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When Arthur regained movement in his limbs, it was safe to say he was furious. Merlin, the man who he had trusted as a brother and confided more in than his family, had betrayed him, and then it

hit him again.

Merlin, silly, stupid, lazy Merlin, had betrayed him. Arthur crumbled back to his knees before his arms were caught by two knights.

"Sire, what are your orders?" Leon asked as he supported the king and helped him to his feet.

Arthur snapped out of his thoughts about his old manservant, that man was obviously gone.

"Make sure they don't return, but do not launch a search party yet. I need to speak to someone first."

Merlin was sat on the ground, staring at the sticks and twigs on the ground, Gwaine had built a fire and created a camp around him within the hour of their arrival. They were close to the border between Mercia and Camelot. Gwaine recognised it when he was banished. The silence continued while the two sat on the forest floor, lost in their own thoughts for another hour. Merlin was the one to break the silence.

"Why did you follow me, Gwaine? You could have stayed and had the perfect life in Camelot, but you chose to run away with me. You might never have a family. You might never have a home. I won't think any less of you if you chose to return now."

Gwaine thought about it and answered, "I chose you because I know you could never do a bad deed where as Arthur tried to kill you before even hearing you out. As for a home, I gave that life up long ago and a family, can you see me as a family man? It would leave too many women unhappy and that is why I am here, to make women happy." Gwaine adopted a serious tone again, "Merlin, my friend, I would never leave you here, especially in such a situation."

Merlin looked up from the dirty sticks for the first time, "Thank you, Gwaine. You are a true friend."

Gwaine grasped the warlock's shoulder, "Now, my friend, we must talk about your abilities. More specifically, your ability to create mead on demand."

Merlin smiled and everything almost seemed okay.

Until the thumping of horse hooves sounded nearby.

Arthur was stomping down the corridors of his castle, heading towards the one man who had answers for it all. Gaius. The physician, Arthur was almost certain, was far too observant to miss a sorcerer living right under his nose (but Arthur began to doubt his assumption upon the realisation that Merlin had hidden his secret from Arthur for nearly a decade despite him spending nearly every second with him). The door slammed open and Gaius was sat on a chair close to the fire, drinking some tea.

"Hello sire, I guess you have come to speak about Merlin?" He said, not looking at the king, just watching the flames dance over each other and over the logs.

"Of course you knew. Of course you were hiding him!" Arthur felt a sudden rise in his anger levels, "You know that harbouring a sorcerer is a crime Gaius, punishable by death, so why protect him?"

Gaius snorted "If you will excuse me for what I am about to say but your ignorance blinds you, sire. Did you give Merlin a chance to explain? Did you allow him to tell you the truth of why he has magic and how he uses it? Of course you didn't, because to you magic is evil. Magic is the thing that ruined lives. Ask yourself this, if a man were to go insane with a sword and to slaughter a village, which would you blame, the sword or the man? You would blame the man without question, the sword would not work without the man. Magic is the same but instead you blame the instrument for the evil in man. And that is truly why destiny has failed this day."

Arthur opened his mouth to speak but could not find words. It was true. Arthur had just gone straight to the assumption that Merlin was evil, without even giving the man a chance. It was insanity to do so. "I need to know why he does it then Gaius. Why did he chose magic?"

Gaius looked up from the flames and turned to Arthur, "I am not the right person to be asking. You should be asking Merlin but I am guessing since you ran him out of his home with the threat of murder he will not want to speak. I suggest speaking to the great dragon.

"Impossible, I..." Arthur began his argument but stopped when Gaius cocked his eyebrow at the young king, "Do you think I would be telling you to go to him if I thought he was truly dead? He will only come when called, you will need to call him, in the clearing outside of Camelot. He cannot enter Camelot. Merlin forbade it."

Arthur took a step back to absorb the information given to him.

The great dragon was alive and in turn the greatest defeat that Arthur had completed was a lie, another one cooked up by his manservant, who also ordered a dragon to never come into his kingdom. He needed answers.

"How do I call a dragon? The last dragonlord is dead."

Gaius smiled, only for a second then it dropped as quickly as it had appeared. "You will be able to, just call his name. Kilgharrah."

"Okay, me and the knights will ride out at nightfall." Arthur turned to leave but Gaius interrupted, "It would be best to go alone, sire. Many Camelot soldiers and no Merlin to subdue him may lead to a relapse in behaviour. Take no blade, expect maybe Excalibur."

Arthur scoffed himself, "I am unable to take Excalibur, Merlin destroyed it." Arthur left, leaving Gaius alone in his chambers.

Arthur stood in the clearing, sighing at his own stupidity. If someone where to walk into the clearing, they would assume his insane. Well, if he walked into the clearing and saw someone dress in full armour but unarmed, calling a name that sounded relatively similar to the old religion, he would have them thrown in the prison before they could call again. But still, here he stood, shouting out to a dragon, not only a dragon but a dragon who was presumed dead until 2 hours ago.

"Kilgharrah!" Arthur shouted again, it was useless, the dragon was not coming and just as Arthur began to turn his back, a immense thud sounded behind him, the earth under Arthur's foot shook so much that he fell to the ground.

The dragon was huge but less so terrifying than his first encounter with the creature. His scaly skin matched the forbidden, golden colour that resided in his eyes. This was a creature of magic and Arthur was frightened but forced himself to be brave and to stand on wobbly legs.

"Kilgharrah, I am..."

"I know who you are, little king as you do me. The real question is why have you call me here? I assume for answers on your little warlock problem." The dragon boomed down at him, his voice surprisingly calm and warm for such a huge and ferocious beast, but still Arthur wished he had of brought a blade, his hand subconsciously moved to his empty sheath at the thought.

The dragon cocked an eyebrow at Arthur's actions, "Why did you not bring a blade, young king? I could easily slay you where you stand and it would barely be an effort."

Arthur cleared his throat and spoke with a voice he would use when addressing his people, "I brought no weapon because a good friend advised not to, the only weapon he advised to bring no longer exists, thanks to your warlock."

The dragon bellowed in laughed, "My warlock? I can assure you, if either Merlin or I were to claim possession over the other, the warlock would win. I have no control over the boy where as he has the power to control me that only he possesses."

Arthur sighed, understanding what the dragon means, "Merlin is a dragonlord then."

The golden creature nodded his head, then brought it down towards Arthur's level but not the entire way, "The boy was granted the power by his father after his death."

Arthur sucked in a small breath at the thought, Merlin had watched his father die before his eyes. Merlin is a traitor, a voice hissed inside of Arthur's head, but nobody should watch their parent die before their eyes.

"I need answers, dragon. I have been told you can give them to me. Why did Merlin choose magic? He knows of its corrupting power."

The dragon scoffed (if dragons could even scoff) "Merlin did not choose magic, magic choose Merlin. As did destiny. Merlin was born with innate magic, he had no control of it. It would run havoc as a child. He was practically locked away by his mother, in fear that Uther would learn of the boy's power and would execute him. He needed to learn better control. He managed to learn some himself but he needed training. This is why he moved to Camelot. Upon his arrival, I was still locked below the castle and even I sensed it. Every magical being sensed it, Emrys was about to meet the Once and Future King, that is yourself, Arthur. After saving you from the witch, he learnt of his destiny, to protect you. He had been given this power to protect the king and his son and to ensure the reuniting of Albion. Merlin has no evil bone in his body and he uses magic solely for good."

Arthur was taken aback. He had been so wrong, he had almost killed a man who did nothing but save him from danger for a decade. He needed to get to Merlin. However, before the dragon could be questioned any further, "Someone is coming, the information I have given you is only the beginning but I do trust you know enough to make the correct choice." With that, the dragon extended his wings and flew away into the night, only seconds before Leon and Gaius burst into the clearing on horseback.

"Sire!" Gaius rushed forwards, "Did you speak to Kilgharrah? Did you learn the truth?" Arthur could only nod, his head still trying to process the information presented to him. Gaius nodded "Just in time Sire, a group of knights, led by Sir Francis have led to hunt Merlin down like an animal. Sire, this could be the final blow that makes Merlin lose all hope in destiny. You need to find him."

Arthur nodded quickly and turned to Leon, "I will ride now, give me your sword and your horse, I need to get there first, go back and gather Elyan and Percival then ride and find us." Leon nodded and dismounted his sword, grasping Arthur's forearm and handing him his sword. "I wish you the best of luck, sire."

Arthur nodded and rushed away leaving Leon and Gaius stood on the border to Mercia. "I hope he finds him" Leon spoke absently to himself. Gaius began to speak some reassurances before an explosion sounded from not far away.

Merlin was running with Gwaine at his side. The horses and yelling of men was getting closer. He tried firing some spells backwards but they would not cause much harm. It is hard to focus on magic when running for your life. Merlin realised he had had enough. He whirled round and faced the men head on, the horses stopped and the men drew their crossbows and bows, all were pulled back and taunt, and all were aimed right at Merlin. Gwaine was shouting to run, stood a little into the treeline, watching his best friend stood in the clearing, facing almost certain death.

"Fire!" Sir Francis yelled, Merlin swiped a hand in front of him, freezing all the arrows in the air, "Arthur sent you?" Merlin asked, a hint of sorrow in his voice.

Sir Francis nodded, "He sent us to kill you, he doesn't want any secrets of Camelot getting out. But he also just wants you dead for your magic. He hates you."

Gwaine stepped forward, "He is a coward! You all are!" The knights began threatening the former and in the midst of it all, Merlin stood trembling with rage. Arthur should have changed when he spoke to Gaius, he should have realised that all Merlin had done was for the greater good and for the safety of Camelot and its monarchs. He should of seen this. But obviously that man was gone for good. Gwaine, finally, noticed his friend and walked over, "Merlin..."

The only answer Gwaine got was the arrows turning around to face the knights before them. "I'm going to send a message that he won't ever forget."

Gwaine stepped beside the raven haired boy, his eyes trained intently on the arrows before him. "Merlin, this isn't you. You would never dream of killing these men. Ever. Your fight is with Arthur, do not become the evil he thinks you are."

Merlin's arm began to fall as did tears down his face, his face set and he stared at the knights before him, frozen by fright and the threat of the death around them. "You listen to me, you will all return to Arthur and tell him that I do not want to fight him so I will leave him allow and make a promise to never share any information I have on him, if he never hunts me. If I or Gwaine are ever hunted, I will take it personally as an act of war." The arrows fell to the floor, "Tell him to not underestimate my power like he has for the last decade."

Gwaine smiled at his friend, he was still himself. Merlin turned to leave and as Gwaine did, something caught his eye. A crossbow, ready to fire at Merlin. The familiar sound the arrow launching echoed in Gwaine's head.

"No!" Gwaine ran and pushed Merlin down before the pain hit and a warm feeling fell down Gwaine's chest.

"No! Gwaine!" Merlin shot up from the floor to see his best friend falling down the floor with an arrow in his chest.

"You bastards! We were leaving! You were going to live in peace!"

Then Merlin screamed and all hell broke loose.

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