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Chapter thirteen: Of Superiority and Preliminaries

Naruto smirked in a superior and smug manner as he basked in the jealous and hateful looks of all the males in attendance of the Main hall of the Tower of the Forest of Death. Well, not all the males were looking at him with hate as Kakashi was giving him a thumb up with prideful tears falling off his only visible eye, the Hokage was shaking his head with a resigned look on his face and finally Lee and Gai were hugging each other and crying, but thankfully, there was no sunset and beach behind them.

Thank Kami for small miracles.

The reason behind the glares, of course, was because Naruto had taken upon himself to have a two-day long orgy with Anko, Kurenai, Ino, Hinata, Sakura and Tenten… without putting privacy seals on the room… and putting sound enhancing seals so the whole tower could hear them. The six girls that were participants of the orgy had extremely satisfied grins on their faces. The only girl in attendance that wasn't looking satisfied and glowing was Temari, who had been unable to join because she had been scared of what Gaara could do if she did so, seeing as he had been about to go kill Naruto and his girls for making all that noise, the only thing stopping him was Hinata's threat and the fact that he knew she could render his main (And only) means of attack useless with a wave of her hand.

That didn't stop Temari for glaring bloody murder at them. That moment she decided that after they were done with whatever they were going to do in this room that she was going to look for Naruto, she will find him and she will fuck him even if it was the damn last thing she did.

Hiruzen, standing in front of the gigantic stone hands making the ram hand seal, let out a stream of smoke as he sighed in annoyance. Seen that Anko was too busy preening and looking at the blond bastard with bedroom eyes, he stepped forward, gathering the attention of everyone. Except Naruto, who was too busy being smug. Ugh, one of these days…

Hiruzen coughed and he put away his pipe. "I shall now explain the true meaning of this Chunin Exam. While it is true that we use them to determine those who are ready to become Chunin, there also serve as substitutes for war. If you look closely, you'll see that all the participants of the exam came from allied villages that used to be enemies and fought in wars. To prevent needless battles, bloodshed and death, we hold this exams every six months."

Naruto snorted. "That's great and all of that. And while in war there is information gathering and fighting others to get an advantage, it isn't organized at all. War is chaotic and unpredictable… unlike this 'substitute'," he said in a bored fashion, picking his ear with his pinky finger. He knew a lot about wars since he had the memories of his masters, granted to him after he managed to beat them using their own powers and all of them had fought in major wars. It was the reason why he wanted to go to Kiri, he wanted to fight in a war himself… and get to fuck the Leaders of the Rebellion and Haku.

Hiruzen inclined his head in agreement. "Aye, that is true. However, we are not going to put teens in real war situations just to test their mental and physical skills. We are trying to prevent just that from happening," he said and when Naruto shrugged his shoulders again, he sighed. "Anyways, before we go to the final portion of the Exams, we need to hold preliminary rounds to cut off the numbers of participants. This happens every time that more than fifteen genin pass the second test."

Team Seven, Team Eight, Team Nine, Team Ten and the Suna Team were the teams that had passed in the end. All the others had been killed in the forest and more than a few there had been no sign of them when the Scavenger Ninja Corps had been set to retrieve their remains to send them back to their villages. It was a good thing they had managed to get all the genin firming the papers that absented Konoha from all responsibilities of their deaths, otherwise there would've been real issues.

Hiruzen turned towards the purple haired Special Jonin. "Anko, if you may?"

She nodded her head with a grin. "Of course, Hokage-sama," she said and when he stepped back she pulled out a device with a bottom which she pressed. From the ceiling came out a gigantic screen that stopped just on top from the stone hands. She motioned towards it. "This screen will randomly display the names of two participants which are going to fight. The one who wins is the one that advances to the final round obviously. I'll be the proctor and if I decide to stop the fight, you will do so, or I might get angry and you wouldn't like me when I am angry," she said with a nasty grin, thinking of all the things she could do after Naruto…enhanced… her. Oh how she loved her master.

While a few of the participants were unnerved by her words and grin, the general reaction was that everyone started to look around at the other, gauging them and thinking how they would go about defeating them in case they had to fight them. Well, everyone except Naruto and Gaara. Gaara because to him it didn't matter whom he killed as that was the logical conclusion when one faced him (Apparently, he forgot about what happened a few days ago, with Hinata) and Naruto because, well, you know, Avatar of the Goddesses and all that jazz, yadda, yadda.

Anko pulled out another remote and pointed it at the screen before pressing one of the bottoms. The screen came to life, gathering the attention of everyone, and it began to randomly display names continuously until, after fifteen seconds, it stopped in two names:

Tenten Higurashi vs Sasuke Uchiha

Anko turned towards the gathered genin. "Everyone except Tenten and Sasuke Uchiha kindly move your asses to the viewing balcony. Only the fighters can be in the Arena from when their names are displayed in the screen to when I stop the fight. Interfering with the fight will result in the disqualification of the one favored by the interruption and the automatic win of the one that is not."

Naruto walked towards Tenten, gave her a kiss (Ignoring the jealous and hateful looks) and wished her luck, not like she needed it. Under the incredulous eyes of everyone else Ino, Hinata and Sakura did the same and Naruto knew that if it wasn't for the fact that Kurenai and Anko needed show an impartial front, they would've done the same. Everyone walked up the stairs until the only ones in the arena where Tenten and Sasuke.

Naruto, of course, stood leaning against the rail, a savage grin on his face as he was surrounded by Ino, Hinata, Sakura and Kurenai. Temari also stood there but she was not standing as close as the other women. While the males looked at him with jealousy and hate, except Kakashi who looked on with pride and Gaara who didn't seem to care about where his sister was standing.

-Tenten vs Sasuke-

Anko looked at the two with sever eyes. "While you can fight the intent to kill, remember that you have to stop if I tell you to stop. The fight ends when one of you is forced to either submit, is rendered unconscious or is… accidentally… killed before I have the chance to stop the fight," she said with a grin. "Is that understood?" She asked, raising her arm over her head and making her big breasts jiggle enticingly. When the two fighters got into ready stances she brought her hand down and jumped back to stand right below the stone hands. "Begin!"

Sasuke scowled as he pulled out two kunai and held them offensively at his side. His eyes twitched as Tenten smirked sexily at him as she began to slowly pull out her sword from its scabbard on her back. Sasuke knew not to underestimate the girl because 1) She was trained by Naruto personally, 2) She was in a team with Rock Lee and a Hyuga, whom were trained by Maito Gai and 3) He was limited to the amount of chakra he could use because Naruto, that son of a bitch, had sealed away the power Orochimaru had given him along with twenty percent of his chakra. He narrowed his eyes and activated his Sharingan.

Tenten's smirk widened as she finished pulling out her sword and she held it loosely to the side, cocking a curvy hip to the other side and tilting her head in a very distracting display of seduction. "Aw, am I worthy of facing the Sharingan?" Her smirk turned very Narutoish then. "Sorry little boy, but flattery will get you nowhere," she said before she charged at Sasuke at speeds that her team had never seen before from her. Normally, Tenten wouldn't have charged at someone that used the Sharingan, as you needed to do exactly the contrary to that and have them attack you to negate that advantage but Naruto had told her that he wanted her to beat Sasuke in as a humiliating fashion as she could. And she couldn't ignore her master and god's wishes now, could she?

The only reason Sasuke managed to block the kick aimed at his head was because Kakashi, who couldn't for the life of him hold back, moved slightly faster than what Tenten was managing. And thus, Sasuke was able to put his kunai in front of his chest before his ribcage was slashed open by Tenten's attack. The brown-haired girl twirled around elegantly, slashing at Sasuke diagonally towards his neck but the black haired Uchiha managed to once again block the attack, but he winced at the strength behind it.

The both of them proceed to attack relentlessly, in Tenten's case, or defend as he could, in Sasuke's case. The brown-haired hottie showed an incredible amount of talent and skill as she combined both Taijutsu and Kenjutsu seamlessly in a very deadly style that had more than one questioning whether they would be able to survive a close encounter with her. They could see Sasuke's Sharingan rapidly moving from side to side and up and down as it did its best to keep up with Tenten.

In the end while Sasuke managed to keep up for almost a minute, his body wasn't still up there with what his Sharingan could do, so he reacted too late to block a roundhouse kick that was sent towards his temple and he was sent flying away. Tenten's eyes, however, widened slightly as she heard the characteristic hissing sound of a exploding tag and she quickly found where the sound was coming from when she saw the kunais Sasuke had been holding spinning right in front of her face.

Before they exploded, Tenten jumped away from the radius of the explosion just in time as the two kunais exploded in a very fiery display that scorched and destroyed some of the floor where it had happened. Knowing that she could never get her eyes away from her opponent, she turned towards the direction where she had sent Sasuke flying only to see him jump into the air while going through Handseals and then putting his hand in front of his mouth, making a circle with his index finger and thumb.

"Katon: Gokakyu no Jutsu!"

Tenten clicked her tongue in annoyance as she saw the decent sized fireball heading her way at decent speeds. She herself could do a bigger fireball that could go over three times the speed the one Sasuke sent her way. While she could use her own Fire Affinity to dispose of the fireball, she decided that it would be wise to keep some cards to herself so instead she pulled out a scroll and unfurled it, showing a series of intertwined lines circling the kanji for 'Fire'.

She channeled chakra into the scroll and deployed it in front of her, the seal facing Sasuke's fire attack. "Fuka Hoin!" She shouted, channeling chakra into the scroll just as the fireball reached her. The fireball twisted into itself before, resembling an expanding funnel beginning at the scroll in Tenten's hand, it was absorbed completely, leaving no trace of it existing on the first place. The kanji for 'Fire' glowed a hot red for a second until it stopped glowing but it was still a deep red.

Tenten smirked at Sasuke's wide eyes before she rolled the scroll back up, made a few Handseals, channeled chakra into the scroll and hurled it at Sasuke. "Right back at cha, boya!" She shouted, making a ram seal with her left hand, which was the one that was not holding her sword. The flying scroll glowed for a fraction of a second before it exploded and instead of a harmless scroll, it was a gigantic fireball that was screaming towards Sasuke. Tenten had increased the potency of the attack she had absorbed with her own chakra and had sent it back at Sasuke in a very clever and surprising maneuver which was aimed to catch opponents off guard. She could do that with all the main five elements.

Sasuke's already wide eyes grew even further and he looked around frantically for something to substitute himself which he found in a piece of ruble from the explosion he had caused on the first place. Without Handseals, he used Kawarimi, because at this point in his training with Kakashi it was required of him to pull substitutions out of his ass just to survive. The enhanced fireball hit the piece of rubble and continued forward, hitting and scorching the wall.

Sasuke turned towards Tenten, who was smirking smugly at him as she idly cocked her hips from one side to another sensually, making Sasuke gulp as his blood began to pump downwards but he shook his head and snarled. The expression on Tenten's face reminded him too much of Naruto's usual expression and there was nothing Sasuke wanted more than stab it out of the blond bastard's face. Tenten, as one of his girls, should do nicely as a substitute until he could do it to the man himself.

Sasuke went through a few hand seals before his two hands tightened into fists and he shoved them towards Tenten. "Raiton: Raiyari!" Sasuke's fist were soon covered in cackling blue electricity which shot forward in twin lightning bolts directly in Tenten's direction.

The brown-haired girl rolled her eyes and in a swift movement she pulled out to normal looking kunai which she hurled in direction of the incoming lightning bolts. Just like she had expected, Sasuke was forced to jump away because, as the kunai were made of an extremely conductive metal, the electricity of the attack was redirected in direction of them, which was the opposite of where Tenten was. The 'Lightning Lance' attack stroke the ground a few meters away from where Sasuke had been standing harmlessly.

Tenten made the show of yawning. "Can you actually do something that is effective?" She taunted with a smirk, lazily starting to walk towards Sasuke. She began to channel chakra into her feet, calves and legs in order to perform a technique Naruto had taught all of his girls because it was a very, very good combat technique and in the unlikely case they were facing against an opponent that could kill them easily, they could use it to escape and get him so he could deal with said opponent.

Sasuke snarled. "Shut the fuck up!" He shouted in rage before he went through another set of hand seals which ended in the Tiger hand seal. He reared his body back, his chest expanding slightly more than what should've been possible before he sharply inclined his upper body forward, his cheeks puffed up as from his open mouth a barrage of small fireballs began to rapidly make their way towards Tenten.

"I don't feel like it!" She laughed before she put her sword diagonally in front of her, crouched and disappeared in a flicker of movement.

Sasuke's eyes widened as all his small fireballs exploded in rapid sequence from the one farther away from him to the closest. "GAH!" He suddenly shouted in pain as blood exploded from a cut that suddenly appeared across his arm from his wrist to his elbow. The cut was decently deep and it seemed like some of his nerves had been damaged because his arm now hung limply at his side.

"Behind you!" Giggled Tenten as she appeared right behind Sasuke and slashed at him diagonally across his back, making Sasuke scream in pain as another relatively deep cut appeared across his back, blood spilling in an arc following the path carved by Tenten's sword.

Sasuke couldn't do anything as Tenten would disappear and appear randomly, each time she appeared she would deliver a nasty cut. After almost half a minute of this torture, Sasuke was barely standing as he panted. Both of his arms hung limply at his sides, his right arm having one long cut from wrist to shoulder while the other one had two cuts, one in the forearm and the other on the arm where his biceps muscle was located. Both of his arms were covered in his blood. His legs, also sporting very nasty cuts, shook as he tried to keep himself standing and they were also covered in his blood. His torso and back were also sporting slashes that gushed up blood in fountains. And finally, there were to cuts on his face, one across his right cheek and another one that went from his temple to his jaw, passing in front of his ear. They were all going to leave an ugly mark.

Tenten appeared suddenly, a savage grin on her face, and she was about to deliver another slash towards Sasuke, this one deliberately aimed towards his neck in what would be a fatal blow but thankfully, for Sasuke anyways, Anko was ready to stop the fight.

"Stop!" She shouted sharply and Tenten's attack immediately halted. Sasuke, however, screamed and flinched away as he felt to his back as Tenten's sword had managed to cut half a centimeter into his neck, leaving another gash. Anko, and everyone else, saw that Tenten had stopped the attack the moment Anko had uttered her command so she couldn't be disqualified. The purple haired hottie approached Sasuke, saw that he was unconscious because of blood loss before nodding and pointing at Tenten. "Winner, Tenten! Please, clear out the arena!" She shouted with a grin and she winked at Tenten in congratulations.

Tenten sheathed her sword after grinning at Anko, bowed at everyone else and began to skip her way towards the viewing balcony.

Kakashi then appeared in a Shunshin next to Sasuke, poked him with a foot and nodded in satisfaction when the Uchiha boy groaned unconsciously in pain. "Alright. I'll take him to the hospital to get him patched up before his dies. This means more training for him. I leave the rest to you, Naruto, Sakura," he said before he kneeled down, grabbed Sasuke's bloody shirt, gave everyone a two-fingered salute and disappeared, taking Sasuke with him.

-Balcony Viewing Area-

Naruto smirked at Tenten approvingly the moment she approached them. "Had fun?" He asked with amusement.

Tenten's eyes shone sadistically as she shared Naruto's smirk. "Of course," she replied before she stepped up to Naruto, wrapped her arms around him and proceeded to give him a lustful kiss, not minding the stares of everyone else as she moaned because of the war of tongues that resulted from her French kissing Naruto. She eventually pulled back and pouted at him sexily. "Did I do good, master?"

Naruto nodded his head, making her moan happily as he squeezed her gigantic ass. "Yep. The Brooding Lord should start blaming his pathetic loss on the fact that I sealed some of his chakra after the second task finished which will result in him hating him me even more than he does. He will eventually betray the village and go to Orochi-chan to get more power, I'm sure of that. I want to see if he can give me a decent fight before I kill him," he said with a dark grin on his face.

Sakura giggle. "I want first row seats!"

Ino nodded. "Same here."

Hinata smirked. "I would like to see that too."

Tenten grinned and bowed her head. "I'm glad I could be of service, master. Will I get a reward later?"

Naruto nodded, idly squeezing her ass, getting happy moans from Tenten and making the other girls glare at the brown-haired girl with jealousy. "Of course," he said before he gave an upwards nod towards the screen, which began to display names at random once again. "Let's see who is going to fight who."

Eventually the screen set on two names:

Sakura Haruno vs Shikamaru Nara

Sakura grinned and turned towards Naruto, pulling a protesting Tenten away so she could wrap her arms around Naruto and give him a lustful, tongue filled kiss. After a few seconds, she pulled back, moaning as he squeezed her gigantic, fleshy rear roughly. "Wish me luck?"

Naruto laughed and shook his head. "As if you need it," he said in amusement before he gave her ass a harsh slap, getting a pleased squeal from Sakura. "Now, go there and beat his ass. Don't underestimate him, though. He might be lazy but he has a very dangerous mind. Don't hold back or you are going to lose."

Sakura nodded before she pulled back and jumped gracefully over the railing and landed on the arena without making a sound. With sensual steps, she walked until she was standing in the middle of the arena and she put her hands on her curvy hip and sent an impatient glare towards Shikamaru.

Said pineapple haired boy groaned before he turned towards his sensei. "Can I just give up and be done with it? This is so fucking troublesome."

Asuma's eyebrow twitched. He was already annoyed by the fact that he had heard Kurenai moaning Naruto's name over and over again, making it clear to him that he had no chance to win her heart. And now Shikamaru, because of laziness Asuma thought he had managed to somewhat get rid off, was refusing to fight the teammate of the man he was starting to hate the most. So it was understandable why he did what he did next.

Asuma approached Shikamaru and grabbed him by the scruff of his neck, making the Nara Heir blink as he was effortlessly picked up and held up in a way that his feet didn't touch the ground. Asuma shook his head. "No, you cannot. Go there and put a few of the things you learned so far into practice," he said with a sadistic smirk before he hurled Shikamaru over the rail.

With a deadpan expression on his face, Shikamaru righted himself up and landed in a crouching position on the ground. With a click of his tongue and rubbing his head in annoyance, Shikamaru walked towards his position at the center of the arena.

"Troublesome," he muttered.

-Sakura vs Shikamaru-

Anko brought her hand down after reminding Sakura and Shikamaru the rules and confirming that they were ready. "Begin!" She jumped back, clearing the area for the fight that was going to start.

Surprisingly, it was Shikamaru who made the first move as he jumped back and hurled a handful of shuriken at Sakura, which he knew would give him at least five seconds to think and come up with a strategy to beat the obviously different girl. Shikamaru had only known the shy and meek Sakura of the Academy: an above average student that was sure to become competent if she kept applying herself. This Sakura he was facing, however, was completely different from the one he used to know: she was significantly more confident, bordering on arrogant, and she wasn't afraid of displaying her body or showing affection for Naruto, who Shikamaru knew was the cause of that change and he also knew that it was because of that that his chances of winning against her were very low.

Shikamaru was not stupid, very far from that, and he also was very observant. He knew that the fact that Naruto ranked the lowest in the Academy because of his theoretical knowledge meant shit when he easily won the taijutsu spars back in the Academy. He knew that the blond Uzumaki was leagues above anyone here and if he was the reason behind Sakura's change, then it meant that he also had a hand in her training which that if he wanted to win he needed to play this smart and careful. Shikamaru didn't really care about winning, what he did care about, however, was how much Asuma was going to nag him if he didn't put some real effort into this and Shikamaru hated being nagged about idiotic things… like the fact that Kurenai preferred Naruto over Asuma, like, who gives a shit?

Shikamaru watched as Sakura deflected the shuriken he threw at her almost negligently and he cursed when she disappeared almost like a ghost. Shikamaru landed and began to look around frantically as he pulled out a kunai, which he used to cut himself slightly, and luckily, he did it just time because Sakura appeared in front of him with a nasty grin on her beautiful face, her own kunai ready to impale him through his head. Shikamaru cursed and barely managed to put his kunai in front of his face, the blades colliding but it was obvious who won in the strength department as Shikamaru grit his teeth and was forced to take a knee as he had to use both hands to block Sakura's slashing attack.

Sakura's grin widened as she pressed on. "C'mon lazy ass! Give me a decent fight!" She shouted before she shifted her stance and her leg lashed out, catching Shikamaru in the shoulder and making the Nara's eyes widen in pain as he was sent flying like a ragdoll, his body bouncing off the ground multiple times before he reached the wall and smacked into it, destroying a part of the wall and kicking up some dust that obscured his form from everyone else.

Sakura lowered her leg and she stared into the dust cloud in concentration before she smirked and jumped back just in time to evade a tendril of miasmatic darkness that shot out of the cloud of dust and attempted to impale her through the abdomen. Four more tendrils shot out after the first one and they dispersed the cloud of smoke, showing Shikamaru kneeling on the ground, panting, a nasty cut across his forehead that was bleeding a fountain of blood all over his face and if that wasn't enough there were a lot of tiny injuries littering his body. Shikamaru, however, looked more annoyed than in pain.

Sakura grinned as she ducked under a tendril that tried to impale her through the face and jumped over another one that tried to sweep at her feet. "Now this is more lite it!" She declared eagerly as she pulled out another kunai and began to somehow bat aside the tendrils of shadows that she was unable to dodge.

This continued for almost a minute in which Shikamaru continued to increase the intensity of the shadow attacks but Sakura only seemed to enjoy him doing that as her grin increased in tandem with the intensity of the attacks being directed her way. Eventually, however, the attacks stopped abruptly and Sakura blinked for a second before she pouted as she saw Shikamaru sighing in annoyance as he stood up.

He raised his hand with a shake of his head. "I give up. I don't know enough about you to make a plan that could assure my victory and even then it was still going to be left to chance and luck because your physical abilities and chakra surpass my own that it's not even funny. I tried to get a gauge of your skill by forcing you to fight harder but you didn't seem to to have a limit. Also, I am out of chakra and I'm pretty sure I'm about to pass out due to blood loss and the concussion I know I have. This is your win, as troublesome as that is," he said calmly and lazily before he promptly passed out right there and there.

Anko blinked before she shunshined towards him and checked him over before nodding and pointing at Sakura, who was still pouting. "Winner, Sakura Haruno!" She shouted before winking sexily at Sakura in congratulations.

Asuma appeared next to Shikamaru as the medics came in running into the room and he sighed, smoke coming out of his nose and mouth as he nodded to himself after pondering for a second. "At least you went out giving a decent fight. I suppose I can be proud of you," he said before he patted Shikamaru on the chest as the medics took him away to get treated. They would've done the same with Sasuke but Shikamaru's injuries weren't that serious, unlike Sasuke, who could've died if left untreated immediately.

"Aw man! And it was starting to get interesting," she whined sexily before she grinned and shrugged, much like Naruto would do in this kind of situations. "Oh well," she said before she skipped back towards where she had been before her fight, her gigantic ass jiggling drawing the attention of everyone.

-Balcony Viewing Area-

Sakura approached Naruto and the others, pout still in place.

Naruto laughed and grinned at her. "Don't be like that Sakura-chan. Understand that not everyone gets to have the enhancements my harem gets so you have to be patient and wait. I'm sure there are some people out there that could give you a decent fight," he said and extended an arm towards her.

Sakura stopped pouting before she eagerly went and melded her sexy body into Naruto, pressing herself against him and enjoying his hard form before she shifted so she could make out with him, ignoring the jealous growls from the others as they wanted to do the same with their god. Eventually, Sakura ended the tongue filled kiss before she nodded at him. "I understand, master."

Naruto smirked and grabbed her bountiful ass, squeezing it and making Sakura give a low moan as she blushed and grinned in delight. Naruto then looked around to see that everyone was glaring at him and that only made him grin smugly as he continued to fondle and molest his pink haired slut bitch in front of everyone. It was not like they could do anything about it anyways.

"Let's see who is going to be next," he said after the screen began to display random names, idly wrapping his free arm around Tenten, who squealed with joy as she pressed her body against Naruto and also began to moan when he began to fondle her ass, which was just as big as Sakura's but less pliable and firmer.

A few seconds later the screen stopped on two names:

Ino Yamanaka vs Shino Aburame

Ino grinned in delight as she was picked for the next fight. "Finally!" She declared before she turned towards Naruto and pouted at him. "Wish me luck?" She asked sexily, putting her hands behind her back and demurely sticking her chest out for the viewing pleasure of Naruto, even though everyone there was taking a good look of her big, firm breasts, not that she minded since she knew that the only one that was ever going to touch her was Naruto, as it should and ever will be.

Naruto chuckled and shook his head. "You don't need it but come here," he said and an excited Ino melded into the space that wasn't occupied by Sakura and Tenten and began to heavily make out with him. After she was done swapping saliva with her god, Ino did the same with Sakura and Tenten before she went and did the same with Kurenai, shocking everyone else as Kurenai eagerly responded to the kiss, not caring about impartiality anymore. Hinata also got an eager kiss from the platinum haired Yamanaka.

Ino winked at the blushing and panting Temari as she walked past her in her way to the arena, which resulted in Temari reaffirming her desire to become one of Naruto's main bitches if the pleasure she could see on those that were lucky to be called such was the reward. Temari wanted to make that face.

Asuma's cigar hung limply from his mouth. "Even Ino…" he muttered in despair as depression began to settle on his being.

Everyone else blushed or sweat dropped, depending on who it was.

Kurenai, after swallowing the mixed saliva that was left on her mouth from her make out with Shino, turned towards his students to see Kiba blushing and with a bloody nose and putting his hands on his crotch to cover his pathetic excuse of a hard on.

Shino looked as impassive as ever as he fixed his glasses.

Kurenai smiled at him encouragingly, even if she knew what the outcome of this fight was going to be. "Good luck," she said to him as he began to walk towards the arena.

Shino paused, looked towards her, nodded and continued walking.

-Ino vs Shino-

Anko pouted at not getting a kiss from Ino, who was very skilled with her tongue. Her could attest to that. When Ino and Shino stood in their positions Anko wiped away the drool from the corner of her mouth and shook her head to get rid of the thoughts since she needed to focus on this. She could get Ino to go down on her after they were done and all of them came back to the mansion to have an orgy.

After explaining the rules to them she looked at them both, winking at Ino saucily, getting a matching grin in return, before she turned serious. "Are you ready?" The of them nodded before she brought her hand down, her massive tits jiggling with the motion, and she jumped back to give them enough space to fight. "Begin!"

The moment Anko declared the start of the fight, Shino began running to the side and he shoved his arms towards Ino as he did so and from the confines of his long sleeves a swarm of black bugs appeared, the buzzing sound sounding ominous somehow as the black swarm of bugs obscured Shino from Ino's sight.

Ino's face contorted in disgust as she saw the number of bugs coming her way but she kept her head in the game easily, having faced worse and more disgusting things in the Forest of Death. She knew that she couldn't let those bugs touch her because they sucked chakra, and even though Ino had more chakra than a jonin nowadays, it was best to deal with it before it became an issue on the first place.

So, Ino went through five hand seals in quick succession, before she opened her mouth and spat thick, but clear blue water into her hands. Her hands were soon covered in swirling water which soon elongated until they were twice as long as she was tall and as thick as Naruto's cock, which was the thing she based her technique on. Hell, even the end of the water whips she was now holding looked like mushroom.

"Suiton: Nagai Shoshite Koi Mizukei," she said with an impish smile on her goddess like face before that suggestive smile turned into a savage grin before she began to use her whips to attack the horde of insects that were coming her way. The air racked sharply as Ino struck, moving back to keep her distance from the bugs as she killed them by the hundreds which each strike of her long and thick water whips.

Shino, realizing that keeping this course of action was just going to end up with him having no colony, stopped sending more bugs towards Ino and recalled most of them back into his body. The ones that stayed outside he directed them to approach Ino so he could drain her of her chakra while he kept her occupied with more obvious attacks.

What Shino didn't know, however, was that Ino was probably the strongest sensor (Naruto was also a sensor but comparing the two of them was unfair to Ino since, you know, Avatar of the Goddesses and all that jazz, yadda, yadda) in the village after her mother, Kino, and what she lacked in range, in which Karin had her beat, she more than made up for it in the amount of things she could perceive in her range. After being turned and trained by Naruto, her sensing abilities had increased to heights only surpassed by her mother Kino, who got beat both Ino and Karin in range and perception after she herself was turned by Naruto.

Because of this, Ino was still aware of the bugs that Shino left behind and it didn't take her long to figure out what his intentions were. She saw him about to prepare a distraction so she didn't notice the bugs he was going to use to drain her chakra but she had other plans. The whip on her left hand suddenly rippled as she let it go and in less than a second it transformed into a sphere big enough to cover her completely. "Suiton: Engo Mizutama," she declared, smirking haughtily.

Shino cursed to himself as he saw his bugs trying to penetrate the water barrier Ino raised around herself only to get stuck in there and died before they could absorb chakra from it to try and render it useless. Shino thought fast for a second and decided that his best bet was to drain the barrier of chakra so he could get to Ino directly, so he once again directed his entire colony towards here, believing that because of the barrier she couldn't attack.

That was a mistake.

Ino saw the black swarm of chakra draining bugs coming her way and smirked before she performed six one-handed Handseals in quick succession, which resulted in the barrier around her rippling violently until from the surface of it that was facing Shina and his swarm, hundreds of tiny needles made of water emerged from it. Shino's eyes widened behind his glasses and Ino's smirk grew. "Suiton: Chiisai Mizusenbon Danmaku," she declared and her chakra flared.

Shino only had time to put his forearms in a cross formation in front of his face as a literal barrage of tiny water needles shot out from Ino's water sphere and began to decimate Shino's swarm. In less than ten seconds most of the colony was killed and Shino grunted in pain as the needles either cut him or impaled him at least one centimeter into his skin, which was a lot, but thankfully only his arms and legs were stricken directly because the swarm took the brunt of the attack.

Before Shino could react, however, Ino's other water whip wrapped around his neck and he was yanked forward. The last thing he saw before he was knocked unconscious by spartan kick to the face was Ino rising her sexy leg, showing him the barely-there thong she was wearing and the fact that her vaginal fluids and Naruto's semen was trailing down her legs.

Anko approached the prone Shino after Ino dismissed her water whip and she confirmed that he was unconscious before she whipped her arm in Ino's direction. "Winner! Ino Yamanaka!" She declared before she winked saucily at the platinum haired girl.

Ino returned the wink with a saucy grin of her own before she flipped her flawless hair back and made her way back to the balcony. "Was there any doubt?" she asked rhetorically, only idly noticing the medics running towards Shino so they could take him away for treatment.

-Balcony Viewing Area-

Kurenai smiled at Ino sensually in gratitude. "Thank you for going easy on him," she said before she wrapped her arms around Ino and pulled her into a slow and sensual make out session, which had Ino moaning in shuddering as she responded eagerly to the kiss. Naturally, everyone stared at the lesbian act, all the males feeling jealous of Naruto because it was common knowledge that these two belonged to him.

Everyone ignored Asuma's pitiful whimpers of sadness and despair.

When the lip lock finished, Ino smiled dreamily at Kurenai, who smirked impishly. "Don't mention it, Kurenai-sensei," she said before Kurenai giggled and sent her away to be congratulated by the other with a spank to her delicious ass, which jiggled in a very delightful manner.

The next one to congratulate her was Hinata, who also made out with Ino, just a tad more aggressive but just as delicious. After she made out with Hinata, much to the viewing pleasure of everyone in attendance, Ino got a nod of respect and recognition from a blushing, drooling and bothered Temari, and Ino had to hold herself back from going there and making out with her fellow blonde, since even though she was obviously willing and desperate, Naruto needed to be the first one to tap her, because that was how it should be. After that, Temari was going to be fair game for everyone in the harem… or any female that was willing, to be completely honest.

After that, she went and got kissed by Tenten and Sakura and they made sure to make the kiss extra sexy and erotic since Naruto was right there and it was their duty as his sluts, whores, bitches and worshipers to make sure that he was enjoying himself always and they knew that it made him very happy to see when all of the above mentioned were getting along with one another. It meant more orgies for him to enjoy after all.

After the three-way lesbian kiss ended, Ino looked up at Naruto pouting sexily. "Can I get my congratulations-for-winning reward from you now, Naruto-sama?" She asked in a demure voice, her posture matching her tone as she blushed and presented her body to him.

Naruto laughed, enjoying the jealous and hateful looks he was receiving, before nodding with a fanged grin. "Of course, Ino-chan. Come here," he said before Ino wrapped her arms around his neck and shoved her mouth into his. Naruto enjoyed the french kiss with Ino, both moaning in delight at the sensations of their bodies pressing against each other's. Since Naruto had his arms wrapped around Tenten and Sakura, he squeezed their asses as he got into the kiss with Ino, and said girl enjoyed the fondling she got from her pink-haired and brown-haired slut-sisters.

When the action ended, Naruto looked down at Ino with his usual grin still in place. "Let's see who is going to fight now," he said as the screen began to display random names again. While that happened, Ino nodded happily and turned around so she could see the fights but she did so in a way that let her delicious rear pressed against Naruto's crotch firmly. Ino grinned back at him and winked and Naruto could only laugh before he looked up to see the names that were displayed now:

Temari no Subaku vs Choji Akimichi

Temari was about go down there to fight but before she could no Naruto got her attention by calling her name. She turned towards him curiously and Naruto smirked at her, making her pussy tingle with the promises held in that smirk. "Don't you want a good luck charm?"

Temari stammered for a moment before she nodded and she became shocked when Naruto reached towards her and pulled her into a deep and firm kiss. It was chaste in comparison with the other displays of affections but it was still very passionate. Temari and the others were further shocked when Sakura, Ino, Tenten and Kurenai also pulled Temari into a very deep kiss to give her their wishes of luck for her.

After that happened, a red faced Temari robotically made her way down to the Arena.

Meanwhile, Choji whined. "But Asuma-sensei! I don't want to go there and possibly hurt a girl."

Asuma sighed, a cloud of despair above him as he couldn't get the image of Kurenai making out with Ino and Temari from his head, which he found more saddening than arousing for some reason. "Choji, I know that you don't like to hurt others but as a ninja a time will come in which you will have to hurt others to prevent those who you want to protect from getting hurt. I need you to realize this now and not in the field where you will freeze an inevitably die before you can protect your teammates, who will also die if you die. Do you want everyone else to die, Choji?"

Choji, pale as a sheet of paper, shook his head rapidly. "No!" He responded vehemently.

Asuma nodded. "Then, go down there and beat her ass. If you win, I'll buy you everything you can eat at Yakiniku Q. Deal?"

Choji got stars on his eyes and steam bellowed from his nose as he got fired up. "You've got yourself a deal, Asuma-sensei!" He declared before he stampeded towards his side of the Arena, leaving a despondent Asuma questioning if it was worthy to continue on living when the only one of his genin he could be truly proud of was someone that shoved into his face the fact that she could make out with the woman he fancied while he couldn't.

-Temari vs Choji-

Anko made sure both combatants were ready before she declared the start of the fight and she jumped back. "Begin!"

"I will beat you so I can get a free meal!" Choji declared before he did a one-handed ram seal with his left hand. "Bunbun Baika no Jutsu!" He shouted and the moment he did that his right grew at least twenty times its original size. Choji cocked his arm back before he shoved it forward, intending to use overwhelming power to finish this fight as fast as he could since he really wanted all that food.

Temari rolled her eyes at the telegraphed and slow attack before she simply jumped out of the way far enough that she only felt the slight shaking of the ground and the tiny shockwave as Choji's feet connected with the floor and cracked it. She responded to his attack by unfolding her war fan enough to only let one of the three purple moons that were painted on it be seeing. She channeled wind chakra through the fan and swung it, generating fairly strong winds that reached Choji in an instant.

Choji cursed as he channeled chakra to the sole of his feet to keep himself grounded to the floor and he also covered his face with his arms. He still ended up getting a decent amount of damage since hidden in the gale of wind Temari directed at him were many small blades of winds that cut his skins and his superficial blood vessels, which hurt a lot. After the attack ended, many cuts littered Choji's body but they were more of an annoyance than something crippling.

Choji huffed before he lowered his arms and glared at Temari. "I… will… have… my… FREE BARBEQUE! BAIKA NO JUTSU!" He shouted and his thorax and abdomen expanded in such a way that he resembled a gigantic beach ball with arms, legs and a head. And then he began to spin frontwards for a second before he shot towards Temari at incredible speeds for something that big. "NIKUDAN SHENSA!"

Temari sweat dropped. "Is this guy for real?" She muttered to herself before she once again easily evaded the obvious attack, which continued pass her until it hit one of the walls of the Arena, which resulted in the entire room shaking a bit and a dust cloud to rise up, which covered Choji from view of everyone else. Temari however kept her attention on it in order to counter whatever the weird Akimichi kid tried.

It was a good thing she did because a few seconds later Choji came out screaming from the dust cloud still using his bullet human tank, only this time there were visible kunai sticking out from random points of the rolling ball of death that was Choji but it came at the cost of being slightly slower than his first attack.

Temari rolled her eyes once again. "I'm sick of this," she said before she channeled wind chakra to her legs and jumped over Choji's attack to evade it, using the wind chakra to gain as much altitude as she could. Then she opened her fan all the way and channeled a decent amount of wind chakra into it before she swung it with all her strength towards the spinning Choji. This resulted in an incredible gale of wind that reached Choji in a second and speed him up so much that he became a blur for the moment it took him to reach the opposite wall of the one he had collided with first and this resulted in the room shaking even more and a bigger cloud of dust.

Temari landed in the ground gracefully and she didn't waste any time to swing her fan around again but this time the winds were just strong enough the clear the dust cloud and when it did Choji was revealed to be unconscious with many kunai tied to his body and there were now bruises to go along with the many cuts Temari had caused him at the beginning of the fight.

Anko approached Choji, confirmed that he was unconscious before she pointed at Temari with a grin. "Winner! Temari no Subaku!" She shouted and winked at the delectable girl that was soon going to become one of Naruto-sama's slut whores, as she should be.

Temari shrugged, folded her fan and made her way back to the viewing area, not really feeling anything about the easy win.

-Balcony Viewing Area-

Temari reached the spot she had been standing on before the pathetic excuse of a fight she just had and the first one to greet her was the black-haired beauty with crimson eyes, who looked at her with a wide smile. "Congratulations," she purred sensually, making Temari flush at the absolute sexy tone of her voice, which made Temari quiver pleasantly.

Then she looked at Naruto, Ino, Sakura and Tenten and she moaned lightly when she saw the smoldering eyes they were watching her with and she approached them. Sakura congratulated her with a tone dripping with desire before she gave her deep kiss, which was followed by a similar treatment from Hinata, Tenten and Ino. When the three girls finished their congratulations, it was Naruto's turn to do so.

He nodded at her with an approving and lecherous grin as he enjoyed Ino grinding her delicious backside into his crotch and the feeling of Tenten and Sakura pressing against his sides. "You did good, Temari-chan. After this is over I will finish what we started back in the forest," he said as he leered at her and her sinful body.

Temari trembled with desire and she smirked at him saucily. "I can't wait, Naruto-sama. But in the mean time…" she trailed off as she slipped into his embrace, right next to Ino who grinned at her in approval as she wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck and molded her mouth into his with a sensual french kiss that had both of them moaning. They kissed like that for a few seconds before they had to breath. Temari pulled back, saliva still connecting their tongues, and she exchanged lustful grins with Naruto before she turned around and joined Ino in teasing Naruto with their sinful derrieres. Temari felt Naruto shifting as his massive semi-hard on pressed into her ass crack and she began to grind into it slowly, aided by Ino in her endeavors. She looked back and saw Naruto, Hinata and Kurenai making out as they pressed themselves into his back while Sakura and Tenten eagerly licked and kissed his neck as he rubbed their pussies through their clothes.

Elated at knowing that it was a sure thing that she was going to become one of Naruto's sluts bitches whores cum-buckets, Temari turned back to the Arena as the screen began to go through random names to determine who was going to fight next. As the name of her brother Gaara and someone named Rock Lee appeared on the screen, Temari felt her head being turned to the side before she began to heavily make out with Ino. She idly noticed that unlike before nobody was paying attention to them, even though they were practically having sex now before she focused on the delectable feeling her tongue dancing with her fellow blonde's as they exchanged saliva. Nothing else mattered to her.

Naruto stopped his three-way make out with Hinata ad Kurenai and he enjoyed them kissing each other just as heavily before he turned to the Arena to watch the fight between Lee and Gaara, the two he felt held had the most potential to give him a good fight out of all the men in this room. He enjoyed the teasing of his whores as they rubbed themselves against him while they made out with each other, relishing on the fact that only him could see this wonderful show since he had used a Genjutsu to mask it. While he didn't mind showing off how much gilrs preferred him over everyone else, he felt it was a better insult to have everyone wonder what he got up to with them instead of them seeing it.

He was THEE bastard after all.

The fight started and Naruto was momentarily distracted by Anko's sinful body as she jumped back, making her assets jiggle in the best of manners before Naruto focused on the fight between Gaara, who he knew was the Jinchuriki of the Ichibi, who was also named Rangiku, who he wanted to release from her prison because he wanted to please Kura-chan and maybe get sexual favors from her if she was grateful and Rock Lee, who he knew was a badass in spite of the fact that he couldn't use chakra.

The fight started somewhat boring, with Lee attempting to break through Gaara's perfect sand defense to no avail since the sand was faster than Lee. Then Lee, after being thrown around like a ragdoll, took off his weights which had to have at least five hundred pounds each for the effect they had on the ground when he let them fall to it. After that Lee became faster than what even Kakashi could manage on his best day, which was saying something for a seventeen-year-old that only has been a genin for a year.

Lee managed to hit Gaara two times before it was revealed that Gaara had another defense of sand, which was a Sand Armor that clung to his skin, so Lee decided to use one of his best techniques, the Primary Lotus, in which he had to open the first of Eight Gates, the Gate of Opening, to use. Gaara, however, managed to substitute himself with a Sand clone before Lee completed his admittedly deadly and cool technique, which seemed to have a cost as Lee couldn't move and Gaara used this opportunity to smack Lee around to his hear contents.

After almost two minutes of this, Lee seemed to get a second wind and he opened four gates in order to use the Reverse Lotus, which successfully broke Gaara's Sand Armor and delivered a fair amount of damage to the Sand Jinchuriki, but did little more than that as Gaara managed to use his sand to cushion his fall and protect himself from the worst of Lee's onslaught. Like before, Lee was completely spent after the use of such a jutsu along with opening for of the eight gates, so he was defenseless as Gaara finished him off by crushing his left arm and legs. Gaara was going to go for the overkill and murder Lee but before that happened Gai appeared and with a wave of his hand dispersed Gaara's sand, which confirmed that he was also a badass.

Naruto saw the amount of damage that was done to Lee as Anko declared Gaara the winner, who stood up and walked away as if nothing had happened, and he decided that letting someone as promising as Lee to waste away with that kind of injuries was a no go. He created a clone which he substituted with so his girls could continue getting pleasure with being in close proximity to him before he teleported next to Gai and Lee, who impressed Naruto further as he stood up and got into a fighting stance even though his left leg was beyond use and was already unconscious.

Before Gai could do as much as blink, Naruto touched Lee on his forehead, then his chest and finally on his stomach and under the incredulous eyes of everyone not aware of that fact that Naruto was practically a god, Lee's injuries disappeared. Alongside that, Lee woke up with a gasp and he looked around frantically before he gasped again and he looked down to his arms as he could feel an incredible amount of chakra running through his coils were before he barely felt it.

"What.. what is this?" He asked in wonder.

Naruto grinned and slapped Lee on the shoulder in a comradery fashion. "That's your reward for being one badass motherfucker and impressing me enough. You can now use chakra like everyone else," he said and everyone that was not his girls gasped at that and tears gathered in the "corners' of Lee's eyes as he stared at Naruto with incredulity. "I will recommend, however, that you still focus on your taijutsu and use your chakra to increase its effectiveness since that is your strong point. You will go far Lee and expect you to become strong enough to give me a good fight in the future," he said with a grin and a cheesy thumb up.

Lee stared at Naruto for a second before he bowed deep. "Thank you very much, Naruto-san. I, at first, hated you because you were so close to Sakura-chan but those unyouthful feelings have gone away now that I realize you are a good person. I will use this opportunity you have given me to become the best I can be! I promise that the moment we face each other in youthful battle I will not disappoint you! Thank you from the bottom of my heart!" He shouted, crying freely now.

Naruto laughed and shrugged his shoulders. "Eh, no biggie. Just give me a good fight after you learn how to use your chakra to augment your already impressive taijutsu. That's all I ask," he said and he watched as Lee nodded before he ran towards Gai, who gave him a youthful hug as they both cried in happiness. Gai then looked at Naruto before he thanked him with a nod and Naruto shrugged his shoulders with a laugh.

Gai and Lee separated from their hug and Gai got fire in his eyes. "You might have lost a fight today Lee! But you have gained something even bigger because your hard work impressed someone! We will now endeavor to use our youthfulness to become the strongest! Are you with me, Lee?" He said before he took a pose, grinning as he pointed to the horizon as the waves crashed and his teeth gleamed.

Lee, with tears in his eyes, clenched his left fist and saluted Gai with his right arm. "YES, GAI-SENSEI!"

Naruto watched as Lee and Gai went back to where they were standing before Lee's fight before he turned towards Gaara, who was looking at him with anger. Naruto grinned at him. "Lee is not the only one that I want to fight. I have decided that you are also one of those people and I promise that I will help you prove your existence whenever you want, sand boy," he said with a bloodthirsty smirk.

Gaara shared his expression for a second before he nodded and walked back to stand next to his quite nervous brother and sensei. Naruto then used substitution with his clone, which dispelled before anyone could notice, and he was back to enjoying his sluts bodies as they expressed their love and devotion for him. Even though he had been making out with Tenten he was still paying attention to the screen so he noticed the ones that were called:

Hinata Hyuga vs Neji Hyuga

Naruto smirked in amusement and he pulled back from Tenten, who pouted, and he turned towards Hinata who was diligently making out with Sakura and he gained her attention using a chakra string to pinch her erected nipple, which made her squeal in delight as she turned towards Naruto, who simply nodded to the arena. "You are up. And look who are you fighting," he said with a grin.

Hinata did so and when she did a similar grin appeared on her beautiful face. "Oh, I'm going to enjoy this," she said with a sensual and sadistic lick of her red lips before she proceeded to get a kiss out of everyone she was intimately involved with and Temari, who was going to be intimately involved with them anyways. She sensually walked down to the Arena.

It was time to show her dear cousin that he was not as good as he thought he was.

-Hinata vs Neji-

Knowing that what was going to happen was going to be good, Anko promptly made sure to remind the two combatants the rules before she made sure they were ready before she declared the beginning of the fight. "Begin!" She declared and jumped back with an excited sexy grin on her beautiful face. This definitely was going to be one for the books.

Neji simply slid into the starting basic stance of the Gentle Fist and looked directly into Hinata's eyes. "Fate has already declared me the winner Hinata-sama since it was me who was chosen to face you in battle. I suggest you give up since the outcome will be the same whether you do so or not," he said with certainty.

Hinata scoffed, her massive tits jiggling with the motion, and smirked in amusement as she also slid into her stance and while it was obvious that it was still the Juken, there was something different on it. For instance, she was leaning forwards and not backward and her feet were spread wider apart and she was also crouching lower than Neji. "Save that 'Fate governs everything' crap for someone who gives a shit. Why don't you just come out and say that you believe that it is my fault that Hizashi-oji got killed? I know thst you blame me but guess what? I dad also got killed and you don't see me blaming anyone else but that Kumo asshole that tried to kidnap me and the one who ordered him to do it. You have been treating me and Hanabi-chan like shit ever since and I am sick of it and because you are my cousin I refuse to use the Caged Bird Seal to reign you in but now I am strong enough to give you a good old beat down and show you who is boss!" She said and grinned a very Naruto-like smile as she gathered her chakra and tensed her muscles in preparation.

Now it was Neji's turn to scoff and he grew angry at her words but he ignored them since he knew that her view of things was flawed because she still had her mother to fall back onto. Neji also gathered his chakra and activated his Byakugan. "Hmph! You can't eve use the correct form of the Hyuga Taijutsu Style and you think you can beat me?! Don tell such crude jokes, Hinata-sama!" He said, almost snarled, before he shot towards her at speeds beyond what most chunin could achieve.

"Fool," she said before her own Byakugan activated and she rushed forward to meet him and they met each other in a exchange of two fingered jabs meant to hit the other in the shoulder but the attack intercept one another and from the point of contact blue chakra was harshly emitted. Hinata smirked as Neji scowled and they soon began an exchange of Gentle fist attacks and one could clearly see the difference in their personal styles as they ducked it out.

Neji's style was more rigid and direct and he was clearly focusing on hitting Hinata's tenketsu spread all over her body while Hinata's style was more fluid and instead of only going for his tenketsu she also aimed at places like eyes, throat and groin in order to cause the maximum amount of pain. It was also obvious from an outsider perspective who was the better fighter a Hinata kept the same expression through the exchange while Neji seemed uncomfortably focused on the task at hand.

Neji directed a jab towards Hinata's forehead but it was batted aside with deliberate easiness and Neji had to waved around two jabs attacks, one directed towards his throat and the other one directed towards his nose of all things. He was starting to get annoyed by Hinata's disregard of everything he knew she had been taught about the Gentle Fist and he saw it as someone trying to defy Fate, which was insulting him in Neji's book. Fates bitch attempted a palm strike to Hinata's chest in order to induce cardiac arrest that would send Hinata to the hospital for a month at the least but Neji didn't take into consideration a few things and one couldn't blame him since he was not aware of them.

Hinata was different from the girl that only knew to insult him and glower whenever he would treat her and her little sister like shit every time they saw each other. After Hinata became one of Naruto's girl she was turned into a fledgling, which was something like a hybrid between a vampire and a human and the transformation had boosted all of her capabilities to heights that no other one other than those hot girls lucky enough to get Naruto's attention were going to reach those heights. Also, Hinata had been training like crazy for past months so she had already surpassed Neji in every aspect one could think of.

Hinata decided that it was time he realized that.

She ducked under his attack and before Neji realized what happened he was parallel to the ground as Hinata used a low kick, which was something completely unexpected coming from a Hyuga, hence he hadn't known how to react to it even if his Byakugan had caught the movement. Before he knew what was happening a palm strike from Hinata caught him right in the stomach and sent him flying away like a ragdoll after spit and some blood was forced out of his mouth by the strength of Hinata's technique.

Neji, however, was not considered a prodigy ad a genius for nothing so he managed to right himself up and he landed on his feet, skidding to a halt a few feet after he touched the ground and he glared at Hinata as he used the back of his hand to wipe off the blood that trailed down the corner of his mouth. "I see that you are cowardly enough to not use true Gentle Fist against me, knowing that you cannot beat me if you fight fairly. What a disgrace," he said as he stood up.

Hinata snorted in disgust as she looked at Neji over her nose. "You are really a dumbass. There is no such thing as a fair fight because what only matters is to kill the other guy and not get killed yourself so you have to use every advantage you have in order to accomplish that. Don't be so naïve, cousin!" She shouted and her smile widened as she saw Naruto giving her a thumb up even if he was making out with Temari and Ino at the same time, not that anyone apart from her and Anko could see it. Hinata focused on Neji and she tilted her body forward and out her fists at her sides and she began to emanate an incredible amount of chakra that covered her fists and morphed into two dark blue lion heads with yellow glowing eyes and black markings. "Juho Soshiken!" She declared before she shot towards Neji at incredible speeds.

Neji's eyes only had time to widen before he reacted as he began to spin in place, channeling and expelling chakra through all his tenketsu to create a defensive dome around him in order to protect himself from an attack that had more chakra than he did, which to him didn't make sense since he could see that Hinata only had slightly more chakra than him, which should make it impossible for her to generate such a technique but in any case Neji trusted whatever his eyes saw so he defended himself as best as he could. "Hakkesho Kaiten!"

Hinata smirked as she saw the dome of chakra and she jumped at the same time she also began to spin in place, doing the same with her chakra which surrounded her in a sphere of dark blue and black energy that was different from Neji's even though it was obviously the same technique in principle. While Neji's was smooth and even, Hinata's seemed more like flames of dark blue and black that were forming the sphere. "Soshiken Kaiten!"

The two defensive techniques collided, generating buffeting winds as they pushed against the other to seek dominance. Inside his dome Neji gritted his teeth as he pushed more chakra into his technique but he soon discovered as it was all for naught as his dome was suddenly broken, stopping his spinning abruptly which resulted in him getting dizzy but he couldn't dwell on those feelings as Hinata also stopped spinning but used her momentum to strike him the face with one of her Lion Fists, sending him flying away towards the wall as she broke his nose and his jaw.

Neji smacked into the wall harshly, getting imbedded into it and he groaned as his bones were rattled and his organs smacked against their protective cavities, suffering minor blunt force internal trauma due to this. Neji coughed and from his mouth a lot of blood came out, signaling that he was also suffering internal bleeding. He was conscious and capable of fighting, however, since his Byakugan was still activated and he was glaring daggers at Hinata, who was smirking haughtily as she deactivated he technique. "You.. bitch…" he panted as he shakily unimbedded himself from the wall, not noticing that it now had a Neji shaped indent on it.

Hinata nodded and smiled with pride. "Yes. I am a bitch. Naruto-sama's to be precise and I'm going to show you that immeasurable pleasure is not the only benefit you get when you pledge your everything to him," she said and suddenly everyone became aware of the smell of burnt ozone that filled the arena as yellow lightning began to dance around Hinata's form. Neji's eyes widened in horror as Hinata got into a very familiar position with her flank facing him and her arms spread wide apart, one towards him and down and the other away from him and upwards, palm facing the ceiling. Hinata's smirk widened. "You are within my field of divination! Raiton: Hakke: Rokujunyon Sho!" Neji couldn't do nothing as Hinata approached him and delivered the most electrifying move… literally.

Two strikes.

Neji grew rigid as electricity ran through his body.

Four strikes.

Neji was shoved back into the wall.

Eight strikes.

Neji began to spasm sporadically.

Sixteen strikes.

Blood began to leak out from his mouth, nose, ears and eyes.

Thirty-two strikes.

Neji's eyes rolled to the back of his head as he passed out, his body shutting everything up before his mind was broken due to the pain.

Sixty-four strikes, finishing with a palm strike to Neji's abdomen.

Hinata jumped back as she finished her technique and she wrinkled her nose when she noticed that Neji had lost control of his bladder and bowels. Meaning that he pissed and shit himself. As a matter of fact, the only sign the he was alive was the fact she could see with her Byakugan his heart beating, albeit barely.

She turned around with a scoff. "That's ought to teach him a lesson: Don't mess with me and my family. He is done for but he is alive… barely so he needs medical attention right now or he will die."

Anko grinned in pride and lust. Hinata had earned the best oral sex of her life after a performance like this and Anko, as her good sensei, was going to give it to her later in reward for growing so strong. After she examined Neji and called for the medics, who rushed towards Neji to pry him of the wall to take them away so they could work on saving his life. "Winner! Hinata Hyuga!"

-Balcony Viewing Area-

The first one that greeted Hinata was Kurenai and it was done with an extremely erotic tongue filled kiss as they wrapped their arms around each other, their massive tits squeezing between their hot, sinful bodies as they raped each other's mouth, moaning in delight as they experienced pleasure at the hands of the other. After a few seconds, they separated and Kurenai beamed at Hinata with pride, love and lust being the more prominent in her expression. "Congratulations, Hinata! I'm sure that Neji is not going to mess with you or your sister ever again," she said and squeezed Hinata's big ass as she tightened her hug around her student.

Hinata did the same, moaning as she enjoyed Kurenai's teasing. "Thank you, sensei. It was all thanks to you, Anko-sensei, Naru-sama and the others that helped me train," she said with a happy smile before she went to get her congratulations from the others, a set of congratulations that was similar to the one she received from Kurenai. Heck, eve Temari gave her a tongue filled kiss in congratulations and that cemented the feeling in Hinata on wanting to have sex with her. She couldn't wait for Naruto to make her his botch so she could join them in the daily orgies.

The last one to congratulate her was Naruto and he grinned at her. "That was badass. I give it a ten out of ten," he said, with another cheesy thumb up before Hinata beamed in happiness and wrapped her arms around him so they could make out. While they were doing that, and knowing that the next one was going to be the last fight since it was the only logical outcome since there were only three more contestants left, Naruto manipulated his genjutsu and directed his girls to take positions close to him but not as scandalous but Hinata was still making out with him and she continued to do so as he ended the illusion.

He grinned into Hinata's mouth as he heard Kiba growl in anger at what he was doing and he rubbed salt in the wound by taking a handful of what he could grab of Hinata's bountiful ass and she moaned in delight, pressing herself further into him, knowing what Naruto was doing and wholeheartedly supporting him and rubbing in Kiba's face that he was the better man since Hinata preferred him over the stinky mutt. Not that it could be any different.

Naruto finished the french kiss and wrapped an arm around Hinata's neck, pressing them together as they turned towards the screen as it showed three names now:

Naruto Uzumaki vs Kiba Inuzuka vs Kankuro no Subaku

Naruto grinned in excitement as it was finally his turn to fight. Even though he didn't need any luck, he went and got tongue filled kisses from his girls starting with Ino, then Sakura, Tenten and even Temari. Then Naruto took off his cloak, making every girl there have a mini orgasm due to them witnessing the perfection that was his body, and unstrapped Kuroshin from his waist and passed them to Hinata and Kurenai respectively.

He grinned at them. "Lok after them for me. I'm not gonna use them for this two," he said before he pulled them into a three-way french kiss and the three of them ignored the angry shouts from Asuma and Kiba, who jumped towards the Arena, joining Kankuro, as they moaned, Naruto because Kurenai and Hinata rubbed his dick over the fabric of his clothes, and the two girls moaned because Naruto grabbed a good handful of what he could of their delicious big and perky derrieres.

Naruto ended the kiss and while Hinata had glazed over eyes and was flushing sexily, Kurenai smirked saucily at him as she gripped his covered semi-hard cock deliciously. "Make sure to not hurt Kiba too much. He is still a part of my genin team and I would hate to lose him," she said, not like she cared a lot about him, but it was going to be easier on her for him to not be sent to the hospital for months on end.

Naruto laughed and shook his head. "Eh, don't worry Kure-chan. I'm just going to beat him up a bit. Tsume-chan and Hana-chan would also be pissed if I hurt Kiba too much and while angry sex with bitches in heat is awesome, I prefer to have them content and submissive," he said before he smacked their asses hard, rendering Kurenai and Hinata moaning messes.

After Naruto made sure to rub his superiority on everyone's faces he began to make his marry way towards he arena, whistling a cheery tune that for some reason made everyone think of a bald kid wearing a yellow shirt. Huh, weird.

-Naruto vs Kiba vs Kankuro-

The first thing Naruto did when he reached the arena was to walk towards Anko and wrap her in his arms so he could give her a french kiss, which Anko eagerly returned as she rubbed herself all over him. After a few seconds, they separated and Anko grinned at him. "As much as I would like for you to rip my clothes off and fuck me right here we still have to finish this. Afterwards we can do whatever you want, Naru-sama," she said eagerly.

Naruto nodded and gave her ass and smack, making Anko moan in delight. "I know. I just wanted everyone to know that you also belong to me, slut," he said and Anko beamed happily as he said that, nodding in agreement. Naruto walked back to his position after rubbing Anko's delicious ass and his grin widened as he addressed his two opponents. "Alright you two, let's make this quick. I have a harem waiting me back home that I have fucked in five days with nothing other than my clones. Yes, that includes Kurenai, Asuma. And also yes, that includes Hinata, your mother and your sister Kiba and I'm sure it will include your sister two, make-up boy," he said with an evil grin.

Kankuro scowled as he pulled out three scrolls from his back. He glared at Naruto. "I respect you for having so many women at your beck and call but Temari is off limits, you motherfucking bastard!" He shouted before he unfurled the scrolls and channeled chakra into them in order to release their contents in a small explosion of white smoke. Naruto used basic wind manipulation to clear the smoke and he raised an eyebrow when he saw the three puppets Kankuro unsealed.

The first one resembled a three-eyed, four-armed humanoid with jagged teeth and spiky brown hairstyle protruding from the top of its head and framing the sides and it was wearing a tattered brown cloak to cover its body. The next one had a much longer head than the first one with a bucket-shaped face sporting two sharp red horns and six arms; its facial features included three eyes similar to the first one, with a dark disheveled hairstyle. Its overall body-frame somewhat resembles a large barrel but it was also covered with a brown cloak. The last one looked like a salamander and it wasn't covered in a cloak.

Kankuro stood between them and he grinned at Naruto. "Meet Karasu, Kuroari and Sanshouo, bastard. They are going to be your end! And it's war paint!"

Naruto looked at the puppets with interest, admitting they had a formidable appearance but other than that he was not impressed. "A puppeteer, huh? Well, at least you know you can't beat me on your own," he said before he turned towards Kiba who was looking more feral than normal and he raised an eyebrow at him when he noticed something missing. "Are you sure that you don't want to use Akamaru against me?" He asked in amusement.

Kiba growled as he bared his fangs and claws at Naruto. "I don't need him to beat you! I've grown stronger since last time and I'm going to show Hinata that I am better than you! You will also stop seeing my mom and sister, fucker!"

Naruto immediately understood what was happening with Akamaru as he heard scared whimpering from the stands. "Ah, I see. Akamaru refuses to fight me since he is scared of me. At least we now know who is the smart one between the two," he said with a laugh.

Hiba snarled. "Shut the fuck up!" He bellowed before he shot forward and began to spin, turning himself into a great gray drill that was going directly towards the still laughing Naruto at decent speeds. "Tsuga!"

Naruto stopped laughing but his grin now had an amused glint to it. "This guy never learns!" He said in amusement before he waited for Kiba to close in. When Kiba was about to hit him Naruto shifted to the side, letting the Passing Fang go pass him (LOL) and he raised his knee towards his chest before he delivered his signature spartan kick to the spinning Kiba, catching him in the back and sending him flying away towards the wall with a pained shout.

Naruto was about to taunt him again but he was forced to jump away to evade a barrage of senbon coming from the six-armed puppet, the he suspected was the one named Kuroari because it resembled more an ant than the other one and it was obvious which one was Sanshouo, which he suspected where poisoned, not that it mattered really but he was going to give him handicaps to make this fight more interesting. While he was in the air, the for armed one, named Karasu, approached him at fast speeds, four blade posed to impale him through his chest and abdomen.

Naruto grinned and used his absolute control over wind to shift his body so Karasu passed by him harmlessly and he chuckled when he heard a distinctly dog like yelp as Kiba now found a scar looking puppet using blades screaming towards him. He ignored that, not caring what happened to Kiba since his girls were not going to be upset as long as it wasn't him who did the deed, and he focused on Kankuro who was hiding behind Sanshouo, using a shield of some sorts that came from the salamander like puppet's hollowed body, to protect himself. Naruto didn't give a shit about that.

Naruto landed on the ground and not giving anyone any time he stomped hard on it, making one of the tiles, which was two times his height, that composed the floor rise up vertically in a sharp manner before made as if he was going to punch it but his fist stopped a few centimeters from actually hitting it. The tile, responding to his command over earth, suddenly shot towards Kankuro, who cursed and slipped into his pupped which he braced for impact. The piece of stone struck the puppet and while it broke against it, it also sent it away towards the wall tumbling, more than likely resulting in Kankuro getting smacked around inside the puppet.


Naruto heard and he turned around to see two drills coming towards him and he also caught Karasu and Kuroari rapidly incoming towards behind the drills, poisoned blades at the ready to impale or cut anyone they go their hands on. Naruto smirked and timed his response to Kiba's attack well in order to look as badass as he hoped it would look. When the two drills were a foot away from him Naruto jumped towards them, corkscrewing in between them before he delivered two snap kicks, catching the two Kibas on the head. One of them dispelled, showing that it was a shadow clone and the other one hit the wall face first and fell limply two the ground. He didn't look like he was going to stand up any time soon.

Naruto the focused on the two incoming puppets and he grinned as his right fist got covered in bright red and yellow flames and the air rippled around his left hand, which was pulled into a claw. First turning to Karasu, Naruto shoved his flaming fist towards it and from it, a stream of fire wide enough to consume the puppet five times over quickly reached it and burned it to ashes, even the may blades that it had concealed on its form. Then Naruto twirled around and with his left hand he slashed at Kuroari, sending five wind blades at it that separated it in many different pieces before they continued on and hit the wall, which didn't stop the blades and they continued on towards the Forest of Death until thy dissipated after cutting many threes and some unlucky animals.

Naruto laughed before he disappeared in a wrap of black smoke.

"Fuck!" Cursed Kankuro as he stepped out from the confines of Sanshouo and he only had time to realize that his other two puppets were destroyed before his eyes widened as a hand penetrated Sanshuou's shield and pressed to fingers into his forehead and he froze.

Naruto's head appeared over the shield, grinning in amusement as he waved at the frozen Kankuro. "Give up or I'll fry your brains, make up boy," he said and to get his point across, electricity cackled around the twin fingers that were pressed against Kankuro's forehead.

The Suna puppeteer gulped before he sighed in defeat. "I forfeit!" He declared.

"Good choice," said Naruto, grin still in place as he pulled back his fingers and jumped off from the puppet's body and approached the center of the arena, leering at Anko's sinful body as she checked over the unconscious Kiba to verify that he was also defeated.

When she did so, she stood up grinning and signaled towards Naruto. "Just like it was expected! Winner! Naruto Uzumaki-sama!"

The moment she declared him as the winner, a disturbed Sarutobi stood up and got the attention of everyone. "Since everyone participating in the prelims has fought and the winners have been determined, I call for the winners to come down in order to determine who is going to fight who and in which order in the Third phase of the Chunin Exams, which is a tournament that will showcase the abilities of those hoping to become chunin! It will happen in a month's time so you have time to prepare! So, let's begin!"

-A few minutes later-

"Alright everyone! Please say the number you have draught from the box so we can pair you up with your opponent for the tournament!" Shouted Anko as she stood next to a whiteboard, holding a marker ready to write the names in the tournament pyramid that was painted there.

Naruto grinned as he held his. "One!"

"Two," said Gaara simply. He and Naruto then grinned at each other in a bloodthirst fashion as they realized they were going to face each other right away.

"Three!" Said Hinata.

"Four," said Temari before she exchanged challenging grins with the indigo haired Byakugan princess whom she wanted fight almost as much as she wanted to ike her pussy and have her pussy liked by her while she sucked on Naruto's dick.

"Five," said Sakura.

"Six," said Ino before she and Sakura exchanged smirks since they were rivals as much as they were lovers and to this day they two hadn't settled which one was the strongest between them, not like they really cared that much as long as they could both have sex with each other and with their master and god, Naruto, but it was also fun to be competitive with each other to keep things interesting.

"Seven," said Tenten with a shrug, not knowing what they were going to do with her since she was the last one.

Anko finished writing the names of everyone before she turned towards them. "Okay! This is how it's gonna be: The first fight going to be Naruto-sama vs Gaara, then Hinata-chan vs Temari, after that Sakura vs Ino and the winner of that fight is going to go against Tenten. Then whoever wins is going to go against whoever wins between Temari and Hinata and then the last fight is going to be between whomever wins between Naruto-sama and Gaara. This way everyone that wins gets to fight two times at least. Understood?" When everyone nodded she dismissed them.

Temari was about go towards Naruto but Gaara pinned her in place with his gaze. "Come, we have much to do," he said before he walked away, followed by a disturbed Baki and a depressed Kankuro that was moaning about his puppets.

Temari pouted and she turned towards Naruto, who approached her and gave her a deep, tongue filled kiss, before he separated from her and grinned at her in a reassuring manner. "Don't worry Temari-chan. I'll make sure to make you my bitch as soon as we get the chance. Masturbate a few times thinking of me and my other sluts in the meantime, will you?"

Temari beamed up at him and nodded. "Will do!" She said cheerfully before she skipped away to join her brothers and her sensei, already eagerly waiting or the time she could claim she was one of Naruto's whores.

Naruto leered at her in a perverse manner, already wanting to have all of her holes tightening around his dick, before he shook his head and turned towards his girls. He motioned towards them to come over and they eagerly did, wrapping arms and legs around his body and pressing tits and asses so they were in full contact with them. Naruto grinned at the feeling of his girls' body and he turned towards Sarutobi, who was shaking his head even if he blushed at the sight.

"We will talk more about what I told you after I get feedback from Kabuto."

Sarutobi nodded before he waved his hand dismissively. "Just get the fuck out of my sight, troublesome blond."

Naruto laughed, as did his girls, before they disappeared in a wrapping of black smoke.

Sarutobi sighed.

"I don't even care anymore."

-Uzumaki Mansion. Orgy Room-

Naruto grinned as he and his girls appeared in the living room of his mansion, now dubbed the Orgy Room since this was the place where the daily morning orgies occurred, so it was a fitting name and just like he had been expecting, an orgy was going on right now between his clones and his regular sluts that stayed home. The moaning, squeals, screeches and shrieks of pleasure of his girls were music to his ears and he looked around to bask in the beautiful sight of what was happening.

The first one his eyes fell on was Mikoto, who was being fucked from behind by a clone that was pulling her arms back as she had an ahegao expression on her flushed and tear streaked face. On the couch next to her, were Mebuki, Hitomi, Chun-Li, Kino and Yoshino, also with ahegao expression on their whore faces as they jumped up and down the might shaft of his clones. He noticed that Kino and Yoshino were being fucked in the ass while the other ones were being fucked right in the pussy and Mebuki, Chun-Li, Kino and Yoshino were recording themselves with cameras, more than likely so they could send the footage to their ex-husbands so they could see why they were dumped. Naruto approved.

Naruto then noticed his maids and he grinned as he saw Fu and Kin also wearing the slutty maid uniform and the ones that made up the staff of his house were servicing a single clone that was sitting on the love sack. Tsubaki and Suzume were pressed to the clone's sides, making out with it as they rubbed their hands over its sweaty chest and abs as he fingered them wildly. Ayame was riding the clone's dick in reverse cow girl position, grinning like a whore as she screeched in pleasure and Kin and Fuu were fingering themselves as they lapped at the tongues balls with their tongues like the bitches in heat they were.

After that Naruto noticed his pets and he had to laugh as he saw that they were wearing cat hears and there was an ass plug shoved into their little buttholes. Hanabi and Moegi's upper bodies were shoved to the ground, with their asses sticking up as they were savagely fucked in the pussy, ahegao expression on their cute, young, loli faces as they eagerly lapped at bowls filled with was more than likely the semen of his clones mixed with many vaginal fluids form his other girls. Naruto also approved of this.

Naruto then watched as Yugao was pressed against the wall as she wrapped her sexy legs around a clone as he fucked her against the hard surface as she screamed to the clone to do it faster and harder. And finally, Hana and Tsume were enjoying two clones each: Hana was getting fucked in the ass and in the pussy at the same time, her face twisted in an ahegao expression as she worked her hips to increase the pleasure she was experiencing while Tsume was getting fucked in the ass and in the mouth while she fingered herself, her face looking stupid as she looked up at the clone that was fucking her mouth.

"Ah, home sweet home. Join the party girls!" He declared as his clothes disappeared, his cock springing hard and ready to fuck. The girls cheered and they went and joined the fun, with Hinata, Ino, Tenten and Sakura joining their mothers to tell them how they were on the final round and to join them in the footage that was going to be send to their fathers in the case Ino, Tenten and Sakura so they could see their new life styles. In the case of Anko and Kurenai they went to join Yugao and her clone, discarding their clothes as they did so.

Naruto for his part approached Mikoto and shoved his dick into her mouth and had her gag on his dick for a few seconds before he pulled back, making her gasp and for her to look up t him in happiness when she realized he was not a clone. "Naru-sama! You are back!" She said with delight and she began to grow even more eager as she fucked her clone.

Naruto grinned at her as he rubbed her head tenderly. "Yes, I am, Mikoto-chan. We can catch up later but I first want to know where Kaa-chan and Karin-chan are."

Mikoto nodded. "Upstairs. Kushina and her are discussing the terms of her apprenticeship."

Naruto nodded at her and gave her a deep kiss, which Mikoto enjoyed so much she began to have an orgasm. He pulled back and grinned at the stupid look on her face as she trembled and thrashed around as the clone continued to fuck her, prolonging her orgasm. "Thank you," he said before he walked away, creating a few more clones for his girls in case they needed them.

Naruto quickly made his way upstairs and towards his mother's room and it wasn't long before he heard his mother moaning in pleasure and he could only guess what was going on there. He reached the room and opened the door without preambles and he saw one of the hottest things he had ever seen in his life, ad that was saying something considering who he was and the stuff he and his illusion self from before he came to this universe did in the past. Kushina, his hot MILF, was massaging one tit with her right hand while her left was used to shove Karin's face further into her crotch as she moaned encouragingly at her. Karin for her part was eagerly giving Kushina oral and her delicious ass stood up high in the air, wiggling in tandem with Kushina's moans.

"Yeah! Go ahead my slutty niece! Lick your whorish aunt's pussy! Oh, shit you are just as good as your mother at this! I bet you also licked her pussy too! Keep going Karin-chan, give me my payment for taking out of my time to teach you! Lick my pussy, bitch!"

Oh, so she was his cousin after all, huh? Nice.

Naruto approached them and before they could notice Naruto shoved his dick into Karin's pussy, making his cousin scream into Kushina's own as she orgasmed, which triggered Kushina's own orgasm. Naruto began to savagely fuck Karin, grabbing her ass cheeks to pull her back into his thrusts as she thrashed around due to the powerful orgasm he caused on her. Kushina recovered faster than her for obvious reasons and she smiled happily as she saw her son in all his godly glory fucking his cousin, as he should be because it was his right and duty to show his hot female family members what true pleasure was.

"Sochi-sama! You are back! My pussy, ass, mouth, tits and I missed you!" She said with a pout as she began to grind her crotch into Karin's face, who was still screeching like a banshee as Naruto fucked her savagely from behind.

Naruto grinned at his mother. "Hello, mommy-slut. Yes, I'm back and I also missed you and are your wonderful assets," he said with a smirk and he grunted as he emptied his load into Karin's womb as her tightness became enough to send him over the edge, which increased her pleasure as her face twisted into an ahegao slut whore bitch expression of pleasure as she let herself be fucked by her cousin. He focused on Kushina who was now grinning happily as she massaged both of her gigantic marshmallows as she looked up at him. "So.. Karin is really my cousin?"

Kushina nodded happily. "Yeah! Ah! Right there! Her mother is my sister and we used to fool around with each other before we were forced to separate because the attack on Uzushiogakure during the Second Shinobi Word War. Karin told me that my sister Komiko is in Kusagakure and that she is being used to heal everyone against her will because of her abilities. I want to go rescue her so we can go back to the old times! You will love her, Sochi-sama! She's got bigger tits than me but I have her beat in the ass department though."

Naruto pulled out of Karin's pussy and shoved her to the side and he approached Kushina who lovingly spread her legs for her son, who wasted no time to shove his dick into her pussy, making Kushina scream in ecstasy as he began to piston in and out of her in the missionary position. He roughly grabbed one of her tits and forced her to take the nipple of the one that was free into her mouth as he increased the pace and strength of his thrusts, making Kushina have and stupid expression of pleasure on her face as she enjoyed the dick of her son with a happy grin on her face.

Naruto grinned at her. "I guess we are going to have something to do during the month wait for the Tournament."

Kushina's pleasure grin widened as her eyes got crossed due to the intensity of her incestuous fornication. "YOU ARE THE BEST SON, SOCHI-SAMA! DESTROY THE CUNT THAT GAVE BIRTH TO YOU!"

And Karin, catatonic with pleasure and cum gushing out of her cum, could only silently agree with her aunt as she recovered so she could join the best cousin the goddesses could've ever given her and she hoped her mother could also realize what a good nephew she had.

-Unknown Location-

Orochimaru of the Sannin seethed in fury as he thought about the humiliation he suffered at the hands of the barbarian Kyubi Jinchuriki. For some reason, he had been only able to flee the premises after he was subjected the incredibly strong Killing Intent the bastard had emanated. At least he had managed to put the Cursed Seal of Heaven on Sasuke, and eve thought he knew that it was sealed because the connect he had to the seal was deemed, he knew that it was only going to help cultivate Sasuke's hatred, which would increase his desire to leave Konoha and join him so they could kill Itako Uchiha, who had humiliated him a few years ago when he was also a member of Akatsuki.

Orochimaru looked up and he smiled when he saw his second-in-command Kabuto Yakushi with the Jinchuriki of the Nanabi draped over his shoulders like a sack of potatoes. He beamed at him in approval. "I take it that everything went well?"

Kabuto grimaced slightly as he threw the clone of his master disguised as the Jinchuriki to the floor to Orochimaru's feet. "It was difficult but I managed to subdue her after she killed Yoroi, Misumi and her teammates who also aided us in her capture. I came straight here after I secured her," he said, bowing his head.

Orochimaru smirked in victory. "Excellent! Everything is going according to plan. Sasuke-kun has the Cursed Seal of Heaven, I am in possession of the Nanabi and Gaara has passed to the final round of the Chunin Exams! In one moth's time, Konoha is going to burn and Sarutobi-sensei is going to die by my hand!"

To stay in character Kabuto also smirked evilly but he didn't comment on the nasty and scary grin that appeared on his disguised master's face.

It was all part of the plan after all.

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