Me: Hi! Ok so I decided to do all my story ideas lately i will update but just not everyday on the same story, hope thats ok! Anyway here you go! This is set before mine and JakenIzzy1fan's RP because at the end of the RP Jake and Izzy had left Neverland forever. You'll get it once you see what happens in this story ok?!

Disclaimer: I do not own Jake and the Neverland pirates i own the plot of this story though.

It was a regular day in Neverland and Captain Hook was looking for something to do. (Me: Wait why did i start with him?! Oh well lets get to Jake and the others)

On Pirate Island Jake and his friends Izzy and Cubby were also looking for something to do. Lets just say everyone was bored.

Cubby: I'm gonna go get some more coconuts.

Jake: I'm gonna go practice on Captain Hook dummies.

Izzy: And I'll be here...

Later with Cubby:

Cubby was walking around trying to find coconuts when he saw a bright blue light and when the light vanished, in its place were three babies, triplets to be exact. They didn't look to be even 3 months old.

Cubby: Jake! Izzy! Skully!

Only Izzy heard Cubby since she was on the beach.

Izzy: Whats wrong Cubby?!

Cubby: Look right there. *Points to babies*

Izzy: How did this...

Cubby: A blue light appeared and when it was gone those babies were there.

Izzy: Come on lets bring them to the Hideout.


Jake: Hey guys, I'm back.

Cubby: Jake you need to come see this.

What Jake saw was shocked to say the least, Izzy was holding three babies.

Jake: Huh?

So Izzy and Cubby explained to Jake what had happened.

Izzy: Lets find out what their names are.

But when Izzy looked closer she noticed that the boy had chocolate colored hair and green eyes, while the girls had Hair like Jakes and Chocolate colored eyes. They read the Babies names on the blankets which i don't know how they didn't see it before, the boy was called Mason(Me: Its not common and i like it don't judge me) the first girl' name was Brooke and the other girl was named Aria(me: Sorry for the third AN its just i watch pretty little liars dont judge me for that too.)

Cubby: Well what do we do with them?

Izzy: I don't know...

Me: Ok this is just the beginning so stay tuned! Also i didn't write much because im tired since my grandparents got me up at 5:00 am so i can get on a plane to see my dad and step mom for the week.