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Chapter fourteen: One Month Interlude: Battle of the Perverts

"Alright, before we get the day started, I want to make a few announcements and I want to see what you girls are going to be doing during the next month since I will be too busy to do things other than fucking you every day," said Naruto, leaning back in the main couch of the Orgy Room, with a grin on his face. His gigantic cock stood up to attention, however, as he saw the naked flesh of his regular, sexiest, most beautiful, hottest, kinkiest and most loyal and useful sluts and cum dumpsters a.k.a. his Harem standing in front of him, eager and desperate grins on their flushed faces as they waited for the typical start of the day in the Uzumaki Mansion. The only ones not standing in front of him were Moegi and Hanabi, who as his pets had nothing to contribute only than their sexy criminal cuteness and tight holes, because they were already lapping at his dick and balls in order to entertain him while he had this conversation with the rest of the Harem.

Naruto patted his two pets on the head, getting purrs from then as they continued worshipping his cock, before he turned towards Mebuki and Sakura. "The first other of business is that I now consider Sakura-chan my girlfriend too and that I want Mebuki-chan to join those who are going to marry me after I get the rank of chunin," he said with a smug smirk, leering at them. His smug smirk widened when he saw them squealing in happiness before they began to make out eagerly with each other after a diamond ring appeared on Mebuki's left ring finger. "Also, I want Mebuki to work alongside Kino-chan and Li-chan on expanding our business, since you have a head for those kinds of things, right?"

Mebuki stopped swapping saliva with her daughter so she could give an answer to her god and master. "Indeed, I do, Naru-sama. I will be glad to be of use to you in every shape and form," she said, voice dripping with lust, love, gratefulness and devotion for Naruto, who had been the one that finally helped her get rid of the man she had married and gave her and her daughter the chance to deepen the relationship between them along with giving them happiness and more pleasure than she could've ever imagined. After she spoke she turned back to making out with Sakura, who eagerly responded to her mother's action by grabbing what she could of her ass.

Naruto nodded, grinning. "Alright. That's settled then. Sakura-chan, you are going to be training with Anko-chan and Kure-chan in the Forest of Death for the Finals, right?" His grin widened when she nodded without stopping tongue wresting with her mother. When Kurenai and Anko also nodded their confirmation, he continued. "Nice. That's settled too then. Hmm, I guess that means that Kino, along with working on expanding the flower business, is also going to be helping Ino-chan with her training and Li-chan is going to be doing the same with Ten-chan, right?"

The four of them nodded and as expected from the members of Naruto's harem, the mothers began to make out with the daughters just because the situation seemed right to do so and because it was a turn on for Naruto to see such hot lesbian incest happening in front of him. "Nice," he said with a grin before he turned towards Hitomi and Hinata, idly running his fingers through the hairs of Hanabi and Moegi as they continued to innocently kiss and lick all over his cock and balls. "You will be training Hinata for her match, right?"

Hitomi, with a lustful but serene smile on her breath-taking face, nodded her head. "That is right, Naru-sama. She showed that she was more than ready for the more advanced Hyuga techniques when she destroyed her worthless cousin like he was nothing. I'm very proud of her," she said before she turned to look lovingly at her daughter who stood beaming next to her as she puffed up her chest, her gigantic tits jiggling with the motion. "Teaching her the more advanced Hyuga techniques so she could implement them to her own Junken style is the least she deserves."

Hinata's eyes gleamed as she turned towards her mother. "Okaa-sama…" she murmured in happiness before she glomped her mother, their tits squeezing deliciously against the other and soon enough Hyuga slut mother was making out heavily with Hyuga bitch daughter.

Naruto nodded and chuckled when he saw Hanabi looking in jealousy as her big sister and her mother expressed their familiar love for each other in the way only members of Naruto's harem could. He patted her head getting her attention, and allowing Moegi to run her small tongue eagerly all over his cock, just like she should as the pet of his pet. "Don't worry, Hanabi-chan. The time will come when you would also get to learn those techniques. You just have to work hard to please me and prove your mother that you are ready to learn them, okay?" She beamed up at him happily at his words, nodding cutely with a large smile on her flushed face. "Good. Now, continue pleasing me, my slutty Hyuga pet. You were certainly doing a good job at that." And like he expected and she should, Hanabi went back to work in tandem with her own pet, licking and making out with his cock with even more eagerness than before, urging Moegi to do the same. Naruto was amused and certainly pleased with this.

Suddenly, Naruto got an impulse and he decided to act on it, thinking that the Goddesses would appreciate his attempt to change how history would go on this universe alongside with making it more interesting for them. He grinned when he felt a sense of deep approval and he knew that he was making the right choice.

"Seeing that I have already own a country, Nami no Kuni, I decided that it was either go big or go home. I wanna take over the Elemental Nations," he said with a savage grin, only being in the receiving end of accepting and devoted nods from his harem. "And I'll be starting with Konoha since I already live here." Naruto then turned towards Tsume and Hana, who due to their more animalistic instincts were the ones having the most trouble holding back, like always, but thanks to the higher mental capabilities granted to them after being turned by Naruto they were managing more easily. "The Inuzuka will be mine once we get married to Tsume so I want them to be more competent than what they are now so you are tasked with training them to become stronger. The same goes for you, Hitomi. Also, Yoshino and Kino, I want you two to get control of the Yamanaka and the Nara however you see fit and once you do you are tasked with the same mission as Tsume and Hana-chan, alright?"

When they nodded, Naruto continued. "Also, Hana-chan, I want you to be my spy within the chunin ranks because I want to know everything about the members of the village that is going to be eventually mine. Kure-chan, I want you to do the same but within the jonin ranks, for the same reasons and Yu-chan will do the same but within the ANBU ranks. And finally, Anko-chan will keep me up to date with everything she learns from her work at the I&T Department. You will be also encouraging those in those ranks subtly to step up their game, though with the impending invasion Hiruzen will do that himself once I tell him what is really going to happen, though I plan to take full advantage of it," said Naruto, grinning evilly, the expression making the members of his harem gush from their pussies as they moaned in delight. Hana and Tsume began then to tongue each other like the bitches in heat they were while Kurenai, Anko and Yugao began a three-way make out session between them.

Naruto then turned towards his mother. "I know that you will be taking over Karin-chan's training from now on but I also want you to start assisting council meetings since you are the Head of the Uzumaki Clan. I want to know everything that is discussed there." Kushina nodded with a happy smile on her face, eager to please his son-master-god as that was why she gave birth to him on the first place. Naruto turned towards Mikoto. "You should also start assisting meetings again, Miko-chan. I want your perspective on those meetings too. The assets of the Uchiha Clan will belong to me once we marry. I want you to kick Sasuke out of the clan because I have no need for the likes of him in it. We will repopulate it in my image soon enough."

Mikoto and Kushina nodded their heads before they began to make out with each other for the heck of it, seeing that everyone was doing it after their missions were assigned. Naruto grinned and turned towards the staff of his house, focusing first on Suzume, Tsubaki, Kin and Ayame. "You will be continuing your duties in this house as always but Suzume, Tsubaki and Kin will start Ayame's ninja training since her coils are developed enough for that." They nodded before they choose a partner so they could start making out with them, seeing that everyone else was doing it.

Naruto then focused on Fuu, who was looking around with greedy and lustful eyes, her mocha skin flushed with desire as she trembled in place. "Fuu-chan, do you have an understanding with your Biju?" When she nodded her head, he continued. "Alright, get her to teach you how to use her chakra to its outmost efficiency in the next month, okay?" 'You'll be ready with the seal by that time, right, Kura-chan?" He asked his own tenant mentally.

'Yep,' she responded shortly before she continued her work.

When Fuu nodded he turned to Karin, who was trying and failing to not return Fu's heated look as she waited impatiently for Karin to get her assignments. "And finally, Karin-chan, I want you to focus on doing your duties around the house and mom's training. I want you to be able to use your healing chakra through your chakra chains by the time the month is done. Don't worry about your mother, I will be going to Kusa to save her soon and you two will be reunited, serving me together and munching on each other's pussies, alright?" He smirked in amusement when Karin nodded in eager happiness before she was tackled by Fuu, with whom she began to make out.

Naruto laughed, enjoying how Hanabi was attempting to deepthroat his cock while Moegi frantically licked his balls as they fingered themselves, moaning like the young slut whores pets they were as they stared up at him with their innocent eyes. As he began to feel the need to cum, Naruto created many clones using vampirism and the Rinnegan, meaning that he was also his clones. He grunted as he emptied his first load of the morning into Hanabi's eager mouth as she began to swallow his nectar, her body shuddering as she orgasmed due to the flavor of his man milk.

"Let's get the day started!"

-Team Seven Meeting Point-

A few hours later, after the morning Orgy ended and everyone got their fill of everyone, Naruto and Sakura were making out heavily, ignoring the jealous looks, while standing on the bridge, waiting for Kakashi to tell him what was going to happen in the next month, something they knew he was not going have a problem with it because he was well aware of the fact that Naruto was stronger than him, he was also aware that Sakura's style was not something he could improve on at this point and finally he needed to focus on Sasuke anyway, to make sure he was not consumed by the desire to get more power through the curse mark.

Naruto and Sakura stopped making out with each other when Kakashi appeared via Shunshin but it was not enough and Kakashi got a glimpse of what they had been doing, not like it surprised Kakashi as he knew that Naruto was the manliest man in the village and as his sensei and the student of his father, made Kakashi extremely proud. Now if Naruto could stop being so antagonistic against Sasuke it would be perfect, though Kakashi had to admit that Sasuke's reaction were pretty funny.

"Yo," he greeted them in his usual fashion, giving them a two-finger salute to which they responded with a nod and a grin. "May I ask what two of my cute little genin have planned for the next month?" He asked nonchalantly, pulling out his book and starting to read.

"I will be training with Anko-sensei and Kurenai-sensei, learning more advanced techniques and strategies from them," she responded vaguely, but giving him more than enough information to let him know that she was not going to be wasting her time.

Kakashi nodded in approval before he turned towards Naruto, who shrugged. "I'll be supervising the training of this one along with Hinata-chan, Ten-chan and Ino-chan. In any case I will have some free time so I guess I will be doing something productive," he answered, also vaguely, not wanting anyone other than his harem to know what he decided to do from now on.

Kakashi raised an eyebrow at him. "You are not going to train? You will be against Gaara in your first fight," he pointed out unnecessarily.

Naruto responded by raising his own eyebrow. "And your point is?" he mocked him, grinning in amusement.

Kakashi sighed but chuckled. "Fair enough," he said before closing his book and pocketing it. "With that out of the way then this meeting is over. I want you to focus on your own thing so I guess we will meet again in four weeks. So…" He trailed off as his right hand lashed out and he caught something Naruto threw at him and when he raised it to his face he noticed that it was a small, green bean of some kind. He gave him a quizzical look.

Naruto shrugged his shoulders. "That's a senzu bean. Give it to Sasuke and he will recover immediately though I doubt it will do anything to his scarring," he said with hidden amusement, enjoying the fact that Tenten, a civilian born girl, had managed defeat Sasuke, a self-proclaimed Elite Uchiha, so soundly. Sasuke deserved those scars so he could remember that 'shaming' whenever he looked at himself on the mirror. "Anyways, I advise you to train him as hard as you can. You know what is going to go down in one month. He better be prepared to be of use, otherwise he will get killed." Naruto wanted to be the one to kill Sasuke and he wanted a decent fight out of him before that happened.

Kakashi nodded his head as he pocketed the bean, thrusting Naruto's words easily since he knew that in spite of the fact that Naruto choose to be a shinobi, when he spoke he never lied. What he said was what you got from him. "Alright then, see you in a month!" He waved at his two students cheerfully with an eye-smile before he disappeared in the same manner that he arrived.

Sakura huffed and Naruto chuckled as he wrapped an arm around her shoulders. "Let's get going too," he said and Sakura nodded, wrapping her magnificent left around his waist before the disappeared from the bridge in a wrapping of black mist.

-Entrance of the Forest of Death-

Naruto and Sakura appear in front of the gate of the FoD, making out heavily with Sakura grinding her pussy on his crotch as she moaned in delight. After a few seconds, she stopped making out with him and she released her hold on him and turned around to greet her teachers when she was pulled into a heavy and hot kiss with Anko while Kurenai went and began to make out with Naruto. After a few minutes partners were exchanged and Naruto made out with Anko while Sakura did so with Kurenai.

Anko eventually stopped sucking Naruto's tongue into her mouth and she looked up at him with a lustful pout on her gorgeous face. "I missed you," she said with a said whimper as she began to rub her sinful body against him.

Naruto laughed, grabbing a handful of her ass giving it a hard squeeze, getting a delighted moan from Anko. "It's only been like fifteen minutes."

Anko pouted harder and whined "Exactly!"

Kurenai and Sakura sweat dropped, though they understood the feeling so they couldn't fault Anko. Being apart from their master/god for any amount of time was almost unbearable.

Naruto stopped laughing, though his grin was still in place, and he gave Anko's delicious rear a smack, earning another happy moan from here, before a clone appeared at his side, who walked towards Sakura and Kurenai, who wrapped their arms around him, making the clone grin happily as he grabbed handfuls of Kurenai's and Sakura's big asses. "I will be leaving that clone with you so Sakura-chan can get combat practice. Also, I want for her to learn how to use her affinity along with increasing the efficiency of what she already knows along with improving on it."

Kurenai nodded, a pleased smile on her flushed beautiful face as the clone massaged her ass. "Consider it done, Naru-sama. Sakura will be ready to be of use against Orochimaru when he invades," she said, shuddering when a bloodthirsty gleam entered Anko's eyes as she sensually licked her lips, showing how eager she was to meet Orochimaru to give him a piece of her mind and show him just how different she was.

"Oh, before I forget," said Naruto before he motioned Sakura to approach him, something she did gladly and eagerly. Once she was directly in front of him, he put his hand on her defined stomach, making Sakura blush in arousal due to his touch. When he retired his hand, there was a seal with the kanjis for Resistance and Gravity. The seal glowed red and when it stopped glowing Sakura's widened as she slumped forward, gritting her teeth as she looked at the seal in wonder. "That's a self-adjusting Resistance/Gravity Seal. You, Ten-chan, Ino-chan and Hina-chan are finally ready to get them. I'm giving you the seals today. As you train how you normally would, they will help increase your speed and strength constantly. What you are feeling right now is Lvl 1 for both resistance and gravity according to your own strength and speed at the moment. As you advance, the Lvl of the seal increases. The others already have them by the way, except for Ayame-chan, Karin-chan, Fuu-chan and Kin-chan, though it will a matter of time before they get them since they have been turned too."

Naruto grinned, pleased, before he nodded and disappeared in a wrapping of black mist, letting Sakura and his clone to be leaded into the Forest of Death for her training.

-Training Ground Fifteen-

The sound of steel clashing against steel resounded through the training ground as Tenten and Naruto sparred against each other using their weapons. Naruto was using Kuroshin and Tenten was using two sabers as weapons. Master and slut-servant-cumdump had insane grin on their faces as they clashed, with Tenten being mostly on the offensive and Naruto either matching her aggressiveness or just blocking and dodging, staying just above her in skill, speed and strength to keep her progress steady.

The spar continued after a few minutes and that was long enough for Naruto to determine what she needed. He ducked under the horizontal slash from her right saber that would've taken his head, did a summersault over her roundhouse kick and blocked the diagonal slash from her left saber and used his free hand to stop her vertical slash slammed at the center of his head by grabbing her wrist.

Naruto grinned. "Your form and technique is impeccable Ten-chan. I am sure the only thing you need to do is increase your speed and strength and learn how to use your fire affinity to increase the effectiveness and deadliness of your weapons. You can do both easily during the month."

Tenten shared her God's grin. "After you turned me, I doubt there's anything I can't do, Naru-sama," she purred and used their proximity to start a bot make out session with him. The waged wars with their tongues for a few seconds before she pulled back. Naruto released her and she put her sabers away. "How can I go about accomplishing it?"

Naruto smirked and he pressed his palm against her defined abdomen and the same seal that he put on Sakura earlier was now on Tenten. She also slumped forward and began grit her teeth as she struggled to stand up normally. "You will be using those seals all the time for the next month. Simply walking will increase your strength and speed but I suggest you perform your regular training routine to get the best results. As for your fire affinity, you have enough chakra now to create fifty Kage Bunshin easily and you know that everything they learn goes back to their creator. Have your clones use their chakra to burn leaves and when that is done have them throw fireballs at one at another without getting burned. After that you should be able to channel fire chakra into all of your weapons since they are made from chakra conducting metal."

Tenten nodded in understanding and she gave Naruto a devoted, loving and lustful look. "Thank you, Naru-sama. I will make sure to not let you down. That's the least I can do for everything you have done for me."

Naruto patted the head of his sexy and sinful pet slut. "I know you won't Ten-chan. As my regular slut and servant, I have to make sure that you are strong enough to be of use for thing other than dumping my semen in your entire body."

With a stupid grin on her flushed face, Tenten nodded in agreement.

Naruto laughed and he wrapped his arms around her and he began to make out with her, her body pressing into his and he grabbed a handful of what he could of her gigantic and fleshy ass. After they finished making out, a clone of Naruto appeared. "I will leave a clone with you to supervise you and to help you train your stamina, hehe, whenever you feel the need to do so. If you have any questions about anything, you know you are free to ask."

A happy Tenten only nodded her head, her thick thighs rubbing together and face flushed.

With another laugh, Naruto disappeared in a swirl of black mist.

-Hyuga Compound. Main House Training Ground-

"Man, I love these Hyuga-sluts."

Naruto had a grin on his face as he was sitting on the porch of the Main Hyuga Manor that overlooked the beautiful terrain that was the personal training ground of Hitomi, Hinata and Hanabi. Naruto's regular Hyuga pet sluts were training hard. Hinata and Hitomi were sparring against each other, wearing tight robes that might as well have not been there, and Hanabi, wearing the same and making her young body and innocent cuteness look sinful, as going through her katas fluidly a few yards away from where her older sister and mother were fighting each other.

The reason why Naruto said what he said was because of the four Hyuga maids that were pleasuring him at the moment. There were three between his legs servicing his cock and balls. A set of twins with black hair and bodies that matched Ino's were lapping at his cock and looking up at him with lustful and devoted eyes. The want that was servicing his cock diligently and also looking at him with devoted eyes had long brown hair and a body that was shy of matching Hitomi's. The two twins' name were Hina and Hani and the name of the brown haired one was Nohana.

Nohana was also Neji's mother. She had been grateful for the beatdown Hinata had given Neji, since his attitude was now humble and he no longer believed in fate, the painful smack down being just what he needed. When Naruto had healed him and it came to her knowledge that it was Naruto that had given Hinata the idea to smack sense into her son, Nohana had been extreme grateful and she had started to suck on his cock. It wasn't the first time, mind you, but she was now doing it with even more fervor than before.

Hina and Hani were just two servants of the household that, like any other Hyuga woman of sensible age, were also devoted to Naruto in spite of them having their own husbands, but their small cocks and lack of interest in sex for the pleasure of it and only for the purpose of reproducing, just like all of the other Hyuga males, grated on their nerves. They gladly and without regrets cheated on their husbands eagerly with Naruto whenever they had the chance. This was not the first time and certainly not going to be the last one.

The fourth Hyuga had green hair and her body was a match for Hitomi's and she was massaging Naruto's abs with her right and and she was fingering herself with her left one as she used her lips and tongue to worship Naruto's powerful and delicious neck. This was Natsu Hyuga and she was on the same page as Hina and Hani. Her husband neglected her needs and in revenge she cheated on him with Naruto with eagerness. The fact that this arrangement served to make her closer to her beloved Hitomi-sama, Hinata-sama and Hanabi-sama was just the icing of the cake.

Naruto for his part was immensely enjoying the attention of the four maids. He had already had sex with all the women of sensible age that were within the clan and he was sure that all of them were devoted to him and him only, with Hitomi, Hinata and Hanabi coming as close seconds. This knowledge gave him the idea on how to subjugate the Hyuga Clan completely and he was going to talk to Hitomi about it. She was going to love it. The male Hyugas were not going to like it one bit since they already hated him because of what he had done with their wives, daughters, mothers, sisters, cousins, etc., but when his plan was put in action, they won't have to worry about anymore.

Perhaps he should do the same with all of the other clans. As a matter of fact, the only clans with women he had not had sex with were the Akimichi and Aburame clan and he honestly didn't know why. The Akimichi women might not be as athletic as others but they were hardly fat. They tended to be even more voluptuous and curvy than even the women from the Hyuga Clan. He deduced that the reason why he had not gotten with an Aburame was because they tended to keep to themselves, even though he was sure that they lusted after him, like any other women with some sense to her should.

Naruto grinned. It seemed like Kino and Yoshino won't have to work too hard to take over their clans.

Naruto continued to enjoy the ministration of the maid sluts as he watched a hot daughter sparring with her eve hotter mother for long minutes until Hitomi ended the spar by pushing Hinata away with a point-blank force of chakra that hit her in the stomach. Hinata panted as she held her defined abdomen but there was a grin on her face as she looked at her mother, proud that she had forced her mother to use one of the most advanced Hyuga techniques in a spar against her.

Hitomi smiled proudly at her daughter. "You have perfected your own version of the Junken and now the only thing that is left is for you to get more experience, increase your chakra capacity even more, increase your speed and strength and develop more techniques, both chakra based only and Raiton ones."

Hinata grinned proudly and bowed, her gigantic ass sticking out sensually and her gigantic tits bouncing, threatening to spill out her tight barely-there robes. "Thank you, Kaa-sama. I will dedicate this month to achieve as much as I can in all the aspects of my training that you mentioned. I am sure Naru-sama will aid me," she spoke with devoted certainty and mother and daughter turned towards their lord, master and god with loving eyes.

Naruto now was standing and he was grinning down at the four kneeling maids, who were furiously fingering themselves with their big tits out and with stupid, slutty grins on their flushed faces as they stared up at Naruto with their tongues handing out. Naruto pumped his massive cock a few times before he grunted and he began to bath the maids with his delicious semen, covering the hair, faces, tongues, mouths, tits and some of their uniform with his essence, marking them as his. The maids shuddered and squealed as the experienced a powerful orgasm, their juices spilling all over the porch as their eyes rolled to back of their heads and got crossed eyed too.

Naruto finished cumming at the same time their orgasm began to wind down and he watched with a grin as Hina and Hani began to sensually clean each other ith their tongues and Natsu and Nohana began to make out with each other eagerly, swapping saliva and semen between them. Naruto tucked his dick back into his pants and he nonchalantly walked towards the whimpering and trembling Hitomi and Hinata. Hanabi was focused on her training so she had not noticed a thing.

"I will give Hinata the Gravity/Resistance seal combo so she only needs to keep her normal training regime to increase her speed and strength. She can spar with my clones to get experience. She will have to develop her new techniques on her own though. That way she will create them exactly as she wants and she will be more familiar with them, meaning that they will be even more effective," he said and wrapped his arm around Hinata, grabbing a handful of her tit and squeezing, making Hinata moan in delight.

Hitomi hid her jealousy at not being groped by Naruto well and she merely smiled serenely and lustfully. "Of course, Naru-sama. In light of that, what should I do during the month to be of service to you?"

Naruto smirked, giving Hinata's hard nipple a pinch, making her squeal before she began to rub his cock though his pant with an eager smile on her face. "I want you to focus on training Hanabi. You know what is going to be happening in the next month and I want Hanabi-chan to be prepared just in case. In fact, I think you should also help Moegi-chan for the same reasons, though I doubt they will see any fighting at all. There's another thing I want you to help me with but something but I want to discuss it with Kushina-chan, Mikoto-chan, Kino-chan, Yoshino-chan and Tsume-cha present."

Hitomi nodded happily, understanding that it was something that had to do with the clans and Naruto's plan to take over Konoha. And if the perverted grin on his face was anything to go by then whatever that her beloved master was thinking then was going to be something she and her fellow cumdumpsters were going to enjoy. She couldn't wait.

Naruto then turned towards Hinata who had pulled out his dick and was eagerly jacking him off. "Hinata-chan, I know you are eager to please me and get to training but I believe there is something we must do first."

Hinata was confused for a second before she perked up and she smiled in a perverted fashion, her pumping of his cock increasing in intensity, making pre-cum spill out from as she began to twister her wrist to increase the pleasure Naruto was feeling. "Yes, Naru-sama, I believe we do have other matters to attend first."

Naruto nodded with a grin before six clones appeared. Four of them walked towards the Hyuga maids, who were entangled pleasing each other and still licking Naruto's semen from each other and joined them, starting an orgy as the clones began to fuck them, much to their vocally expressed joy.

Naruto motioned towards the other two clones with a grin. "Use them as you see fit. But remember that stamina training, as enjoyable as it is, shouldn't precedence over any other type of training. But you can train your stamina as much as you want as long as you are finished with the other type of training."

With that said, Naruto and Hinata left in a swirl of black mist, leaving for Hyuga cheating maid whore sluts enjoying the cocks of clones of a man that wasn't their respective husbands, Hitomi who was struggling to not have the two clones have their wicked way with her and Hanabi, who was still going through her katas, but her flushed face and soaked shorts gave away the fact that she was now aware of what was happening a few yards away from her.

-Konoha Civilian District. Temari's Apartment-

Temari moaned like the bitch in heat that she was as she fingered herself with her right hand while her left was roughly squeezing her left tit and pinching her hard nipple between her fingers. She had been like this since yesterday, only stopping to sleep for a few hours and eat. She knew that she should be training for the finals but the expectation to finally be fucked by Naruto prevented her for focusing and kept her horny. She had given herself a few orgasms but none could compare to the one she experiences by sucking his cock in exchange for the scroll her team needed to pass. She could only imagine what was going to feel like to reach nirvana when he fucked her properly.

She stiffened when she felt a breeze through her room and a presence appearing. She looked up and her eyes widened in delight when she saw Naruto, massive dick out and erect, grinning at her. The indigo haired Hyuga hottie that was going to be her opponent was also there and was already kneeling in front of Naruto, naked and lovingly licking his shaft and gently massaging his balls, cooing and whimpering as she fingered herself with Naruto scratching her scalp like the pet she knew Hinata was.

Temari wanted to be treated just like that by him.

Naruto's grin widened as he saw Temari start pleasuring herself more furiously. "Why don't you join Hinata-chan, Temari?"

With an eager nod and squeal, Temari jumped from her bed and kneeled just next Hinata, who grinned at her perversely in greeting. "Less show Naru-sama the amount of devotion us as his pets, slaves, sluts, whores, cocksleeves and cumdumps have for him, yes?"

Temari grinned back in a similar fashion. "Kami, yes!"

With a wide, perverted grin on his face, Naruto watched as Temari and Hinata began to work on his cock with their eager mouths and tongues. They first started by licking along the length of his foot-long cock and using their hands to massage his balls tenderly. Then they were lapping at his balls with their tongues like the bitches they were while they jacked him off with twisting motions of their wrists and finally when one would deepthroat him the other would suck his balls into her mouth and slobber it with saliva using her tongue. With a groan of pleasure, Naruto began to scratch Temari's head too like the pet she was going to become.

Eventually, Temari and Hinata brought their tits into the action and while Temari's weren't as big as Hinata's though not by much, they were still big enough and soft enough to give him pleasure when pressing his cock in between them and Hinata's, their hard nipples rubbing together as they gave Naruto a double tit-job. With a nudge of his hands, Hinata and Temari were sloppily making out, slobbering saliva on the head of his cock whenever it wasn't being covered by the massive tits of the sluts that were servicing him eagerly.

A few minutes later of this Naruto grunted and he began to cum, his semen hitting the chins of Hinata and Temari and they separated from their french kiss with eager squeals Naruto's semen reached high in the air only to land on their faces, hair and opened mouths with their tongues out and some of it also landed on their massive, heaving tits. Naruto continued to cum for almost a minute and he sighed in relieved pleasure when he was done.

"Clean each other," he ordered and Temari and Hinata eagerly complied. Temari swallowed the semen that had landed on her tongue and mouth and began to use her oral muscle to clean Hinata's tits and face and when Temari was done Hinata did the same. Then they turned towards Naruto and showed him the semen they had collected by opening their mouths wide before they sensually swallowed it. He smirked and lovingly rubbed their heads. "That's what I like to see. Obedient whores that listen to my every word."

Hinata and Temari purred and panted happily like the bitches they were, faces flushed and stupid grins on their faces.

"Let's get to the main event. I'll fuck Hinata-chan first. Get on the bed."

Hinata eagerly did and she climbed into Temari's bed and got in all fours, showing off her gigantic ass, gushing pussy lips and the pretty pink nub of her asshole. She then reached back with her hands, her ass sticking out oven more as her upper body was flush with the bed, her tits being squished by the mattress in an erotic display. With her hands, Hinata spread her ass cheeks apart, showing off her pink pussy and asshole.

She looked back at Naruto with hearts on her eyes and a whorish grin on her face. "Fuck this undeserving slut wherever and however you see fit, Naru-sama," she said sluttily and wiggled her hips from side to side.

Temari licked her lips and began to finger herself at the sight.

Naruto just laughed and got behind Hinata. He grabbed a handful of her ass and pulled her back as he shoved his dick into her pussy. Hinata screeched like the whore she was as he began to fuck her, her walls constricting in orgasm as he hit all her pleasure points with every thrust because of the magnificent size of his dick. Hinata's expression got even more stupid as she began to squeal and shriek, her hips working unconsciously to match Naruto's animalistic thrusts.

Naruto turned towards the whimpering Temari. "Come here."

Temari did as she was told and she found herself kneeling next to Naruto as he fucked Hinata from behind. Naruto wrapped an arm around Temari and her body was pressed tightly against hiss. Temari was mesmerized with the rippling motions of Hinata's ass cheeks was she was plowed by Naruto so she reached with one hand to grab what she could of it. The other hand reached in between her legs and she began to finger herself and rub her clit with the palm of her hand.

As he continued to fuck Hinata's pussy, Naruto grabbed a handful of Temari's big ass, which was just behind Sakura's before she had been turned, and squeezed it to make her moan and turn her attention away from Hinata's flushed and rippling ass cheeks. When she turned towards him Naruto slammed his lips to her and he began to make with her as he increased the power and speed of his fucking of his Hyuga whore.

Hinata for her part was almost rendered catatonic by the amount of pleasure she was feeling, but the amount of sex she already had with Naruto and being turned gave her enough mental strength to stay conscious to enjoy the insane amount of pleasure that could only be given by Naruto's cock and presence. The constant orgasm she was feeling continued to increase in intensity due to Naruto's cockhead kissing her womb lovingly every time he buried his dick into her.

This continued for a series of long minutes, with Hinata and Naruto's fucking increasing in intensity and Temari now enjoying Naruto's fingers in her pussy. She still had a hand on Hinata's ass and the other was massaging Naruto's balls from behind as they were now waging war with their tongues. Eventually Naruto grunted into Temari's mouth as he began to use Hinata as one of the many thing she was: a cum dumpsters.

After a few long seconds, with Hinata's womb being filled to the brim with his boy milk, Naruto pulled out with a sigh of relieve and Hinata's trembling lower body hit the mattress, her hips still moving unconsciously as semen began to leak out of her deliciously abused pussy. Hinata had an ahegao expression on her face as she mumbled incoherently about Naru-sama and his big cock and about her being happy as his slut, whore and plaything.

Naruto smirked into his kiss with Temari and he pulled away both from her mouth and from her pussy, much to her dismay, which was replaced with slutty happiness at what he said next. "It's your turn now, Suna whore."

"Kami, fucking finally!" She screamed with delight and the only reason Naruto caught her movement was because of what he was. Temari was now laying on her back, right next to the fucked stupid Hinata, legs spread and her entire body was quivering. He could see her hairless pussy overflowing with sexual nectar as she held her legs open widely by grasping the back of her knees with her hands and she grinned a slutty grin at him. "Fuck me, master! I want to be one of your regular sluts! I want to have your dick inside of me every single day from now on! I will do everything you say! Just fuck me with your godly dick, Naru-sama!"

Naruto laughed and he gave one her ass cheek a hard slap, earning a squeal and small squirt of juices from her quivering pussy. "That's what I like to hear. After I'm done with you will only live for my pleasure and you will do everything I say, without questions. If you do that, you will know this pleasure at my hand and at the hand of my other eager regular sluts every single day. Not only that, you will have power beyond your imagination."

Naruto positioned his dick at the entrance of Temari's vagina and her grin became even more deranged as her eyes rolled to the back of her head, imagining everything Naruto was promising and knowing that it was true. "FUCK MEEEEEEEEIIIIIAAAAAAAAAHHHH! YESH!"

Naruto slammed into Temari, not finding a barrier, but he supposed that like any other kunoichi that trained at least semiseriously her hymen had broken during training. He shrugged his shoulders and putting his hand by her head he used them as leverage to start jackhammering into her pussy, its tightness indicating that she had never been fucked before. Naruto loved when it was him who fucked one of his future bitches for the first time, because his dick was the first and only one they would ever know. Though stealing women away from other men felt just as good, but different.

Temari for her part felt like she was in what many called heaven. Her entire body was vibrating with pleasure and the only thing on her mind was Naruto and his gigantic cock going in and out of her, kissing her womb and molding her vagina into a shape that would only ever feel pleasure from him or another woman. The constant orgasm, that was constantly increasing in intensity, surpassed by far the one she got from sucking his dick and drinking his semen the first time back in the Forest of Death. As her vision whitened in pleasure, Temari could only be glad that Naruto found her worthy enough to be one of his sluts.

Hinata finally regained enough mental faculties to get control of her body and she felt the bed shaking and her the shrieks of pleasure that could only be from Temari motivated her to turn towards their source and she smiled tiredly and perversely as she saw her being fucked by Naruto. She reached between her legs and began to rub her with one hand while the other began to scoop Naruto's semen so she could drink it. Naruto's cum was precious and it couldn't be wasted. Wasting it would be and offense to her god and her god was too good and perfect to be offended.

Naruto continued to fuck Temari even after she was rendered comatose, though she was still holding her legs open unconsciously for him. Naruto grinned as he saw the stupid expression that had face had frozen on due to her pleasure induced coma. Her eyes were completely white, her face was flushed covered in tears and drool, a stupid grin on her face and her tongue was hanging out from the corner of her mouth. This visage triggered Naruto's own orgasm and he grunted in pleasure as he began to empty his semen into Temari's womb.

A minute later he sighed in relief and pulled out of her. He saw her gaping pussy start to leak with his cum but before he could make a comment Hinata was there eagerly sucking his semen from Temari's pussy. The Suna slut was still holding her legs wide open though she was whimpering in pleasure. It seemed like she was going to regain her consciousness back in short order. With a shrug of his shoulders, Naruto crouched behind Hinata, spread her ass cheek and shoved his dick into her asshole, making her screech into Temari's pussy and making Temari's whimper turn into mewls of pleasure.

Naruto smirked as he started to piston in and out of Hinata's ass, the indigo haired girl shrieking in pleasure as her bowels were destroyed in the most pleasurable painful of ways. "And the old man thinks that sex can't be used for the good of the village. Not like I care, but shutting that old bastard up feels very good. Professor my ass."

-Konoha Hot Springs-

Jiraiya of the Sannin was a man of many vices but the two that he felt most proud of was his writing of plot with porn and peeking on beautiful and sexy women to get inspiration to write his plot with porn. Jiraiya would've liked to say that he enjoyed having sex but sadly that was not the case. Jiraiya was a pervert, hell he even doubted that had ever existed someone just as perverted than him. A being more perverted than Jiraiya was just unconceivable.

There was nothing more that Jiraiya wanted than to fuck a woman but that was never going to happen. And the reason was that Jiraiya had an extremely small dick. It was so small that even prostitutes laughed at him when they saw it. And if that wasn't enough, he suffered from precocious ejaculation, meaning that the sight of a woman on the same room as him and the thought having sex with her was enough to make him cum.

Because of this, Jiraiya only used his writing and peeking to get off every time he needed to do so. That way he avoided them embarrassment of women seeing his micro-penis. Besides, not having sex with woman didn't affect him all that much, he was filthy reach due to the success of his erotic books and he was the strongest ninja that he knew. Even Orochimaru shied away from a direct confrontation with him nowadays.

He had come back to the village for a few reasons. He was Konoha's Spy Master and his job required him to be outside of it more often than not. He had been following Orochimaru's movements closely and he had managed to find out that he was planning something big for the foreseeable future, meaning that he needed to report it to the Hokage, who had also been his sensei when he was a measly genin. The other reason is that he always found Konoha's women the most beautiful and he had been missing peeking on them. It was because of that he decided to take a detour to the Hot Spring before going to the Hokage Tower.

As he approached the Hot Spring's, Jiraiya's sensitive hearing caught the sound of women screaming and moaning in pleasure and the sound was coming from his destination. His dick now hard, not that you could tell because of how small it was, Jiraiya hurried towards the source and when he reached the fence his eyes widened and he experienced and orgasm at the sight that welcomed him.

An orgy was occurring right in the middle of the women's section of the Hot Spring and Konoha's spy master he recognized all of them. The first one was that pale blonde girls from the Cryptanalysis Team, Shiho, and she was jumping bouncing on the biggest cock Jiraiya had ever seen, a stupid expression of pleasure on her face. There was another woman from the Cryptanalysis Team, a short brown haired one with a nice rack named Yurika, and she was titfucking and sucking on a dick that was as large as the one that was fucking Shiho.

Jiraiya then noticed that the others that were participating in the orgy were the most beautiful medic-nin that were currently in the village, as Shizune and Tsunade would beat them easily if they were here. Oyone and Otoha, twin sisters with voluptuous bodies, beautiful faces and black hair, were sharing a man. Oyone was riding a dick that was as big as the first two Jiraiya saw at the beginning while Otoha was being eaten out by the owner of the dick that Oyone was riding. The two sisters were lovingly making out with each other and furiously rubbing each other's clits.

Hakui, a tanned pretty and petite girl with brown hair, was being gangbanged by two cocks that Jiraiya was starting to suspect were copies of the first one he saw, since they were all the same. One of the cocks was fucking her ass, another one was fucking her pussy and she was sloppily making out with the one fucking her pussy. Her face was flushed, she was crying and drooling and her eyes were crossed but Jiraiya could tell the she was enjoying every second of it.

And finally, Sukui, a brown-haired beauty with a body that almost matched Tsunade's was being fucked in the ass in the middle of the hot springs while another cock was fucking her face. She was standing up but her upper body was bent forwards and she was being pulled back by her arms into the cock that was fucking her only to be pulled forward by the cock fucking her face. Her gigantic tits and ass rippled with the almost violent motions but if the look on her face was anything to go by then she was enjoying the manhandling a lot.

It was then when Jiraiya noticed that all the women were being fucked by the same man, his godson, Naruto Uzumaki. He was shocked, but not as much as he should be. He had heard the rumors of his exploits with women across the village and how now only the male population and the older women hated him. Apparently, there were very few women that were still fuckable that Naruto had not tapped, and all of them had stopped having sex with their husbands, boyfriends or any other male since Naruto had reshaped their pussies to the point that only his dick could satisfy them.

There was even a rumor that even Kushina was fucking Naruto regularly, and as disturbing as that was, he couldn't fault Naruto for fucking that MILF.

Jiraiya could now confirm those rumors and he felt jealous and proud at the same time. Jealous because Naruto had apparently gotten some of the cock that was supposed to be given to him, since it was foot long and thicker than a pipe, and proud because he was his godson. Jiraiya continued to observe the ongoing orgy for a few more seconds before what he was seeing finally registered and with a perverted grin he was propelled back by a geyser of blood spewing from his nose.

Just as he was losing consciousness, Jiraiya conceded defeat. There was someone now even more perverted than him and that man was Naruto Uzumaki.

All of the Naruto smirked before they began to fuck their partners even more furiously, much to their approval.

Naruto Uzumaki had just won The Battle of the Perverts.

-Hokage Tower-

After waking up, Jiraiya changed his dirty clothes and made his way towards the Hokage Tower. There, he opened one of the windows and jumped inside, already speaking and not noticing who was there.

"Oi, old man. I have something I need to tell… You!"

Naruto smirked in amusement. "Me."

Hiruzen face palmed. "I don't even want to know how the two of you met."

Jiraiya pointed at Naruto in an accusing fashion. "He was having an orgy in the middle of the Hot Springs with a bunch of hot girls from the Konoha staff!" He paused and then a double take. "And he's got another two hotties sitting on his lap right now!"

Jiraiya was referring, of course, to Temari and Kin, who were sitting sideways on Naruto's legs and had their arms wrapped around him and pressing their bodies into his flanks and resting their heads on his outer chest as they purred and cooed contentedly as they rubbed his abs and inner chest.

Naruto nodded his head with a smirk as he grabbed a handful of Temari's and Kin's tits, making them moan in delight. "Of course I do. That's like a requisite for me to appear. I have to be surrounded by beautiful women so I can fondle to my heart's content and their joy. Otherwise, you simple mortal men would think that you are worth something."

Jiraiya gaped.

Hiruzen just smacked himself on the face harder. "I don't even care anymore," muttered the old man before he turned towards Jiraiya. "You said that you had something to tell me. Does it have to do with Orochimaru?"

Jiraiya shook the feeling of wanting to grovel at Naruto, knowing that he was the superior male, and he turned towards Hiruzen with a serious expression on his face. "Yeah. I followed him around for a few months and I managed to gather enough clues to tell that he's got something planned for the last part of Chunin Exams. I don't know what is going to be but it's going to be big and probably inconvenient for Konoha."

Hiruzen nodded. "He's got an invasion planned," he said and motioned towards Naruto, Temari and Kin, who had been making out with each other. Hiruzen sighed. "Meet Kin Tsuchi and Temari of Suna. Kin was a genin from Otogakure, a hidden village that Orochimaru founded. Temari is the daughter of the Yondaime Kazekage, Rasa. Oto and Suna were planning to attack Konoha during the Tournament one month from now and Naruto managed to acquire their plans of attack from them."

Jiraiya gave Naruto and incredulous look. "How did you manage that?"

Naruto smirked, Temari and Kin now making out with each other. "I fucked the answers out of them, of course."

Hiruzen interrupted before Jiraiya did something foolish, like grovel at Naruto's feet. "Apparently, the Wind Daimyo has not been sending missions to Suna, making their economy drop. Instead, he has been sending missions to different hidden villages, but mostly to us. Orochimaru used the hate to lure the Kazekage into joining with him to attack us."

"He actually killed the Kazekage and is going to impersonate him to be close to the old man here so he can kill him during the chaos of the invasion," chimed in Naruto cheerfully.

Hiruzen and Jiraiya didn't seem to notice that Temari didn't seem to care that her father was apparently dead.

Jiraiya gaped for a second before he collected himself. "Okay, then, what are we going to do?"

"You are going to keep acting as you have to not tip Orochimaru on the fact that we know of his plans. Naruto is going to have Temari speak to the Suna higher ups about betraying Orochimaru during the invasion in exchange for a reform of our treaty in which they have more equal benefits. If everything goes according to plan, then Orochimaru is going to fail before the invasion even begins."

Naruto then spoke. "The Ichibi Jinchuriki is here and they were going to use him releasing his biju as the signal for the attack. Orochimaru keeps him closely monitored so meddling with the seal would tip him off. I can deal with him and his biju the moment it gets out. I suggest both of you focus on fending off Orochimaru and whatever he has planned to match the old man, who we all know he cannot defeat on a straight fight even if the old man has lost his touch."

Hiruzen's eyes twitched.

Jiraiya nodded, seeing the sense if the plan. "Alright. That's what we will do. Since you are going to be fighting a Biju then would you like for me to teach how to summon Toads? They could make your work easier and secure the containment of the Ichibi in any case."

Naruto waved him off, idling squeezing Temari's ass and fondling Kin's breast, much to their vocally expressed delight. "I already got the covered. Like you did, I got a summoning contract with the animals that I have an affinity for. Also, I will be doing something during the month that will prevent me from focusing on training, not like I need it anyway."

Jiraiya's eye twitched. "Oh, yeah? Like what?"

"Supervising the training of some of my regular bitches, fucking all of my regular bitches and keeping them sated and full of my cum, fucking my no so regular bitches, like the ones you saw me today with at the Hot Springs with, to remind them that I am the only man who can give them pleasure after their pussies were reshaped by my cock and a trip to Kusa to save the mother of one of my regular bitches, who will likely become another one of my regular bitches."

Hiruzen glared at Naruto. "And who gave you permission to even plan a trip to Kusa, brat?"

Naruto raised an eyebrow at him, the expression on his face saying 'Really?.

Hiruzen tried to keep his gaze but he eventually slumped forward with a sigh of defeat.

Naruto grinned. "That's what I thought."

Jiraiya once again had to stop gaping stupidly before he got back his wits. "Oh, alright. I guess that's a good excuse." Jiraiya conceded before he perked up. "Oh, another thing that I gathered was that Kusa has allied with Orochimaru and is offering him asylum willingly in exchange for jutsu and ways to strengthen their shinobi."

Hiruzen's eyes hardened. "We have to find a way to stop their partnership. Kusa has resources that could proof useful to Orochimaru and inconvenient for us if Orochimaru gets his hand on them."

Naruto nodded and grinned. "I think I might have a solution for that."

Hiruzen and Jiraiya exchanged nervous glances.

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