Legend of the Pink haired demon

Chapter 2: Saving his Angel

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-X775 Igneel's Forest-

Natsu was training his magic while Igneel watched, Natsu's training had been coming along much better than Igneel first anticipated since he had already mastered his roar to the point he could freely breath fire from his mouth like a real dragon. Due to Natsu's increased progress, Igneel could focus on teaching him secret arts. The Dragon only worried that this rapid increase in magical power would result in his magical stamina taking a massive hit. However, that wasn't even that much of a worry since he knew that his body would correct itself with time, just so long as nothing changed.

"You've gotten quite strong my son but you are still no match for the mighty Igneel." Igneel taunted with a huge grin. He was proud of how far his adoptive son had come in his training. At this rate, he would be a terrifying force of nature that any Dragon would fear. However, he needed to make sure that his son stayed humble so he wouldn't become overconfident in his magic.

"Oh yeah, I'll show you just how strong I am, ya gecko." Natsu retorted as he set his hands ablaze. In his young age, he had no idea why his father taunted him so much, but it kept him motivated. He wanted to prove to the mighty Dragon that he was strong.

"You better put your money where your mouth is." Igneel said. Causing a confused look on the fire mage's face. This made the fire Dragon confused as to why his son was confused. The Dragon waited for his son's response since he knew it would clear up what was happening

"Why would I eat money, you can just use it to buy food, you know I'm kind of in the mood for ice-cream." Natsu said as he began to get distracted. The Dragon sighed when he realised his son had failed to understand what an expression was, despite him reading a book only a few days ago. The Dragon's expression turn into one of bewilderment when he saw that pinkette was getting lost in his own head. 'I wonder if Igneel could eat ice-cream or would it melt before he could? He wondered while imagining his adoptive father trying to eat a giant ice cream before it melted. Natsu began to giggle at the thought and the idea of recreating it in real life became very tempting for the kid.

"Focus Natsu and it's an expression." Igneel said while sweat dropping at how distracted his son was. The Dragon thought he had gotten through to his son when he had seemingly snapped out of his delusion. However, that feeling of getting through to pinkette died when he saw the expression that appeared on the young Dragon Slayer's face.

"No Igneel, expressions are things you make with you face like right now you are making an irritated expression." Natsu corrected with a huge grin on his face. He felt extremely smart right now and the look on his face made that obvious. The red Dragon didn't know what to think of his son's statement. Part of him wanted to let his son believe that he was right, but pampering him wasn't the best thing for him.

"I'm starting to think you're getting dumber, didn't those books tell you that words can have more than one meaning?" Igneel questioned. The arrogant look on the fire mage's quickly disappeared and was replaced by one of deep thought. Igneel waited a couple of seconds before his son gave him a response.

"Nope." Natsu replied like it was nothing. The Dragon Slayer had no idea what the fire Dragon was talking about, so in his head playing it cool was the best solution to the problem. While this did irritate the Fire Dragon a little, he was expecting this much from his son. 'It looks like I win.' The young boy thought with an aura of pride so strong that Igneel could pretty much smell it. However, that pride would quickly be absolved by the large red beast.

"Well... I guess it's time to visit your girlfriend anyway we can sort this out later." Igneel teased as another huge grin appeared on his face. He knew this would get under his son's skin and his reactions were always entertaining to watch. It gladdened him to see that he had found someone at such a young age since it meant he would have plenty of time to get close to the key holder. He just hoped that his son's bond with the celestial spirit mage wouldn't stop him from getting close to other females.

"She's not my girlfriend!" Natsu barked before he launched himself at his father but his attack failed instantly when Igneel smacked him with his tail. He didn't like it when Igneel teased him about Yukino. It was the most infuriating thing his adoptive father did. He liked Yukino a lot, but he was still very young so the thought of a relationship was embarrassing for the pinkette.

"You sure talk about her enough why don't you just mark her as your mate?" Igneel asked as he continued to press the very embarrassing issue. He really wanted to see how the fire mage felt about the light-haired girl. Being a Dragon, Igneel wasn't exactly what could be called a reliable wealth of knowledge on human relationships. Igneel was pretty sure if it wasn't for the books, the pinkette would be denser than a rock.

"Igneel I'm way too young for that and plus when you described how dragon mating works it sounded like human marriage but even more intimate." Natsu told the fire-breather with a light blush. He desperately wanted the Dragon to stop, even though that clearly wasn't going to happen.

"As the son of the King of the Fire Dragon's you should be claiming mates as soon as possible... I remember when I was in the prime of my youth." Igneel told the pinkette as he began to think back to his own prime. He could tell that at this rate his son would be just like him. However, giving him a push was never a bad idea.

"I just don't think it's fair to do that to Yukino since this dragon mating thing is pretty much marrying her." Natsu reminded his clearly distracted father as his small blush got even brighter. "Mrs Aguria told me that marriage is a very important thing and that Yukino is way too young for it, but then she started acting strange like you are... so can you please stop." He requested. Igneel had finished with his fun and he saw how large of an effect he was having on his son.

"Fine I'll stop, but just remember, a mating mark can save the life of your mate." Igneel reminded as his tone became a little more serious. Natsu gave his father a nod. While he could be juvenile a lot of the time, he still held his father in a very high regard and he always listened when he got serious.

"Can we stop talking about this? I want to go to and see Yukino and get some stuff to repair my house." Natsu said.

"You visit them once every week and I still don't see why you built that house since you break it almost every day, plus you still have extra supplies lying around." Igneel reminded the pinkette while pointing to the burnt remains of Natsu's small cottage. The fire-breather had to admit that his young son had become very proficient in building things, which was rather ironic considering how destructive he was.

"First off, you're the one who keeps on stepping on it in the morning and I've probably only got enough for like three more major repairs." Natsu said as he pointed large footprints where his houses had previously been. While he really couldn't blame the Fire Dragon since he was a massive Dragon, it still annoyed him to no end. However, the pinkette realised that the Dragon stopped carrying after about the fifth time and it just became routine. Igneel seemed to care so little that he changed the subject like it was nothing.

"So are you going to walk or do you want me to fly you there?" Igneel asked.

"Don't you remember what happened last time I walked?" Natsu asked back while trying to push back the memory of when his pride got the better of him. He may have been a Dragon Slayer, but he was still a little kid.

"Oh yeah, that was hilarious." Igneel joked before laughing at the memory.

"I don't think me passing out because of exhaustion is very funny." Natsu retorted with a slightly angry look. He knew that his father loved him, but he felt a little sad that his suffering made the Dragon laugh. Igneel could see this and decided to clear up the small misunderstanding.

"That wasn't the funny thing." Igneel clarified, making Natsu's mood brighten. Glad that his adoptive son was no longer upset, he decided to go back to his usual teasing.

"So what was so funny?" Natsu questioned, with a genuine look of curiosity.

"I was laughing about how you were talking about that Yukino girl in your sleep." Igneel replied as he began to laugh. The Dragon approved of the relationship between the two, he was tempted to visit this girl and see what kind of girl his son was into. However, he resisted that temptation since he was a Dragon, and not all humans would be thrilled about a giant fire-breathing beast paying them a visit.

"Shut up, just take me to the village already." Natsu fought back as a deep blush appeared on his face. He knew that young light-haired girl was constantly in his thoughts, but hearing that he talked about her in his sleep made him even more embarrassed. 'Maybe I should ask Sorano if Yukino does the same thing.' He thought, hoping that it was true.

"Hurry up and get on my back, you're the one who told me it's never wise to keep a woman waiting." Igneel told his son. The king of the Fire Dragons could somewhat understand why the fire mage had told him this. If human females were even half as aggressive as female Dragons, it was not a good idea to keep them

"You better be quicker than usual since I'm already late." Natsu said.

"I am the mighty Igneel, I can easily take you to a human settlement." Igneel bragged. Natsu got on his father's back before he took off at incredible speeds. The pinkette enjoyed flying on his father's back, but really, who wouldn't enjoy riding on the back of a large red Dragon. The trip was made even more enjoyable thanks to just how fast his adoptive father flew through the sky.

~Outside Tengoku Village~

After a short flight Igneel landed at the usual spot, which was the perfect distance away from the village and it gave them enough cover to remain hidden. Natsu jumped off his father's back before running off to the village like he always did. However, on the way, he picked up something that he had never smelt before. It was a truly awful smell in the pinkette's opinion. From what he could gather there were a lot of different scents mixed. However, there were a few that were a lot more potent than the others. One of them was the smell of cinders and ash, which made the pinkette worry about the state of his friend's village. He looked up and he saw that there was a large cloud a smoke above the village, making it obvious that his friends were in clear danger. 'This is bad, no one in the village knows fire magic and that fire is way too out of control.' Natsu thought as a look of concern appeared on his face.

As he ran towards the village, the scents became a lot more clear and his concern quickly turned into disgust when he picked up the most repulsive smell he had ever smelt. He wasn't sure what it was at first, but the closer he got to the burning village, it was easier to identify the horrid stench. It was the smell of flesh burning, so the fire mage began to run faster. 'I need to hurry up.' Natsu told himself, doing his best not to smell anything else. He wasn't sure if he would be able to hold his lunch if he kept inhaling the foul smell.

Natsu eventually arrived at the village, and just as he suspected, the small village was in ruins. He slowed himself down and a look of shock appeared on his face. The town's buildings were broken in, looted and the bodies of the residences of the town littered the blood covered streets. "Who did this?" Natsu asked as he was thrown into a whirlwind of emotions. He was sickened by the state of the village, he was a little bit scared of what could have caused this and he was worried about the fate of his friends. However, those feelings were quickly overshadowed when he felt a blinding rage when he heard a scream coming from the Agria's house. He could tell that the pained scream belonged to Sorano. "She's still alive." He thought. While he was still a little tired from his training with his father, his friend's safety was a lot more important than the fact he was a little tired.

-Meanwhile at Sorano's house-

The older sibling of Yukino Agria was currently surrounded by a group of men wearing cloaks with a symbol unknown to the young white-haired girl. To be honest she really didn't care who these people were. She was exhausted, beaten and full of hate for the group of men. How could she not be, she had been fighting this group for what felt like an eternity. She had been fighting the invaders since they had arrived at her village, but it hadn't been enough. Everyone in the village had been either killed or captured, and she had been barely able to do anything. While she had thinned their forces considerably, all that had done was slow them down. However, she wasn't going to give up and just let the men take her away, just as they had done to so many of the other children. 'Come on, please just lend me your strength.' Sorano begged as she clutched one of her golden keys.

"You should just give up you little brat, no one is coming to save you." One of the cloaked men taunted with a smirk on his face. The man was happy to see the young girl suffering as she had been giving him and his group a lot of trouble. Sorano's meddling had even allowed one of the villagers to escape. His fellow cultists were as equally excited to make the troublesome girl suffer for making their lives harder. The snow haired girl continued to hold on to her key and hope that she could be helped. "You stupid little girl, there's nothing you can do, we've already killed your parents." The man reminded as a cruel smile appeared on his face.

Sorano was struggling to stay strong, she desperately wanted the men to be wrong about the fate of her parents. Unfortunately, the young girl had seen both her mother and father being killed right before her eyes. No matter how badly she wanted to get rid of the image of her parents being cut down in front of her in an attempt to save, she just couldn't. The image was very fresh in her mind and she could feel her fighting spirit weaken every time she thought of them. "Oh look, the little bitch is about to cry over her dead mommy and daddy." Another one of the cloaked men said as he kicked the young girl, causing her to fall near her recently deceased parents. "Have a good look at them, it's the last time you'll see them." He taunted.

Sorano tried her best to stay strong as she got back up. While she was able to appear like she still had some fight left in her, that was not the case. In truth, she had no more strength left in her, and spotting her beaten and bloodied parents once more caused her to drop to her knees. While she had given up her fight, she refused to shed a single tear in front of the group of murders since she knew it was exactly what she wanted. 'I just can't take any more of this... I'm so sorry mother and father, but at least they can't get their hands on Yukino now.' Sorano thought as she accepted her fate. The situation was grim, but knowing that her precious younger sister was safe was enough to make whatever pain she was going to endure a little more bearable. The men smiled at the reaction they were getting from the young girl. The began to close in on her, ready to lock her up and transport her.

"DON'T EVEN THINK ABOUT TOUCHING HER!" Natsu yelled as he came out of seemingly nowhere. 'Fire Dragon's Iron Fist!' He chanted as he gave one of the cultists a strong flame-infused punch to the face. This blasted the cultist on the receiving end of the enraged child's attack straight through the wall, easily knocking him out. Sorano couldn't contain her happiness when she saw the young fire mage appear in front of her. She forgot how much pain her body was in and gave the pinkette a hug, before finally breaking down in tears. "What happened here?" He asked as he returned the hug. The pinkette regretted instantly asking the question, it was obvious what had happened, and the young girl was struggling to deal with it.

Natsu did his best to comfort his friend as they embraced. His efforts were appreciated by Sorano, but she was still shaking like a leaf, a clear sign of her suffering. Natsu held onto the key holder even tighter as she continued to cry on his shoulder. The experience must have been traumatising for the young mage. If her reaction to him wasn't a dead giveaway of how horrible her experience had been, the tattered state of her clothing, the state of her hair and the bruises that littered her body made it even more clear that the cultists had made her life a living hell. "It's been terrible Natsu, they burnt down the village... now even my mother and father are dead." Sorano spoke through her sobbing. While she had said very little, it was obvious that even doing that much was pretty much torture for the white haired key bearing mage.

The pinkette looked over the crying girl's shoulder and spotted something he had hoped really wasn't true. It was the dead bodies of both of Sorano and Yukino's parents. While the two looked as if they had died a peaceful death, he knew that wasn't the case. He knew very well that the only reason their faces even resembled a look of happiness was that they two had died saving their children. The pinkette's emotion once again changed from being sad to being full of rage when he spotted something very close to the two dead parents. It was a blue rose that belonged to Natsu's first and best friend. However, there were two things wrong with it. First, it wasn't on the head of Yukino and it was covered in blood. The young boy had no idea how long he was going to be able to maintain control of his magic in his emotional state, he let go of Sorano. "They killed both of them... they killed her... and they nearly kill you." Natsu said as his rage began to get the better of him.

Sorano backed away, she knew exactly what the fire mage was thinking and she didn't want to be in the middle of a raging Dragon Slayer. However, the cultists didn't seem to have the same judgment as for the young girl since one of them decided to taunt the pinkette. "Oh what a touching reunion... don't worry you'll have plenty of time together when you're working as a slave so we can bring back our lord Zeref." One of the cultists before attempting to grab Natsu, only to receive a devastating punch in the gut. The man spat up a little bit of blood as he staggered back. However, Natsu didn't let the cultist off that easy. He followed up the punch with another strong punch to the face that resulted in a jaw breaking punch. "That hurt you little shit." The man said as he clutched his jaw. The pinkette was only angered by this comment and he proceeded to savagely beat the man to the ground.

The white haired girl was surprised by Natsu's actions. She had never seen the pink haired boy this way before. The key holder having a hard time believing that this rage-fueled warrior was the same cute boy from the forest, that her little sister harboured a very obvious crush for. "I'm not going to let you guys hurt Sorano anymore." Natsu said as his body became coated in a brilliant flame. A smile appeared on the injured girl's face when she heard the conviction in the pinkette's voice. She wanted so badly to fight by his side, but she could tell that she would only burden the young fire user. The key mage moved back and tried her best to start recovering.

Seeing that his friend needed to rest, Natsu dashed towards the cloaked man that was closest to the white haired girl. The man didn't have time to enraged pinkette and he was on the receiving end of a strong flaming uppercut courtesy of Natsu. The punch was very effective in knocking the man out thanks to Natsu using his flames to give himself a bit boost upwards. While the attack had taken the man out, the pinkette knew that it wasn't enough, so when the man started to fall, he caught him by the ankle. The young son of Igneel then proceeded to throw the man towards the two of the other men.

Since the man he threw didn't exactly have the strongest of builds, the two caught their ally. However, instead of being worried that his plan didn't work, a smile appeared on his face. 'Fire Dragon's Roar!' Natsu roared as a stream of fire launched from his mouth and engulfed the three men his blaze. Sorano watched on in amazement as Natsu continued to decimate the slavers. She had only seen the pinkette show off his magic to impress his sister. However, she had never seen him fight and it was quite a display of both his physical and magical prowess. The older Agira sister felt herself getting inspired to by the display. "You're all going to pay for everything you've done." The pinkette shouted as his fire grew brighter.

"I need to put a stop to this brat." A robed cultist said as he aimed his staff at the young boy. Despite the man's face been covered, Sorano recognised the man instantly, it was the same man that had been responsible for burning down most of the village. Sorano tried her best to warn Natsu, who was currently had his back to the staff wielding man. However, she reacted too late and the man launched his attack. "Take this you little pest." The robed mage yelled as a large ball of fire headed towards the unsuspecting fire mage at an incredible speed. The attack hit the boy which was followed by a large explosion, that not only engulfed the Dragon Slayer, but the few remaining slavers. The man let out a wicked laughter when he thought he claimed the victory. The mage began turned towards Sorano, hoping to see the young girl in tears once more, instead he found the girl unfazed. This made him angry and he began to march toward the girl. "Time to die you little bitch, you're more trouble than you're worth." The man claimed before preparing yet another attack.

"I already warned you once... DON'T TOUCH HER!" Natsu yelled as he emerged from the explosion unharmed. Much like his comrades, the cloaked mage didn't have time to react the pink haired fury's attack. Natsu was especially vicious with this one since he had ignored his ample warnings and attempted to hurt his friend. The boy launched a barrage of flaming bone shattering kicks and punches. While this in itself was enough to beat the man, it wasn't enough to state the pinkette's lust for vengeance. The young apprentice of Igneel wanted to make sure the man paid. Natsu ignited both his hands in flames, only to join them above his head. This resulted in a very large fireball above the spiky haired boy. 'Fire Dragon's Brilliant Flame!' The young boy yelled as he threw the giant fireball that was several times bigger than his small body. The cloaked mage was defeated and blow away by the devastating attack.

"I did it." Natsu claimed, sounding very out of breath at the moment. While he still had a good amount of magic left in him, he was physically exhausted. This must have been what his adoptive father had warned him about. The Dragon had told him about his large magical potential, which had gotten him very excited. However, he had been warned about overexerting himself in his young age. He normally would head his father's warning, but right now all he cared about was that he had saved his white-haired friend. "I beat them Sorano... so stop looking so sad...please." The innocent Dragon Slayer told his friend when he saw the expression on Sorano's face.

Natsu didn't like his friend sporting such a look on her face, it was one of the reasons he had fought so hard. In his still fairly simple mind, he thought that if he got rid of the problem, she would be better. Sadly that wasn't the case and as Natsu looked around, he realised why. The young girl's entire village was still either dead or captured, and there was nothing she had been able to do about and there still wasn't anything she could do about it. The pinkette couldn't begin to grasp how powerless the young mage felt because of this. There was only one thought that popped into the mind of the young Dragon Slayer. "I'm sorry." The boy apologised while looking down, his eyes drifting to the bodies of Mr and Mrs Agira. Natsu clenched his fists when his eyes continued to drift and landed on a blood stained rose. Sorano could see the guilty look on the fire mage's face, and while she was young, she had still known this boy for a year and she knew what he was doing.

"Don't you dare even start blaming yourself." Sorano told the pinkette while still trying to fight back her tears. Natsu could only think of one other thing he could do to for his white-haired friend. The pinkette moved down and gave the key holder another warm hug, which Sorano returned. "You saved my life, there's nothing you could do about them, so don't blame yourself." She continued as fighting back the tears became nearly impossible. Natsu could feel the celestial spirit mage start shaking once again and he just held her tighter, it was all he could do and he would do it as long as he needed to.

The two children would have continued to embrace for quite a while longer if they weren't interrupted by the sound of footsteps. At first, Natsu was hopeful that someone else managed to survive, but when he saw the look of horror on Sorano's face, he quickly realised that wasn't the case. The pinkette turned around and saw an armoured man who towered over both of the young mages. The man was quite imposing not only because he would even tower over a fully grown adult, but also his very muscular build. Aside from his massive build, the man's other noticeable features included his olive skin, black slicked back hair, a thick matching beard and quite a few facial scars. Unlike his comrades, the man didn't wear a robe and instead opted to wear heavy looking armour and carried a massive sword that suited his large stature. Natsu could already tell that the man was different from the other man since he didn't bear the same symbol. "Oh so you're still alive, I knew I should have finished you off myself instead of letting these morons fuck it up... How did they all lose to a couple of stupid brats?" The large bearded man grumbled as he kicked one of the knocked out slavers.

Natsu got up and got into a battle stance. The pinkette didn't really have much left in him, but he wasn't going to let anything happen to the white-haired girl behind him. Natsu was still able to ignite his fists since the fire mage still had plenty of magic left. The large man drew his blood coated sword and held it in one hand with no problem. As the man pointed the sword at him, Natsu was able to pick up the scent of blood, but more specifically the blood of a certain pair of white-haired parents. "Let's just try to get away from here, please Natsu." Sorano pleaded before trying to get up, with the look of fear clear in her eyes. It didn't take Natsu a lot to figure out what the man had done.

"You're the one who killed them." Natsu accused with his magic flaring up once again. The man just laughed at the pink haired child and a wicked smile appeared on his face. The bearded man proceeded to look at the cowering little girl he had personally scared.

"I'm actually glad that those morons didn't finish you off... not only do I get to kill your mother and father in front of you, I also get to kill your little pink haired friend, maybe that will finally break you before I kill you." The swords man claimed, which only infuriated the fire mage even more. He thought he had quelled his rage when he fought and beat the other man, but his feelings of rage returned only much stronger this time around. Natsu charged at the man with his hands blazing, ready to do what he had done to the other slavers. "You must be eager to die." The man said before knocking away the charging boy with relative ease. Natsu howled in pain as he crashed right through the wall and out of the house. The armoured man followed out the boy out of the hole he had created with the same vile smile on his face.

Natsu struggled onto his feet, the pinkette had been hit harder while training with his father. "He's moving faster than I thought he would be." Natsu thought out loud. The man smiled that the young mage was still planning on fighting him, despite being physically outclassed. Natsu's rage was only fueled by the man's arrogant smirk, so he once again set his hands ablaze before charging at the man. This time he used his flames to give himself a speed boost. This boost was enough to catch the towering man off guard and Natsu was able to land a punch on the fully armoured man's chest. The pucnch was strong enough to send the much larger man back and his armour now had a small heated fist-shaped dent. Natsu didn't stop there and started pounding away at the man with his fiery fist of fury, resulting in many very similar dents in the man's armour. "Take this! Fire Dragon's Roar!" He yelled as he blasted the man with his breath attack from point blank range. The attack proved to be effective enough to push the armoured man into another one of the ruined houses. Natsu's breaths became heavy once his attack finished and he nearly collapsed from it. 'Crap, training with Igneel and that other fight took more out of me than I thought it would.' The boy thought as he fell back onto his butt. He was fairly certain of the man's defeat, but he needed to make sure of that in a hope to prevent any more harm to him or Sorano.

The pinkette got up and staggered toward the broken down house. On his way, he did his best not think about who had lived in the house before the village was attacked, which proved harder than he thought it would considering he had been coming to this village for a little over a year. Despite his effort to forget that the house belonged to a young family that had only recently had their first child, he failed which resulted in him getting caught off guard by the armoured man. "That really hurt you little shit, but that won't be enough to break my armour." The man claimed as he picked Natsu up by the neck. Natsu tried to free himself from the man's grip, but he was far too strong for the strong boy and all he could do was struggle and flail as his neck was slowly crushed. While he struggled, Natsu noticed that the suit of armour was slowly self-repairing. The pinkette could see that his attacks had done a number on the man since his face fairly busted up at the moment and his armour would have been in ruins if it wasn't for its self-repairing. "That's right you little shit, keep trying to break free, it just makes it more fun for me." The dark haired murder said with a smirk.

Natsu felt himself running out of air quickly and a thought popped into his head. The boy ignited his entire body in his flames, only for the much larger man to slam him to the ground with a brutal amount of force. Natsu groaned when hit the dirt. However, the pain didn't stop there, the man proceeded to step on him, bringing the full weight of both his armour and body down onto the child. "AHHH!" Natsu screamed out in pain while being crushed by the man. The fire mage would have kept screaming if he hadn't seen the key holder watching. While he was in physical pain, he knew that she was in even more emotional pain and his screams would only add to that. So the pinkette attempted to silence himself.

"Oh, so you're trying to be brave for your little friend aren't you?" The armoured man concluded before increasing how much pressure he was applying. Natsu knew that this was a clear attempt to make him yell out in pain, but just as Sorano had held in her tears, he held in his screams. The man was obviously angered by this and he opted to start stomping on the boy beneath him. Sorano gasped at this act of brutality and wanted nothing more than to interrupt and stop it. However, the spiky haired boy signalled for her to stay where she was despite how much pain he was in. The bearded brute continued his beat down of the boy until he realised that he wasn't going to break the mage anytime soon. "Enough of this, I've got a quick fix for this."

The older man released Natsu from underneath him and picked the boy up by his hair. Natsu was too beaten and bruised to fight back against the much taller man. The armoured man carried Natsu by the hair all the way until he got to the home of the Agira family. The man smiled when he saw the distraught look on the young girl's face. "Sorano, get out of he-" Natsu tried to warn before he felt cold hard steel piercing his stomach. The boy looked down and saw that the man's cold blood covered sword protruding from his stomach. Natsu's vision began to get increasingly blurry as the pain began to take over. The pinkette looked up once more and he saw that the look of absolute horror on his friend's face. This made the fire user do his best to hold on just a little longer, which was made a little easier when the man allowed him to slide off his sword and fall onto the ground right in front of Sorano.

The light haired girl quickly rushed toward her downed friend and move him to her lap. "Natsu not you too, please don't die like they did!" Sorano begged as she once again broke down. Feelings of self-loathing began to cloud the girl's mind. She hated herself for failing to protect her village, she hated herself for failing to keep her parents alive and she hated herself for being the reason her friend was about to die. The only thing the girl could find any solace in was the chance her sister might have been safe. "Please Natsu... Please, stay with me." She continued between her sobbing as she stared at the massive stab wound. She hated staring at the wound since it was the same one that had lead to the deaths of her parents.

Natsu watched with a feigning vision as his friend clutched his beaten body. Even though he was barely holding on, all he could think about was beating the man that had brought his platinum-haired friend so much pain. Sadly, in the state he was in, he was unable to do anything besides grunt and groan in pain. 'I just need to be strong... all I need is more power.' Natsu thought as his conscious began to fade. Sorano began to get even more panicked when she saw the state her friend was quickly slipping into.

'You want to save your friend don't you?' A feminine voice asked from within the boy's head. Natsu's eyes started opened up a little more when he heard this voice. The pinkette would have normally had a panicked at the idea of a voice being in his head, but due to the massive hole in his stomach, he decided to hear the demonic voice out.

'Yeah, I do... I need to save her, no matter what it takes.' Natsu responded to the voice in his head. The demonic voice let out a giggle, making Natsu get a little angry at the voice, it was almost as if he was taunting him. 'Why do you care anyway?' He asked with an annoyed tone, well as annoyed as a thought could sound.

'Oh Natsu, I don't care about anything besides you, and we'll just leave it at that... Now, will you allow me to help you?' The female spirit replied, making Natsu get even more on edge. He knew that making a deal with a demon sounded like a terrible idea, but the fire mage was desperate to help his friend, and he knew he had to make a decision very quickly since the man was closing in on both of them.

'I already told you, whatever it takes.' Natsu replied with his mind completely made up. He didn't' care about the consequences he might face as a result of this choice, he wasn't going to die like this, nor was he going to let Sorano suffer anymore. 'Do whatever you want, just let me save her.' He told the demonic voice.

'I'm glad that you're on board, but this is going to hurt quite a bit Natsu... prepare yourself.' The spirit warned. The pinkette would have questioned what the demon meant, but the warning was pushed to the sidelines when he felt his strength returning to him. His strength returning to him wasn't the biggest surprise, it was the fact that the sword wound closed up and healed as if it was never there. This was got a reaction out of everyone. However, they were very different. Sorano was very happy about her friend's sudden recovery that she didn't even question how it had happened. The older man had the expect opposite reaction to the miraculous recovery of Natsu. He was livid when he saw the fire mage back up, with his injuries completely healed.

"This is amazing!" Natsu said as he examined his recovered body and his renewed magical power. The pinkette had never felt so powerful n his life before and he was ready to give the tall brute the beating he deserved. However, before he could start fighting the man, something else happened. The fire mage could feel a small burning pain in his right forearm. This was odd since the only time he ever felt heat was because of his father's flame. Unfortunately, the young boy's pain didn't stop there, in fact, the burning sensation became the worst pain he had ever felt in his short life and it was all focused on his right arm. All the young boy could do was clutch the burning appendage as he fell to his knees and scream in pain. The young boy looked down and saw the blue markings that were appearing on the burning area.

The unbearable pain continued for a little while longer until the blue markings stopped glowing and turned solid black. 'Now you'll be strong enough to save your little friend.' The spirit claimed as its voice began to fade away. The pinkette would have tried to ask a question if he wasn't overwhelmed by the new flame he could feel. Natsu set his hands ablaze and to his shock, he saw a blue demonic feeling fire rather than his crimson flame. He was mesmerised by how much raw power he could feel from it until he noticed that his stamina was depleting at a rather rapid rate.

"Don't worry Sorano, I'll make this guy pay." Natsu claimed before smiling back at the girl. The maiden had complete faith in the pinkette and gave him a smile back. The leader of the slavers was obviously enraged by the two's interaction and he attempted to bring down his sword on the boy, only for Natsu to catch it in his flame coated hands. "I'm at a hundred and fifty percent now, and so prepare for the beating of a life time." The Dragon Slayer said with a smirk on his face. The bearded man attempted to bring his sword further down on the young son of Igneel, only for his weapon to be melted away by the angered boy with no problem at all.

The man took a couple steps back when he saw that only the hilt of his sword remained. "You little freak, I'm going to kill you!" The leader roared before slamming his fist down onto the young boy. All this resulted in his hand getting stuck in the ground that Natsu once stood in. Natsu would have been an idiot not to take this chance and he gave the man a very strong punch to the exposed arm. The man screamed out when he felt his arm shatter from the blazing punch. "What! How?" The man yelled as he clutched his broken arm. The pinkette didn't answer the man's answer and proceeded to punch him with another flame-infused punch that easily broke the man's jaw and caused a few teeth to fly out of the man's mouth, leaving him with a bloodied mouth.

A smirk appeared on Natsu's face when he realised how much stronger he had just become. He allowed the man with a broken arm to get up since he intended to make the man suffer for what he had done to his white-haired friend and her family. 'I should be able to get some information out of him once I beat him down enough.' Natsu thought as he watched the man get back up. His attacks had left the man's face in even more of a beaten up state. The man attempted to punch and kick the boy, but Natsu was a lot more nimble now that he had his energy back and the armoured man was unable to even graze the pinkette, while said pinkette was getting a good attack in every time he got a chance to, which was quite a lot. "You look even worse than when I met you... I'll mess you up some more if you don't answer my next question."

"Shut up you little shit, I'm not going to tell you anything." The slaver replied, making the pinkette's magic flare up once more. The man's response was not what Natsu wanted, but the boy knew that it would be quite easy to get information with his new found power.

Natsu started an assault on the man that was as quick as it was painful for the man. Each of the boy's punches, kicks, elbows and headbutts not only tore apart the man's self-healing armour, which was unable to keep up, his attacks also left large burns and bruises all over the man's body. Even though his melee attacks were more than enough to do a number of the man, he needed to instil fear in the man so he could get the answers he wanted. He began to gather his magic like he would his normal breath attack and yelled the first thing that came naturally. 'Fire Demon's Wrath!' Natsu yelled as a stream of blue flame that was several times larger than he was shot out of his mouth.

"Now tell me what happened to the girl with the short light hair." Natsu demanded with heavy breaths as he stood over the defeated man. The man had a terrified look on his face as the fire mage stood above him with a nearly demonic look on his face. Natsu raised a flame covered fist ready to punch the man. "Answer me now!" The boy demanded once more this time even angrier.

"I don't know! All I know is that the girl over there helped another girl get away from here a few hours ago." The man said with fear clear in his voice. The boy cancelled out his magic before he punched the man anyway, knocking him out with his small fist. Enough though the man had been left unable to move after his assault, the fire mage needed to make sure that man couldn't hurt him or Sorano anymore. He sniffed the air once more, doing his best to filter the more gut wrenching smells, the pinkette was unable to pick up the scent of any more of the invaders. He breathed a sigh of relief when he realised this and moved back to Sorano.

When he reached the slightly older girl, she was overjoyed to see that he was unharmed. The key holder couldn't contain her excitement and tackle hugged him to the ground with tears of joy in her eyes. "Thank you so much, Natsu... Thank for staying alive." Sorano said while holding onto the fire-breathing boy as hard as she could. Throughout the entire ordeal, Natsu hadn't seen the girl cry in this way, nor did he expect her, but he was glad to see his friend feeling another emotion that wasn't a negative one.

"Of course I survived, I'd never die on you." Natsu replied while hugging the girl back. A small blush appeared on Sorano's face. The blush only intensified when she saw the massive grin on the slightly younger boy's face. She had always found the spiky-haired mage cute and even more so when he smiled, but after his heroic actions, she found herself developing somewhat of a crush on Natsu. She instantly realised how wrong it was to start liking the crush of her possibly deceased sister. The woman got off the other mage and tried her best to calm herself down.

'No Sorano, you can't think like that... That's your sister's crush and your best friend, just stop it.' Sorano told herself as she tried to get thoughts of her hero out of her mind. However, when she did, the terrible reality hit her once more and her smile disappeared almost as soon as it had appeared. "I can't stay around here much longer, it's too painful to look at this place." The girl admitted while burying her face in the pinkette's chest, allowing herself to not see the ruins of her home. The pinkette allowed the snow-haired key holder to do so in an attempt to make the traumatic experience even the slightest bit more bearable.

The two children embraced in the burning village until they heard the sound of loud flapping closing in on them. Sorano was terrified by the sound until Natsu told her that it was ok and for her not to panic. While she was scared of whatever was approaching them, she trusted Natsu and just decided to continue to cling since she knew he could keep her safe. "How come you're here?" Natsu asked as his adoptive father landed in front of him.

"I came to check on you, I could hear you yelling and I felt your magic reaching dangerous levels... Now would you explain the state of this settlement?" Igneel asked while looking down at his adoptive son. The fire mage began to explain what had happened when he got here, his fights, but he forgot to mention his new power. The Dragon looked around and was saddened by the state of the village before he looked back at his son, this time he noticed the white-haired girl in his arms. "That is quite a sad story, I'm sorry for your lost... however, why do you hide from me girl?" The red beast questioned, making Sorano let out a small eep. She then took a few seconds to compose herself before taking looking at the fire dragon.

"Hello mighty Igneel, my name is Sorano." Sorano introduced with a bow. She was a little afraid of the dragon due to his imposing appearance, but she had heard nothing but good things about him so she did her best to make a good impression on the massive beast. Luckily, the adoptive father of Natsu had a bit of an ego and the added title won the Dragon's favour.

"Natsu, why aren't you as respectful was this wonderful girl?" Igneel asked, loving the praise. Natsu sighed at the fire Dragon's reaction to the slightest bit of praise. The pinkette motioned for the girl to get on the red beast. Sorano shook her head and explained that there as there were a few things she wanted to do before she left her hometown. She also requested that they bring her parents along with them so they could get a proper burial. The Dragon and the Dragon Slayer happily complied to the girl request and followed her to the house. It was a little odd to the key bearing girl to be followed home by a boy riding a dragon.

"It's a shame that this had to happen, I never got to properly meet these two." The Dragon said before picking up the parents of Sorano and Yukino. Unlike the other villagers who had been disfigured as a result of the invasion, the light-haired couple looked largely unharmed apart from the wound that had killed them and they both had pretty contented smiles on their face. The Dragon stared at the two and wondered what they were thinking of if they had died with smiles on their faces. Natsu left his father to his thoughts as he was trapped in his own. He was glad that Sorano had survived, but he was still worried about his first friend. He may have saved Sorano, but he had no idea where the younger girl was and Yukino's scent was tainted with the scent of blood so finding her would be next to impossible. However, despite not being able to get anything from the rose, he had made sure to pocket it.

The father and son allowed the girl to take as much time as she needed. They didn't have anywhere to be and the girl would most likely be living with them. Sorano eventually did come out of the ruins of her house. The white-haired girl came out with a fairly large bag and a large old tattered book. Natsu questioned the contents of the book when he saw it. "It's my parent's book, I'm sure that Yukino told you that my parents taught us our magic... this is the book the wrote about celestial spirit magic, they were going to use it to teach me because of my talent before they..." Sorano explained with her mood darkening as she spoke. Natus told her to stop taking before extending out a hand so she could get up onto the Dragon. The saddened mage took Natsu's hand climbed onto the Dragon's scaley back.

The Dragon told the two to hold on before he took flight. Natsu held onto his red dragon of a father, Sorano held onto the fire mage. A small blush appeared on the pinkette's face when she did this, he tried to get the blush to disappear, but he made this impossible when he turned around as they flew through the air. A single thought popped into the young boy's head when he saw the girl's long hair flowing in the hair with an elegance that could only be attributed to one thing. "She looks like an Angel." Natsu thought aloud, making both of them turn a crimson red.

"W-w-what did you say Natsu?" Sorano asked while turning away. She liked the comment, but it was still extremely embarrassing for her and the more she thought about it, the more she found herself getting flustered. "Do you really think I look like one?" She asked when she looked back at the fire mage.

Natsu thought for a couple of seconds and composed himself before giving his friend an answer. "Of course you do, maybe I should start calling you Angel." Natsu replied in a slightly joking manner. He was only partly joking since the nickname fit both the maiden's appearance and personality. Sorano looked away once more before she was ready to give a proper response.

"I would quite like that Natsu... If you started calling me that." Sorano admitted while looking back at the pink haired pinkette. Natsu turned the colour of his hair when he looked into the girl's large purple eyes. A small smile appeared on the girl's face when she saw the reaction and her own blush started appearing on her face. "You don't have to call me that if you don't want to." The maiden told the pinkette in a meek tone that was very odd to the woman.

"No, the name suits you... Angel." Natsu said, causing the white haired mage's face to explode into a crimson blush. The same thing happened to the fire mage and both of them awkwardly looked away from each other. The two friends stayed silent until the Dragon spoke up.

"You humans have weird ways of showing affection, two dragons that had known each other as long as you two would have mated by now." Igneel commented with a large grin on his face. Natsu sighed, it was obvious his father had decided to tune out the last time he tried to explain how different Dragon and human relationships were. The pinkette tried once again to explain, only for his father to ignore him. His father proceeded to explain that even if he wanted to, Natsu wouldn't be able to pursue a relationship with a single girl because of his Dragon Slaying magic. This obviously got the attention of Sorano who pressed the Dragon for further details. Noticing that the girl was gaining an interest in his son, he was more than happy to comply with the request and began explaining all the embarrassing details about the side effects of his magic. Natsu blushed the entire time and Sorano took mental notes as they felt through the sky.

~Meanwhile back at the village~

"I'm going to kill that little pink haired prick the next time I see him... I'll also murder that white haired bitch as well." The bearded leader of the slavers said before getting up. While his armour was well and truly broken as well as many of his bones. However, he ignored the pain because of his unrelenting hate for the mage who had done this to him. The angry man kicked one of his many knocked out comrades, hoping to wake him up. The only reaction he got out of the downed man was trembling and mumbling something about pink hair. This became a trend with everyone else who he tried to wake. "I'm going strangle that fucking punk, next time I even smell him." The man grumbled before he felt a familiar heat. He turned around to find a blue flame that was vaguely taking the form of a woman.

"Sorry but that's not going, you might never find my darling Natsu... but I can't be too sure, you know it's a small world and all that." A demonic voice said as the bodies of the cultists were ignited by the demon's blue flames. The men were swiftly burnt to death by the flames and reduced to nothing but cinders. The demon thought of being a little crueller to the men that had harmed Natsu, but she found much more delight in seeing the look of terror on the man's face when he saw the other cultists and slavers burnt away in an instant.

"Please, I'll leave that little shit alone." The man pleaded as he tried to back away from the talking flame. The black haired man became even more terrified when he saw a wicked smile appear on the flames face. The flame continued to approach the scared man until he was backed into a wall. The look of desperation and terror became even more prevalent when he saw that he had no way to escape. "Please, I'll do anything!" he begged before getting on his knees. The flame's smile only got bigger before giving the man a response.

"Anything?" She asked. The man nodded as and a look of hope appeared on the slaver's face when he heard the curious tone in the voice. The man would do anything the demonic spirit wanted if it meant that he could continue living and one day hunt down the boy that had done this to him. The man's hope died as quickly as the other slavers did when the demon's flame became sadistic once again. "It's quite a simple request... die." The voice said before burning the man alive. However, unlike the other ones, she made sure to do it very slowly so the man would suffer as much as possible and so she could hear the screams that had brought pain to a certain Dragon Slayer. "You seemed to enjoy making Natsu suffer, so I think this is the only way for you to truly make up for it, you piece of human trash." The flame said as it's bright golden eyes became visible. Those golden eyes were the last thing the man saw as he screamed out in pain and met a very slow and painful death.

-Igneel's forest-

After what could only be described as the most embarrassing flight of Natsu's young life, the three landed in the forest the Dragon and Dragon Slayer called home. Igneel quickly retreated to his cave after they had landed at the spot they had picked to bury the two dead parents. He had wanted to give the two kids the private time they needed. He also didn't want to ruin the moment between the two kids.

"Natsu where is your house?" Sorano asked as she looked around for the house Natsu had built a year ago. She had always wanted to see the house that she had heard so much about from the Dragon Slayer. The pinkette always seemed very proud of himself when he talked about the home he had made with his own to hands. Sorano could understand this and she was excited to see just how well the usually destructive boy could build things.

"It's over there." Natsu pointed out in a dejected tone. The beauty looked down at the forest and spotted the crushed house. Sorano had to contain a laugh when she saw the remains of the house, causing Natsu to pout at his friend's reaction. This only made the girl continue to laugh at him. The pinkette didn't mind that Sorano was laughing since it was the maiden was laughing again. "It's not my fault that Igneel doesn't know how to control himself, but don't worry, there's probably enough stuff lying around to repair it." He defended.

The two laughed for a few more minutes until they remembered why they were atop the hill in the first pplace. Both children's expressions instantly darkened when they looked back at the two corpses. The next few minutes were spent in complete silence without even a hint of joy in the air. Natsu dug the holes, made the tombstones and constructed the coffins for the two, while Sorano sat next to and spent some time with her unmoving parents. The pinkette eventually finished and the white haired mage was the first to break the silence. "Thank you for doing this for them." Sorano thanked.

"It's what they deserve, I'm sorry I couldn't have gotten there earlier." Natsu apologised, only for the spirit mage to remind him not to blame himself. Sorano and Natsu put the two adults into their respective coffins. It was a hard thing for both the kids to do. Sorano knew her parents would eventually meet their end, but she had always hoped that they would die happily in their old age together, not the fate that had befallen them. Natsu was also finding it hard bury them, but he kept a strong face. These people had taught him so much in the time he had known them and he had truly bonded with the whole Agria family. It hurt him that they were now gone, and it hurt him even more that he had been unable to save them.

"Are you all right now?" Natsu asked as he watched Sorano look at the graves. The look on the holder mage's face was something the pinkette had never seen. It was worse than the one he saw in the village, since before he was able to make things a little better. He knew he just had to wait for the girl to heal on her own time, and offer whatever comfort he could. The young girl had lost almost everyone she cared about in the span of a few hours. It must have been traumatising for girl. All Natsu could do was move towards the girl and give her another warm hug.

Sorano returned the hug straight away. She needed comfort right now, that much was obvious and Natsu was more than willing to give her that. The young holder mage began shaking as the hug went on and eventually began to cry. "Thank you for saving me... I... I just can't believe they're gone." Sorano cried as her grip tightened on the young mage and she began to weep even more. He was prepared to give his friend as much time as she needed. The two young magic users stayed like this for a while longer until the white haired girl calmed down. She separated from the hug and she still looked like she needed more time. Despite all the books he had read, the only thing that he could do was giving her time to recover.

"Take your time, I'll go make sure you have somewhere to sleep." Natsu told his angel as he started to walk away. Natsu didn't get too far before the girl got him to stop.

"Before you go I'll give you a hand Open gate of the Twins! Gemini!" Sorano said and in a flash of light two small blue humanoid spirits with bead-like eyes and antennae appeared. Both of the spirits were identical and the only difference was the colour of pants they were wearing. Thanks to the long ride in the sky, the girl had been able to recover some of her magical power, and it seemed to be enough to summon two of her most helpful spirits. The girl proceeded to summon another spirit. This one was Aries and Natsu's personal favourite. Natsu wasn't sure why he liked the meek/cute spirit so much. "I doubt you'll have much wool running around, and there's nothing softer than Aries' wool." The white haired girl claimed.

Natsu thanked the girl before he left with the celestial spirits. Along with the spirits, the Dragon Slayer made his way to the ruins of his old house. He let out a sigh before he began to look around for the emergency supplies. He quickly spotted them before he requested help from the twin blue spirits to move said supplies to the house. The blue spirits transformed into Natsu and gave the pinkette a fist pump. "What can I do Mr Natsu?" Aries asked while fidgetting like she always did.

"I don't need you right now, so just relax." Natsu replied as he and his double made their way to the pile of wood, nails and various other things. The busty spirit became increasingly worried that she wasn't being useful enough and her fidgeting became even worse. By the time both the pinkettes got back, Aries was in full meltdown mode. "We need to work fast, I don't even want to know what's going to happen to Aries if we don't." The young pinkette said, making his double give a nod.

A shivering and awkward Aries watched the two Natsu's work at lightning speed. The woman would have been well and truly impressed if it wasn't for the fact that she felt as useless as a fire underwater. The two pinkette managed to finish the house in a time that the Dragon Slayer swore that it was some sort of record. "Is there something I can do now Mr Natsu, I'm sorry for being so useless." Aries said, looking as if she was about to break down in tears. Natsu reassured the girl that she wasn't useless, which proved very ineffective.

"I really do need your help." Natsu told the spirit, making her finally calm down. Natsu let out a sigh of relief as the panicked look on the spirit's face turned into a smile. The pinkette proceeded to ask the woman if she could create a variety of different things, ranging from mattresses to small pillows. The bubblegum haired woman did as the boy asked with a smile on her face. Natsu made sure to test each one of these and each one was like sleeping or sitting on a cloud. "These are the best things ever." The boy said once the spirit finished creating the furniture for his and Sorano's home. "Thank you Aries, I couldn't have asked for anything better."

The pink haired spirit disappeared in a puff of smoke and embarrassment. Seeing that their job was done, Gemini disappeared as well, but unlike their fellow spirit, they left with a huge smile on their face. "Man, her spirits are so weird." Natsu huffed as he fell back onto the nearest tree. He looked up to see how his friend was doing. The pinkette could see that his friend was still morning her loss atop the hill. "She just needs time." He thought aloud with a saddened expression on his face. The young boy dug through his pockets and picked out the blue rose before letting out a saddened sigh.


It had been a year since the two kids had been living together and as expected, the two had grown even closer. Both of them had needed to adjust to their new lives over the year. Natsu didn't have to adjust that much, apart from having a new person to live with and of course the absence of his visits to the fallen village. Sorano's adjustments had been a lot more drastic. Not only has she had to get used to roughing it in the forest, for the most part, she also had to get used to not seeing her family or anyone from her village. It wasn't an easy adjustment for the girl, but she had managed and she had enjoyed her life with Natsu and his adoptive father. Sorano had found quite a few advantages of living with the father and son. One of them being that she had learnt how to properly survive in the wilderness, the other one was that she had been able to focus on improving her magic thanks to the book left behind by her parents.

Both children had gotten several times stronger over the year. Igneel was proud with the improvement he had seen in both of them, but he had noticed there was something wrong with his son. The pinkette's magical power had grown at a very unexpected rate. However, this improved magic had resulted in his body being unable to properly keep up with the ever-expanding magic container. Natsu had also noticed this and attributed to the unstable demonic flame he had been given by the demonic voice. The pinkette had also noticed that the young girl had been getting ahead of him, but that was mainly because the girl had been a lot more driven, which Igneel had constantly reminded him of.

However, the Dragon Slayer and the Celestial spirit mage were going to have to make a few new adjustments since the aforementioned key holder was leaving for something she had been planning to do for quite a while. Today, Sorano was going to be leaving to join a guild. Natsu was saddened by this, but he didn't want that to stop her since she always had a huge smile on her face whenever she talked about joining a magical guild. The pinkette had considered going with her, but the young boy knew that he had to focus on improving his own magic.

The three were now standing on the perimeter of the what the Fire Dragon claimed as his territory, which had somehow been left untouched for as long as Natsu had been with the Dragon. "Thank you for everything you've done for me." Sorano thanked with a smile on her face. While she loved the time she had spent with the two, she needed to move on and do one of the many things her parents wanted for her.

"No problem young one, it's been a pleasure having you around, my son finally learnt how to respect his elders." Igneel replied with a toothy grin. Getting a giggle from the young girl and a pouty expression from his son. That pout quickly turned to a glare, which only made his father laugh. "Don't be so defensive, your future mate wouldn't think any less of you." The Dragon told his annoyed adoptive son. Natsu didn't stay annoyed that long since his emotion quickly transformed into one of overwhelming embarrassment at the thought of one day getting together with and starting a family with Sorano. Natsu wasn't the only one who was blushing up a storm, the older Agria had entered the same state. "Don't get too proud son, while she is a suitable mate, you should continue to search for more."

"Mr Igneel, you shouldn't push Natsu like that... maybe I might be good enough on my own." Sorano said in a meek and embarrassed tone. Igneel just laughed at Sorano's obvious attempt to keep his son to herself. The father didn't mind too much since he wanted his sons to have as many strong willed mates as possible.

"I'm sure you're going to have a lot of competition young one, the son of Igneel is sure to attract a lot of powerful mates... Farewell for now, I'll leave the two of you alone" Igneel said as he began to walk back into the thicker area of his forest. Natsu and Sorano both turned a bright red when they heard the Dragon's last comment, and they stayed like that for a couple of minutes. Both knew that they had strong feelings for the other, this alone would have made any alone time they had slightly awkward. But a combination of their young age and knowing that the feeling was mutual made it impossible for them to spend more than an hour alone before they both turned into confused and stuttering messes.

"So, I guess this is goodbye for now." Sorano said, looking away once she had somewhat recovered. Wanting to give his friend a proper reply, he gave the budding mage a hug causing both of them to explode into another unwavering blush. Sorano returned the hug and much like anytime the two hugged over the past year.

"It's been fun having you around... I won't keep you around much longer, have fun at your guild." Natsu told the long haired mage with a smile on his face. It had truly been a great experience for the young son of Igneel. The only way things could have been better for Natsu was if Sorano's village hadn't suffered the fate that it had.

Neither of them had forgotten what had happened, even more so in the case of Sorano, who Natsu caught having nightmares about the experience on several occasions. Natsu had helped the girl's recovery by making a couple of promises. The first was that he would help her rebuild her home and the second was that he would find Yukino. While he was making progress on the first promise, Igneel restricting both of them to his forest had made the second one impossible.

He was angry at Igneel at first, but he came to understand that searching without a lead would only leave him disappointed. "If what mother and father told me is true, guild life should be a lot of fun." Sorano replied. The two continued to chat about nothing that important before they realised that if they kept it going, saying goodbye would be impossible. "I guess it's time to say goodbye." The girl said before she started moving back a little.

"Goodbye Angel." Natsu replied with his signature grin. The key holder stopped moving back, choosing instead to move forward, before she gave the fire mage a kiss on the cheek Natsu blushed and held the area he had been kissed, making Sorano giggle. The slightly older mage turned around and began to run away from the forest with an equally bright blush on her face. "Angel, what guild are you joining?" He called out.

Sorano turned around once more to give him a response. "Fairy Tail." Sorano replied before once again turning away. 'I can't believe I just did that.' She thought while running off. She had considered stealing his first kiss, but thinking about it had made her young brain in into overdrive and actually doing it would have been way too much for the long haired maiden.

"Fairy Tail... sounds interesting." Natsu told himself before returning to the deeper part of the forest.

~A Week later~

"Where am I?" Natsu wondered out loud. The young Dragon Slaying boy had never been in this place before. The area was devoid of everything, and that seemed to be the case as far as Natsu could see. "Seriously, where the hell am I, this place is kinda freaking me out?" He asked, hoping to get a response from anyone. Luckily he did eventually get a response before he went crazy.

"We're in your mind silly." A familiar voice replied from behind the fire mage. Natsu turned around and was surprised with what he saw. The origin of the voice was a young girl that looked his age, but that's not what the similarities stopped. The girl had the same onyx eyes, skin tone, height and even the same pink hair. The only difference Natsu could see from him and the girl was that she was a lot more feminine and that she was naked, with her long sakura pink hair the only thing keeping her modest. Natsu turned a dark shade of red when he saw the girl and looked away.

"Who the hell are you? and before you tell me, put on some clothes." A flustered Natsu demanded. The pink haired girl pouted and him the puppy dog eyes, which proved very ineffective on the flustered boy.

"I don't see what the problem is? You bathed with that Sorano girl frequently and you didn't make a fuss about that." The pink-haired girl replied with a coy look. This only frustrated and flustered the boy even more and the dark-eyed girl. The girl wanted to tease the boy even more, but if she were to do that, she would never be able to get anything done. "You're no fun, but I guess you won't take anything in if you're just a blushing cutie." She said before making a white sun dress appear, which covered her body.

"Thank you, now who are you and what are you doing in my head...plus why is it so blank here?" Natsu asked. The pinkette couldn't have been more confused by the girl. First she just magically appeared in what was supposed to be his head.

"I'll let you figure that last part out on your own." The girl said with a giggle, making the fire mage get that little bit more frustrated. It didn't take much for the pinkette to figure out that the girl was calling him stupid and he really didn't really appreciate that. "Don't get mad at me Natsu... I am the one who saved your life." The dark-eyed cutie said with a pout on her face. Natsu felt a little bad about this and a smile reappeared on the girl's face. The pinkette ignored this and it hit him.

"Wait you're that voice from a year ago aren't you?" Natsu figured out, causing a small ringing sound that drove home the fact that he was correct. The son of Igneel didn't like being patronised by the odd girl and he crossed his arms with a frustrated look on the face. "Start explaining or I'm going to find a way out of here." He told the owner of his blue demonic flame.

"Fine, I'll explain... As you so quickly figured out, I'm the demon from a year ago and the reason you got your new wonderful flame." The demon claimed with a prideful smile on her face. Before the girl could continue, Natsu questioned her appearance and asked for a name. These questions caused a smirk to appear on the girl's face. "Let's start with my appearance, I chose this form since it will help us get closer and I look adorable like this... As for a name, since I'm pretty much a female version of you, I'll call myself Natsumi for now." Natsumi explained.

"I guess that's a good enough explanation, so are you going to teach me how to use this flame, every time I try it blows up in my face and Igneel says I have to figure it out on my own?" Natsu asked as he ignited his hands with the demonic flame. However, unlike the other times he done so, the fire didn't rage and get out of control. "That's weird."

"Don't worry Natsu, in here, the conditions are perfect to practice your new magic and you don't even have to worry about burning down your house." Natsumi with a bright smile on her face. The male pinkette looked excited when she saw this and he began to play with his new flame. Natsumi sat down and since she knew that she wasn't going get aware with the overzealous boy. "I guess we can start practising next time he drops by, or maybe I should drop by, I'm sure that oversized lizard won't mind." She thought aloud. Luckily, Natsu was too busy with his new power to hear her. "I wonder when he's going to notice he's got a pair of horns?"

'Fire Demon's Wrath!' Natsu yelled out as fire steamed from his mouth. It was the first time he had been able to do this since the fight in the former home of the Agria family. It was very similar to his regular breath attack, but he felt like there was something more to the attack. He hoped to master this new magic and discover the true power of this demonic flame he had been gifted.

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