Lovino frowned, sighing slightly as he stared at the blank paper in front of him. 'How do I write a letter is the baby brother I only saw once?' He asked himself in his thoughts with a frown on his face as he thought. "fratello I don't know what to tell you since I've never met you but maybe someday I'll meet you." He muttered as he wrote, trying not to swear in the letter because then it would definitely never be given to his fratello. Lovino stood up when he finished the letter and brought it out to the mailbox to send it to his brother.

Feliciano smiled when he noticed he got a letter from his brother, smiling he tore it open and quickly read through it. "Fratello I don't know what to tell you since I've never met you but maybe someday I'll meet you. I hate you a little for always taking grandpa's attention away from me after you were born and being label the useless brother because of you but maybe I'll start to like you idiota." He frowned slightly at being called a idiot and his brother saying he hated him but smiled again when he remembered he might meet him soon. Feliciano ran downstairs to talk to his boyfriend Ludwig about sending a letter to Lovino through the return address on the letter.


Lovino ran downstairs quickly getting dressed and throwing some bread in the toaster for breakfast. "Can't be late for my first day of college." He quickly told himself and got dressed while his toast cooked. He grabbed his book bag and threw all the stuff he needed for the day in it. "Bye tomato bastard!" He yelled to his boyfriend Antonio before running outside and running most of the way to school, he slowed down to a walk once he noticed he was close to the school.

Antonio glanced up when he heard Lovino yell bye before leaving. He smiled slightly and left to go meet Feliciano for lunch to tell him more about Lovino now and give him a letter. The Italian twins never met but instead exchanged letters between each other with Antonio bringing and giving the letters to the correct twin. One day he wanted Lovino to meet his brother but as of right now he still wasn't a huge fan of his brother and hated him for their grandfathers actions. He slowly walked to the small cafe where he would meet Feliciano before work.

Ludwig watched Feliciano freak out as he packed everything he thought he needed for his day of his first day of college "Ludwig since I'll be in class can you meet Antonio in the cafe for me please? I need to get fratello's letter but I have to be in class." He pouted and stared at Ludwig with puppy dog eyes and a pout until he agreed to meet Antonio in the cafe. "Fine I will" he blushed and muttered his response. Feliciano smiled and jumped up, hugging and kissing Ludwig who blushed before hugging and kissing back.