I heard humans only started developing grey hairs when they were growing old but I've never heard of young people with white hair." Igneel said.

"That's weird because when I went to Yukino's house her mother and sister both had white hair and they are young." Natsu said.

"I think they are the only humans you will find with white hair that are under the age of fifty." Igneel said.

"You better be right but if you're wrong you owe me twenty cooked deer for each one I find." Natsu said.

"Fine but I don't think you will find another one." Igneel said as he flew through the sky.

"I can't wait to learn the stuff in these book things." Natsu said as he looked at the large stacks of books. While flying to their cave Natsu began talking about all the different foods he ate today and didn't stop talking about how good everything tasted. When Igneel arrived at their cave he touched down, Natsu got off his back ran into the cave, got the book titled 'How Humans Work' from the pile of books and started reading it.

'He's really into it. I'm glad I won't have to tell him this stuff since I have no clue how the human body works or how they reproduce.' Igneel said as he entered the cave and laid down near Natsu. Natsu finished reading the book after an hour.

"Wow so that's how babies are made." Natsu said as he closed the book with a blush on his face.

'That book must of been really good if it made my blockhead son blush.' Igneel thought.

"Natsu are you ok?" Igneel asked.

"I think I was too young for this book." Natsu said.

"Well it's better you know now then later." Igneel said.

"I need to say sorry to Yukino when I see her again." Natsu said.

"Again?" Igneel asked.

"Yeah I told her I would see her again." Natsu said.

"If you are going to be spending time with the humans your training is going to be twice as intense." Igneel said.

"Wait that means I'm going to get twice as strong." Natsu said excitedly.

"Well if you are going to make friends you need to be strong enough to protect them right." Igneel said.

"Of course I'll get stronger so jerks don't pick on Yukino any more."Natsu said as he pumped his fist.

"Now move that boulder to the lake and back three times." Igneel ordered.

"Why?" Natsu said as he got up.

"Just because you are a wizard doesn't mean you neglect to train your body so do what I say." Igneel said.

"Aye sir." Natsu said before sprinting outside and doing as Igneel said. After Natsu moved the boulder Igneel told him to go on a run until he worked off all the food he had eaten.

-One week later-

"I'm surprised you managed to read all those books and keep up with the new training schedule."Igneel said.

"I know I'm pretty amazing." Natsu said.

"So are you going to that village again?"Igneel asked.

"Of course I am, I need to keep my promise to Yukino and I want to get stuff for my house." Natsu said.

"You really want a house don't you?"Igneel said.

"Of course I do have you ever felt how soft a bed is?" Natsu said.

"Well I a giant dragon so what do you think."Igneel said.

"I bet if you tried hard enough you could make one big enough for yourself." Natsu said.

"Those books my teach you how to do things but your common sense still needs a bit of work and I'm fine sleeping in a cave."Igneel replied.

"Hey I have plenty of sense just take me to the village already I want to eat some new food." Natsu said.

"Get on my back and we should be there in an hour or so."Igneel said.

"That's good I need some time to sleep since the training schedule only gives me four hours of sleep." Natsu said as he hopped on his father's back.

"You're that one wanted me to train you harder."Igneel said.

"You have a point but I'm tired so wake me up when you get close to the village." Natsu said as he fell asleep.

"I'll try not to drop you brat."Igneel said to his son who was clinging on his back before he started flapping his large scaly wings. Igneel flew up into the clouds at breath taking speed but at the same time he tried to keep his son from falling. When he reached a good height he started heading to the direction of the village.

'It's good that Natsu is making friends with humans, this will make it easier for him when I have to leave him.'Igneel thought as he looked back at Natsu who was sound asleep. When Igneel reached the same clearing he landed in last time.

"Natsu wake up we're here now get going you don't want keep your human friend waiting do you?"Igneel said.

"Took you long enough." Natsu said rudely.

"Maybe you need to buy a book about manners."Igneel said.

"I want books like that I'm going to buy more magic books." Natsu said.

"Just hurry up and get those building supply's."Igneel said.

"Sure thing don't wait too long dad." Natsu said before he ran to the village.

"I can't go anywhere since I have to wait for you."Igneel said as he watched his son disappear into the forest.

-Tengoku Village-

"Onee-sama do you think Natsu-sama will be back soon?" Yukino asked as she swept the outside of her house.

"Don't worry I'm sure your boyfriend is going to come a visit you soon." Sorano teased while sweeping which caused her sister to blush madly.

"Onee-sama you've been making the same joke all week and it stops being funny after a while." Yukino said.

"It may stop being funny for you but I still find your reaction funny." Sorano said.

"What reaction?" Yukino asked.

"The fact that your face looks like a tomato is a pretty funny reaction." Sorano said.

"I do not look like a tomato." Yukino said.

"Yeah you look more like a chilli pepper." Sorano teased. Sorano then heard fast footsteps approaching, she looked into distance and saw a familiar tuft of pink hair.

"Oh I better go inside your boyfriends is here." Sorano said as she enter the house.

"Really!" Yukino said excitedly as she turned and saw Natsu running towards them from a distance.

"I mean he's not my boyfriend." Yukino yelled at her sister who poked her head out of the door and stuck her tongue out before shutting the door again.

"YUKINO!" Natsu yelled which made Yukino turn back around.

"Natsu-sama it's good to see you again." Yukino said with a welcoming smile and a wave.

"Hey Yukino, I told you that I would be back." Natsu said as he stopped in front of Yukino.

"So why are you back?" Yukino asked.

"Well I need stuff for a house, I want to try some more food and I want to spend some time with you." Natsu said which made Yukino blush.

"R-r-really you came all this way just to see me?" Yukino asked.

"Of course we're friends right." Natsu said with a toothy grin.

"But what about your training with Igneel?" Yukino asked.

"Igneel is training me harder to make up for the lost time." Natsu said.

"You sure do ask a lot of questions." Natsu said.

"Sorry Natsu-sama." Yukino said.

"You don't have to apologise Yukino." Natsu said.

"By the way can you do magic?" Natsu inquired.

"Yes I can, let me show you." Yukino said

'Yes this is my chance to impress Natsu.'Yukino thought as she pulled out an odd looking silver key.

"Wait, why are going back inside? I thought you were going to show me your magic?" Natsu asked sounding very confused at the young girls actions.

"No silly, unlike your magic I need this to make it work." Yukino said.

"I don't get it." Natsu said.

"Just sit and watch." Yukino said. Natsu sat down on a near by log.

"Open gate of the Swan! Deneb" Yukino called out as she trust the key forward and turned it ninety degrees. The key started to glow a bright gold colour, before a gold light appeared in front of her. The gold light started to take form and the light began to die down. When the light disappeared a man with black black shaggy hair that covered one of his eyes, baggy eyes and pale skin appeared. He was wearing a purple jacket with black bird wings, purple skinny jeans that where held up by a black belt and he was also wearing a pair of black boots and gloves.

"Hello miss Yukino what do you need me for." Deneb said.

"Wow how did you do that Yukino?" Natsu asked as he stared at the depressed man.

"Well my magic allows me to open a gate to another dimension and summon a spirit I have a contract with." Yukino explains.

"That makes sense, so what can this guy do?" Natsu said.

"He can fly and use lighting magic." Yukino said.

"Deneb can you show Natsu your magic." Yukino requested.

"Sure but I'll probably mess it up." Deneb said as he flew up and displayed his magic for both kids.

"Wow that was cool." Natsu said.

"Thank you Natsu-sama but I can't hold the gate open for too long since I don't have much magical power." Yukino said before she closed the gate which caused Deneb to disappear in a golden light.

"If you want to see something really cool you should watch my sister, she can use a golden key." Yukino said.

"What's that?" Natsu asked.

"Well it's like my silver key but it is much rarer and allows the owner to summon one of the twelve zodiac which is way more powerful than one of the silver keys." Yukino said.

"Do you have any?" Natsu asked.

"Well I have two but I'm can't summon them properly like I said before, sorry to disappoint you" Yukino said.

"It's ok Yukino I'm sure you'll be strong enough to open both of them at the same time." Natsu said.

"I don't think that will ever happen Natsu-sama." Yukino said.

"Sure it will, all you have to do is keep trying." Natsu encouraged.

"Now that I've seen your magic we can go find some stuff for my house." Natsu said.

"Ok lets go get some supplies Natsu-sama." Yukino said as she started running the direction of the supply shop.

"Wait up Yukino." Natsu said as he ran after her.

"Come on Natsu-sama you always run in front, now it's my turn." Yukino said without slowing her pace.

'I'm still sore from Igneel's training.'Natsu thought as he did his best to keep up. Natsu and Yukino spent the whole day shopping for building supplies for Natsu's house, eating different foods and enjoying each others company. It was now noon and Natsu and Yukino had arrived back at Yukino's house. Natsu was carrying his large amount of supplies in a red wheelbarrow. Yukino was surprised that Natsu found a wheelbarrow that could hold all the stuff he bought.

"Natsu-sama how are you going to get that back to where you live?" Yukino asked.

"I'm sure Igneel will be able to carry all of it." Natsu said.

"Natsu-sama can you show me your magic?" Yukino asked.

"Sure I've wanted to show you all day." Natsu said.

"Your magic must be cool since you were taught by a real life dragon." Yukino said excitedly.

"you bet it is, watch this." Natsu said.

*Fire Dragon's Roar*Natsu yelled before a torrent of fire jetted out of his mouth just like a fire breathing dragon. Yukino watched on in amazement as Natsu displayed his magic. Everything was going smoothly until a nearby tree caught on fire. Natsu and Yukino began to panic as the small fire started to spread through the tree. Natsu was worried Yukino would get hurt so he told her to get behind him since he was immune to fire. Luckily Sorano was watching and thought of a solution to the their dilemma.

"Open gate of the Chisel! Caelum"Sorano yelled as she trust her silver key forward and turned it. A golden light appeared in front of the flaming tree which then took the form of a sphere before the light disappeared. Natsu looked at the newly formed object. It was a large silver metal ball that had halo like ring above it. The ball transformed into a cannon and and blew up the flaming tree. Natsu was impressed at how destructive Sorano's magic was but Yukino was jealous that her sister had showed her up.

"You two need to be a bit more careful." Sorano said in a kind voice.

"Sorry Onee-sama I just wanted Natsu to show me his magic." Yukino said.

"It's not your fault Yukino, I need to be more learn how not to burn everything I touch." Natsu said.

"It's good you're taking responsibility for your actions, I'm glad Yukino has good friend like you." Sorano said.

"Thanks Sorano but can you show me how you summon one of those golden keys?" Natsu asked.

"Sure I don't see why not, which one do you guys want to see?" Sorano asked.

"Can you summon Aries-sama, I really like her since she's so nice." Yukino requested.

"Open Gate of the Ram! Aries!"Sorano said as she repeated the same action as she did when she summoned Caelum but instead of a silver key she used a golden key. after a flash of light a beautiful young woman appeared. The woman had bubble gum pink hair that went down to her shoulders before curling up into which made it resemble cotton candy, large brown eyes and a pair of small brown goat horns on the sides of her head. The woman was of average height, She had an hourglass figure which was complete with large breasts and an ample rear and her completion was quite woman was wearing a woolly strapless dress that exposed her large breasts the dress was too short since it only just reached her mid thighs, She was wearing yellow stockings that went up past her knees, her feet were covered by white wool boots with pink balls on her.

"Hello Miss Sorano, what do you need me for?" Aries asked as as she help her dress down so her panties did not become exposed.

"Nothing much Yukino just wanted to show her new friend a zodiac spirit since she can only summon one every few days and her magic container is not very heigh." Sorano explained.

"Ok where is this new friend?" Aries asked.

"He's the cute boy with pink hair and his name is Natsu." Sorano said as she pointed to Natsu.

"Hello Mr Natsu, sorry if I'm not good enough." Aries said timidly.

"You need to stop doubting yourself Aries." Sorano said.

"Thank you Miss Sorano, I shall now demonstrate my Magic for Mr Natsu." Aries said.

*Wool shot*Aries said before shooting pink wool at Natsu's hand.

"Wow what is this stuff it's so soft." Natsu said while playing with the soft substance that was now on his hand.

"Thank you Mr Natsu." Aries said.

"Yukino you have to feel this, it like a cloud." Natsu said.

"Don't worry Natsu-sama I've already felt it before." Yukino said.

"Natsu are you done feeling the wool, I'm running low on magic." Sorano said while struggling to keep Aries in this world.

"Sorry about that, bye Aries." Natsu said as he waved at the woman who was disappearing in a golden light.

"Bye Mr Natsu." Aries said before disappearing completely.

"She seems nice." Natsu said to Sorano.

"She's actually one of my favourite spirits." Sorano said.

"I can see why, her wool is so soft." Natsu said while playing with the wool.

"I know that's why I use her wool for my pillows." Sorano said.

"That sounds like a great idea do you have any spare?" Natsu asked.

"Yes I do, Just follow me and I'll give you some." Sorano said.

"Onee-sama stop trying to steal Natsu-sama from me." Yukino pouted.

"So you do like him." Sorano teased.

"It's not like that." Yukino said as she turned beat red.

"You're so fun to tease." Sorano said.

"What are you two talking about?" Natsu said after he had gotten over the wool.

"Yukino is scared that I'm going to take her boyfr.." Sorano said before Yukino covered her mouth.

"We're just talking about how great your house is going to be when you finish it." Yukino lied.

"It's going to be even more awesome when I get that soft wool." Natsu said as he ran to the house.

"Yukino you're such a spoilsport." Sorano said.

"I wouldn't be such a spoilsport if you didn't try to embarrass me in front of Natsu-sama all the time." Yukino said while pouting.

"It's the older sisters job to make sure the boy if good enough for their younger sister." Sorano said.

"That's the father does to his boyfriends daughter." Yukino said.

"Ok, so that means it's my job to tease you about your boyfriend." Sorano said.

"You're wrong again that's the mothers job." Yukino corrected.

"Well what is my job?" Sorano asked.

"You're supposed too be supportive of me and my boyfriend." Yukino said.

"No that can't be right, I think I'm just going to keep teasing you." Sorano said.

"Fine it's not like I can stop you anyway." Yukino said in defeat.

"Hey hurry up you two." Natsu called out.

"Coming Natsu-sama." Yukino said before running into her house.

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