I came up with this little gem a while ago, but I just made the chapter and decided to do nothing with it. But then I had this inspiration to do it, and so here it is. A Crossover that I thought would have been poor, but instead I feel that it can have a great amount of potential if done right.

This is an interesting concept that I have not done before. In my stories I usually have the perspective of both groups. But this time I wanted to convey a sense of unknown and mystery. So instead of focusing on both sides, I focus solely on one. Who better than the helpless Mortals as they watch Gods run around wrecking shit.

Hope you enjoy.

Are we Alone?

Chapter 01: Gods walk among us.

It was chaos, dozens of bodies littered the streets, while ruined buildings were the barriers that narrowed the perception that the entire city was just like that one street. Fires were consuming everything, no building or person was spared from the flames as they spread. This entire city was being destroyed, it had only begun an hour ago and already everything seemed to be over.

But it had only begun, for this was the mechanizations of something much more violent than Mother Nature.

Illyria, the capital of this verdant planet, was under siege by an army of Pirates. Hundreds of thousands of people were already dead and more would follow them. It was likely most would die at the hands of the pirates, and those that survived would suffer an even worse tragedy, slavery. None were around to stop them, all the defenders were dead and those that remained were the unfortunate that would soon be claimed by the attackers.

In one street, along with many others across the city, a group had been gathered. Civilians of many ages, but the elderly had not been spared, gunned down and seen as dead weight that didn't need to be taking up space. That only left the young and middle age, the horror of being carted off like property to soon be sold froze them to the ground.

"Please don't hurt us!" The woman cried, holding her child close, keeping him out of sight of the slavers as they were gathering up people.

"Shut up!" One pirate shouted before kicking her down and grabbed her child and pulled him off to one side.

A man, likely the father of the boy, tried to intervene and was met with a bullet. His head blowing apart like a ripe melon and crashing down in front of his now widowed wife, who cried in horror at seeing her husband die.

"If you don't sit down, you're gonna end up like him, so shut up!"

The cries died down to fearful whimpers, under the murderous eyes of their captors. Terminus pirates had raided the Human Colony of Elysium and were storming the capital by force. Thousands of them had descended onto the city and were securing it block by block, decimating everything in their path. Tanks moved through the streets crushing resistance, while Gunships would shoot down anything that thought it could leave by the skies.

The Alliance could do nothing to stop then from taking the city, for most of them had already been killed. The local military had been the first to be wiped out, destroyed by a quick strike by the pirates. The only ship in system was still in the atmosphere fighting valiantly, but it was outnumbered and alone.

The remaining Alliance soldiers that were planet-side were so few that they could only defend those they had already gathered. Unable to do anything else but protect those they were with, leaving the majority of the population of Illyria to either die or be taken away. But now most had already been gathered, ready to be taken away into the depths of the Terminus to be sold off.

"This one looks good," Fegan said, the leader of the small squad of mercs, grabbing a young woman by the hair and dragging her out to examine her.

"No please!" A man yelled, likely her father, but he was quickly kicked down and beaten into submission while the young woman wept for them to stop.

She was dragged before the rest of his little posse, all looking down at the woman with mixed expressions of disgust and delight. Either cases were bad, especially if you knew what Batarians could do to a woman, let alone a human, they despised.

"She looks decent enough, I could get a fair price for you," The Batarian said, moving her head side to side with his gun, finding some satisfaction as she wept under his inspection. "Oi, Marco, test this one out; see if she's worth anything. Remember, no going through the front, their worth more if their virgins."

"One hole is as good as any other," Marco said, moved over and grabbed the girl, dragged her through a blown out building and finding a comfortable spot to get to business.

She struggled to free herself, crying and screaming for him to let her go, but he dragged her along with a smirk on his face. As he reached a small comfy spot on the floor he tossed her down, letting her hit the floor hard. As she tried to rise he struck her with his pistol and forced back onto the floor.

"Listen, you need to fight harder, I hear that the Batarians like it better when they fight back," Marco said, working at his pants and smirking all the way.

She looked at him fearfully, her eyes locked onto his as she tried to back away. Marco smirked and looked on with satisfaction; this was actually getting him a hard-on. It was all the easier for him when he started.

But he noticed that she looked on surprised, her eyes widening and her gaze directed to something behind the merc. Marco turned and looked, and to his shock he saw someone standing right behind him. Quickly he reached for his gun and tried to turn, but he was unable to raise the weapon fully as the one behind him grabbed his arm and snapped it. Marco screamed as the shot went off several times before he was silenced when a fist connected with his face.


"Yeah boss?" The Batarian replies over the comms.

"Get your ass into gear and bring those prisoners you are rounding up, we don't have time to waste here,"

"Understood, we will get on that," Fegan replied, cutting the link. "What a prick. Alright ass-wipes, on your feet, time to get you all to your new homes."

Fegan motioned his men to get moving, and noted that it had been about five minutes since he sent off Marco. Idiot wasn't finished yet? What was he doing, lighting some candles or some shit?

"Come on we need to get these people back to the plaza, tell Marco to hurry up or we leave his ass here for the Alliance." Fegan growled out, the only reason he had humans in his squad was because his boss told him he had no choice.

Something about wanting all pirates in the Terminus under his banner and not just the ones that were not human. But still if that piece of shit didn't finish up quickly he would leave his sorry as behind, even if he told him to test out the product they were selling.

"Yeah, I'll call him," Rurik said, moving to get his buddy to finish up his festivities quickly, but stopped when several shots went off and scream was heard.

That would not worry them much, seeing as killing off their victims when they were done was something usually happened. But there two things that put them on guard, the first thing was the scream after the gunshots and the person screaming was Marco.

It was silent for a few seconds, their guns aimed for the opening in the concrete wall that Marco had disappeared through when he took that girl with him. Fegan motioned his boys towards the hole, raising his pistol and keeping it zeroed in on the black confines of the bombed out building.

"Marco!?" Rurik called, slowly walking forward and keeping his rifle up, just as he got to the entrance he stopped, not willing to go inside.

"Get in there you coward!" Fegan growled.

"Fuck that, I ain't…" Before he could finish something appeared.

Something flew out of the hole, rushing past everyone and slamming right into the side of a ruined sky cap on the opposite side of the street. Everyone looked in shock before it turned to mortification as they saw the broken body of Marco embedded in the side of the car. His face was caved in and his arm looked to have been ripped off, only hanging on by a few tendons here and there.

"What the fuck!" Fegan exclaimed, backing away from the brutalised corpse. "What did this!?"

Rurik looked on shocked; he had fallen to the ground when he saw the body of his buddy fly out of the opening of the building. The way it was mauled scared him, he turned back to the hole to make sure nothing else came out, but instead he came face to face with someone.

Before Rurik could even comprehend who he was, something slammed into his side. He felt every rib crack and even his kidney burst, before he was catapulted across the street. He sailed through the air for a second or two before slamming into the side of a fallen wall. He slammed into it head first, his skull exploding on contact and then his body bouncing off it and dropping to the ground with an audible thud.

Cries of shock and alarm resounded from everyone who witnessed the brutal execution, especially those where the body landed next to. The Pirates turned and aimed at the opening, looking to the one that had murdered their buddy with a simple backhand. What they saw shocked them. It was a simple kid looking to be just getting out of his teenage years, glaring at them with a deep brown eyes.

He wore nothing but black and white, appearing as rags really; with how tattered and baggy it looked they would have thought he was a bum. But the fact he had brutally and mercilessly killed two of their guys, using his hands more than likely meant he was far from a normal human kid.

"Move and you're fucking…" Fegan started, before he was mercilessly cut down barely a second later.

In an instant the teenager in rags had covered the distance, a good twenty feet, and impaled the man upon a small sword that looked like a trench knife. It had pierced the Batarian's heart and exited out his back, leaving him to cough up blood before he fell off the blade and onto his back dead.

Everyone could only stare at the scene that had transpired before then, so unreal that they couldn't even begin to understand how it transpired. One moment the kid was on one side of the street and next he was standing over the body of their squad leader. Killing him with a trench knife that he pulled out of nowhere, and now they could see that he actually had a massive blade on his back, nearly as big as he was.

They didn't have to be told what to do, this guy had killed their leader in a nanosecond and they were likely next. They weren't going to allow that to happen. They all raised their guns, pointing right at the young man and opened fire.

In the blink of an eye the unknown swordsman had drawn his larger blade and cut down the closest mercenary to him, splitting him in half from shoulder to groin. He leapt to the side and slashed at the second merc, cutting off his head with the trench knife before kicking the beheaded corpse into another and sending both their bodies crashing through a stone barrier nearby.

Then he turned and leapt at the next target, drawing both blades back and scowling as he advanced on them with impossible speed. It looked like he was gliding, moving so fast that he simply floated over the ground towards his next victim.

He moved fast as well, covering the ground between one target and the next in only half a second and killing three people in the remaining half before moving onto the next cluster. They fought desperately to kill him, to even hit him, but they couldn't, he moved to fast for them to even get a read on where he was or going. There were twenty mercs left in that squad; after the death of their squad leader it took only eight seconds to reduce that number to only half.

The ones-sided slaughter continued on for another six seconds, until twenty two bodies littered the ground, in three times as many pieces. Standing in the middle of it all was the scowling yet stoic young man who had committed the act. Glaring at the final man who was shaking at he aimed his flimsy little pistol at the swordsman's head.

"Stay back!" The slaver screamed at him, sweating and shaking, he knew he was dead but he simply couldn't accept it, he desperately wanted to live. "I-I'll shot them!"

He tried to aim his pistol at the people they had caught, use them as a bargaining chip to get out of this. But in the time it takes you to blink the man with the swords was in front of him, his trench knife drawn back and ready to strike. With a yell of surprise the slaver raised his pistol and fired, striking the young teenager right in the forehead.

The relief the slaver felt was almost like having a good dose of Red Sand, until he noticed that there was no brain matter littering the ground. Instead you could only see the same scowl and a small grain of sand that sparkled in the dim light as it fell from his forehead leaving no mark or entry wound. The slaver dropped his weapon, either in panic or resignation he didn't know, but the man had shrugged off a point blank shot with his pistol to the forehead. He didn't even blink when he fired.

"What the hell are you?" The slaver asked, horrified at the monster standing before him, but he was given no response.

His last moments was when he felt something pass through his chest, an odd cool sensation passed through him and he felt himself simply drift away into darkness.

Elysium, High Orbit

Elanos Haliot watched the readouts from the city, everything was going very well. In fact it was going perfectly, just as he had planned. The Alliance was not fully present in this sector of space, meaning it was easy pickings while their fleets were busy fighting against pirates elsewhere. With the communications array being intercepted there was no way Elysium could contact them for help.

That meant the small military force present on the planet would be quickly overrun and then this place would be unprotected. This would be the biggest haul that they would take; it would make them all rich and make him the undisputed leader of every pirate band within the Terminus. He would rule it like a king, Omega had its queen, but she ruled only that station, he would rule every inch of space within the Terminus.

But first he needed to get that damn Alliance ship out of the way; it was starting to prove troublesome. Also there seemed to be some resistance building among the populace, looks like all the Alliance Marines weren't dead yet. That could easily be dealt with in time; after all, he had four thousand boys under his command. With Tanks and Gunships, it was just about how much overkill you needed to get the job done.

"Boss, pick up now!"

Elanos scowled at the communicator on his command dais, he recognised that Batarian calling. Captain Ikrervan, bastard was always yelling out at one thing or another. It drove Elanos mad, wonder what's got him shouting this time.

"What is it?" Elanos growled irritably.

"We need help, were under attack!" Ikrervan shouted, he sounded frantic, and the sound of a lot of gun fire could be heard over the comm system, in fact it sounded as if it was starting to die off very quickly. "Why the hell won't he die!?"

"Ikrervan, what the hell is going on down there?" Elanos barked, wanting a status report, not some Batarian Pirate pissing himself in fear.

He sent him to round up survivors from a civilian bunker in the southern part of the city; there shouldn't be any form of resistance in that section of the city. In fact the Alliance barracks and space port was there, and anyone who was in there should all be dead. So who the hell were they fighting against?

"This guy! He fucking won't die, we keep shooting him and he won't die!" Ikrervan screamed over the comm, and the firing became scarce and sporadic, in fact it went silent as soon as the message ended. "No! Please don't!"

The sound of flesh and armour being torn apart was heard over the comm and for a moment Elanos didn't know how to react to that. He looked around the bridge, down at the people from the pedestal he stood upon to overlook his command. Each of them was concerned, likely because he looked the same. He quickly recollected himself and glared down at them, he tapped onto the comms, he needed to try and get back into contact with that idiot.

"Ikrervan, pick up. I said pick up!" Elanos barked, but he received no response from below, and as he quickly moved through the list he found that several others have been lost.

Fegan, Edremis, Decress. All of them were unresponsive, and all of them were in the southern section of Illyria. Something was not right about this.

"Get me Kherlak!" Elanos yelled, recomposing himself and getting everyone back to their posts, he couldn't let them see his concern. He would not be brought low, he would win this, no matter what got in his way.

Illyria Main Square

Commander Kherlak Fon'noba leisurely watched as his small army advanced through the streets from the plaza of Illyria, the very heart of the city. It was here they planned on gathering every civilian still alive and ship them out to the Terminus, making a handsome profit for everyone.

This is where they had set up a remote command post and then spread out across the city, it was very easy actually. Illyria didn't have any anti-air defences in this area or anywhere in the city for that matter. So after they took out the spaceport all they had to do was land here, kill the person in charge of this colony and then move out and start pillaging. And it was going very well.

But Kherlak had heard that in the north his counterpart was having his ass handed to him by a few human soldiers, in fact he was actually dead. The rest of them were having trouble with this one little woman that was defending a bunker there. That was laughable.

But that could wait till he was done here, there was a lot to plunder and since the Alliance wouldn't be coming to help any times soon they could wait a little while. Who knows, maybe they will get that woman and her buddied before he needs to go up there and save them.

"Kherlak!" Looking down the Batarian Commander lifted up his Omni-tool and listened to the irritating voice of that stuck up Turian he had to follow.

Seriously, Elanos Haliot was a bastard to work for; demanding and arrogant were the best words to describe him. He may not be any better but the Turian had some sort of complex where he thought he could become the king of the Terminus simply by raiding this place. It would get him a good profit but actually make him the ruler of all Terminus Space. He could raid Palavan, Thessia, Sur'Kesh and even the Citadel Council and still wouldn't get the crown. So how he thought attacking some human colony did not seem to compute that to the guy that it wouldn't give him much anything else than a good heap of credits.

But there was no chance of getting that through his bony hide because he was an idiot.

"What?" Kherlak asked, his words but a simply drone of irritation and boredom.

"I am getting reports that your men are being attacked by something, what is your position from Captain Ikrervan?" Elanos demanded.

Kherlak looked surprise for a moment, his men were under attack, and he hadn't heard anything about it. But now that he thought about it, he hadn't heard a single thing from most of his southern teams.

"Him? Uh… let me see… three clicks south east from here, he is in the industrial hub of the city, sent him there with fifty guys to clear the area. Along with a few other teams." Kherlak replied, not really caring, if they were under attack her was sure he could handle it, besides he had seven other units in the area as well that could provide backup.

"According to a call I got from him he's dead, and all his men with him!" Elanos yelled, and then Kherlak looked at his Omni-tool in alarm. "Better yet! I can't raise a single team in that entire region!"

"What? Impossible, there ain't anything left here that can fight back." Kherlak said, disbelieving that one of his guys was dead, let alone the entire company he had sent to secure that region. "Here let me… What the fuck?"

Kherlak looked on, along with nearly five hundred other pirates as a single human stood at the intersection of a street off to the south. He wore a deep scowl on his face as he walked forward with purpose. Despite the threatening advance they could only gawk at the fact he wasn't armed with a rifle, but two swords.

"You got to be fucking kidding me," Kherlak said, actually looking amused for once in his miserable life.

"What is it? Report damn it!" Elanos yelled, but he was swiftly hung up on and Kherlak looked at the boy with a cruel smirk on his lips, leaning onto the hood of the tank and propping his head onto his fist he watched the boy walk forward.

"Never thought I would see something so funny that I am almost tempted not to shoot a human being," Kherlak said, shaking his head with a chuckle. "Hey give him a good death; like in those crappy vids those humans always talk about."

A Krogan and Turian walked towards the spikey haired teenager, both aiming their respective weapons at his head. The young man stopped as they took aim, but never took his eyes off the Batarian in the tank. Kherlak saw this and smirked all the more smugly, gesturing him to even come over and get him.

"You got balls human, but that ain't shit when you can't even make a move when we got these two guns on your head." The Krogan said, tightening the hold on his shotgun as he stood on the kids right side.

"What do you expect; dumb kid probably thought he could kill us with swords, humans, so stupid." The Turian replied, aiming his pistol lamely at the human's chest.

"Say goodbye human," The Krogan stated, those were his final words to the orange haired youth.

What happened next was so fast that no one even registered what happened until the saw that the blades that were once at the boy's side were now above the bisected duo. Everyone watched in muted shock as the boy in a split second had killed both the Krogan and Turian. Their bodies falling away, the former having his torso and face split open and the latter cut in two.

The next moment he was no longer there, running forward so fast that it defied how fast a normal human was capable on foot. He went from zero to two hundred as soon as he took the first step, and was already cutting a path through a dozen pirates and mercenaries as he went straight for Kherlak.

"Turn the tank! Turn the tank!" Kherlak roared to the driver, slamming his fist on the top of the tank, telling him to turn and fire on the kid that was still carving through his man. Already halfway to the scared shitless Batarian, and only a few second away from being right on top of him.

As the tank turned fully the aim at the swordsman, the gun went off but never met its mark. He simply disappeared with a quiet swish, leaving behind a small cloud of dust to show where he once stood. Before Kherlak could figure out how he pulled that off, he saw a shadow above him.

Looking up the Batarian commander saw something moving right for him, before he could discover what, it collided with his face and gave a new meaning to the word 'whiplash'. The next thing that was heard was a loud snapping sound as his head shot back, his neck breaking and then hanging like a wet noddle on his shoulders.

Everyone watched as the man that had killed their commander vault off his head and do several flips through the air and finally land several meters behind the tank. Landing perfectly and straightening himself up like an acrobat, the same scowl on his face as he gazed at everyone around him. Showing them that he was far from over and was planning on doing to them what he did to Kherlak.

"Fucking shoot!" Someone yelled out, the only thing they could do to survive, not that it could save them.

"What the hell is going on down there!?" Elanos demanded, he had been scattered radio traffic all over the place.

It would seem that woman he had thought would not be a problem was actually holding her own against an entire company of Mercs. In fact she has inflicted more casualties than the entirety of the Alliance military presence that was once on this planet when they first attacked. How that was possible simply eluded the Turian, there was no way she could be that good or have a position to cause so much damage.

But now, now he was getting scattered reports that came in from other squads that were dying out. Something had killed almost every single platoon and squad in the southern part of the city; that was several hundred men. What the hell was going on down there?

"Sir, the main group in the Plaza Square is under attack!" One of his deck officers called out.

"What?" Elanos asked, the Turian's voice low and barely considered a question but a growl of fury.

"I don't know exactly but their under attack… by something…" the officer answered, finding it hard to answer the question under the gaze of his superior, as well as what he had seen killing the men.

"Get me a feed down there!" Elanos roared, and soon enough he had several screens up and showing off the battle.

Elanos felt the burning rage in his veins turn ice cold when he witnessed the battle, but it wasn't a battle, this was a slaughter. Battles were between two opposing forces; this wasn't that, it was a massacre, because his men were being decimated in droved and killed in ways that were simply horrifying.

Hundreds of bodies littered the massive square in the centre of the city, nearby streets were also clogged with the dead. The few hundred or so survivors were still firing at what had killed them all, but it did little good. For whatever they faced did not suffer under the barrage of bullets, nor did it care for the biotics that tried to repel or hinder it, even the few tanks could not stand against its otherworldly immunity to advanced weapons.

Helmet cams showed the battle from the soldier's perspective, one by one they went dark as their operators were killed. Each second someone died, brutally, savagely, mercilessly. They saw him, the single person doing the killing. Everyone watched in muted horror as a single teenage boy moved through the battlefield with speed that defied anything remotely possible for a normal being of flesh and blood.

Carving through people, tanks and APC's like they were nothing but wheat to the farmers scythe. He was actually carving them apart with two swords, actually decimating their entire army with nothing but a large butcher's blade and a short sword. It was surreal and impossible to wrap their heads around; he was going this and shrugging off small arms fire.

From the looks of it, he didn't even have any shields or barriers up, nor did he have armour. He wore some black and white rags that hung loosely on his body, looked like leather or silk. Yet he still was shrugging off the collective fire of over a hundred guns like it was nothing but light rain on a cloudy day.

"Sir… what do we do?" Someone asked, Elanos didn't reply at first, simply staring into the still image of a helmet cam of one of the dead, seeing the scowl and piercing gaze made him freeze.

Those eyes terrified him, something about them made a shiver go up his spine and almost shake in fright. Those were the eyes of someone who saw the people he was killing as nothing, he did not despise them, and he simply did not see them as worthy of existing. It was as if he was looking down at an insignificant mortal.

"Get the dropships down there, send everyone we got, get the damn Gunships, get everything on that thing!" Elanos yelled, watching as the hundred or so quickly go down to a few dozen, and even then they likely would all be dead before the reinforcements arrived.

"Alright, approaching Illyria main square," The dropship pilot said, he along with ten others were offloading all their troops in the square, with about twenty Mantis Gunships as escorts. "What the hell?"

"What is it?" The platoon captain barked, not liking surprises or the fact that the pilot looked scared for a moment.

"Uhhh, give me a minute," The Pilot said, brushing off the platoon leaders question. "Hey boss, listen I think landing there may be a bad idea… well because all I see on the ground is bodies, and all of them are our guys… you can't be serious, a pair of swords?... Damn it."

"Well?" The Krogan captain yelled.

"You guys are all fucked," The pilot replied, deciding to hide the fact that over five hundred of their boys were all dead. By the personal accounts of one of the bridge crew, by one guy who used a pair of swords, meaning the three hundred they were dropping off now were screwed no matter what.

"What the hell does that…?" The Krogan couldn't finish before the ship exploded, engulfed in a bright fireball that reduced it to nothing but scrap metal.

"Shit, we lost a dropship! Do they have anti-air guns?" A Mantis pilot yelled out, swerving his craft away from the plume of smoke where the dropship once occupied.

"Mantis-13, above you!" Another Mantis pilot called out over the comms.

When the pilot of Mantis-13 looked up, his eyes widened shock as someone was standing there right above his cockpit, two swords in hand and scowling. He was looking right at him, for some reason Mantis-13 realised he was a dead man.

"How the hell did he get on me!?" Mantis-13 yelled.

"Don't move, I'll take him…" Before Mantis-07 could finish his statement or fire his mass-accelerator machine gun, the gunship was sliced in half by a wave of blue energy that also tore through the side of the building beyond it.

"Shit! Is this kid a biotic or something!?" Mantis-03 yelled, before his ship suffered a similar fate and promptly exploded after having his left wing and tail end of the gunship severed by a vertical wave of energy.

Then they watched as he turned and walked along the top of the Gunship and sever both its wings, cutting off its only means of flight. Mantis-13 fell from the air, its pilot screaming before becoming silent as the craft crashed into the ground and was engulfed in a massive fireball.

Everyone had expected that the guy would fall with the Mantis, but instead they all watched as he defied the laws of physics by simply standing on thin air. The man's glared hard as he looked at the different gunships that hovered around him.

"What the fuck?! That's impossible!" Mantis-08 yelled, aiming his Precision Kill Rockets on the flying man, who remained fixed on his position.

Then he disappeared, a second later a gunship exploded in a brilliant display as its entire frame disintegrated into chunks of hot metal. From the plume of fire and smoke appeared the man, gliding to the next gunship and severing it in half with a single slash of his massive sword.

The fifteen remaining gunships turned to try and take out the attacker, but again he vanished from sight and reappeared behind Mantis-02. Stabbing his smaller blade through the tail of the gunship, then forcefully pulling the massive vehicle around, despite having almost no leverage he pulled it off, and smashed it into the side of another gunship. Both broke apart and fell to the streets below, crashing and exploded as they met asphalt.

A rocket sailed towards the man, striking him in the back and engulfing him a fiery cloud. A cry of satisfaction was heard from a pilot, before it turned to a shout of fear as an arc of energy shot from the cloud and consumed his gunship. Appearing from the cloud was the man, completely unharmed and casually walking forward as if there was nothing beneath his feet other than solid ground.

"By the spirits, we're all going to die!" His last words as a blade pierce the cockpit and ran through his heart.

"Get to the ground now!" The dropship pilot shouted, leaving the chair himself to get out, knowing he likely would be dropped like the gunships were being if he even tried to flee. As soon as the soldiers exited their craft they came upon the site of the massacre, finding the brutalized bodies of every other pirate that was part of their little army.

"What did this!?"

"Fucking hell, this ain't right,"

"Spirits, this shouldn't be happening, this should have been easy."

Everyone who exited the craft immediately stepped upon the plaza that was littered with the bodies of hundreds of dead pirates, merc and slavers. Cut apart in hundreds of different ways, not a single one had something not missing, an arms, a leg, their upper torso. Whatever had killed them had done so brutally and without a single shred of pity. They were likely next when he got back.

"Fuck this! I'm out of here!" Someone yelled, only to be gunned down by one of his own.

"No! We are not leaving, we are not letting some shit get the better of us, we kill him and we win this. So man the fuck up and kill…" The man yelled, bringing everyone to heel, but was halted when an explosion went off behind him.

A burning gunship crashed into the dropship a few meters behind the man, a shred of metal impaling the Batarian from behind and sending him flying forward. Everyone turned and looked to see not a single gunship was still present; the few remaining dropships still trying to escape were quickly shot down by eaves of condensed blue energy. Leaving no room for escape, they were trapped there.

Then he came, like and angel of death, he descended from above.

He moved like a missile towards the pirates, slamming feet first into closest man and using him as a board to surf across the ground and slash at anyone he passed. Before he flipped off the corpse he was riding and kicking it right towards a group of mercs, sending them all sprawling like bowling pins. Everyone had no choice but to raise their weapons and fight now, he was going to kill them and they had no choice but to fight and try to survive.

"Open fire!"

Elanos watched the battle from the surveillance cameras, there was no way he could rationalize what was happening. Every single time he saw that boy he saw something impossible, he shrugged off heavy weapons fire, missiles and even tank rounds. Biotics were nothing but an inconvenience to him, and the soldiers in his way were swatted aside like they were nothing.

They were all dead, all his men were dead. Every single soldier he had sent planet side was dead. All because of that one man, that boy, that monster. He had lost his army to a single combatant, one thing had turned the tide and ended his dream and destiny with only two swords in hand.

He turned to see one of his officers shouting something; he didn't hear most of it, too shocked to actually pay attention fully. That Alliance ship seemed to have inflicted heavy damage to their fleet, they had lost a great deal of ships and were taking fire.

Seventy percent, he lost fifty ships to just one, only twenty were left. There was no point in this anymore, it was over, the Blitz had been broken. He slumped forward, the feeling of defeat so painful that he actually felt his heart ache. His dream had been destroyed, and not because of some resistance or lucky break. But because of some in-human monster that had come from no-where and destroyed his entire army.

"Get the ships together, we are leaving," Elanos Haliot said, barely audible to the crewmen still working.

With that he took his ships to FTL, escaping from the planet that had withstood the Blitz and brought a blow that would be felt to all people in the Terminus for generations to come.

Jessica staggered down the street, holding her wounded side with her free hand while keeping her pistol tightly in her other as her arm lulled to the side. Each step was painful and she didn't know how much longer she could keep going, she was bleeding out and her vision was swimming.

Her defense had been pretty bold, holding off a hundred pirates with only a rifle and a pistol. She felt quite tough then, like she was some bad-ass that she heard about in those old stories on earth. Legends that held off armies like it was nothing, considered a hero and the greatest of mankind, or something along those lines. But now she was going to die because she didn't duck when she should have.

"Idiot… should have stayed in cover while the shields recharged…" Jessica scolded herself, staggering down the uneven road.

She stepped onto a small uneven piece of ground and fell to her knees, nearly falling on her face as well. She bit back a cry of agony as she tried to stand back up, but her legs did not follow her command, instead she remained rooted there on the ground.

'Guess this is it then,' Jessica thought to herself, she had a good run and did pretty well considering.

Holding back the pirates was alright, but maybe they would give her a posthumous award for bravery or something like that. It was always good to get something out of working your ass off, she had done a lot in her life and usually only got victimised because of it. 'bout time she did something that got her some recognition.

"Hope I get a statue… or something…"

But before she could contemplate this she looked up, and for a moment she thought that she was hallucinating. Standing there was a young man, as best as she could make out, in black clothes and holding two swords. She didn't understand what she was seeing at first but regardless she raised her pistol and waited.

'Ain't going to let someone do me in, I die when I bleed out at my own damn pace,' Jessica said to herself, not willing to let someone get the glory of killing her.

But she couldn't pull the trigger, her hand felt so numb and heavy that even raising to weapon to aim required all her strength, pulling the trigger was all but impossible. Jessica remained in that state for nearly a minute before her hand collapsed and she along with it, she hit the ground with a thud and she felt her vision go blurry and sound become almost mute.

As she lay there on her side she thought for a moment, a sense of mortality coming to the forefront of her mind as she came to realise it may be the end.

'I'm dying… what's going to happen now?' She thought, actually scared for a moment, so many questions moving through her mind.

Was there an afterlife? Did she deserve to go there? How could she let herself die? Knowing that these questions were all unanswered, how could she allow herself to die?

"I… don't want… want… to die…"

Jessica wheezed, scared for the first time in her life, she had been in shootouts and even taken a few beatings, yet this couldn't compare. Her own mortality was in front of her and it was fading away.

She felt herself get pulled onto her back; she opened her eyes enough to see the man above her, kneeling next to her. He looked her up and down, his face almost obscured from her vision as the blurriness continued to hide his appearance. But she could see his scowl and young face; in fact he looked to be around nearly her age, maybe younger.

She wondered what he planned to do, maybe have a swing at her before she croaked. Wouldn't surprise her, pirates were a filthy bunch and deserved to be shot on sight, she was just angry her last moments were going to be raped in the street while dying. She just hoped she expired before this guy did, didn't need that on her mind before she met her maker.

But to her surprise he didn't, he looked down at her and then to her wound, placing a hand over it. She gasped in pain for a moment, coming back to life for just a second and seeing him smiling. But it wasn't a smile of contempt or even superiority, it was almost kind, reassuring. As if he was saying everything was going to be alright.

Jessica felt her entire body jolt as her side tingling, she didn't know what was happening but it was happening. She wanted to fight off whatever this guy was doing, stop him before he did something to her.

"It's alright," He said, soothing her, placing a hand on her shoulder and giving a small smile. "It will be okay, you are going to be fine. You don't have to be afraid anymore."

Jessica didn't know what he was doing, but she felt her pain recede and her body go numb. Was she still dying? Was he giving her some kind of last sermons before she passed on? She did not know, but for a strange moment she felt alright, as if nothing was wrong.

She did not know what she was feeling right now, but she felt at peace.

"You're going to be alright."

Those were his last words, she felt the darkness claim her, and for a moment she felt at peace. Even as the black consumed her, she wasn't afraid. Instead, she felt safe.

Twelve Hours Later

"Move out, find any survivors and get them to the spaceport," Major Senet Blackson called, directing the relief unit through the streets of Illyria.

They had arrives nearly an hour ago after receiving a distress call from the SSV Agincourt of the raid on Elysium they came as fast as they could. But what they found was not what they had expected. It was a massacre, but not onto those who they had thought.

They marched down streets and into buildings, finding the bodies and scattered remains of pirates and mercs. Blood soaked the streets and the smell of it in the air was palpable, some of the Marines couldn't even hold down anything in their stomachs when they made planet fall.

All they found was bodies, and survivors telling a tale that did not make any sense, about a swordsman that defeated the entire Pirate army singlehandedly. He did not believe for a second what he had been told, yet when he witnessed the situation firsthand, he doubted anything human could do this. He pegged it too shock and maybe hallucinations, after all seeing this maybe it became like Chinese whispers. Yet for good reason he was concerned.

Bodies were torn apart, the Plaza was the worst of it all, it was a slaughter house there. Bodies and bloody dampened the entire area. They didn't have any specifics but it would seem that close to a thousand people have been killed there, that they could guess. With all the dismembered body parts it would take weeks to get an accurate head count.

There were no pirate survivors, no mercs or even viable identification on remains. All they knew is that something appeared and killed every single one of them within an hour. Thousands dead, most were civilians that had been killed in the beginning of the attack. But now a good portion of the casualties were among the pirates.

"What in god's name did this?" Senet said, looking down at the severed bodies of fifteen or maybe less Batarians.

"Sir, we got a survivor over here!" Senet turned to see someone down the far end of the street.

He moved over to the Marine's potions and as he turned down to the right he found a very peculiar sight. He found a lone woman lying in the middle of the street, a small amount of blood on her side and covering her armour. Yet no wound was present.

She was an Alliance Marine, one of the only ones left, and she was a survivor.

"Is she alive?" Senet asked, moving over towards the downed woman quickly, medics were already on her.

"Yes, she is alright; although she seems to be suffering from Blood Loss, no idea how, she doesn't even have any open wounds." The medic replied, scanning her with his Omni-tool and finding no major health issues except for a lower than normal blood pressure and cell count.

"Get her up to the ship, she is going back to Arcturus," Senet said, if she was alive they needed to know what she knew.

Maybe with a little information they can determine what happened here, even with all the civilian testimonies they needed something a little more concrete. A report from an actual Marine may help.

Yet their job was far from over, they had hundreds of thousands of civilians still in the city, looking for shelter and a place to be safe. Sadly they had to evacuate the entire city, which would take a few days. They couldn't leave them in Illyria; it was a nightmare here, with all these dead bodies, people would go bad from the smell alone.

But the questioned remained. What had been the cause of all this death?

"Sir, we got a call from Admiral Hackett, he wants us to start the evacuation," A Marine said, drawing Senet from his revere.

"Already?" Senet asked, surprised, they had only been here for a short time and they were already having people evacuated.

"Hackett wants everyone off world, saying that this place is a danger zone right now," The Marine replied.

"Alright, get her on the shuttle, and make sure she is treated immediately, we need to know what she knows." Senet said, and watched as she was carted off on a stretcher.

He looked at her ID tag when she passed. Corporal Jessica Shepard. Hopefully she could tell us what the hell happened here.

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