Chapter 1: A Time To Relax

Author's Note Part 1: Well guys, I mentioned this in my other R+V story. And this was the crossover that I was referring to! Granted, I had a thought in my head about a R+V and Prototype crossover, but I'm still going through the planning phase for that, if I ever end up writing it.

But for now, I'm gonna focus on this one. Now, I got this idea from a couple other stories in the category, however most of the ideas came from one in particular. "inFAMOUS Vampire". That story is great, and you'll probably see quite a few ideas in here that can be traced back to that story. The other one is also good, a little lacking in the update department, but I'm not really one to be saying that, now am I? But, either way, it's called "inFamous Salvation" and it's by JAYSEN. So, make sure you guys check that one out as well!

The two main things that this story has that are similar to "inFAMOUS Vampire": The story is going to be centered on Cole's younger brother, and there will be Karma choices! Most of them will be the same as that story, since they're the obvious ones that would be put in if this were an actual game in the series, while I'll also put in quite a few of my own, since I don't want to completely copy off Wraith002's ideas.

That being said, just like in "A Wintersfield Attends Yokai", Tsukune will still be in this! So, the Tsukune x Moka pairing is staying the same. (Though, it probably won't happen for a while since my OC is going to be paired with only one of the girls, so Tsukune's "harem" will still be in this for some time to come.) As for my OC's pairing… Well, you'll see. Though I have a feeling that most of you will know who I'm choosing because of events in canon.

Also, as for timelines: Just like in Wraith002's story, I'm gonna go through the events of the first year at Yokai with the gang, then go through the events of inFAMOUS 2, and then go through the second year at Yokai. Now, I'm still working out the rough sketches for how I'm gonna do this, since for those of you who have played, or watched playthroughs of, inFAMOUS 2, you guys know how it ends if you go along the good Karma choices. So, I'm gonna need to find out a way to get past that so that I won't be stuck. Also, for this, I'm separating these times into three stories.

Now, for those of you who have read my other R+V story, you'll know that I work off the Anime (This is the same for all my stories as well). So, when I reach the end of the second season, I'm either gonna end the series there, or continue it. However, in order to continue it, I'm gonna need your guy's suggestions on how I can do this, since so far, I've been unable to access the manga online. And as far as I've seen, I can't find any of the manga in the stores in my area. So, if anyone could help me, then you guys will get to see this story, as well as my other one, continued.

But, that's about all I have to say for now. So, after almost 600 words of an Author's Note, I give you the first chapter of "Yokai's Conduit: Year One"!

Hey there. The name's Alex McGrath. And up until a month ago, life was simple here in Empire city. Wake up in the morning, go to school, do the God forsaken paper called homework, and then hang out with my older brother Cole, his best friend Zeke, and his girlfriend Trish. Or, the other possibility is that I would do my job alongside Cole as bike couriers for the city. Then fall asleep, and follow the same schedule the next day.

My mom and dad ended up passing away a few years prior, so Cole had to drop out of college in order to care for me. Yeah, I was thirteen at the time, so even if I'd just turned into a teenager, I was still legally a minor. So, it ended up being Cole's priority to take care of me. Now I'm sixteen. Life was pretty good during those times. The two of us were the kinds of people that you'd never notice. Just two guys delivering packages to people you'd never know.

But then one day… A package found us.

Thousands died due to the blast that the package in question created. Five square blocks smashed into rubble. And at the center… Was me and my older brother.

Alive… But changed. We gained powers over electricity, with no idea how at the time. In all honesty, I saw them from two different angles. On one side, it was awesome that me and my brother gained powers. But on the other, I thought of the people that we had heard dying around us, and how thousands had to die for me and my brother to gain these powers.

But no one could've seen what was coming afterwards.

Back then, Empire City was in quarantine. It had gone to hell. Other people with powers started showing up, and it was our job to sort through it all. Find out who had given us that package, and why. Hell, even Zeke turned his back on us and tried to get powers of his own at one point.

But in the end, we found the one responsible…


He explained everything to us through a vision of the future. A future that was in ruins due to one being that had powers unlike any of the other powers that people had that we'd seen. A beast is coming. A monster only Cole and I can defeat, provided we are strong and ready to face him.

Now, a month later, quite a few things around town have changed. When this mess first started out, my brother and I were treated like terrorist, due to some footage of us when we accidentally set off the package, the Ray Sphere, and starting the whole mess. And yet, despite the treatment we were given, we pushed on ahead and proved to the citizens that we were not the ones who were to be blamed.

Things got better due to the good that we did. Ranging from simply healing citizens that were hurt on the ground, to saving the entire city from a deranged woman with mind control powers who had a sick obsession with my brother… However, none of this came freely.

My brother lost Trish, and Zeke turned his back on us due to greed. Granted, the man is now trying to make it up to us in any way that he can, but the betrayal that me and Cole feel towards him is still there. It doesn't cloud our judgment of anything he does, but it sticks with us, and will likely stick with us for a long time to come.

I went through all this at the age of sixteen, over the course of a few weeks. Stuck in a cage with the barbarians that used to be humans as most of the citizens turned to their baser needs. Some stealing, murdering, hell, me and Cole had to stop a few cases of rape during the quarantine. Those bastards would likely be in a wheelchair for the rest of their lives.

And yet, despite all this, it seems that fate has more in store for me before the Beast comes looking for us. I can only hope that this situation will better my chances of taking it on with my brother…

Or else everything that we've done so far will have been for nothing.

Time: 4:00 PM

Location: Empire City, Neon District

3rd Person POV:

The Neon District of Empire City was relatively quiet. The only sounds being the people conversing on the streets, and the cars driving along the road. Occasionally, the tram system would roll through, and add the sound of metal wheels rolling over the metal rails to the sounds already present. Since the McGraths had taken care of all the gangs in Empire City, the citizens could go about their days feeling safe and secure.

Mothers and their sons were able to purchase hot dogs at the local stands, while the water fountains were free of any black, mind-controlling sludge. Granted, there were a few people here and there who had an occasional complaint about having a hard time starting their car, or needing to replace the battery, but those were few and far between since most of them knew that they were drained for a good reason.

And watching over all this is one person, who's crouched at the edge of one of the buildings in the area. Dressed in white combat boots that reach up to his mid-calf, and partially cover the blue jeans he has on, while also wearing a white, button-up T-shirt, covered by a light grey, zip-up hoodie that's partially unzipped to reveal some of the white T-shirt, all of that covered by a white leather jacket, with a blue tribal design on the back between the shoulder blades. He has Caucasian skin, blue-grey eyes that seem to shine, and messy brown hair, which is hidden underneath the grey hood of his hoodie. (Basically, imagine a "good" version of Alex Mercer's clothes from Prototype, with white leather boots added.)

This person is none other than 16 year old Alex McGrath. At the moment, he's watching over this particular part of town in case any of the stragglers from the gangs that Cole and him had taken care of over the past couple weeks decided to try something. He'd already stopped two people trying to steal someone else's belongings, as well as three people who had tried to rob stores. Luckily, there were no attempts at stealing cars, though the brothers had a feeling that the reason for this was that they could literally drain the power from it as they drove by if anyone made an attempt.

After looking over the surrounding area for a few more seconds, Alex nods as he stands to his full height, and then leaps off the building. He lands on one of the many electrical lines, and the tell-tale sound of the metal plates on the bottom of his boots grinding against the lines, with the crackle of electricity following, causes most of the citizens in the area to look up and cheer at the sight of one of the two McGrath brothers. There were a few here and there who looked up with glares or scowls, but these were simply the ones that still didn't believe in the brothers, despite their attempts to show everyone who they truly are.

In response, Alex looks down at the citizens and waves with a small smile on his face, before putting his arms out behind him, and accelerating along the power lines. A few times he reaches the end of one line when it reaches a building's roof, and jumps onto another that's located on the opposite side of said roof. Eventually, he makes his way to the "base" that him, Cole and Zeke had made at the start of the quarantine, and uses his Static Thrusters to descend onto the roof lightly, brushing dust off his shoulders as he lands. When he looks up, it's to be greeted by a familiar sight.

"Hey there little Bro!" Zeke exclaims from one of the three couches that the three had set up on the roof. "How was the patrol?" He asks the teen, who gives a small smile at the man in front of him. The McGrath brothers had trouble with Zeke near the end of their quest against Kessler, and bonds had been shaken. But now, Zeke was doing everything he could to make it up to the two, and make things like they had been originally. It was a tough road the man was walking, but things were working out for the three, slowly but surely. In response to the man's question, Alex shrugs as he slumps onto a couch next to the one Zeke's sitting on.

"Eh. Had to take care of a couple thieves, and a few robbers in the Neon District. Not entirely sure what's going on with Cole in the Warren though." Alex admits, before putting a hand in front of his mouth as he lets off a yawn, making Zeke lower his sunglasses slightly as he looks at the younger McGrath.

"You alright there bud? How long have you been patrolling the Neon District anyways?" Zeke asks, making Alex blink his eyes a few times to refocus, before he thinks about the question.

"What's today? Saturday? Well… I got a few hours of rest Wednesday night. And since then, I've been using the electricity around the city to keep myself awake…" Alex trails off, his head nodding slightly, before he lifts it up once again, and shakes it to clear his head. Zeke whistles at the info that the younger McGrath gives him.

"Man, you've been working for a while then." He says, getting another nod from Alex as his head starts to lower once again. "Alex, bud, you need to rest. It's not gonna help anyone if you're going after the bad guys out there, and you suddenly fall asleep during a chase." Zeke tells the teen, making Alex look up at him with tired eyes.

"Yeah… I guess… I guess you're right Zeke… Wake me up… If you hear… Anything." He says as sleep finally starts to take hold, and he slumps down onto the couch, lying there as his breathing slows to show that he's fallen asleep. In response, Zeke sighs as he stands up.

"And here I was thinking he was gonna argue with me about it." The man mutters to himself as he takes a blanket from one of the boxes on the roof, and then covers Alex with it. "Sleep well little Bro…" He says, before sitting down on his couch once again, watching as the younger McGrath holds the blanket over his form, his face scrunched slightly as he no doubt dreams of the memories he has from the events in the city during the last month. Zeke sighs at the sight, before looking up into the sky. "I swear I'll make it up to you two… I'll make up the mistake that I made of leaving you two on your own…" He says as he picks up a beer, and takes a swig from it.

About half an hour later, Zeke hears the sound of electricity crackling in the air, and looks in the direction it's coming from to see the older of the two McGrath brothers using his Static Thrusters to descend in the air, and land on the roof. When he does, he walks towards the man sitting on the couch, and Zeke tosses him a beer as he gets closer. Cole catches it, before sitting down on the last available couch, taking off his backpack and placing it on the roof beside him, before taking a sip from the cold liquid as he looks at his younger brother, who's still sleeping on the couch across from him.

"When did he get back?" Cole asks Zeke as he gestures to Alex with his beer, making the other man sigh as he sits up and looks at the younger McGrath.

"About a half hour ago. Did you know that he's been awake for almost three days?" He asks Cole, making the older McGrath sigh as he takes another sip from his beer.

"No, I didn't." He tells Zeke, making the man sigh in response.

"The kid's gotta learn to relax. I mean, it's been nothing but patrols for you guys ever since you took that bastard Kessler down." Zeke says, making Cole nod as he looks at his younger brother, taking in the bags under his brother's eyes, as well as the fact that he's scrunching up his face as he sleeps. At the sight, he sighs once again, and leans back on his sofa. As he continues to look at his sleeping brother, he seems to be thinking about something.

Finally, he lets off a sigh, leans forwards on his sofa, and grabs his backpack. After searching through it for a few seconds, making Zeke look over at him in confusion, he brings out a pamphlet and stares at it. "I think… I might have a way that Alex can relax." He says, handing Zeke the pamphlet. When Zeke looks at it, he does a classic spit-take, before turning to face Cole.

"You're kidding, right?" He asks, making the older Conduit shake his head. "But… How in the world would this help him relax? I mean, no one is ever relaxed at school." He says in disbelief, holding up the pamphlet so that Cole can clearly see the words "Yokai Academy" on the front. In response, Cole holds up his hands.

"Zeke, I know. It's just… The guy who gave that to me gave a good reason… Even if he was a little sketchy." Cole tells the other man, making Zeke look at Cole in confusion as he lowers the pamphlet.

"What do you mean?" He asks, making Cole sigh as he starts to explain what made him think it was a good idea for Alex to go to "Yokai Academy". He tells Zeke about how he had met a man who was dressed almost identical to a Reaper Conduit on the in plateau in the middle of the area where the Ray Sphere Event occurred, and how the man was named "The Chairman". Apparently he was the man who ran this "Yokai Academy". Somehow, the guy knew everything that happened in Empire City, ranging from the initial blast, all the way through to the brothers' fight with Kessler.

Zeke was more than a little freaked out by this, since neither Cole, nor Alex, had revealed some of the more personal moments of their quest to anyone, and this man apparently knew all about them. "Alright, why do you think it's a good idea for Alex to go there Brother? I mean, if the guy knows everything that you told me, then who's to say that he isn't just trying to trick you into sending Alex there?" He asks, making Cole sigh as he takes another sip of his beer, before gesturing to the pamphlet.

"Because of what he told me about the school… Zeke, it's a place for monsters. And I mean honest to God Vampires, Werewolves, and a shit ton of other kinds. That Chairman guy said that there's even a monster world. I mean, can you imagine how many people in the city out there are actually monsters in human disguises?" He asks, making Zeke look out into the city with weary eyes.

"Man, first we had to worry about other Conduits, now monsters?" He asks, referring to the people with powers that showed up during the quarantine, and making Cole chuckle.

"Oh you haven't heard the craziest part. Apparently, us Conduits? We're considered "Boundary-Beings" by the monster world now. So now, you're living with two half-monsters." Cole says with a chuckle, before he gets serious. "But that's not all. Apparently, Alex will get a good education there. And to top it off, the Chairman guy said that he'll be able to practice with his powers there with no problems, as long as it's off the school's grounds." Cole says, making Zeke whistle as he looks down at the pamphlet in his hands.

"So Alex is gonna be able to go to school, and he'll basically be able to prepare for the Beast's arrival at the same time?" Zeke asks Cole, getting a nod in response.

"Yeah, I'm gonna talk to him about it when he wakes up and see if he wants to go. The Chairman said that the school year wouldn't start until Monday, but get this. The main purpose of that school? It's to get the monsters ready to be integrated into human society." Cole says with a smirk, Zeke giving his own a few seconds later when he realizes what the older Conduit is saying.

"So basically… Alex already has A's in most of his classes as soon as he steps through the doors." Zeke says, before he laughs a bit at the thought. "Man, that's gonna be awesome… Hey, that'll give him time to score a girl while he's there." Zeke says with a smile, making Cole roll his eyes with a small smile of his own. Trust Zeke to immediately think of girls when high school and Cole's younger brother are brought up in the same sentence.

The man had teased Alex about it back before the Ray Sphere Event, but since Zeke was around the McGraths almost all the time, Alex had picked up a bit from the man. He still thought of relationships like Cole did, but he had no problems with girls that were forwards, and would even react in similar ways. He'd just get to know them before he made a concrete decision.

Unfortunately, the Ray Sphere Event ruined all that for him, since now people either stayed away from him like the plague, or only wanted to be with one of the "Heroes of Empire City" for the fame. Not to get to know the real Alex McGrath. The same thing could be said for Cole at the moment. Though… He was still thinking of Trish.

As the two men chuckle a bit at the mental pictures they have of Alex being with a girlfriend, with Cole partially hoping that it would be true so that his brother's life might be just a bit better, the teen in question sleeps. Though it's not entirely peaceful. Neither his nor Cole's dreams had been very peaceful ever since the Ray Sphere Event…

Alex woke up the next morning, fully rested, though stiff as a board after the eighteen hours of sleep he'd gotten. When he'd woken up fully, and stretched a bit to work out his sore muscles, Cole got his attention, and talked to him about the offer that he'd received from the Chairman. Alex listened the whole way through, nodding at some points as his brother explained the offer he'd been given. By the end, Cole was looking at his younger brother with a raised eyebrow.

"So you're just gonna believe all this, not ask any questions, and go to this school?" He asks, making Alex chuckle as he looks into Cole's eyes, holding up his arm and letting blue electricity run along it.

"Bro, over the past month we've ran into stuff that's made this city FUBAR. I don't think that a world filled with monsters, and a school that they go to, is much of a stretch." He says getting a loud laugh out of Zeke when Cole's face gets an embarrassed blush, since he'd done exactly what he'd expected his brother to do when he first met the Chairman.

"Hey little Bro, while you're there, see if you can't get a girlfriend." Zeke says, making Alex smirk as he looks over at Zeke.

"Hey, if I do, at least I'll be better off than you." He jokes, making Cole laugh this time while Zeke gives Alex a good natured glare while flipping him off. "But are you sure that you guys will be fine here without me?" Alex asks as he turns back to look at Cole, making his older brother smirk as he crosses his arms.

"Alexander Mercer McGrath, are you suggesting that your older brother can't handle the city on his own?" He asks, making Alex chuckle in response.

"Not really, just wanted to make sure. After all, this school, Yokai Academy, is a boarding school. Meaning that I won't be back for around nine months." Alex says, before his face gets serious. "And if that bastard the Beast comes here while I'm stuck at Yokai…" He trails off, and his brother gets a serious look on his face as well.

"Then I'll hold him off until you can get here. From what I can gather on that Chairman guy, I'd say that he wouldn't have a problem letting you come back here if the Beast shows up while the school year is still going." He says, making Alex sigh as he nods.

"Alright. Then I guess I should start packing, shouldn't I?" He asks with a small smile, Cole returning it as he walks over and places a hand on his brother's shoulder.

"Yup. Never saw myself going back-to-school shopping with you so soon." He admits, making Alex laugh as the two use their Static Thrusters to descend from the roof, Zeke watching them go with a small smile on his face. Happy that the two brothers are still able to smile even after everything that they'd been through.

The rest of the day for the McGraths was spent looking for school supplies for the younger of the two. All the stores in the city had no problems giving the two whatever they needed for free, seeing as the two were the "Heroes of Empire City". So, the paper, pencils, pens, and everything else was easy to come by. However, that wasn't the only thing that the two got. Alex decided that he wanted to add a bit to his outfit, so he got white fingerless gloves, which the two made sure wouldn't burn if the younger McGrath used his electric powers while he was wearing them.

After this, the two bought a few spare clothes for Alex, all of which were identical to the ones he already had. However, after looking over the pamphlet, they learned that Alex would have to wear an academy uniform, which led to Cole laughing his ass off, while Alex scowled at the picture of the clothes. If they were just in a different color… He steamed to himself as they continued walking along the streets. By the end of the day, Alex had everything ready, and went back to sleep like his brother told him to do.

"The last thing that I need is for my younger brother to go into school for his first day after spending the night before patrolling, and end up looking like shit in front of everyone." He'd told Alex, making the younger Conduit sigh as he relented, and fell asleep on the same couch as the night before.

The next day, The trio is standing at one of the bus stops around the Neon District, waiting for the bus that was mentioned in the pamphlet to come and pick up Alex. After a couple minutes, the bus shows up at 6:00 AM, right on time. As it drives towards the three, the two older men say goodbye to the teen.

"You make sure you do well there Alex. I don't want to hear about you coming back here after getting into fights over something stupid." Cole says with a smile as he gives his younger brother a hug, making Alex give him a smile in response as he returns the hug.

"What if I get into a fight for a good reason?" He asks, making Cole smirk as he ruffles his brother's hair.

"Then leave them on the ground in Arc Restraints and go tell someone the truth about what happened. Having you sent home after being falsely accused of something would be worse than being sent home after doing something you're not supposed to." Cole tells his brother as the bus pulls in front of them, and Alex turns to Zeke, who hands him a camera.

"Make sure to take plenty of pictures there Alex. I want to know what's happening to my little Bro at that school." He says, making Alex smirk as he takes the camera, and places it in his backpack along with all his other belongings.

"And by that, you mean that you want me to take pictures of all the woman your age so that you can see if you can score with any of them." He says, making Zeke smirk in response.

"That too." He says with a thumbs up, making Alex chuckle as he shakes Zeke's hand, and then climbs into the bus. As he gets on, the man driving it turns slightly to look at him.

"So, you're Alex McGrath." He says, making Alex nod as he starts walking along the middle of the bus, taking a seat a few seconds later.

"Yeah, decided to see what this place has to offer… That and my brother decided that I need a break." He admits, getting a chuckle from the man as he pulls away from the bus stop, Alex waving to Cole and Zeke as they drive towards the tunnel that the man drove through to get here.

"Well, you shouldn't have much trouble there after what you've had to do in Empire City." The man says, making Alex raise his eyebrows as he turns to look at the shadow of the man, since his form is blocked by tinted glass.

"You wouldn't happen to know a guy named the Chairman would you?" He asks, the only answer that he gets in response being a chuckle from the man, making Alex roll his eyes. "I'm gonna take that as a yes." He says, before he reaches into his bag, and pulls out his iPhone, which had been tinkered with so that it wouldn't explode in his hand.

That was one of the many downsides to Alex and Cole's powers. They couldn't hold any electronics without them exploding, and the same went for firearms. The electronics were obvious, while the brothers guessed that the firearms exploding had something to do with the way they were designed… Or maybe the gunpowder most used.

Alex takes out his earbuds as well, plugs them into his phone, and starts listening to music as the bus continues driving through the tunnel. He closes his eyes, not noticing as the tunnel changes to a long one that has a rainbow of colors along the walls, before they exit a few minutes later, and are driving along a peaceful road towards a bus stop that has a single teen sitting at it. However, he does open his eyes when the sunlight streams in through the window onto his face, and he watches as the bus pulls to a stop in front of the teen, who then gets on the bus.

When this happens, Alex takes his earbuds out of his ears, and stops the music that he'd been listening to in case the teen wants to talk. Which, judging by the slightly nervous smile the teen is giving him, he does. In response, Alex gives the teen a smile of his own, before gesturing to the seat next to him as an invitation, which the teen takes. "Thanks." The teen thanks him, getting a nod in response.

"No problem. The name's Alex." Alex greets the teen, getting a small smile in response as the teen shakes his hand.

"Tsukune. Tsukune Aono." Tsukune says, making Alex smile. However, before anything else can be said, the bus driver speaks up.

"So kid. You're another new student at Yokai?" The bus driver asks, his voice making Tsukune shiver a bit, while Alex simply shrugs it off. He'd been around enough people that sounded slightly like the man before. He was just glad that this one wasn't trying to crush him with metal, or control his mind.

"Y-yeah." Tsukune stutters a bit, since he'd never run into a man like this before, and he was giving Tsukune the creeps.

"Well in that case, you better prepare yourself. That's one scary ass school you're going to." The man tells Tsukune, making the teen shiver again while he looks at the man with confusion, and a bit of fear in his eyes.

"What do you mean by that?" Tsukune asks, not receiving an answer as Alex looks at him out of the corner of his eyes in slight confusion, since the pamphlet made it quite obvious what the man was talking about, and if Tsukune was going there, he was either some kind of monster, or a Conduit just like him. However, he doesn't get the chance to ask, since Tsukune's phone goes off at that moment, and the teen answers it after giving an apologetic look to Alex.

While Tsukune talks on the phone, Alex looks out the window he was sitting next to, and blinks at the sight of the rainbow of colors along the walls of the tunnel they enter, idly noticing that Tsukune was talking into his phone with confusion since it apparently cut off his call as Alex simply sighs, turns to look out the front of the bus, and sees the white light they're heading towards.

Well. Into the great beyond as they say. Alex thinks with a small smirk on his face, before the bus passes through the light, and into the place that Alex and Tsukune would be living for the next nine months. Neither one of them knowing just what would occur there for them.

Author's Note Part 2: Well guys, turns out I was wrong! I managed to get out this first chapter just before I have to head off to my appointment to get my wisdom teeth removed! That being said, this is probably going to be the only chapter up for the next few days, but I figured I'd at least post it so that you guys have something else to look forwards to when I return!

That being said, next chapter will be the first episode of the Anime, with a bit of a change since Conduits are considered Boundary-Beings. Now, as of right now, I do not plan on having any other Conduits at Yokai Academy, though some will probably show up at points with simple Cameos, since I don't want to have to worry about having the personalities of multiple OC's in my head, and all the Conduits in the inFAMOUS games are too old to join the school. (Or in the case of inFAMOUS: Second Son, too young at this point in time.)

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