Chapter 4: Similar, But Different

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3rd Person POV:

There were few times in life where Alex McGrath was truly happy. One that stood out was when he found out that Cole and Trish were dating, but that was overshadowed by the times when Trish turned her back on them after the Ray Sphere event, and the moment that she died in his brother's arms. Looking back, after the Ray Sphere event, those small moments of true happiness all but disappeared. Instead, Alex and Cole's lives just get worse and worse.

The only upsides were those times when they'd be cheered on by the townspeople, and reminded about the fact that what they were doing was not only helping everyone, but it was also to make up for their mistake that caused the blast in the first place, even if they weren't truly the ones that caused it. But other than that, their lives were on a steady decline since the Ray Sphere event until the end of their mission in Empire City to take out Kessler. After that, their lives got a bit better, but it was still bittersweet for them. For Alex, that lasted until he left for Yokai Academy.

From there, the young Conduit was actually able to feel happy every day. And most days, he could only hope that Cole and Zeke were having similar feelings back in Empire City now that most of the crime had died down, and the cops were helping to take care of the city. However, at the moment, Alex wasn't focused on what his brother and friend were feeling. At the moment, he was having a moment to himself as he stared at the board in front of him. "Hahahahahahahaha! Fuck yes!" Alex exclaims as he pumps his fist at the sight in front of him. Because currently, the scores for the classes were posted for everyone to see. And Alex was currently celebrating over his placement.

Alex McGrath / Yukari Sendo: 1

Alex had known that he'd probably be near the top, but he didn't expect to be tied for the top of his grade. And as he continues to have a mental celebration with himself, he thinks about the reasons that he'd tied for the top of class.

Math? He'd always been good with that subject, so there was no question about the grade that he got.

Science? Being a living electric box and going over that subject at the same time was a definite boost. Yet at the same time, Science was always a subject that he enjoyed in school back before the quarantine.

History? He'd actually payed attention in class, unlike most, since he was originally from America and he'd been interested in the history and culture of where he was currently "living". That, and another side effect of his powers allowed him to gain photographic memory… This was one of the few times that he was grateful for it.

Then, he'd chosen English as his language. Not because of the easy A that it would give him, but because this was a school for monsters, some of which wanted to learn that language. So, being in that class, he would use the time to help anyone that needed it, which sometimes included the teacher because of some mix ups in the words, pronunciation, acronyms, as well as the "slang" that was present in America.

And then there was "Human Studies". The main class that monsters took for nearly half the school day. No need to explain why this class wasn't a problem for him.

Add all this together, and it pretty much explained why it was that he tied for first place in his grade. And as he continues to celebrate, his friends were looking at their own scores. For Moka, the pinkette vampire had placed 13th in the class, which brought a smile to her face. As for Tsukune, the Conduit's human friend had placed 128th, which caused him to mentally sulk as a depressing aura surrounds him, and his fist shakes in front of him. As for Kurumu…

"Are you kidding me?!"

…Needless to say that she didn't do too well…

All that aside, Alex finally calms down from his celebration, and makes his way towards his human friend, who was still sulking over his placement in the grade. Meanwhile, a few feet away, a group of three monsters, who for some reason weren't disguising their faces, were celebrating over their placements… All of which were in the low 220's. How those three can celebrate about those scores is beyond me… Alex thinks to himself with a sweatdrop hanging off the back of his head. Shaking that off, he walks over to Tsukune, and places a hand on his shoulder.

"Hey, don't let it get to ya' bud. If anything, you're in the average range. Which, considering this is school, you should be glad about." Alex tells his friend with a smile, making Tsukune turn to face his fellow brunet with a small frown.

"Easy for you to say Alex. You tied for first." Tsukune says, before looking over at the area where Moka was standing. "And when you compare my score to hers…" He trails off, allowing the bat from before to fly into the picture and land on Alex's shoulder.

"She's so much smarter it's ridiculous! Wheee!" He exclaims, Alex nodding alongside the bat, before looking at him with a raised eyebrow.

"Say, you got a name?" He asks the bat, making said bat turn to him.

"Eh, you'd probably find out in one of the later stories, what the hell? The name's Kou." He states, getting a nod from Alex as the males all around them start to complement Moka's intelligence and beauty when she turns away from the board.

"Good to know. At least now you won't just be labeled as "the bat"." He states with a smirk, making Kou nod, before flying off as Moka notices Alex and Tsukune, and makes her way over to them.

"Hi Tsukune. Hi Alex." She greets them as she comes to a stop right in front of them, moving a few strands of hair behind her ear. Alex smirks in response as he nods his head, while Tsukune gives his own smile as he brings a hand up to the side of his head.

"Hey… Wow Moka, you're so smart." He complements her, making the pinkette blush in response to his words.

"Oh, it was just a fluke." She says modestly with a smile, before shifting slightly as she focuses on Tsukune. "Hey… Maybe next time, if you want, we could… Um…" She trails off as her blush gets a bit brighter, and she looks down at the ground as she attempts to get the words out, making Tsukune look at her in confusion, while Alex smiles at the scene as he backs up a bit to let the two have another moment.

"We could what?" Tsukune asks the vampire, making Moka look up at him, before looking to the side as she taps her fingers together in slight nervousness, her blush slightly receding as she works up the courage to continue.

"You and I could study together if you'd like to…" She says, making Tsukune look at her in surprise, before smiling at her suggestion.

"Thanks Moka, that sounds really great." Tsukune thanks the pinkette, and within seconds the air around them is filled with sparkles, along with a few spheres where the air is filled with colors. In the background, a woman can be heard humming a tune. At the sight, Alex stands back with a small smile on his face, already seeing the love the two held for each other, even if they themselves didn't realize it yet. Although Alex had to question that as he saw the two holding each other's hands with smiles on their faces.

Meanwhile, he also laughs at the sight of most of the men around the area spouting curses at his human friend as flames envelope them while they stare at the same sight he was, angered by the fact that Moka was hanging out with the most "average" student at the academy. However, when a good portion of the swearing and glares turn in his direction, Alex can only smile as he realizes who's shown up. And turning around, he quickly finds out that he's correct when his face is pressed into two soft mounds, getting a smile from him in response to the action as Kurumu's voice comes from right above him.

"~Guess who~" She says in a sing-song voice, and Alex smirks to himself as his face is let out of its soft prison, and lifted up to look into Kurumu's amethyst eyes, which brighten at the sight of her Destined One. Alex smiles at the bluenette in response as he gives her a soft kiss, the Succubus returning it before they pull apart. "Hey Alex! So, how did my Destined One do on the exams?" She asks him with a bright smile, which Alex is quick to return as he points with his thumb over to the board.

"Tied for first! Gotta admit, it feels good to be there." He tells the bluenette, who was currently staring at him with her mouth gaping and her eyes opened wide, before Alex finds himself once again trapped in the soft prison from before.

"~Ya-hoo!~ My Destined One isn't only the strongest, he's also one of the smartest!" He hears Kurumu celebrate above him, before his head is released once again and he sees the bluenette looking down at him with smoldering, half lidded eyes. "I think this deserves a bit of a celebration later…" She whispers to him, sending a shiver down his spine, even as he smirks at Kurumu in response to her words.

At this point in time, a week had passed since the incident between the two, and they were already officially boyfriend and girlfriend. Needless to say that Alex's fangirls had been utterly crushed at this announcement, many of them ending up in tears when they found out… And while Alex still felt a bit bad about it, he also couldn't help but feel like said tears were completely unwarranted… But, that aside, because they were together, the two spent a lot of time getting to know one another.

Alex learned that while his girlfriend was a Succubus, she was mainly taught how to "act" by her mother, while at the same time relying on her instincts. However, since she was in an actual relationship unlike most, if not all, of her species, she also knew that it would be a bit different than normal for her kind. He also found out that she was a really good cook. She could take most recipes, and would put a bit of her own touch into each one to make them better than most chefs in the human world.

For Kurumu, she learned a bit about Alex's life. She learned about Cole and Zeke, and how Alex was practically a carbon copy of his older brother in terms of powers. This is because he'd explained how his "species" of Conduits were different from most other monster species, in that not all their abilities were the same. As for the events of Empire City, Alex gave a very brief cliff note version of it, instead of explaining it in detail. While he was planning on telling his girlfriend and other friends soon, he wanted to keep that a bit more close to home because of how scarring it was to him. Both physically, as well as mentally.

Back in the present, Kurumu sees Alex's smirk, and decides to indulge a bit as she locks lips with him once again, this time snaking her tongue out to meet his own, which then proceed to dance with one another in their mouths, causing Kurumu to moan, before she presses back against his own, and invades his mouth with her tongue, making the young Conduit groan in response to her actions, and making Kurumu smirk into the kiss. While Kurumu was treating this as an actual relationship between them, she was still a Succubus. Which meant that when it came to situations like this, she knew exactly what to do to make her Destined One feel good.

Breaking the kiss, Kurumu keeps her arms wrapped around Alex's torso as she leans in so that her mouth is right next to his ear. "That's just a taste Alex. I'm planning for more later." She whispers, sending another shiver down his spine, even as he smirks and brings a hand down to squeeze her ass a bit. That was another thing. While Kurumu was a Succubus and knew how to make Alex feel good, the same could be said for the Conduit, since the bluenette was extremely sensitive to these things because of her species.

And Kurumu was very glad for this as she moans into Alex's ear from the pleasure, a part of her wishing that she could just sprout her wings and fly them to her boyfriend's room right now so that she could strip him there and start up a session between the two of them that would leave them sweating and panting in each other's arms by the end of it. But she reigned in her Succubus nature, since she knew that Alex wouldn't approve of that at the moment due to the fact that he actually wanted to attend the school and continue to learn. Although that didn't stop the bluenette from teasing him during class.

More than a few times she'd sprouted her tail and used it to tease him while he sat in front of her and payed attention to the lessons in class. And she was always glad that she did since even though he got slightly frustrated with her during the times that she did it, once class was over and they went to his room, he was quick to start a make out session between the two of them. And with what he did, and how he managed to keep up with her, Kurumu usually found herself in a daze with her boyfriend smirking at her by the end of it with a slight air of smugness around him, Kurumu not minding in the least since she was usually too out of it to care about much other than the fact that he was able to make her feel good.

She may have been a Succubus, a species of monster made to seduce and please males to an extent that no other species could, but when it came to Alex McGrath, Kurumu's Destined One had found a way to outlast even her kind. Or at least the ones of her kind that were still teenagers. Not that she was complaining as she was pulled into another kiss by the brunet, who separated a few seconds later after shoving his own tongue into her mouth, and making her moan into the kiss from the pleasure she received from the simple action. When he pulled away, Alex smirked at the glazed over look of his girlfriend, before his attention moved to a situation that he could see occurring over her shoulder.

A few other bystanders had seen the same situation occurring, but simply stood by and watched as a class president and his friends were "talking" to a young girl that was dressed similar to how a witch would, while in reality they were bullying her. After saying something that caused the three of them to get large, brass basins dropped on their heads, with the young girl laughing at their misfortune, the class president was quick to shove the metal container off him as the nails on his right hand sharpened, and he shoved himself up off the ground before lunging at the young girl, nobody moving a muscle as they witness this. Then, three things happened at once.

There was a faint smell of burning ozone in the air.

A bright blue streak of pure energy flashed through the air.

And the sound of snapping bones could be heard echoing through the small courtyard.

All of this happened within the timeframe of a single second, before a loud yell of pain could be heard in the air, making everyone turn towards the source. What they found was Alex McGrath glaring at the class president as electricity ran across his body, the other teen's wrist absolutely crushed in his grip, the bones inside shattered. Everyone looked at the scene in slight surprise, since while they expected the young McGrath to do this, it was still a surprise to see it happen for the students who hadn't seen him do this before.

Letting go of the class president's wrist, and letting the teen cradle it against his chest, Alex stood in front of the young girl, who was looking at him in shock and awe, and glared at the three teens standing in front of him. "I don't know exactly what was going on here…" He starts, trailing his gaze over the three students. "But when I see a guy try to maul a little girl, I tend to get just a little pissed off…" He continues, making the class president look at him with wary eyes, the other two beside him gulping as everyone in the area starts to pay attention to the situation.

At the same time, Tsukune and Moka notice what's going on, and run over towards Alex, with Kurumu close behind. She'd been confused when he disappeared from his place in front of her, but seeing what was going on, she was able to tell why Alex had suddenly disappeared for a few seconds. In response to the extra attention, the three bullies look around, growing concerned at the large crowd. However, their main concern was the teen that was standing in front of them, electricity crackling across his frame. What caused greater concern for them, however, was when he turned to look over his shoulder at the young girl behind him.

"Hey, do you know why these three have it out for you?" He asks, making the three in question stiffen in fear when they realize what's about to happen, the class president sweating buckets as he speaks up in an attempt to defuse the situation in a way that would hopefully get him and his friends off with a simple warning from the Conduit.

"Hey now, McGrath… This is nothing to worry about…" He starts, a shaky smile forming on his face. "I was just congratulating Yukari on getting first in the grade like she usually does. And… It's no surprise that you ended up tying with her either… After all-" However, he's cut off when a streak of electricity hits the ground in front of him when he tries to take a step forwards, the Conduit glaring at him as the same electricity travels across his outstretched arm.

"Shut up. I asked the young girl, not you." He says, before turning back to the girl in question, now knowing that she was the person that was arguably the smartest in the grade. Must be a child prodigy or something. He thinks to himself, before pushing that off to the side for now as he focuses on Yukari. "Anyways Yukari, do you know why these three tried to attack you?" He asks her in a softer voice, making the girl look at him.

"W-well… At first, they were congratulating me… But they weren't being sincere… And then, they started to pick on me, before trying to attack me." She replies in a quiet voice, making Alex nod, before turning his attention back to the three teens, who stiffen up at the sight of the local Conduit sending them a death glare.

"So… To you guys, this is "nothing to worry about"… Is that right?" He asks them, making them gulp as electricity travels across his body. At the sight, the students who had seen Alex in similar situations before slowly back away, pulling other students back with them to keep them out of the crossfire that was no doubt about to happen. Some pulling Alex's friends and girlfriend back as well, their fear of what was about to happen overpowering any "feelings" they may have had towards either of the girls.

When the three see everyone backing away, they're quick to realize what's about to happen, even if they had a feeling that this was the outcome as soon as McGrath stepped in. With that in mind, they did the only thing that they could do in this situation, similar to Kurumu about a week ago.

They ran away.

And this time, the three were actually running away from the Conduit, not even changing into their monster forms as they attempt to escape Alex's wrath. However, they were forced to break through a small line of students that attempted to block their way, quickly running into the forest as they looked over their backs at the gathered students. Alex watches them leave, not bothering to follow them this time around, since unlike the gangs back in Empire City, and a few of the monsters at the Academy, these three were scared of him enough that he found it highly unlikely that they'd attempt anything while he was still around.

So, letting his electricity die down, he sends a glare at some of the students in the area, mainly the ones who'd been standing around and doing nothing when Yukari was being bullied, and nearly mauled in broad daylight. The one's his glare was aimed at shrunk in on themselves, before making themselves scarce. And seeing that everything was back to normal, everyone else started to make their way out of the area as well. Some going back over to the board to continue looking for their names, while others left the area completely and started to go about their normal lunch period.

As all this is happening, Alex looks around, nodding at what he sees. A few seconds later however, his attention is brought back to Yukari, who's tugging at his sleeve. Looking down at her, he sees her look of both awe, and gratitude. In response, he gives her a small smile, before turning to look at his friends for a few seconds, and then looking back down at the girl. "How about we go get some lunch?" He asks, getting a small nod in response.

"So your name's Yukari Sendo, huh?" Alex asks as his group sits at a table with the younger girl eating lunch, getting a nod from the girl in response. "Nice to meet you. The name's Alex McGrath, although, I get the feeling that you already knew that." He says, giving the young girl a small smirk, and getting another nod in response.

"Yukari Sendo? I've heard of you. You're in the same grade as we are, but you're four years younger. Right?" Moka asks. For everyone else in the grade, that would mean that Yukari was 11 years old. However, for Alex, seeing as he'd been accepted into the school at the age of 16, that meant that the girl was actually five years younger than him. When Moka says this, Tsukune counts on his fingers for a few seconds, before looking back up at the girl.

"So, wait. Did you skip a few grades or something?" He asks, and Alex smirks from his place beside the young girl, Kurumu on his other side.

"Guess I was right earlier." He says, bringing the attention of the others to him, and making him explain. "When I found out she was a student here, and actually met her earlier, I figured that she must be a child prodigy or something. But now I'm sure of it." He states with a smile, getting a blush from Yukari at the praise as she looks down at her lap.

The young girl wasn't used to this. Usually, she would be picked on by the other students because of her status on the line between the human and monster worlds. For all these people to praise her was a surprise. As she sits there, Kurumu thinks about something, before frowning as she leans forwards to look past Alex.

"Hang on a second, I've heard a few things too." She starts, making the others turn to look at her. "Aren't you a Witch as well?" She asks, making Yukari stiffen at that question, since it never led to good things. The silence that follows that question essentially answers it, and Yukari gets prepared to run now that the secret is essentially out, before freezing as Alex places his hand on her shoulder.

"Why would that matter?" He asks, making Moka look at him in shock and confusion. For her, the fact that she was a witch should've answered that question, even if it didn't matter to her. However, Kurumu was the only one who really knew what species of monster Alex was, while Tsukune was also confused about the relevance of what species of monster Yukari was. In response, Kurumu is the one to answer the question on both their minds.

"Alex, Witches are considered Boundary Beings." She tells him, before explaining as he raises an eyebrow. He understood the concept of what a Boundary Being was, but he didn't understand why that mattered. So, Kurumu continued to explain. "They're sort of like your kind. For monsters, they aren't seen as being "monster enough", while to humans, they're only seen as monsters. At one point, they were seen as the missing link. But now, they're only looked at with contempt from both sides." She explains with a frown. In response, silence once again reigns over the group while Yukari holds back tears as Kurumu talks about her species.

However, she's surprised when Alex simply pats her shoulder. "So then I can assume that you don't have many friends, huh Yukari?" He asks the younger girl. And she doesn't respond for a few seconds, before turning her head away from the group and giving a small nod.

"Yeah…" She whispers, before looking up at them with a frown of her own on her face. "But who cares about that? If they're not as smart as me, then why would I need them?" She asks them, and gets ready to continue, only to stop when Alex places his hand on her shoulder again, making her look up at him in response to see his sad smile.

"You don't actually mean that." He tells her, the others staying silent as he talks to the wide eyed girl. "I know you don't mean that. Being lonely is never fun, but you feel like you need to be lonely to protect yourself, don't you?" He asks, her eyes getting wider at his words, while tears appear at the edges of her eyes. "I may not have ever felt like you did, but I've felt similar in a different way not too long ago…" He says, his eyes going out of focus for a few seconds as he thinks about Empire City, and how him and his brother could only rely on each other, and Zeke for a short time, before he focuses back on the present.

"But that's never the answer…" He continues as he shakes his head at the young girl, before smiling at her. "So, how about we be friends instead." He suggests. And if it was possible, Yukari's eyes got wider at his statement.

"…Why?" She asks in a whisper as couple tears trail down her cheeks, making Alex smile at her sadly as he places his hand over her witch hat since it was covering her head.

"Because everyone needs friends at some points in their life." Tsukune says from his side of the table with a small smile on his face, shocking the young witch. At the same time, Alex's smile widens a bit.

"And besides, us Boundary Beings need to stick together, right?" He asks her. In response, Yukari is quiet for a few seconds, before her body trembles a bit as a few more tears trail down her cheeks. At the sight, Alex gives a sad smile, and pulls her into a hug. When this happens, Yukari proceeds to actually cry, getting looks from the other students in the cafeteria in response. But seeing Alex McGrath send glares their way made them focus back on what they were doing before.

What followed for the group was the last half of the school day, before they all met up in the clearing that Alex first met Kurumu in. Over the past week, the Conduit in question had been spending a good deal of time in the clearing, making sure to have a small meeting with the Chairman about the condition of the area. Lucky for Alex, the clearing wasn't technically on "school grounds", so he was clear to do whatever he wanted to the area. With that in mind, the Conduit had gone to work.

He'd split the clearing into two different areas. The first half was the area of the clearing where the small pond was located. There, he'd taken down some of the surrounding trees, and used the wood to create a few objects, including a few benches, some tables, and a half finished gazeebo, which would easily fit his group of friends, as well as a few more people when it was done. The other half of the clearing was the area that was a wide open space, which Alex had made a bit larger by using some of the trees on that side for some of his projects on the other.

That area was where Alex trained with his powers, trying to find better ways to use them, and sometimes he even found new ways that he could use them, whether on their own, or in combination with some of his others. A few times over the past week, Kurumu had come with him to watch his training, as well as his pre-training workout. Needless to say that each time she came to watch, she was a bit hot under the collar after watching, and the two returned to school grounds sweating, and in Kurumu's case, with disheveled clothing.

At the moment however, the side being used was the pond side, where Alex and his friends were sitting on one of the wooden tables, which Alex had built benches onto. On one side was Alex and Kurumu, while on the other side was Moka, Yukari and Tsukune. At the moment, they were all studying some of the subjects they were currently going over. Or rather, Yukari was helping Moka and Tsukune study, while on the other, Alex was trying to help his girlfriend with her studies.

Yukari wasn't having much trouble helping two of her new friends thanks to her genius status, while Tsukune was able to help the two girls with any human related problems, passing it off to Yukari and Kurumu as knowledge from his time living in the human world with help from Alex. As for the Conduit in question, he was having a bit more of a difficult time helping Kurumu, seeing as his girlfriend wasn't making it easy for him to help her due to the fact that even though she didn't want to do it in the first place, she was also taking every chance she could get to try and get Alex hot and bothered so that they could spend some time alone together.

However, despite the fact that Kurumu was making it increasingly difficult for him to stay focused on the school work, her nature as a Succubus helping her in this department in spades, he managed to keep his mind focused, while at the same time making sure that his girlfriend would also continue to work, getting groans of annoyance from her. Alex couldn't really blame her though. Even if a part of it was because of her slightly lazy personality, at the same time, a larger part of it was because of her Succubus nature. Her kind wasn't one to sit around all day doing nothing but work.

The Succubi as a race were active creatures. Most of their energy going into seducing men, and in terms of the ones who had found their Destined Ones, like Kurumu, using a good deal of that energy during the time that they spent with said Destined Ones. And one could easily assume what that time was spent doing. So for Kurumu to be forced to sit around doing schoolwork after finding Alex as her Destined One, a large part of her was rebelling against the thought itself, since it went against her nature.

Instead of sitting beside Alex, working on homework with him, her Succubus nature was practically demanding that she instead grab him, and drag him back to his room so that the two of them could spend the rest of the day, and most likely night, pleasuring each other in ways that usually only existed in the fantasies of humans and monsters alike. This was the main reason that Kurumu was once again attempting to make this happen as her tail was currently sprouted from the small of her back, and teasing Alex by rubbing across his leg, only inches from his groin.

As for the Conduit in question, while their study session continued, it was getting harder and harder for him to focus on the school work in front of him, and not his sexy girlfriend beside him. While her tail teased him below the waist, she used her looks to gain the attention of his eyes every few seconds as she moved in ways that caused her chest to bounce, drawing his eyes to them each time. And every time his focus moved away from his work and to his girlfriend, she'd make a face that was making it increasingly difficult for him to not tackle her to the ground and make out with her right then and there.

What Alex didn't know, and what Kurumu had forgotten about since she was told a few years back, was that as a Succubus, the bluenette was constantly letting off an Allure. Because of this, and because of Alex's status as her Destined One, the teen constantly found it hard to keep his eyes, and hands, off of his girlfriend. The Allure that Kurumu was letting off was something that, unfortunately for her, no Succubus was able to control. This was because as stated before, the Succubi mainly lived to spend their time having sex with their Destined Ones once they were found, and the Allure was subconsciously released to make sure that their Destined One did the same by focusing on the Succubus in question.

This also explained why most of their time together was spent making out, and more. However, their personalities were also a big part in that, surprisingly more so than Kurumu's Succubus abilities. Although at the moment, those were playing a big part in Alex's inability to focus on his schoolwork as he takes another look at his girlfriend as her tail gets closer to the growing tent in his pants, and when Kurumu sees him steal a glance at her, she's quick to use his change in focus to her advantage.

Kurumu shifted in her seat a bit, allowing her breasts to bounce, and making it so that Alex's eyes didn't immediately return to the paper in front of him. This time however, Kurumu didn't stop. Moving again, she was quick to lean against her boyfriend as her eyes became half lidded, giving him perfect "bedroom eyes", while she licked her lips in a seductive manner, and her hand moved down to the lap that her tail wasn't currently rubbing. All of this made it so that Alex had a much harder time focusing on the homework on the table in front of him.

Meanwhile, across from the two, Moka and Tsukune blushed up a storm as they attempted to ignore their friends' actions, while Yukari watched the two with a slight blush on her cheeks as well, while at the same time, a frown could be seen on her face. Like everyone else in the school, she knew about the relationship between the two. And seeing as she didn't know them before, she honestly had no feelings about it. This held true for the most part even now. She certainly didn't mind it, seeing as it was their relationship, and they could go about it how they wanted, but at the same time, she couldn't help but feel a little jealous at the fact that Alex was paying more attention to Kurumu.

She understood why he was of course, what with the girl being his girlfriend, while also being a Succubus, which made it hard for him to keep his eyes off her. However, at the same time, after what he did for her earlier today, a small part of her wanted him to pay more attention to her. Now, she didn't have a crush on him, nor was she hoping for any real relationship. She was only 11 for crying out loud! Instead, what Yukari felt was more of a sibling-like bond with the Conduit. And watching as Kurumu continued to try and get Alex to go back to his dorm, she couldn't help the small feeling of jealousy that she felt.

So when Kurumu finally succeeded in getting Alex's attention completely off his homework, and made the Conduit finally crack and pull her into a heated kiss, causing Moka and Tsukune to head off to the latter's dorm to continue their study session away from the current events taking place, Yukari took her own leave. As she left, she told the pinkette and her brunet friend that she would see them later, before heading off to wander around the school. When the group left Alex and Kurumu to themselves, the two idly noted that the three had left them alone, which led to the two removing a few articles of the other's clothing.

Alex was the first to break their kiss in order to pull Kurumu's vest off her torso, the Succubus giggling at his enthusiasm, which prompted Alex to quiet her by locking lips with the bluenette once again, making her moan into the kiss as his tongue snaked into her mouth. In response to his actions, Kurumu was quick to remove his own vest, sliding it off his shoulders and onto the grass. As their kiss continued, Kurumu leaned into it in order to press their bodies together, which caused them to lose their balance slightly.

Because of this, the two fell to the ground, with Kurumu landing on top of her boyfriend, though neither broke the kiss. A few seconds later, Alex is forced to groan into the kiss as his girlfriend proceeds to grind against the tent in his pants, which in turn caused the bluenette to get aroused as well, grinding against him to both tease him, while at the same time pleasure herself. A few seconds later however, Kurumu moaned into their kiss as Alex raised a hand up to her breast, and squeezed, before he continued to fondle it.

This caused Kurumu to become even more aroused, making her break the kiss to stare down at her boyfriend, who was looking up at her with a smirk on his face. The response she gave was a half lidded smirk of her own, while her tail lashed out and wrapped around his wrists, making him look at her in surprise, while her smirk widened at the look on his face. Next, she removed his white button up shirt, leaving his torso bare, and causing Kurumu's eyes to trail over his sweating skin.

A perfectly sculpted six pack, and a chiseled chest made the Succubus lick her lips, while she reached up and removed her own shirt, leaving her upper body clad only in her black silk bra, and making her boyfriend's eyes zero in on her chest, making her smirk once again as she leaned down so that her breasts were flattened against his chest, and their eyes were inches apart. After a few seconds of staring into each other's eyes, the two shared a smirk, before their lips connected once again, and Kurumu's tail release her boyfriend's wrists, allowing him to wrap his arms around her waist, and turn them over so that his weight pressed down against her, making the bluenette moan into the kiss in response to his actions.

Moving one hand and placing it on the ground, Alex lifted himself up slightly, allowing his other hand to move to her covered breast, and start to fondle it once again. In response to his actions, the Succubus' tail moved through the air, eventually reaching his pants, and then rubbing against the tent that had formed, making the Conduit groan into the kiss. They continued like this for a while, before Alex decided to heighten the pleasure his girlfriend was feeling. A few seconds later, Kurumu's tail fell limply to the ground as the bluenette proceeded to moan in pure pleasure.

The cause was Alex's hand, which was currently encased in a small aura of electricity. This in turn, was stimulating Kurumu's nerve system in just the right way to bring untold pleasure to the Succubus, making it so that all she was able to do at the current moment was continue the French kiss the two had going. All other thoughts in her mind were focused on the pleasure that her Destined One was giving her.

Their session continued for another half hour, before they lay beside each other, neither fully spent on energy, but their needs tended to for now. After getting dressed, the two shared one last kiss, this one a true one that was filled with the love they held for one another, before they packed up their school supplies into their bags, and got ready to pick them up, and head back to the dorm rooms. However, before they could grab their bags, a high pitched scream could be heard through the air, making Alex and Kurumu share a look, before they dashed off in the direction that it originated from.

The sight that greeted them made their blood boil, Kurumu glaring at the scene in contempt, while if Alex's glare alone could kill, the bastards a few yards away would be corpses… Scratch that, they wouldn't even be that. They would be piles of ash being blown away in the wind. At the moment, Yukari was cornered against one of the dead trees in this part of the forest, a group of Lizardmen surrounding her.

The front three had on the same clothes as the three bastards from earlier in the day, letting Alex know exactly who they were. Meanwhile, standing around hem in the usual Academy uniforms were over a dozen more Lizardmen, all of them snarling at the young girl as she clutched her wand, which was currently snapped in two, with the pieces of the top half lying on the ground around the "leader" of the group. Within seconds of Alex entering the clearing, the smell of burning ozone was in the air, making the Lizardmen all stiffen at the energy crackling in the air, while Yukari looks on in shock and hope at the sight of Alex slowly walking towards them.

"You know, I was willing to let you guys walk off earlier." He starts, making the monsters turn to look at him. "I thought that maybe, you guys realized not to try that shit again. Instead, I find you here treating my little sister the same way, with the intent to kill her being very clear to me." He tells them, his mouth twisted into a scowl while his glare gets harsher, making all the Lizardmen freeze at the sight of it. While this happens, Yukari uses their change in attention to run over to Alex, and hide behind him.

When this happens, the Conduit looks over his shoulder at the young witch, a small smile appearing on his face. "Hey Yukari, are you alright?" He asks her, getting a small nod in response. "That's good." He tells her, before turning back to the Lizardmen as his glare returns, and he scowls at them once again. "Now if you'll excuse me, I need to take care of a few bugs.." He says, cracking his knuckles as he walks towards the group of Lizardmen as Kurumu walks forwards to protect Yukari if any of the monsters try to completely bypass the angered Conduit. At the sight, a few of the monsters in question step back, before the "leader" growls as he steps forwards, looking back at the others as he does so.

"Hey! Alex McGrath is another Boundary Being!" He exclaims, before turning and looking back at the Conduit. There was fear in his eyes, but at the same time, he refused to let himself run away for a second time. Especially now that he had his entire group with him. "Therefore, as Lizardmen, and Pure Beings, we outmatch him! Both in power, and numbers!" The leader continues, making the hesitant Lizardmen start to gain some more confidence, growling at the McGrath as he gets closer. And as electricity starts to travel across his arms, three of the Lizardmen break away from the group, and charge towards the Conduit. When he sees this, Alex's fists tighten, while electricity almost seems to dance in his eyes.

Play: Fairy Tail 2014 OST – Main Theme Battle Version

Electricity dances across his arms, before he holds out his right arm, and in quick succession, shoots each of the Lizardmen charging at him with a Lightning Bolt, causing them to fall to the ground, twitching as electricity dances across their bodies. (0:08) At the sight, the other Lizardmen can only stare at the sight in shock, before more electricity travels over Alex's arms. "Who's next?" He asks, silence reigning after he asks this, before the Lizardmen growl at seeing the three twitching on the ground, and charge towards the Conduit. Alex does the same, charging at the group of Lizardmen with a battle cry a second later. (0:16)

Alex is quick to dodge under one Lizardman arm as he attempts to slash at him with his claws, before encasing his fist in electricity, and throwing it into the monster's stomach. The result is the Lizardman being thrown across the clearing from the force behind the strike, crashing into a tree and losing consciousness a second later. (0:22) Not even a second later, he's twisting around and bringing his electricity encased foot into another Lizardman's snout in a roundhouse kick, this monster ending up in an identical situation to the first, reverting back to his human form moments later. (0:31)

The next second, Alex twists around, his arms encased in electricity, before he throws them out, shooting out multiple Lightning Bolt's into the numerous Lizardmen attempting to rush him, making them spasm for a few seconds, before they fall onto the ground with occasional sparks trailing over their bodies. Ducking under another clawed hand, Alex turns on a dime, creating a Shock Grenade in his hand, before shoving it forwards and allowing it to explode just in front of the monster, sending him flying back into a tree on the opposite end of the clearing, where he slumps down onto the ground, unconscious. (0:48)

Ducking and dodging under another Lizardman's attempt to take a bite out of his shoulder, the Conduit was quick to spin on his heel with a glare, and deliver an electric powered right cross to the scaly bastard's cheek, sending the monster flying, before his body starts skipping across the small lake in the middle of the clearing. He ends up hitting the opposite end after a few seconds, throwing up a cloud of dust and dirt in the process as Alex turns his attention back to the rest of the group. (1:03)

A bright blue streak moves out of the way just as two clawed hands swipe the area Alex was a few seconds prior, making the two Lizardmen stare in shock at the spot where the Conduit should have been. However, the sound of electricity makes their eyes widen in realization as they turn around, only for Alex to slam their heads together, electricity dancing in his palms, and electrocuting the two bastards between his hands, the Conduit standing above their twitching forms with a scowl on his face, his eyes showing the clear disdain he held for the two. (1:20)

Not a second later, the Conduit leaps up into the air, dodging the last three Lizardmen that had attempted to dogpile him. Using his Static Thrusters to stay suspended in the air, Alex gathers a large amount of electricity around his body, before using a Thunder Drop, and scattering the monsters in different directions, electricity dancing across their frames as they fly through the air with pained yells, the Conduit standing on the dirt as their bodies fall around him, twitching as electricity dances across their bodies. (End OST)

Within the time frame of just over two minutes, Alex is the only one left standing in the clearing after the battle, all the Lizardmen either unconscious, groaning in pain and too out of it to put up any more of a fight, or twitching as electricity travels over their frame every few seconds. Walking over to the leader, Alex picks up the teen by the front of his uniform, making the monster look at the Conduit with fear filled eyes as Alex glares at him with hatred clear in his eyes, while his other hand has electricity dancing across his fingers.

"If I find you doing anything like this again, to anyone when you get back to this school, then you might find that as much of a Guardian as I am to this school, when it comes to the monsters that threaten my friends, I tend to get protective of them." He growls, before pulling back his fist, and sending a harsh left cross to the Lizardman's head, knocking him out. The Conduit drops the monster to the ground, before he then proceeds to use Arc Restraints on them all, turning and walking over to his girlfriend and little sister figure with a smile when the last of them are restrained.

"Come on you two, let's get to the headmaster to tell him about what happened." He says, getting a nod from Kurumu, while Yukari runs forwards and jumps up to wrap Alex in a hug, crying into his chest as she does this. He returns the hug, comforting the young witch after what had nearly happened to her. Then, the three leave the area. Kurumu beside Alex, while the Conduit holds the now-quietly sobbing Yukari as they make their way towards the academy so that Alex can let the Chairman know about the Lizardmen left behind in the clearing…

Not that he would need to, seeing as the Chairman knew of everything that happened in his school. However, Alex figured that by going to let the man know, he was at least being courteous about it.

Dear Big Bro and Zeke,

This week, things were actually more quiet than normal. Guess the monsters here realize it's a bad idea to piss of a McGrath, right Cole? Anyways, because it was a quiet week, there's not too much for me to comment on. Classes went like usual, although the exam that we had was a bit of a surprise. However, you guys will be glad to know that I ended up tied for first in the grade! Although that does bring up one topic that I want to write about.

Turns out the person that I tied with is actually a child prodigy named Yukari Sendo. The young girl's only 11 years old! At the same time, Yukari is a witch, which is another Boundary Being like us Conduits. However, because she's so young, and doesn't exactly know how to control all her powers like we do, she's subject to a lot of bullying. Apparently us Boundary Beings are considered too human by monsters, but considered monsters by humans… well, the two of us can attest to that a bit, right Cole? With that being said, I've added a few pictures of Yukari as well.

Anyways, earlier today I actually had to stop her from getting mauled by her class president. I let them off with a warning when it happened at first, but I found out I probably should've taken care of them right away. A few hours after school let out, the three bastards got the rest of their "pack" together, and were hell bent on killing her. Like hell I was gonna let anybody lay a hand on my little sister figure!

So, after having their asses handed to them, I made sure to leave a lasting threat with their leader, before leaving them for the Chairman to take care of. They should be suspended by the time school starts up again tomorrow… Anyways, besides the fact that me and Kurumu are spending more and more time together as of late, I can't really think of anything else to say…

And no, Cole, it hasn't happened yet. Though I will say that it will possibly happen soon if the fact that we've come close to it multiple times is any indication… Sorry again, but at the same time, I can't really mean that!/


Alex McGrath.

Author's Note Part 1: Alright guys, so that about does it for this chapter! I'm still on my RV trip for a few days, so I've still got free time to spend writing up these stories without worrying about trying to find a full time job like I'll be doing once I get back home. Now, for those of you reading this, and realizing what I just said about how I'm on my trip, yet managed to write out a Lime earlier in this chapter, let me explain.

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