Chapter 2- Who Are All Of You?

Bellamy ran threw the emergency room hospital doors and marched up to the nurse at the desk. "Where's Clarke Griffin? Is she okay?! What happened?" he said desperately wanting answers to the many questions running threw is mind.

As the nurse was about to speak he heard a familiar voice behind him call his name. He turned to see Jake Griffin and Abby Griffin, Clarke's parents and behind them were all of his friends and his sister looking sad and sympathetic at him. As soon as Abby saw Bellamy she turned and walked away, she never liked him very much. Jake however always appreciated how protective Bellamy was of his daughter, and seeing the boy now with mussed hair that shows he has been dragging his hand threw it a lot, his dress shirt was untucked and wrinkled, he was panting probably from running in here.

"Mr. Griffin is she okay? What happened? Can I see her? Where is she?" Bellamy asked rapidly, it took him 15 min to get to the hospital and a lot can go wrong in 15 minutes.

"Relax, she is in surgery. You can see her when she is out. All I know is that she was in a car accident and she had banged up her head and broke a few ribs and her left wrist. She also had some cuts from the glass." Jake Griffin sad sadly watching as this young man looked as if he was ready to tear this place apart to find her.

When Abby came back she was holding her phone and walked up to Jake and said "I've called Finn but he said that he will try to get here in a few days and that he is busy with planning his speech for the surgeon conference in a few weeks."

"Well there isn't anything we can do but wait for news on Clarke." Jake said still looking at Bellamy who looked like his heart was breaking.

Jake took a seat next to Abby. Monty, Jasper, Miller, and Raven were all sitting on the big couch in the waiting area with Octavia sitting on the chair beside them. Bellamy went to the side of the room leaned against the wall and slid down it till he was sitting on the floor with his knees pulled to his chest and his hands wrapped around his legs. He was facing the door that lead deeper into the hospital. Tapping his foot and hands impatiently feeling as if its been an eternity since he arrived even though it has only been a few minutes. Octavia got up, walked over to him, sat down next to him and put her head on his shoulder. She had been holding in tears since she got the call that her best friend was in the hospital, it all felt like a dream. Now, seeing Bellamy so distraught made it all feel real.

A few minutes later a few police officers came over and stood in front of them all. After informing everyone about what they believed happened and what bystanders saw happened was she pulled into the intersection as the light turned green, a car came speeding out of nowhere and slammed into the driver side of her car, which spun about 4 times until it flipped and started to roll till it hit a light poll, which stopped the car but it was still flipped. Once they all took in that information the police officers had some questions about Clarke.

"I know this is a high stress and painful time for you all but we have some questions that we need to ask and information we need to confirm with all of you."

All of them nodded their heads or made some kind of agreement except Bellamy who just sat their looking straight at the doors that would lead to Clarke.

"Okay first off the woman's name is Clarke Griffin born on March 7 1990 in Virginia, correct?" One officer asked.

"Yes." replied Abby.

"She is an artist?" at the conformational odds from her friends and father they marked it ignoring Abby's scoff of displeasure.

The officer then asked, "What would be her weekly or monthly income?"

At the puzzled looks all around Bellamy sighed and said "Weekly she makes about 200 to 300 dollars sometimes she gets more. Monthly it normally is around 6000 maybe a little lower or higher."

Everyone looked at him shocked that he knew that.

"Alright, um what's her car license plate number? We just need to confirm everything." they asked.

Once again the officers were met with puzzled looks. "She has a lame customized plate that says ART LVR." Bellamy answered with a small smile on his face.

He was oblivious to all the incredulous stares his friends and Abby were giving him even the cops were a little surprised. Jake however was smiling slightly at the boy so helplessly in love with his daughter ever though he too was shocked he knew some of these things like her income and license plate.

"Finally she has an engagement ring on so I'm guessing one of you his the finance?" asked the cops who were looking pointedly at Bellamy who was by far the most emotional looking person there.

"Her finance won't be here for a few days, apparently he has to write a speech for something that won't happen for almost a month." Bellamy bit out almost angrily.

Abby quickly jumped in saying "Finn Collins is my daughters finance and he is a neurosurgeon at this hospital and has a very important conference coming up and has to prepare for it."

"Okay if we have anymore questions we will be in contact with you." said the cop who did all the talking.

Both the cops then walked away just as a doctor called for Clarke Griffins family. They all immediately stood up but Bellamy was the first to get to the doctor.

He asked the question that has been rattling in his mind since he got that phone call from Jake, which seemed like a century ago "Is Clarke okay?"

They all waited impatiently for the doctors reply has Bellamy waited with bated breath, "She is out of surgery, she had 3 broken ribs a broken left wrist, a ruptured spleen, and internal bleeding along with a gash on her head. We believe that she should wake up in a few hours or a day at most. She should be just fine but we are gonna keep her here for a few days, probably a week after she wakes to make sure she is fine. Right now only immediate family can see her."

When the doctor said that everyone groaned but Bellamy looked even more heart broken. Not only is the love of his life in the hospital but he isn't aloud to see her.

After about 30 minutes of sitting in the waiting room Jake Griffin came out with a furious looking Abby and said "You guys can come back for about half an hour then the doctors won't let you back there."

Bellamy was the first to jump up, he was quickly followed by everyone else.

"Thank you Mr. Griffin." Bellamy said slight relief in his tone that was still filled with heart break and worry.

"Your welcome Bellamy and you can call me Jake you know." Jake smiled at the boy who he doesn't know very well other than he is a High School History teacher, very protective of his friends, and the most important he loves Clarke.

School is still in session so Jake had no doubt that he was busy grading papers tonight but the fact that he raced over here the minute Jake called, solidified Jakes belief of him loving and caring for his daughter in a way that he has always wished someone would.

"Thank you. Jake." Bellamy said with a slight grin.

Jake smiled then turned and showed them all to where Clarke was.

As soon as Bellamy walked into the room he quickly walked up to the right side of the hospital bed and knelt down by Clarke and whispered in such a low voice that the only people who could hear were Jake and Abby because they were the closest to him.

"Hey Princess, everyone's here for you. Sorry we weren't here sooner. I don't know if you can hear me but just know that you are the strongest person I know and your going to wake up soon. I just know you will. Don't worry we won't leave your side… I won't leave your side. Now all you have to do is get better because the kingdom will fall apart without its Princess." he said.

Jake let out a small chuckle at that last part, he noticed the relief on Bellamy's face and in his voice the second he walked in. Just seeing that she was there and listening to the monitor showing her heartbeat made Bellamy feel great relief and reassurance that she is okay. After Bellamy told Clarke all of that he finally looked her body over for the extent of the damage. She had a wrap around her head, a big cast on her left wrist, and cuts and bruises scattered her face, arms and probably her whole body. She looked so small in the hospital bed, which is weird because she is the strongest, bravest person he knows.

They had been in her hospital room for 20 minutes. Bellamy was still by her side holding her hand when suddenly he felt her fingers move. He jumped startled by the sudden movement.

"What?" everyone asked him.

"Her fingers moved." he said with a wide grin on his face.

"Clarke? Clarke sweetie can you hear me?" Abby said to her daughter whose head was moving.


Everyone watched with bated breath as Clarke opened her eyes. She glanced around the room with a look of confusion on her face. Her eyes landed on everyone and stopped once she found Bellamy's and a look of pure confusion was written on her face.

"Clarke? Princess? Are you okay?" Bellamy asked gently because he could see that she was close to being scared.

Clarke responded with confusion in her tone "I'm fine but…"

They all waited for her response, Bellamy was clutching her hand in his. Bellamy dropped her hand though at Clarke's next words.

Gasps leaving everyone's mouths and tears welling in most eyes. "Who are all of you?"