Summary: Clarke Griffin is an artist and engaged to Finn Collins. Finn Collins is head neurosurgeon at Jaha Hospital. Clarke Griffin doesn't love Finn Collins. Instead she is in love with her best friends, Octavia's brother, Bellamy Blake. Bellamy Blake is a High School History Teacher and is completely in love with Clarke Griffin. The thing is they have never admitted that to anyone. Clarke Griffins mother, Abby Griffin is chief of surgery at Jaha Hospital. All Abby Griffin has ever wanted is for Clarke to be a doctor and marry a man who is well know in the medical field. Which is why she pushed Clarke to accept Finn Collins' proposal. Jake Griffin is Clarke Griffins father who is an engineer and has only ever wanted Clarke to be happy.

What happens when one night Clarke gets in an accident and doesn't remember anything? Including the fact that she was going to call off her engagement, and tell Bellamy she loves him. With no memory, Clarke's mother keeps pushing Clarke to marry Finn saying that they love each other, and even gets Clarke to accept Med School. Even though Clarke has people telling her she loves Finn there is a part of her that feels as if they are wrong. That feeling always strengthens when she is talking to Bellamy Blake.

Italics are thoughts!

Chapter One: The Night Of The Accident!

It was 10pm and rain was pouring down from the clouds. Clarke Griffin was driving to Finn Collins', her fiancés house to call off the engagement. It was one of the only nights he had off work. All Clarke could think about was that even though they were engaged she never really loved Finn she only accepted his proposal because her mother was pushing for this. Clarke figured at that time because she didn't go to Med School, like her mother wanted, the least she could do was marry the man her mother wanted her to. The problem is that for the past three months, pretty much since she said yes to Finns proposal, she has been feeling guilty, sad, and most of all alone and very much so not like herself. The only time she felt like herself was when she was with her her all time best friend, Bellamy Blake.

Clarke knew that she always had some feelings for Bellamy that went beyond friendship but she could never admit it because she was terrified that something could go wrong and they'd ruin their friendship or he wouldn't feel the same as her. For years Clarke has been harboring her feelings for him and the more time that went by the bigger her feelings grew, until tonight, when she had the startling realization that she was in love with Bellamy. He was always there for her no matter what was going on with him, even if he was grading papers, if she showed up at his apartment and if he noticed something was wrong and he ALWAYS knows, he will stop everything, claim he isn't busy and comfort her for hours on end. Bellamy also has a way to make her laugh in a way that no one else can, he makes her laugh until she can't breathe and is red in the face. They can talk for hours about nothing but it always seems like the most important conversations. He never pushes her to do something she doesn't want to do and is always supportive of the things she does want to do like, becoming an artist even though her mother has always pushed her towards Med School. Granted in the beginning when they first met they hated each other, Bellamy thought she was a spoiled, stuck up, brat, who got everything handed to her and Clarke thought he was a pompous, overbearing, vindictive, jerk who didn't care about anyone but himself. Little did Clarke know that Bellamy was her best friends, Octavia's older brother. Then she realized how kind, caring, overprotective, and smart he is. Eventually they became the best of friends, they did everything together to the point that Octavia complained that Bellamy had stolen her best friend and Clarke had stolen her brother from her.

Whenever Clarke is with Finn she feels like she can't be herself. Unlike with Bellamy, Finn has judged many of her decisions, made her do things that he wanted to do, and even criticized her artwork'. Which is fine but when they had been dating for about a month and he says "Clarke why waste your time making these stupid little sketches when you could be saving people like me and your mom do?" she felt absolutely horrible because she loved to paint more than anything. When Finn left that night she went to Bellamy's apartment and she put on a brave face hoping he wouldn't see that she was devastated but of course the second he opened his door he smiled at her but then frowned and asked "Whats wrong?" Clarke could see that he was grading a pile of his High School students History papers so she said "Nothing, I can see your busy so I'll just talk to you tomorrow." However, when she turned to leave he quickly and gently grabbed her elbow and slowly turned her around, brushed some hair that fell in front of her face behind an ear and asked gently "I am not busy. What's wrong Princess?" she smiled a little at his nickname for her, which used to be used as an insult said with venom in his tone but he now uses it all the time with a lightness and fondness in his voice. Then she couldn't hold back her tears and as soon as he saw that he pulled her into a hug and brought her into his apartment and they sat on his couch and talked about what Finn had said and Bellamy kept telling her that her art is amazing and Finn has no idea what he is talking about. When Clarke told Bellamy she could tell it made him upset and that he wanted to go find Finn and punch him which she quickly put an end to. After they talked about her night they talked about how Bellamy's job of teaching High School students History was going and then they kept talking about nothing and everything all night until they passed out by each others side on the small couch. The next morning when she woke up, she was on his chest his arms wrapped around her while he was still sleeping. That wasn't the first time they woke up like that, they have slept like that so many times that it seems like a normal occurrence for them and if they get a feeling in their guts that it should always be like this they ignore it, not wanting to scare the other off.

No matter what it is Bellamy is always there for Clarke. It's one of the reasons she loves him. There are too many reasons of why she loves him to count. While she could barely name five reasons why she was with Finn. Clarke was about 20 minutes away from Finns house. He lives about an hour away from Clarke's apartment which she shares with her best friends Octavia and Raven. The rain was coming down harder than before, normally Clarke would turn around and go home or pull over and wait for the weather to clear up, but she knows that she has already wasted probably years of being with Bellamy and she won't waste anymore time. Still, she needs to break up with Finn first because even though she doesn't love him at all she would never cheat on anyone. Just as she finished that thought is when her life changed.

The light turned green and Clarke started to move but as she got into the intersection a car came out of nowhere and slammed right into the side of her car. It was as if time sped up as she spun multiple times and then her car rolled and hit a light pole. Clarke's car was now upside down and practically crushed. The other car had a dent and the driver was getting out of the car as civilians were calling 911. People waited to hear a voice call out for help but none came. When police, ambulances, and firemen arrived at the scene they jumped into action seeing the car flipped over and a crowd of people staring waiting to find out who was in it and if they were okay because still not a sound came from that car and they were all thinking the worst. Paramedics and firemen raced to the car that Clarke was in. Suddenly they called out "We need a stretcher over here and a crowbar! This woman is alive but unconscious and stuck!" Suddenly they all were racing faster to get this woman out of the car and into the ambulance. One of the fireman held out her purse that they found in the car to a paramedic so that they can call someone and find out who this woman is.

The doors to the ambulance closed and it took off heading for the closest hospital which just so happened to be Jaha Hospital, where her mother, Abby, and Finn work. Once they got to the hospital they took her into the emergency room area and gave her to the doctors so that way they can start doing what they do best, save peoples lives. One of the nurses took the purse from the paramedics and got out Clarke's phone. Her lock screen was a picture of all her friends and her on their weekly game night. Octavia, Raven, Monty, Jasper, Miller were all surrounding Clarke and Bellamy who were in the middle of the group with there arms around each other. It is one of Clarke's favorite pictures of them all. "Poor girl. I hope she pulls through. Looks like she's got a lot of people around her for support." the nurse said as she went into Clarkes emergency information from her lock screen.

It said… Clarke Griffin, 25, Born March 7 1990. In Case of Emergency call my father Jake Griffin at the following number _ if you can't reach him please call my roommate Octavia Blake at _ if for some reason she doesn't pick up call my other roommate Raven Reyes at _ if she does not pick up then you could try my mother Abigail Griffin at _

The only reason she didn't have Bellamy on her list was she knew hospitals could only contact family or people who lived with a patient.

The nurse called Jake Griffin from Clarke's phone and luckily he picked up on the second ring.

"Clarke? Are you okay the weather is getting bad sweetheart, I hope you aren't driving in it." said a mans voice.

"Hi is this Jake Griffin? Clarke Griffins father?" asked the nurse.

"Yes. Who is this?" Jake asked hesitantly.

"My name is Roma I am a nurse at Jaha hospital your daughter was just brought in from a car crash and you were listed as her first emergency contact." Roma replied.

"WHAT?! Is she okay where is she EXACTLY I am on my way!" asked a very concerned, worried, and scared Jake Griffin.

"She is going to the operating room, I am not sure of her condition but if you come through the emergency room doors I can show you to where she is. You will be needed to be asked some questions by the police." replied Roma.

"Okay," Jake said but Roma knew he was distracted probably by the information that his daughter is in the hospital.

"Dammit I have to call Bellamy!" he said in a worried and saddened tone.

Little did Bellamy and Clarke know that Jake Griffin knew all about how they felt for each other and was not looking forward to the fact that he was the one who had to tell Bellamy, one of the most overprotective people he has ever met that the woman he loves, who he hasn't told he loves her to yet is in the hospital.

"There wasn't a Bellamy on her Emergency Contact list just you, Octavia Blake, Raven Reyes, and Abigail Griffin." Roma said confused.

"Yes well trust me Bellamy Blake needs to know if you could please call the others on her list and ask them to notify her other friends, Jasper, Monty, and Miller that would be very helpful, you should only need to call one of her roommates. Please also let them know that I am calling Bellamy. I should be there in about 5 min." he asked and informed me.

"Of course Mr. Griffin I will notify them all immediately." Roma responded then Jake hung up and she proceeded to call one of her roommates, Octavia Blake who freaked.

Luckily all their friends were at her, Raven, and Clarke's apartment watching a movie, all except Bellamy who had papers to grade. Octavia told them but left telling Bellamy up to Jake Griffin because there is no way she wanted to be the one to deliver that news to him and all their friends agreed. They all immediately piled into cars and went to Jaha Hospital which was half an hour away.

Meanwhile Jake Griffin was in his car approaching the hospital where his little girl was at and trying to reach Bellamy who wasn't picking up.

Finally Bellamy picked up and said, "Hello Mr. Griffin sorry I didn't pick up sooner I wasn't by my phone. Is everything alright?"

Jake took a deep breath because he can't even imagine what hell Bellamy is about to be put through. "Hello Bellamy it is alright. Um look something happened and I know you and Clarke are extremely close which is why I have taken it upon myself to tell you. I don't know exactly what happened yet but Clarke was… um," Jake Griffin tried to tell him.

''Clarke was what sir?" Bellamy rasped out.

He was waiting with bated breath for what Jake Griffin was about to say.

"Clarke was in a car accident and is in Jaha Hospital. I am not sure how bad it is all I know is she is in the operation area and I am just about to arrive at the hospital. I know you care about my daughter a great deal Bellamy so I think you should come down here." Jake said worried about how he will take it.

Jake heard Bellamy clear his throat an let out a few deep breaths before saying with what sounded like real difficulty "I'm on my way I will be there as fast as I can."

"Okay well be careful and don't worry I had the hospital call Octavia or Raven who probably told everyone." Jake said worried that Bellamy may race over here and get in an accident himself.

"Okay thank you for letting me know." Bellamy rasped out then hung up.

Bellamy closed his eyes and prayed it was a nightmare that the woman of his dreams and heart wasn't actually in the hospital. When he opened his eyes and realized this was really happening he grabbed his keys and raced out of his apartment the papers he was grading and tomorrows lesson plan forgotten. She has to be okay. She has to be okay. Clarke has to be okay. My Princess needs to be okay. She is strong she just has to be okay. Those are the only thoughts rolling through his head along with, she can't leave this Earth not knowing I love her with all my heart, mind, body, and soul.