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Chapter one: Enter! Kami, Yami, Shinigami and Naruto!

-The Multiverse, Throne Room-



"… so boreeeeeeeeddd!"

That was the simultaneous whine coming from three females sitting in a throne room decorated very extravagantly. It had white pillars, circled in golden cloth, framing a red carpeted path that lead to the three thrones. The three females occupying the thrones were sitting lazily, almost lying on their seats.

The one sitting in the middle was a blonde haired one that possessed a godly beauty that was only compared to the other two. Her features were delicate and her face was framed by her pale blonde hair. Her body could only be described an impossibly voluptuous with enormous breasts, wide hips and a big and perky ass. All of that was covered in a tight white rob that did nothing to hide her figure. This was Kami, Goddess of Life, Creation and Destruction and Mistress of Seraphs and Angels.

The one sitting at Kami's left an otherworldly beauty about her too. Her features were as delicate as Kami but the shape of her face was slightly more oval. Her hair was black and it was pulled into a high ponytail. She had red eyes that shone with a malice and mischievousness even if that was dulled due to how bored they were. Like Kami she all had a very voluptuous figure but while her breasts and ass were slightly smaller, her hips flared up more. She was wearing a similar rob to Kami's only that hers was red with black accents. This was Yami, Goddess and ruler of the Underworld and Mistress of Devils and Demons.

The last one also had an extreme beauty going for her. Her skin was very pale, almost ashy but still lustrous. Her hair was colored a pale purple and it hung limply around her face, framing it neatly. Her yellow eyes shone dulled insanity and bloodlust due to the boredom. Her chest area was petite, compared to the other two but still big in normal standards, but she compensated with wider hips and a bigger, perkier and shapelier ass. Her body was only clothed, barely, in a black tank top and a very short mini-skirt. This was Shinigami, Goddess of Death, ruler of Souls and Mistress of Fallen Angels.

The three stared dully at a warping portal in front of them that displayed a man garbed in a blue gi rode a green dragon as he waved to a group of crying people. Kami sighed as she waved her hand and the transmission of the happening of one of the universes under her command ended.

"And that was the end of events of the Dragonball Universe. It was entertaining until that cell guy appeared and got beaten but after wards it just got really cliché… again," said Yami as she sat properly on her throne, composed of flaming bones. The other two did the same.

Shinigami nodded her head. "It was fun in the beginning but after everyone started revive after dying it got dull… again. Dead people should stay dead unless you bring them back to freak people out and cause mayhem. If it's done for the sake of doing it then it's just lame."

Kami shook her head at her two sisters. "While I agree with the two of you, Goku's adventure was one to remember. Even if it got dull after a time. Stronger enemies appearing one after the other only to defeat them with power-ups born of screaming their lungs out… again," yawned Kami in boredom, only to sweatdrop at the deadpan looks being sent her way. "When I created it I thought it would be entertaining. Cut me some slack here," she weekly defended herself.

The other two goddesses kept their looks until they sighed, shaking their heads. "So…" Yami started slowly. "What universe are we going to watch now?"

Kami thought for a moment before clicking her fingers. "What about the Naruto Universe? You guys always enjoyed watching Naruto's adventure even if we had done it some many times that I lost count."

Shinigami and Yami perked up and the goddess of death began to slightly jump in her seat, her ass jiggling very enticingly. "May a suggest something for Naru's adventure this time around? We've being getting bored at seeing the same thing over and over again and while I just love him, it gets pretty dull," she pleaded with a pout on her face.

Kami rose an interested eyebrow. "You've gotten my interest. What's that which you propose?" Yami also nodded, showing that she was interested.

Shinigami gave an insane smile showing her excitement on the idea. "Why don't we mess with the universe by messing with its protagonist? And when I say messing, I refer to utterly fuck him up good so he can fuck up everything, changing how things are supposed to happen!" She declared, proud with her idea.

Both Kami and Yami exchanged amused looks and the black haired goddess nodded, showing that she approved. Kami herself only shook her head in exasperation but one could clearly see she was interested in the prospect. And she said as much.

"Very well. No-! Hmmph!" She was interrupted by Shinigami's squeal of happiness and her subsequent action of pouncing of Kami, straddling her sister and locking their mouths together, starting a battle of tongues and lips, along with a lot of groping. Yami stared at the two beauties making out and she whimpered, fluids wetting her inner thighs. She knew that tonight was going to be fun with the three of them.

After a few minutes of making out and groping, Shinigami released Kami's lips with a wet sound, a string of saliva still connecting their mouths. She licked her lips and grinned. "Thanks!" she said gratefully before floating back to her throne.

"As I was saying before I was pleasantly interrupted…" Kami smiled when she heard Yami's whimper and Shinigami's insane giggling. "How are we going to go around this? Any ideas?"

Yami nodded. "I say we bring Naruto-kun here after he gets Kurama-chan sealed inside of him. Then we age him and tell him that he is our avatar, bestowing him with lots of abilities that he can use to show his superiority over everyone else. We can even tell him that his mission, his purpose of living is to safe universe from being destroyed!" Exclaimed Yami, excited with her own input into their plans.

Shinigami's eyes gleamed with some lust as she giggled. "If we give him some of our power he can, in time, become a god like us and he will eventually come to us to satisfy his and our urges. I say we also make him have sex with every pleasing and competent female of his universe so he can get skilled enough to satisfy our needs." Shinigami licked her lips, Yami whimpered again and Kami gave blissful moan.

"I whole heartedly agree," said Kami. "So what abilities are you going to give him? I already decided to bestow him with a few powers of other universes and his own. I was thinking about the usage of Ki from Dragonball, Alucard's abilities from Hellsing, the ability to bend the elements to his will from the Avatar Universe as the powers from the other universes and from his own universe I think Madara's eyes and Hashirama's body are enough." Kami sounded pleased with herself after she listed every power she will give Naruto so they could make his adventure more interesting.

Yami was next as she cupped her chin. "I was thinking about allowing him to use the flames of Amaterasu and the Tsukiyomi without their limitations. Also I was thinking of giving him Rebellion and Yamato… or better yet, I'll combine them both to create another blade, one with the ability to summon an undead or demon army that he can control. Yes that's better." She nodded her head resolutely before turning to Shinigami. "What about you Shin-chan?"

Shinigami's grin was splitting her face in two as she bounced giddily in her seat. "First and foremost the ability to absorb and assimilate souls. This will compensate and augment Alucard's abilities greatly on that regard as he will be able to do what he pleases with the souls he consumes. I will also allow him to use reiryoku and this will not only balance out the Ki on his body, allowing for a much better use of chakra, but he will also be able to fight like a Shinigami and a hollow from the Bleach Universe. I will also give him a Zanpakuto, but this one will allow him to use multiple ones," she finished with her grin widening an inch.

Kami nodded her head. "I guess that should be enough for Naruto-kun to mess up his universe for our entertainment. And who knows, maybe we can get him to mess more storylines for our continued entertainment! So what do you say we get this started?" She asked rhetorically with a wave of her hand, the air wrapping in front of them, showing a nine-tailed red furred fox glaring hatefully at a blond haired man and a red haired woman that was holding the fox back with golden chains.

-Narutoverse, Outside of Konohagakure no Sato-

Minato Namikaze was an admittedly handsome man with spiky blond hair that had two bangs that framed his narrow face. He wore a white trench coat with the kanji for "Yondaime Hokage" and red flames at the bottom edge of it. Under the trench coat he wore a blue body suit under a green flak jacket. His outfit was marred with signs of scuffles and dirt and his blue eyes were glaring determinately at the beast in front of him as he held a bundle tightly against his chest.

Said beats, an humongous red furred fox with nine tails that waved erratically around, was being held back by a very beautiful and enticing red haired woman that showed signs of exhaustion as she knelt on the ground, her breath coming out in hard pants. She was using glowing golden chains that sprouted from her back and were tightly wrapped around the fox, which was glaring hatefully at the two humans with its crimson slit eyes.

"Kushina! Minato!" The Kyubi roared the names of the two people in front of it in hatred. There was only a reason they were holding it back while Minato held a baby. They were going to attempt to seal it once again. And the Kyubi would first die than being locked up for one more second.

Minato just looked up at the fox, a determined look on his eyes. "I'm sorry. I know that you were not yourself when you attacked Konoha but if we let you free the other villages will start a war the moment they become aware at our lack of Jinchuriki." Minato didn't sound all the sorry and he looked down at the baby on his arms.

Kushina panted before looking up shakily at Minato, her purple eyes showing remorse as she stared at the bundle in his arms. "Minato… please… don't use our baby. Seal Kyubi inside of me. I am sure I can still hold him back," pleaded Kushina, tears gathering in her eyes.

Minato gave Kushina a sideways glance before smirking haughtily. "I don't think so Kushina. I will use the Shiki Fujin to split the Kyubi in two and seal one half inside of me and the other half inside Naruto. And since you already gave me an heir I can use to my heart's content, the only use I have left for you is as a sacrifice for the technique. I can't die just yet. You were a good wife Kushina and an even better fuck, but I don't really care for any of that," said Minato with a condescending tone as he kept his smirk.

Kushina's eyes widened as she saw Minato kneeling and pressing his palm to the ground, summoning forth a sealing shrine where he put the blond baby that was peacefully sleeping, as if ignoring everything going around him. She watched him with dilating eyes as Minato stood up before clapping his hands. She shivered as the presence of the Shinigami swept through their senses and that was when her wrath manifested.

Kushina screamed as she released the Kyubi from her chains, which rapidly retracted into her body. The beast and Minato blinked as Kushina got a very devilish grin on her face as she pointed a shaking finger. "Kyubi… kill that man… but please… don't let any harm come to my child…. Do this… as a thanks… for your freedom," Kushina wheezed out.

The Kyubi began to grin in a similar fashion to Kushina as it gave a very subtle nod before locking eyes with Minato. The blond haired man could only gape as the Kyubi reared its front right paw back before lashing it out towards Minato in a lighting fast strike meant to crush Minato in gory fashion. The Kyubi made sure not to aim at the baby that was close by. Sure it had no reason to spare the kit but Kushina did grant it an opportunity to get its freedom and it was not ungrateful. Jaded and uncaring of humans`? Yes. But not ungrateful.

Minato closed his eyes. The shock at seeing Kushina doing what she did prevented him from reacting accordingly which was to jump out of the way of the attack but he was paralyzed. He waited for a second, waiting for his inevitable end, only for a dull thud to reach his ears. He opened his eyes and they widened at the figure stopping the Kyubi's claw from advancing any further with their bare hands!

It was a extremely beautiful blond haired woman wearing a white rob with details in gold that accentuated her incredibly voluptuous figure. She was holding the Kyubi back without even looking at it while she leveled a severe look on a suddenly nervous Minato.

"It seems like this time around, your love for the village surpassed the one for your family… a shame, really, Minato Namikaze," she said with an ethereal voice that resounded with power. She raised her unoccupied arm, the plan of her hand pointing towards Minato.

For a second nothing happened but suddenly Minato took in a sharp breath and his body exploded; chunks of his flesh and bonds flaying everywhere, leaving a red pasta on the spot he was standing on. Both the Kyubi and Kushina's eyes widened even further at seeing that, and they were barely aware at the sense of satisfaction welling up in their guts at seeing that man killed off like that.

The blond woman then tilted her head up with a serene expression on her soft face. "Don't consume his soul Shin-chan. There is still some use for it," she said and both the Kyubi and Kushina looked at where she was staring only for their eyes to widen as they caught sight of another woman floating there.

Like the blond one, her beauty was out of this world and her figure was also voluptuous in the hips and ass department but her chest was small compared to the blond one. On her slightly more rugged features sat a grin so big it almost split her face in half. "As you say, Onee-chan."

The blond haired woman smiled before looking at both Kushina and the Kyubi who were gaping at the two of them like fishes out of water. She tilted her head towards them as she held her hands towards the still sleeping baby who floated into her arm. She held him lovingly as she gave the red hared woman and nine-tailed fox a smile.

"Kushina Uzumaki… Kurama… would you like to help me and my sisters have some fun?"

Kushina and Kurama could only nod dumbly as the blond haired woman let go of Kyubi's claw, letting the beast's paw hang limply as she snapped her fingers and the clearing was enveloped in a bright, golden light.

A few minutes later, Hiruzen Sarutobi, would arrive to clearing to find the dead body of Minato Namikaze and a crying Kushina, holding a sleeping Naruto, who sported now a glowing seal on his stomach.

-The Multiverse, White Planes.-

The three females, the gigantic fox and the still sleeping baby appeared in a place that was completely white. Every direction that you could look towards was white. It was actually kind of creepy for both Kushina and Kurama as they couldn't see where this place began and where did it end. But they were crept out further when another female joined the first two. She was also beautiful beyond measure, but she had black haired pulled into a ponytail, her robes were colored red with black details and her figure was slightly less voluptuous than the blonde's.

The three females then, much to Kushina's consternation and Kurama's confusion, began to gush over the sleeping Naruto. They were carefully rubbing his face with a finger, careful not to wake him up. They were giggling and cooing at Naruto who actually began to smile in his sleep, and pushing himself deeper into the blonde hared woman's bossom.

Kushina coughed to get their attention and she gulped when the three looked at her at the same time. She did not forget what the blonde one did and she was sure the other two were most likely just as powerful. "Ummm… who are you and what are you doing with my son?" she asked with a nervous voice.

The blonde looked down at Naruto before smiling reassuringly at Kushina. "Don't worry Kushina-chan. We mean no harm to you, Naruto-kun or Kurama-chan. As a matter of fact you three are going something akin to our protégées from now on," she said, smiling mysteriously at them.

Kurama narrowed its eyes, peeved at being called in such a manner. "I would also like to know who you three are. No one has ever stopped an attack of mine without breaking a sweat… even Gyuki has to use some of his tails to do it."

The blonde one nodded her head. "I guess that it is only fair for you to know who we are in order for our talk to go more smoothly." She smiled at Kushina and Kurama then. "My name is Kami, Goddess of Creation and Destruction."

The purple haired and pale skinned one gave them a monstrous grin. "I am Shinigami, Goddess of Death and ruler of Souls."

The last one to appear before them, the black haired one gave them a mischievous smile. "And I am Yami, Goddess and Ruler of the Underworld."

Kushina and Kurama could only stare in dumb shock at the three of them before Kurama shook its head. "Should've known…" It muttered before looking t the three of them in the eye. "What do you want from us?"

Kushina whipped her head towards Kurama, shock evident in her face. "And u you are going to take their words at face value? What makes you think they are not lying? This could be a genjutsu for all we know!" Exclaimed Kushina, denial evident in her voice.

Kurama rolled its eyes. "They are not lying Kushina. I can sense the intent to lie and there is none of them coming from them. Also this is no genjutsu as I am aware of when I am put into one and this feels too real too. Also… there is no way in hell a normal human can stop an attack from me like it was nothing. They are who they claim they are. I am sure of that. What I am confused is why are we before them," said Kurama, making too much sense for Kushina to keep in denial.

Kushina's eyes eventually went back to a no widened state before she looked more calmly at the situation at hand. " I would also like to know why you seem so interested in my son," she added her won two cents. She would've demanded them to give him to her so she could hold Naruto, but she dared not to do it. Why? They were goddesses for fuck's sake.

Shinigami was the one to respond, her customary grin in place. "Well, as you may have deduced, we watch over all the universes… making sure that everything goes as it supposed to go. But it eventually got somewhat dull so we decided to spice it up a little by taking Naruto, who is by the way our favorite one, from his plane of existence so we can turn him into our avatar. We are going to give him a general mission for many universes, which is to prevent that universe from being destroyed while also keeping the balance of its structural power, but he will have free reign to get his mission done as he pleases."

Yami followed up. "We are also going to give him some powers that belong to other universes and we are going to train him until he masters all of them. We as, goddesse4s, believe that the more power you have the more interesting things can be so we decided to make Naruto as powerful as we can, so he can give us a very fun time while he does his thing."

Then Kami continued. A pink blush on her face as she stared longingly at Naruto. "We are also going to make him be a very lustful man. My sisters and I love sex. We love it very, very much but it had gotten… repetitive as we only do it with each other. We need a man. And we decided for Naruto-kun to be that man. In every universe he is going to get with almost every female there is so he can become the perfect lover for us." She then gave Kushina and Kurama, who were blushing heavily, a very mischievous look. "And who knows, if you to decide to be by Naruto's side, you might enjoy him too."

"What the fuck!? I am his mother! Why would I want to have that type of relationship with my own son!" Kushina was scandalized, even if steam poured out from her ears.

"D-don't say such things! I am a biju. A genderless being made out of chakra!" Kurama was also a loss for words.

Kami and Yami giggled while Shinigami rolled her eyes. "So you are his mother… what's the big deal? We three are sister and there is nothing more blissful than eating each other's cunts on a daily basis for us. And who do you think you are talking to Kura-chan? We know. You should know that we know," said the goddess of death as she snorted dismissively.

Kushina only grew more embarrassed but also curious as she stared confusedly at Kurama who was looking down in shame. And then, before Kushina's eyes, Kurama was enevelopped in a rising column of crimson flames that got smaller as the seconds passed. Eventually the fire died out and what stood before Kushina and the three goddesses was something that had Kushina's eyes widening to epic proportions.

It was not a fox… but it wasn't completely a woman either. She was extremely beautiful with long reddish orange hair that reached the small of her back. Her features were wild but at the same time soft, with her crimson slit eyes being her more prominent feature, along with the fox ears on top of her head and fluffy red tail coming out from her tailbone. Her figure was very developed; with very big breasts, wide hips and a heart shaped hear that ji9ggled enticingly as she stood up. She was wearing and 'X' shaped top that covered her breast and a short kimono skirt that only reached half of her thighs.

She smiled nervously at Kushina. "Tadda?" She said unsurely as she scratched the back of her head.

"You are a woman!" Screamed Kushina, pointing accusingly at Kurama who kept giggling nervously.

The human vixen nodded her head. "I am. At first I was indeed genderless but as time passed I became bored with always being a fox so I made this form for me. Eventually I grew so accustomed to it that I subconsciously became an honest to Kami female. Don't judge me please!" She cried out.

Kushina stared incredulously at her. "Judge you? Girl, the most powerful being in our, erm, universe, is a woman. Shit, this three women are goddesses even! How do you think that makes me feel? Take that you sexist bastards!" yelled Kushina at the top of her lungs, a happy grin on her face. Kurama suddenly beamed at her, her tail wiggling behind her happily.

Kami looked on amused as she stared at the happy fox woman and the boasting Uzumaki woman. "I take it that you two are going to help us. And since you are, it's only fair if you wanted to give ideas for power we could give Naruto."

Kushina smiled in excitement with a nod. "Of course I am going to help. This is all going to be like a great prank. As for powers… hmmmmm… Oh! I know!" Kushina snapped her fingers and grinned. "I want him to have a very dense chakra that he can use to make constructs of it. And I will also love it if he became a Fuinjutsu Master," said Kushina, drooling at the thought of her son becoming more Uzumaki like. Speaking of which… "Can you make him not look like Minato?"


Kushina grinned. "Awesome."

Then the four of them looked expectantly towards Kurama who was already exporting a grin on her face. "I want him to be able to sense all intents, not just the negative ones like I can do. Also give him biju chakra reserves. Also…" Here Kurama blushed prettily as she stared down to her feet, which she suddenly found very interesting. "Can I be his familiar? I mean, I don't want to be sealed inside of him but I'd like to stay by his side."

Kami smiled while Yami and Shinigami exchanged amused looks. "Of course you can Kura-chan." The fox woman suddenly beamed at her and her tail began to wiggle happily behind her, much to the amusement of the four women. Kami then looked at her two sisters. "We need to decide his personality. I don't want him to be your generic overpowered serious person all the time. As a matter of fact, I don't want him to be serious. Period."

Yami gave her a grin. "That can be done easily. Mix Alucard's and Saraki Kenpachi's personality into one. You can throw in Sousuke Aizen's, Minato Namikaze's and Lelouch di Britania's intellect into the mix so it get's balanced out… more or less," said Yami with a giggle.

Shinigami then gave her own grin, but hers was perverted. "You should also take every extremely perverted man and mix their personalities into one and put it into the mix. That way we make sure that he gets laid as often as he wishes with whoever he wants."

Kami nodded, her own face contorted pleasantly at the idea. "That can be easily arranged. It's settled then." Kami then looked towards Kurama and Kushina, both of them were blushing at the last part of their conversation. "Let's begin with the making of the ultimate entertainer, the ultimate fighter and the most importantly, the ultimate lover. He will become our Avatar. And he will eventually become a god, just like us."

Kami smiled in happiness.

Yami grinned in excitement.

Shinigami laughed madly.

Kurama blushed.

And Kushina sweat dropped. What the fuck she had gotten into? Actually… she didn't care. Her son was going to be a badass and that was all that mattered.

-Five hundred years later. The Multiverse, Rocky Planes-

The terrain was rocky in nature, with unfertile and eroded soil that extended for as long the eye could see. Massive rock formations could be seen littering the landscape, and they rose high in the air, many penetrating the white clouds that floated lazily in the blue sky. Another curious fact about this landscape were the two suns that shone bright high up in the air. The bigger one was orange in color while the smaller shone almost white.

Suddenly there was a tremor that rocked the entire landscape, chunks of earth fell from the rock formations into the ground as the ground shook to the point it looked as everything was vibrating. As sudden as it started, the rocking finished and for a few seconds it was quiet. Too quiet. But it didn't last long as one of tall rock structure suddenly collapsed on itself as a smoking figure shot right through it. There was a trail of smoke that followed the flying figure, which shot through three more rock formation until it reached a stop right in a fourth one, cracking the surface of his landing point.

The smoke began to disperse and the figure was revealed to be a blonde male with shaggy blond hair that reached his wide shoulders. One could clearly see his muscular build, which was neither thin nor bulky. He was clothed in black leather pants, which were held up by a brown belt, that were tucked into brown riding boots. His torso was covered by a crimson red, skin tight tank top that showed the definition of his pectorals and abdominal muscles. He wore a black fingerless glove on his right hand and his left forearm was covered in white bandages Over that he wore a sleeveless black cloak with a hood that was pulled down and a black sheathed katana rested on the right side of his waist. His angular face sported very handsome features. Red, narrowed eyes shone with glee as a mad and excited fanged grin made its way into his face.

"Is that all you've got?!" the blond haired teen, as he didn't look to be older than sixteen years old, shouted his question to apparently no one.

Only a few seconds passed before the one at the receiving end of the question appeared right in front of the blond. It was a gigantic red furred fox with nine tails. The beast barred its sharp teeth, showing a drooling mouth before lashing out with one of its paws, posed to impale the blond, who only grinned wider before jumping from the soon destroyed rock formation.

The blond laughed out loud as he looked down at the growling fox. "Fighting with you never gets old!" He bellowed before pointing his open palms at his opponent. The air in front of his palms suddenly began to distort until howling winds obscured his view from the red eyed fox who merely howled. Suddenly the vortex of wind exploded towards the fox, a funnel of winds forming on its wake, the front taking the form of a drill that was aimed at the red furred animal.

Narrowing its red slit eyes, the fox jumped high in the air, evading the attack, which left a very wide trench on the ground as it continued its path of destruction until the winds died out. Now it was time for the fox to look down at the blond human, who was looking up at his opponent with that insane grin of his still in place. Howling with power, the fox pushed its body into a frontward flip, lashing out with its tails to crush the human, who looked like an ant compared to the fox.

Seeing the appendages coming towards him, the blond teen gave a joyful laugh as he interlocked his two hands in front of his chest and the earth beneath rumbled before nine pillars made out of wood shot out from the ground, each one intercepting a tail, surprising the fox if the bewildered expression on its face was anything to go by. Tightening his fists, the pillars of wood suddenly reached out and wrapped themselves around the tails of the fox, who howled in pain as its tails were apparently very sensitive. Grinning madly, the blond raised his interlocked fist and brought them down as if he was smashing something with a hammer.

The pillars of wood wrapped around the tails of the fox followed the path of the smashing fists, bringing down the fox painfully to the earth, creating a wide indent on the ground and rising up a cloud of dust that only prevented the sight of the fox but nothing to hide the howl of anger that it made once it crashed into cold hard ground.

The blond man eased off into a relaxed stand while apparently floating in the air. He watched with a grin as the wooden pillars returned back into the ground but the haze of dust still kept on like a stubborn sandstorm, preventing him from seeing the downed fox. "Is this all what the all might Kurama, the strongest of Biju can do? I expected better from her!" He mocked, knowing the going for her pride was the best way to rile her up. And boy did he rile her up!

"Shut your goddamn mouth up!"

After the angry voice sounded off, a volley of glowing orange balls were shot at the blond teen began to laugh once again at the rapidly closing in orbs of energy.

"Now this is more like it!"

The blond teen's hand began to glow with yellow energy as he shot up into the air, flying backwards as faced the incoming attack. He reared his hands back and he began to lash those forwards, shooting multiple beams of glowing yellow energy that collided with the orange balls that were shot by Kurama resulting in multiple explosions. This continued for several seconds, the wind generated by the explosions high in the air strong enough to blow away the dust covering Kurama, showing the fox with its maw wide open, the rapid fire of orange balls coming out of it.

Knowing that keeping on with launching this type of attack was futile as it was being countered rather easily, Kurama stopped, jumping back immediately afterwards because some of the blonde's own energy attacks were launched even after she stopped. Kurama glared up at the blond, who looked like a black point because how high he was but she could perfectly picture his triumphant grin.

'Smug piece of…' She thought darkly but a grin settled on her vulpine face. She then reared her upper body back, her tail arching forward until the nine tips were in front of her open mouth. She used her strong limbs to support herself as a purplish black ball of energy grew in front of her mouth until it acquired a size roughly five times bigger than her.

High up in the air, the blond teen's grin became so large it almost split his face in two when he saw what the fox was doing. He clacked madly as he raised his arms until he resembled a cross but his legs were spread wide apart. His body then was covered in glowing yellow energy, yellow electricity arching out and into it due to how much power was being put into the preparation of the attack.

The earth began shaking as suddenly the enormous ball of energy that Kurama conjured began to shrink down until it was small enough for Kurama to swallow, which she did. The earth beneath the behemoth of a fox cracked due to the highly condensed energy and smoke poured out from the gap between her fangs.

High up in the air, the clouds began to gather around the blond teen, casting a foreboding shadow over the gigantic fox. The blond grinned savagely as he joined his hands in front of him at his palms and a ball of apparently yellow electricity began to frizzle in and out of existence in between his fingers. "Let's see which one is more powerful! Your strongest Bijudama or my strongest KI based attack!" Actual thunderbolts began to arch outwards from the blond, which reached the earth bellow, destroying more than a few rocky formations with the resounding clap of thunder going off after each thunderbolt stroke the earth.

Kurama only narrowed her eyes as the earth began to shake once again, almost making her loose her balance. She wasted no time to rear her upper body backwards before launching it forwards, opening her mouth in the process and letting loose a crimson beam of energy. A loud boom was heard after the beam shot forward, a shockwave rippling on its wake.

The blonde's long canines gleamed on his grin as he watched the beam quickly closing on his position. He could feel the power on Kurama's attack he knew that his own could more than match it. So with a scream of glee he let it loose.

"Final Flash!"

A bright light illuminated the sky as a wave of yellow energy was shot towards the incoming crimson beam of condensed chakra. The soon clashed and word bled into orange as the two attacks fought for dominance, each doer of the attack putting more power into them. Eventually the yellow one began to win ground over the crimson and Kurama's eyes widened when she sensed the inevitable. She stopped fueling her attack and jumped to the side hoping not to get hit by the massive wave of energy.

Kurama had to leap three more times until she was sure she was out of the range of the attack and when it passed by her, arching so it didn't hit the ground directly, she even felt the extreme heat coming off from it. The attack kept going for several seconds until it slowly died out and the results were something that had Kurama looking on with wide red eyes. She could only see burnt, smoking, blackened earth in a wide trench that extended many kilometers wide and she didn't want know how long it extended.

If she had not expended the last few hundred years, going by her own mental count, interacting with the blond teen and seeing the type of training he did on a daily basis she would've been shocked beyond words that a human could cause this type of destruction. So she merely remained astounded for a few seconds as she admired his handiwork but that was all the time the blond needed to put an end to this fight.

He appeared in front of Kurama in a small combustion of black mist and shoved his hands towards the enormous vixen, palms facing forward. From his palms, wrists and forearms, silver chains glowing with purple energy with pointed tips emerged. They became as thick as the blond male and quickly wrapped around Kurama's neck, limbs, torso and tails and brought the vixen down when the tip of the chins shot into the floor and tightened their hold around Kurama.

Kurama grunted, trying to fight for her freedom but it was futile. She could feel the energy going through the chains suppressing her power. She knew she was beaten. And going by the smug grin on his face, the blond teen also knew he won. "Don't you think you went a little overboard with that last attack, Naruto?"

Naruto kept his grin in place but since the battle has ended it was tamer, but the long canines still made it look intimidating. "Nah. I wanted to prove that I already became your equal. Besides, the more destruction the more fun, don't you think?" Naruto giggled with childlike enthusiasm, making Kurama sweatdrop.

"I… em… guess… you are right," she said unsurely, getting a happy nod from Naruto. She motioned to the chains still holding her up with her eyes. "Would you mind take these off? It's getting uncomfortable."

Naruto merely willed his chains to retreat back into his body while he slowly lowered himself until his feet touched the blackened soil. He stared as Kurama was enveloped in a red column of fire that got smaller until it dispersed completely, revealing her in her vixen/human hybrid form. Naruto followed her alluring curves as she walked towards him. He completely ignored the deadpan look she was sending his way.

"My eyes are up here."

"I know but I like your tits better Kura-chan," was his response before he grinned toothily at her.

Kurama blushed bright red but sighed in exasperation. "You are the best fighter to ever exist, the most intelligent being to be conceived and yet you lose it every time you set your eyes on a pretty girl," she said with some incredulity.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders. "You, Mom, Yami-sama, Shin-sama and Kami-sama are the only hot chicks around which means I only used to lose my focus around you five but you beat that out of me by getting naked while I trained. I can keep my focus. But I just love to get you embarrassed. You look cute when you blush," said Naruto with a teasing grin on his face.

Steam poured out from Kurama's ear as her blush covered her entire face. "Shut up!" She bellowed angrily as she glared at Naruto who began to laugh at her expenses.

"Go easy on her Naruto-kun. You know she gets embarrassed easily," said a voice from their side. Naruto stopped laughing while Kurama sighed in relief as Naruto will doubtlessly forget about teasing her as long as the bearer of the voice was on his presence, unless, of course, the bearer of the voice also starts teasing her. Ugh.

Naruto's grin widened when he turned his red eyes to the blonde goddess Kami. She was smiling approvingly as she regarded all the destruction he and Kurama had caused to the landscape. While she did this, Naruto took his sweet time to admire her extremely voluptuous body and he licked his lips with a perverted gleam on his red eyes.

"Kami-sama! What do you think of my fight with Kura-chan? Very nice huh?" Asked Naruto excitedly at getting her approval. For as long as he could remember, which was damn long time since had been in her presence for many centuries, Naruto wanted nothing more than to please Kami and her sisters with everything he did as they had told him that that was the only thing they wanted from him. They always seemed pleased when he mastered one of his abilities so wanted to know that she thought of using said abilities to match the Kyubi no Kitsune in battle.

Kami nodded her head as she approached Naruto, her wide hips swaying with each step and she smiled as she noted how his eyes followed intently her movements. "Very nice indeed. In the past five hundred years you have trained and mastered each and every ability me and my sisters gave you. And you also managed to adept them all into different and complexes battle style suited for practically any type of foe you encounter. I am very pleased and very proud to say that you are worth to being called our Avatar, Naruto-kun."

Naruto's grin couldn't get any wider as he barked out a rough, smug laugh. "Hell yeah! I'm ready for anything you send my way Kami-sama. I can take it head on with no problem," he boasted, trying to ignore how tight his pants had become the moment Kami began to walk towards him. Her now close proximity was not helping in that regard either.

Kami gave Naruto an amused smile. "Not yet Naruto-kun. There is still one more type of training you need to go through before you are ready to start your duties as the Avatar of the Three Great Goddesses," she told him. Kurama began to blush once again as she knew exactly what kind of training Kami was talking about.

Naruto's grin faltered for a second before it returned full blast, a challenging gleam on his red eyes. "Bring it on Kami-sama. I can take whatever you throw at me!" He declared with a lot of confidence, almost arrogantly.

Kami's smile turned sultry and her eyes gleamed lustfully before she wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck and pressed her bountiful and perky breasts into his chest. Naruto froze. She looked up at him. "That's good to know."

And then they disappeared in a bright light.

But Kurama was left behind.

She pouted. "Not again."

-The Multiverse, Kami's Private Chambers-

Naruto and Kami appeared with a flash of bright light in another white plane but this one sported a circular bed big enough for ten people to sleep comfortably. They were in front of the bed and Kami was had already set her lips on Naruto and they were both kissing each other eagerly, their lips moving in sync. This was not the first time the two had made out but it certainly the first time the two of them will be going all the way. Naruto found himself in only his pants and one could see the tattoo on his back in the form of a blade with angel and devil wings framing it. His left forearm was without its bandages so one could see the tribal tattoo on it.

Kami ended the kiss, giggling at Naruto's stupid grin. "It seems that your constant practice at kissing with me and the others have bore fruits. Your technique is perfect," she purred as she pushed Naruto until he was sitting at the edge of the bed. She climbed on him and straddled him.

Naruto reached with his hands to her ass and have her backside flesh a rough grope. He grinned when she moaned hotly. "I've had years and years of practice. And it was about goddamned time with did this. What took you so long?" Naruto asked, idly kneading her ass. Her flesh was soft, firm and he couldn't grab the entire ass cheeks with his hands. It was that big.

Kami gave a low moan as she began to slowly grind her crotch into Naruto's, smiling in satisfaction as he grunted. "We didn't want to get you sidetracked until you mastered all of your abilities. The level of your libido is such that we knew you will be only interested in sex after you tested it for the first time," explained Kami in a very breathy voice, the tempo of her movements steadily increasing.

Naruto began to match her movements with his own before smacking her right ass cheek a bit hard. She squealed and that was music to Naruto's ear. "So you wanted me only interested in fights until I got it down? That's so mean of you Kami-sama." Naruto pouted at her before attacking the junction between her neck and shoulder with his lips.

Giving a shuddering moan, Kami did her best to respond but the sensations were quickly becoming too much. "We-we are sorry Naruto-kun. But we wanted fo-for you to be ready as fast as-as you could. It wa-was very hard for us not to give in-into our- AH! desires too!" Kami's grinding became frantic.

Naruto grunted but gave a toothy grin as he felt his dick almost reaping his pants due to the friction caused by Kami's movements. "So… am I ready now?"

Kami's eyes widened. "Oh yes! You have the knowledge! Now put into practice and fuck me!"

Naruto's eyes gleamed and his grin threatened to split his face in half. "As my goddess commands."

With an animalistic growl, Naruto grabbed Kami's robes and ripped them off, exposing her gigantic and gravity defying breasts, defined abdomen and waist, creamy and strong looking legs. He licked his lips as he followed her red, erect nipples as her breasts jiggled due to her movements and pants. His eyes trailed down her stomach and then to where she was straddling him. He almost salivated at seeing no hair above her pussy. He could see her clit already hardening. He licked his lips again before he attacked.

Wrapping his arms around the godly blonde woman, Naruto began to work his mouth over her neck, using his lips to kiss the supple flesh tenderly and roughly, making Kami moan in approval. The blonde goddess pressed her chest into Naruto's smashing then lewdly as she began to settle her grinding pace in a more sensual and rhythmic pace.

Naruto worked up his way until he reached her lips and he started a battle of lips and tongues that had Kami moaning in bliss. He grunted as Kami's grinding became more forcefull but it still kept its sensual and rhythmic pace. He could feel how her juices were making the crotch area of his pants wet. He couldn't wait to get his dick inside of her and fuck her for all she was worth.

Naruto's hands reached Kami's ass once again and he began to knead as they continued to swap saliva, the two of them moaning at the very pleasurable sensations rocked their bodies. Kami's arms wrapped around Naruto's torso and she began to slightly scratch his back. This made Naruto growl into their kiss, the vibrations of his chest doing wonders to Kami's breast that were tightly pressing into it.

Ending the heated French kiss with a gasp, Kami continued to grind into Naruto's crotch. Her juices were overflowing by this point. "Let me get those pants off. I want to feel you directly." Kami snapped her fingers behind Naruto's back and the blond teen's leather black pants were gone.

Naruto's erection smacked into Kami's pussy lips, making Kami squeal once again since it also rubbed her clit as she continued her grinding, now faster since she felt the rod between her legs directly. She leaned back so she could look down to where she was straddling Naruto so she could see the magnificence that his penis. She took a few second to admire his powerful chest and abs to. She and her sisters had made sure that Naruto got a cock that was long enough to reach the womb of any woman and with girth enough that he could spread wide any pussy. In short, Naruto's was the perfect sex tool.

Giving a grunt at the new wet and hot sensation on his cock, Naruto grinned when Kami's orbs of flesh were presented to him. "Yummy," he remarked before opening his mouth wide and taking one of her nipples into his mouth. He began to suck greedily on it.

Giving a long and shuddering moan, Kami wrapped her left hand around Naruto's head, pressing it further into her chest. She could feel him scrapping her nipple with his canines, flicking it with his tongue and sucking it with his lips. It felt wonderful and she let him now that as she moaned without stopping. But she had enough foreplay.

She stopped her grinding, getting a confused look from Naruto who still had her tit shoved into his mouth but she smiled at him as she used her legs pushed herself up until she felt the bulbous head of Naruto's cock poking her entrance. Naruto's confused look turned into one of understanding before his red eyes gleamed. Kami looked down at Naruto with a sultry grin on her perfect face.

"Now get ready for- AAAHHHH! Yeeeeeeshhhh!"

She didn't get to finish because Naruto forcefully shoved his rod into her without warning, almost causing her to orgasm right there and there. Instinctively, Kami began to use her wide hips to match Naruto's thrusts and she found herself jumping up and down Naruto's shaft, her ass smacking his balls with lewd, wet sounds as they started their round of rough sex.

Naruto released her tit to smirk up at her. He rejoiced in how her face contorted in pleasure, her eyes rolled back and her tongue hanging out of her mouth as she frantically fucked herself and got fucked by him with his cock. "You should be the one getting ready Kami-sama!" he declared, smacking her ass, getting a squeal from her.

Naruto then attacked the breast he had ignored earlier until know with his mouth. He began to give it the same treatment as the other one but this time he used his hand to massage and knead that tit. His other hand snaked towards Kami's ass and he began to help her with her movements so they could keep up a steady and fast rhythm.

This continued for a few minutes, Naruto never staying on the same breast or the same ass cheek for more than twenty seconds as kept interlocking in between them. Eventually he reached with both hands to cup both of Kami's fleshy orbs so he could take both of her nipples into his mouth, He bit them and this caused Kami to give another squeal of pleasure as she dug her nails into Naruto's back, making him growl in an animalistic fashion.

And then the tempo changed. Kami began to rotate and move her hips back and forward before wrapping her arms around Naruto's neck and smashing her mouth into his and another battle of tongues began. Naruto's hands went into her ass and he groped it roughly and smacked it occasionally.

Kami ended the rough kiss so she could stare at Naruto with lust filled eyes. "Yes! Fuck! Yeah! Yeah! Yeeeeeessss! I'm almost there Naruto-kun! Keep fucking me! Keep fucking me just like that! AH! AH! AH!" Drool began to leak out of her mouth after she frantically tried to form coherent sentences.

Naruto's chest swelled with pride as he witnessed the state he had taken this woman into. He licked the drool from her chin until he reached her mouth and shoved his tongue inside of her oral cavity. He began to thrust more forcefully into her as he gave grunts as he knew he was also getting close to his own release.

After a few seconds of staying like that, Naruto suddenly gave a gravely growl and his red eyes shone powerful lust. He ended his making out with Kami and opened his mouth wide, revealing his sharp and two inch long canines that gleamed before he reached for Kami's neck and bit it. Kami froze as she was hit with pain she didn't expect but the soon gave out to the pleasure she needed to get over the edge. And she came. She came hard.

As Kami's body twitched due to her orgasm, the walls of her vagina constricted around Naruto's cock, the pressure around his dick was enough make him cum and he shot his poald into Kami's womb. As he grunted with each spurt of semen that came out of his dick, Naruto released Kami's neck. The blonde goddess began to slowly gyrate her hips as she milked Naruto, moaning slowly and panting after her orgasm ended.

She lifter herself up, her pussy releasing Naruto's dick with a wet 'pop' before she kneeled in between his legs and took the still hard rod into her mouth. She moaned blissfully around his cock as she found the taste of their combined fluids to be wonderful.

Naruto groaned as Kami's moan made the blowjob she was giving him feel amazing. He began to rub her silky hair, moving out of the way so she could suck his cock without interruption. "So am I ready now, Kami-sama?" Naruto asked with a grin as he stared at Kami.

Releasing his cock, Kami began to jack him off steadily as she gave him a satisfied smile. "I can only speak for myself Naruto-kun. To me you are more than ready. But you have convince two more people yet," she said before returning back to sucking his dick.

"Like she said…" A voice started at his right.

"… You have to prove to all of us that you are ready," finished another voice at his left.

Two soft bodies pressed into his sides, making Naruto moan before he grinned as he wrapped his arms around them, his hand grabbing their asses roughly. He looked to his left to see Yami smiling impishly at him, her red eyed eyes contrasting with her lustrous chocolate skin. He noticed her that despite her dark skin, her nipples and pussy lips were colored a soft pink. He then looked to his right to see Shinigami grinning at him with so much lust it made him lick his lip, as she did too. He idly noted how her nipples were colored a dark pink, as were her pussy lips, contrasting with her almost ashy skin.

Shinigami pulled Naruto into a heavy make out while Yami attacked his strong neck with her mouth, teeth and tongue. Shi nigami ended her kiss with Naruto only for her to bend down so she could run her tongue up and down Naruto's abdominal muscles.

And then Naruto began to laugh insanely. And who could fault his enjoyment. He just had sex with Kami, said woman was sucking his cock while Yami and Shinigami worshipped his body with their hands and tongues. For Naruto… this was life.

-The Multiverse, Throne room-

"For how much time are they going to keep us waiting?"

"Who knows. Four beings with endless stamina going at it like rabbits in heat? That's not stuff of a few hours."

"They have been doing it for two days already! They eventually need to stop, no?"

"Yeah… I wish I could've joined them."

"… Me too."

Kushina Uzumaki, garbed in a dark orange and black battle kimono that left her shoulders exposed and only reached mid thigh, huffed with a blush as she crossed her arms under her bountiful chest. Her feet were covered in black combat heels and her right foot was tapping impatiently on the ground. She was glaring straight forward with a pout.

The other one was Kurama and she was in her human/vixen hybrid form. She was clothed in a black kimono, which exposed her deep cleavage and it barely reached her knees. It had a split that completely exposed the creamy skin of her right thigh. She looked to be calmer than Kushina but if you stared hard enough one could see how her ears would twitch spontaneously from time to time, as did the corners of her mouth.

The two females were waiting in the center of the throne room for Naruto, Kami, Shinigami and Yami so they could be sent towards their universe once again. They had been in this plane of existence for more than five hundred years and they could admit they were itching to get back to their place of origin and wreck havoc for the sake of having fun themselves and entertaining the goddesses, who had kept them aware of what the illusions of Kushina and Naruto were doing and what had happened in the sixteen years, for the elemental nations, that they were gone. The illusions were done so as to make it easier for them to appear in their universe.

Kushina's illusion self had completely retired from the shinobi forces and had dedicated her life to take core of Naruto. She was strong-armed not to reveal her and Naruto's relationship with Minato so as to prevent the other villagers from attacking them. Kushina had been somewhat glad that it had happened like that since she wanted nothing to do with that man after he revealed her true intentions and his plans for her the night he was killed by Kami. The illusion of Kushina had made it seem as if she got over Minato's death gradually, only confiding in her friend Mikoto, who stood by her side.

Kushina frowned as she thought about what happened to Mikoto and her clan. According to Kami, the Uchiha Clan was planning a coup d'état against Sarutobi, who took the mantle and role of Hokage after Minato's demise, because they were being accused of Kurama's attack. The Hokage and the elders had a spy within the Uchiha Clan, Mikoto's eldest child and only daughter, Itako Uchiha, whom was ordered to slaughter the entire clan in order to prevent the coup, a civil war and eventually another world war. Itako had done as told but she couldn't kill her mother and little brother.

This caused for Itako to be declared as a missing nin and a traitor, forcing her to abandon the village. The higher powers of the village, the Hokage and the elders, wanted to clen their names so they told the whole village that Itako had killed her clan because she had gone mad. But Mikoto knew the truth as Itako had told her whot was really happening. The real problem, however, was Sasuke, who refused to listen to anyone other than the facts he could see. His sister had betrayed and killed her clan just because she could. Adding that to the fact that Fugaku was his role model and Sasuke wanting nothing than to avenge his clan was not surprising. Mikoto had eventually given up on him and even moved in with the illusion of Kushina and Naruto, becoming something akin to a second mother to Naruto's illusion.

Speaking of Naruto's illusion, Kushina groaned with a blush as she remembered just what the illusion of her son had been up to. Kami and her sister had to keep the personalities they had developed the same so as people wouldn't get suspicious because of a sudden change in character. Through the years in the Multiverse, Naruto had become a rather eccentric individual. He enjoyed fights way too much, he enjoyed spilling blood too much and it didn't matter if it was his or another person's blood either, and he was the biggest pervert to ever exist. That last detail was the reason behind Kushina's predicament.

In the Multiverse the only women that existed were Kami, her two sisters and for now Kushina and Kurama, so they had controlled Naruto's lust without having sex by giving him strenuous training and tasks to complete so his desires to have sex were overruled by his desires to become the strongest he could be. But that was only here and since Naruto ended his trainings, he was free to have sex with whoever he wanted. Kushina and Kurama were not against it, even if Kushina was still embarrassed by the fact she will be eventually having sex with Naruto, but they couldn't help it. He became the perfect male specimen and they wanted to mate with him.

Going back to Naruto's illusion self, as he didn't have to be always training, accomplishing tasks and developing many fighting styles, he was free to do with his lust and urges as he pleased the moment they stroke him. And that was when he became fourteen years old, which meant two years ago in the Elemental Nations. And Naruto, much to Kushina's illusion embarrassment and Mikoto's amusement, quickly became famous with the females and infamous with the males. The illusion of Naruto had begun to bed women, civilians and kunoichi alike, almost on a daily basis. And only the really young girls, or the really old women, were spared. Everything else was fair game for Naruto's illusion. As Naruto's illusion spent more time having sex than studying, he was the dead last in the academy, which added more to Kushina's embarrassment.

Just when Kushina was about to pull her hairs out of their roots because of the waiting she had been doing and the thoughts going through her mind and Kurama was about to go full transformation on the throne room, Kami, Shinigami, Yami and Naruto appeared on bright flash of light. The four of them were thankfully clothed, barely in t Shinigami's case, but the stupid grins on their faces and the thick smell of sex they were giving off spoke of what they were doing just a scant minutes ago.

Kushina's eyebrow twitched angrily as a vein popped on her shaking fist. "You have any idea how long I've been waiting here for?!" She shouted with a snarl and eyes alight with fure. Her hair began to wave behind her like nine tails. "Two days! Two! Fucking! Days! What do you guys have to say four yourselves?!"

While Kami and her sisters were looking on sheepish, Naruto merely walked towards Kushina and wrapped his arms around her. "I have to say that you have to chill out mom. We were just having sex, no big deal," said Naruto uncaringly with a shrug of his shoulders.

Kushina looked up at him, he was taller than her by almost a full foot, incredulously. "For two days? You could've at least told us so we wouldn't spend all that time here standing like idiots. Or…" Kushina trailed off as she stared at the ground, her face burning red. "You could've asked us to join you," she said in a small voice.

Naruto began to laugh uproariously after he heard that. "Holy shit even my own mother wants to fuck me!" He grinned before looking down at her. He reached with her hands and squeezed her ass roughly, getting a squeal/moan from Kushina. "Don't you worry mom, after we get home I am going to fuck you so good I am going to give the term 'motherfucker' a whole other meaning."

Kushina's ears began to pour steam before she pushed Naruto away from her. She ignored the chuckles all around her in favor of scowling at nothing in particular. She couldn't believe Naruto had done that but she had to admit the way he had groped her ass had gotten her hot. She hoped he made good to his promise as soon as it was possible.

Kurama for her part slowly moved towards Naruto before wrapping her arms around his neck and smashing her lips into his. Naruto's arms circled her and he began to grope her ass as they began to make out. Kurama, after a few seconds, moaned and ended the kiss. She licked her lips and grinned foxily at him. "I personally can't wait for you to have your way with me, Naruto-sama," she told him before stepping back from his embrace.

Naruto nodded at her, his red eyes going up and down his figure before he giggled. "Yeah. I'm good. Getting pussy here and getting pussy in the Elemental Nations at the same time," he said with an air of satisfaction surrounding him.

Kami gave him a fond smile. "Yes. You are the best there is or that ever will be Naruto-kun. I wish you could spend more time with us here but we are itching to see how much you will change the course of history with your presence as you are now in your universe of origin."

Yami chipped in then. "Yeah. We can't wait. It's bound to be interesting to see how you troll and mess around with people's head," she said with a giggle.

Shinigami then spoke. "Do you remember just what it is that you have to do there? We told you while we were fucking each other's brains out but I doubt that you can remember as I recall your face buried in Yami-chan's pussy while Kami-nee and I sucked you off while we told you," she grinned when she saw Kushina whimpering and blushing and Kurama giving Naruto a lustful look.

Naruto gave a bored look as he picked his ear with his pinky finger. "I do remember Shin-chan. I am to stop Obito Uchiha, Madara Uchiha and Nagato Uzumaki from getting the biju. I also need to fuck as much women as I can, so get better at having sex so I can please you three to the best of my abilities and I can go around doing those things as I like as long as I keep it interesting for you three."

The three goddesses grinned approvingly. They knew that their idea to make Naruto their main source of entertainment was a solid one and now they were going to taste the fruits of their meddling with his life. They were almost sure that after he was done with his universe, they were going to get him into others so he could do as he pleased in them for their entertainment.

Kami stepped forward. "I will send you three of now. Kurama your power will be sealed inside of Naruto but you will be allowed to be by his side as his familiar in your fox form. Naruto will be able to give you as much power as he wants. This is so you can be outside and by his side without anyone else noting your presence, do you understand?"

Kurama nodded in understanding. "Yes I do Kami-sama. And I thank you for letting me be free after so much time."

Kami just returned her nod before looking at the other redhead. "I know it will be difficult, but try to keep yourself in check when you see the elders. I don't know what Naruto has got planned, but I doubt that he will let what they did to the Uzumaki Clan in this version of the universe, and what they did to the Uchiha Clan, to go unpunished. Be patient, ok?"

Naruto walked towards his mother and wrapped an arm around her neck and nodded reassuringly at her. "Don't worry mom. I got some pretty awesome stuff prepared for those old jackasses. I promise you it'll be hilarious and you'll get whatever revenge you deserve," said Naruto, smirking reassuringly at her

Kushina nodded her head and she couldn't help but almost pity those old timers. What Naruto considered being "awesome" and "hilarious" might be that to him but for other people it possibly meant "painful" and "embarrassing". She instead grinned in anticipation. "I can't wait."

Seeing that everything and everyone was set, Kami snapped her fingers and Naruto, Kurama and Kushina were gone in a bright flash of light. Kami shared a grin with her two sisters as they moved towards their respective thrones. A warping portal appeared before them and it suddenly showed the image of Naruto pounding in and out of a brown haired female's ass. They knew it to be Naruto's illusion because it lacked Naruto's lustful grin that he always sported when he fucked. They giggled when said grin appeared moments later after Naruto's essence replaced that of the illusion's and shook his head in confusion before he was back into his pounding with even more vigor, much to the vocal approval of the brown haired female, who began to screech in pleasure.

Kami covered her mouth with her hand and giggled. "It's show time. Let us enjoy it."

A few warnings:

-The official pairing for this series is going to be Naruto/Kami/Yami/Shinigami. That's the actual Harem, only three girls. However, as you know, Naruto will be having sex with almost every female he encounters in the universe he is currently at. Expect at least two lemons per chapter from chapter two and onwards. Also, every chapter is going to have a minimum of 10k words.

-Naruto is going to be a Godlike, Insane, Battle lusting, Genius BAMF. Naruto's personality will be a bit complex as I need to balance out his insanity and love for battle with his mental prowess but I think I can make it work. Naruto will fight a lot like Alucard from Hellsing, meaning, that he will goad his opponents to unleash their full might upon him, making them thing they actually killed him only for Naruto to shrug off all their attempts and break them. Also Naruto is not going to get anymore powers than the one he currently has (Alucard's Vampirism. Ki usage. Reiryoku usage (Shinigami/Hollow). Elemental bending. Rinnegan/Sharingan. Mokuton. Insane Swordsmanship. Insane Chakra Reserves). I am already way too overboard with this much.

-Bashing? Sasuke, Kiba and Danzo mainly. Others might be bashed but not to the same extent.

-Naruto is only loyal to the three goddesses and he is allowed to do as he pleases as long as he keeps them entertained and gets experience on pleasing women. So don't be surprised if he does something "evil" on a whim.

Since that is now out of the way, let's get this show on the road. This was something more akin to an introduction than an actual chapter. The real shit is going to hit the fan in the next chapter… click next already!