Natsu and Jenny - OOC (Out Of Character)

Normal POV.

It was a lovely day in Crocus; the sun was up high in the sky, the warm summer breeze felt pleasant yet comforting and twittering birds sang cheerful melodies on the trees. Meanwhile we come across a blonde haired mage who was cheerfully walking down the pathway of the town. She was wearing a black dress with long black sleeves, black and white shoes, black mid-thigh socks and her hair fixed back into a ponytail. The black dress she was wearing hugged her curvaceous body, in the meantime she got all the attention of everyone around her, but it was mainly men who were staring. The men around the surrounding area, stood still and admired the blonde's elegant body while she walks past them. It seemed she didn't mind them looking and just ignored their stares, it looked like a dad-to-day routine for her, getting all the attention from the men.

Jenny POV.

"Why do they always stare at me like that?"I thought at myself while sighed in frustration from the glare that the towns people gave me.

I decided to quicken my pace, trying to out run the stares that everyone gave me. I managed to get into a part of town that wasn't busy as the centre of town. I looked around seeing a few people who were planning their day ahead. As I was approaching the cafe where Hibiki told me to meet him at. I glanced at the cafe admiring the simple decorations on the building. The cafe that stood before me was very straightforward with a few tables located outside the cafe, it had two medium size windows that showed the interior of the store.

As I headed towards the entrance of the cafe I saw a glimpse of dark blonde at the corner of my eye. At the sight of dark blonde hair got my attention, I made my way over to the spot were I located the figure. I looked inside the cafe, only to see my handsome boyfriend seating paitently at a table. It made me grateful at the view of my boyfriend coming so early just for me.

Out of nowhere a girlies figure approached my Hibiki while he stood up from his seat and greeted the girl. I examined the mysterious girl who had brown eyes, dark blonde hair like Hibiki's and a beauty figure which suited her appearance quite well . All of a sudden Hibiki approached the the mysterious girl and placed a sweet kiss on her cheek, while leaving a blushing girl standing there shocked of what he just done. After the girl process everything that just happened, she was guide by Hibiki on to the seat which was the opposite seat from Hibiki.

I was standing there infront of the cafe astonished of what just happened. Seeing my boyfriend flirting with the blonde haired girl broke my heart into millions of little pieces and then put into a small pile and was then burnt which left me with a pile of grey ash. As I kept looking through the window I saw Hibiki making the same moves that he did to me and now he's performing it to another girl. They looked into at each others eyes, I could see the temptation in their eyes that they wanted to kiss each other so badly. As the two looked into each other eyes they began to inch closer and closer together until they shared a passionate kiss in the perspective of Jenny's view.

I burst into tears, while my hands covered my mouth, trying to not get any attention around me.

How could he do this to me? I thought he loved me? Why? Why? I thought over and over again until I was brought back.

After a while of sobbing and crying I finally realised what I should do.

Eventually the two pulled away from each other, panting for air. The dark haired girl was now blushing and Hibiki just smiled at her. Out of nowhere you can just hear a SMACK that echoed through room, spreading every inch of the store.

Hibiki POV.

I felt a sharp pain on my right cheek. I placed my hand over my cheek while rubbing it, trying to get rid of the pain. A while past and the pain wore off, I looked up to see who smacked me and right there before my eyes was my girlfriend, Jenny.

I remember that I had a date with my girlfriend, Jenny, at the same time with my other date in the same location.

I'm fucking screwed! How am I going to explain? I hope she forgives me? I thought trying to figure out what I'm going to tell her.

"Jenny I can explain"I stood up from my seat while attempting to calm my girlfriend down. I reached towards her with my right hand, until she slapped my hand away, leaving another red mark.

"Don't Touch Me!"She shouted, giving me an pissed of look. I could see the amount of rage and saddens in her eyes. If glared could kill someone, then I would be dead by now.

"Where Through, Hibiki!"She screamed at me, leaving me shocked of her outburst.

She turned around away from me and headed towards the exit of the cafe exit. She opened the door before turning around telling something that left me stunned.

"By the way Hibiki, I'm leaving the guild" She said, she placed her hand over the Blue Pegasus guild mark and used her magic to set rid of it, the guild Mark slowly disappeared leaving pearly with skin. After she erased her guild mark, she rushed out of the cafe. I saw her run across the window with tears spilling out of her eyes. She was running so fast that she didn't care caring what she was going to bumped into.

Normal POV.

Meanwhile we find a familiar pink haired mage walking around Crocus, inhaling fresh air in and exhaling it. He wasn't wearing his usual attire, he had all white shoes, black skinny jeans with small little tear on the knees, black beanie with a black pow ball at the top, his usually white scarf that Igneel gave him and black long sleeve shirt which wrapped his muscular body, showing little crease of his abs and his tone chest.

Nastu POV.

"Oi Happy, I'm going out for a walk, I'll be back later" I yelled whiles walking out of the hotel that my guild was staying.

"Aye" Was all I heard from my blue furred companion, after I went out the door.

I got the spare keys that was for our hotel and lock the door.

As I walked down the path towards town I notice that It was nice summers day, the sun was up, shining it's comforting heat down on us, the summer breeze tickled my nostrils from the sweetness of the blooming flowers in the surrounding area, the trees sway back and forth from the strong gust while the birds chirp there melodic twits.

During the time, I was cherishing the surroundings to much that I didn't notice that I already arrived in town. I looked around the town only to see a huge amount of people, thats when I decide to stroll to the park where it was a peaceful and quite.

As I arrived inside the park there were only a few people around, mostly couples; who were holding hands, kissing each other, hugging each other blah blah.

"Why can't I get a girlfriend?"I sighed, questioning myself leaving me frustrated of why I don't have a girl in my life.

I've always like Lucy since the very beginning, I've given her many hints that I like her; like when I sleep in her bed when she's cold, comfort her when she's sad, make her smile and laugh... but she just see's me as just another precious friend. Why do I have to be stuck in the friend zone? I shrugged the thought and continue walking around the park.

As I was walking around the park, I found a sakura tree which was located at the middle of the park. It looked so enchanted and magical when the sunlight, highlights the petals making every petal more vibrant and bright. I stayed at that spot for a couple of minutes, inhaling the sweet smells of the flowers around me while my eyes were close.

All of a sudden I was stop from my relaxation by the noise of a girl crying and sobbing. As a true man I have to find the girl who was crying and try to comfort her. With my hearing of a dragon I managed to find the girl who was crying in no time.

At the very sight of her made my heart skip a beat, she was gorgeous; she had beautiful blonde hair, bright blue eyes and curvaceous body that suit her attire which consisted on a black dress that ended to her thigh, black mid thigh shocks and black/white shoes. I just stood there speechless of how beautiful she was. Seeing the mysterious girl, crying infront of me made me frown.

I cautiously walked towards her, trying not to startle of my presences.

Jenny POV.

I manage to find a quite place in Crocus were I can cry and sob. I was sitting down at a park bench, trying to process everything that just happened.

As the memories of Hibiki ran through my mind, I burst into tears until a man spoke to me.

"Are you alright miss?"he said, a hint of concern can be heard when he spoke.

"I'm alright, thanks for the concern"I gave him a sad smile. Although I lied about being 'fine'.

"Are you sure, you don't look fine?"He said trying to get the honesty answer from me.

"Can you please, leave me alone"I was irritated that he won't leave me alone, I just wanted to be alone.

"I can't just leave a beautiful girl like you to cry here all alone"He said giving me a smile. I blush, after a couple of minutes I manage to clear my vision so I could get a good perspective of him.

I blush at the sight of the man infront of me. He was handsome, maybe better looking than Hibiki; he was wearing all white shoes, skinny black teared jeans, a black beanie, white scaly scarf and a black long sleeve shirt that showed his muscular chest and hard abs. He had black onyx eyes and pink coloured hair. after examining him I blushed into bright red, just then I realised that I wasn't crying anymore. He then extends his arm at me and said...

Natsu POV.

"Hi my name is Natsu Dragneel, I'm a Fairytail wizard"I said giving her my toothy grin while extending me arm so she can shake it.

Thank Mavis she stop, I don't like seeing beautiful girls cry. It just breaks my heart seeing them cry I thought.

"I-I'm J-Jeny Realight, I'm a model for sorcerer weekly"She stuttered while reaching for my hand and shaking it. I chuckled for her nervousness.

He's hands are so warm I though surprise of how warm his was.

After we shook each others hands and introduce each other, I just remember something about her.

"Hey Jenny, are you from Blue Pegasus?"She just looked down at the floor, fiddling with her fingers.

"Not anymore, I Left the guild just a few hours ago"She said quietly.

"Why?"I asked, confused of why she would leave the guild.

Maybe four musketeers were flirting with her to much or maybe their prevented I thought.

"..."She responded with silence.

"Its okay if don't want to talk about i-"I said but was interrupted by Jenny.

"It's okay Natsu, I'll tell you"she demanded.

I took her over a nearby bench where it was more suitable to talk.

she took a deep breath and she began explaining why she was crying and why she left the guild. After hearing what she had to say, I became furious of how Hibiki can treat his girlfriend like this. I glanced over at Jenny, seeing that she was In the verge of tears. I stood up from my seat and hugged her in a warm embrace, I could hear the soft sobs that she was giving out on my chest. I used my left hand to go around her waist pulling her closer to me while my right hand was on her head slowly patting it.

"Shhhhh Just let it all out Jenny, Its okay I'm here for you"I moved my head towards her ear and whispered it. she gave me a nod of approval.

We stayed like that for around five minutes, when Jenny pulled away from me giving me a genuine smile.

He's so warm, I feel so comfortable, so peaceful, so safe. I love this feeling, I never what to let go I thought snuggling my head crosser into his chest while wrapping my arms around him.

"Thanks Natsu"She said. the next thing she did shocked me and her, she kissed me on the cheek. I blush of what she did, I placed my hand over where she kissed me while she giggled.

Jenny POV.

"Thanks Natsu"I said leaning in to give him a kiss on the cheek for comforting me. I giggled at the sight of Natsu placing a hand where I kissed him.

He then shoot up when he had an idea in his head.

"Hey Jenny, Why don't we spend more time with each other?"He said waiting for my response. I had a massive blush on my face of his simple request.

"Y-y-you mean a DATE"I stuttered with a blush still visible on my face.

"Yeah...If don't want to then-"He said but Interrupted him, again.

"I'd love to go on date with you Natsu"I said giving him a smile of agreement.

"Plus it can get your mind of HIM"He mumble the last bit.

"Yeah, you right Natsu"I said smiling at him. He grabbed my hand and sprinted down the pathway while dragging me along with him. I blush as my hand made contact with his, I hesitated at first but I gladly held it back, during the time a smile creeped onto my face and stayed on for the rest of the night.

I made a great choice of going with Natsu. His such a sweet, warm and caring guy, he's more enjoyable to be around than Hibiki. I feel more comfortable when I'm around him I thought.

Natsu POV.

Through out the time me and Jenny were walking around town, in the look out for a decent restaurant. We both wanted a simple, mid-range restaurant.

We came across a restaurant that specialised in cooking chicken. I looked over to her, wondering if she liked the restaurant or not, she looked at me and nodded in agreement.

We approach the entrance of the diner, only to be presented by a smart looking waiter who greeting and lead us to our table. We followed the waiter who presented as our table; It was a table for two, it had two black cushioned seats located at each end of the table with a circular table.

I walked over to Jenny and I pulled the seat for her.

"Thanks Natsu"she smiled and sat down on the chair while she studied the menu.

"No problem Jenny"I scratched the back of my head, giving her a smile. I made my way over to my seat and sat down while looking over the menu that the waiter gave us.

Upon looking through the menu It had many options from whole chicken, grilled chicken, friend chicken and roasted chicken. It also had a range of side dishes from chips, rice, mash potatoes, peas and corn on a cob.

After minutes of looking at the menu, I finally decide what to order. I glanced over the menu to see if Jenny already picked something but the look on her face said that she couldn't choose. I chuckled and I put the menu on the table, focusing on Jenny.

Jenny POV.

"Whats so funny Natsu?"I blinked and Blinked again, confused of why her was laughing.

"Your face, it looks so cute"I blushed. I got the menu and covered my face so I can hide my blush from Natsu. He just sat there laughing harder until his laughing calmed down.

"Hey Jenny do you know what to order?"He said, changing his tone into a serious.

"N-n-no"I stuttered while he just grinned at. I sat their thinking why he was grinning at me.

"Why don't we order the whole chicken, so we can share it?"He said. He pointed on the menu where it was placed.

"Why don't we have the whole chicken with lots of chips"I said giving him a smile while he nodded at my statement. I giggled at him due to him drooling as he imagined the food in his mind.

All of a sudden our waiter came back asking us what we were going to order. We gave him our orders while he wrote them on a piece of paper he was holding. After writing our order, he told us that the food would be done in 5-10 minutes.

During the time we waited for our food to be cooked, me and Natsu got to know each other from favourite colour, favourite food, our past experience and future plans. Natsu talked all about his adventures, his guild, his friends and his foster father, Igneel. In some parts of our conversation he made me laugh so hard that tears came running down my face from amusement and in some stories he told, made me cry from the things he had to face on his own like, when his real parents abandoned him and his foster father Igneel abandoned him as well. On the other hand, Natsu was determined to find his foster father, Igneel. He knew that his foster father was out there, somewhere.

After hearing the things about him, I told him things about me. I told him how I became a model, how I joined Blue Pegasus and what my magic was.

Natsu POV.

Shortly, the waiter came back with the grilled chicken that we both ordered. He placed the chicken and the chips at the middle and gave us two plates. I decide that I should let Jenny have the first slice.

"Hey Jenny, why don't you have the first slice?"I said picking the chicken up with the knife and fork and gently placed it on her plate.

"T-thanks"She smiled which I gladly returned.

I cut a piece of chicken for myself and placed it on my plate while I proceed to take a handful of the chips.

As I took my first bite of the chick, I noticed that it was tender while noticing that the chips was nicely and evenly cooked. She laughed at me while I stuff my face with the chicken and chips. It seemed that she didn't mind me eating like this. wired?

After we finished eating, I payed for the food and we hided out. I looked outside, only to be greeted by darkness. I walked out the restaurant with Jenny, walking down the pathway.

Jenny POV.

As we walked down the pathway down the town, I realised that I can't go back to Blue Pegasus because I'm not a member anymore.

What am I going to do! Where am I going to sleep! I don't have any clothes with me! Should I ask Natsu for help? I Think I should ask him! I thought, having a mental battle of what will happen.

"Jenny, are you right?"He said in concern, making me forget about what I was thinking about. We stopped walking and he looked at me, I could see in his eyes that he's worried.

"Y-yeah"I stuttered nervously. It seemed that he was displeased of my answer, giving his puppy eyes look I couldn't resist so I told him.

"Natsu, can I ask you for a favour?"I was nervous, I fuddled with my fingers and looked down at the hard floor. All of sudden I felt a like my head was moving up, as my head was left up, I was meet by two pairs of dark onyx eyes and a toothy grin.

"Ask away"He said. I took a deep breath and began to speak of my situation.

"You know I left Blue Pegasus"I said.

"Yeah, what about it?"He said.

"I actually don't have a place to stay. so..."At this point I was blushing.

"so... you wanted to stay with me?"He said, after a few seconds he smiled again.

"Sure, anything for you"He said making me blush even harder.

"But..."He said while scratching the back of his head.

"But what?"I was curious of why he paused.

"Umm...I've only got one bed"He said nervously. I looked at him and I saw a hint of pink on his cheeks.

"T-t-that's O-o-okay"I said nervously. I've never slept in a guys bed before, not even in Hibiki's. He was taken back of my response and smiled back, nodding his at my answer.

"Okay then, lets go to my hotel and tomorrow we can head home to Magnolia"He said happily, he reached out his hand for mine and I gladly accepted it. So warm


Jenny POV.

We walked down the pathway towards Fairytail's hotel. We walked in silence, trying not to wake up the people of Crocus. We finally arrived infront of the hotel.

"Shhhh, we need to be really quite"He whispered while he slowly unlocked the door, making sure not to reveal his presents to his guild members. He held me hand tightly, leading me to his room.

We arrived infront of his room, he opened it slowly, all sudden it made the door made a shriek. We heard some toss and turn from the other rooms which made my heart quicken. What if we get caught! There going to kill me and Natsu I shivered of the thought until Natsu pulled me inside his room and closed the door.

"Make youself at home"He smiled and I returned it.

"O-o-okay"I stuttered from the amount of pressure I was in while my face heated up. I'm inside a boys room! It smells so good though! No! bad Jenny! BAD!

I made my way over to the bed and sat down. I couldn't believe that it's so soft and it smelt like Natsu, I stopped and looked around and notice that the room was very tidy. I would excepted that the room would have been very messy, thankfully it isn't messy.

I looked around the room and notice that the room had a king size bed with black and white covers, it had two white drawers with two lamps on top, a big fluffy rug at bottom of the bed and hard wood floor. Natsu walked over to his closet and took out skinny black joggers and a black t-shirt which was sleeveless with a ball of fire in the middle.

"I know that you didn't bring any clothes with you so...Here, You can wear this for tonight"He placed the black t-shirt on my lap and he petted my head and walked over to the other side of the bed and landed down making the whole be shake.

"Thank you"I said, I smiled at him and he smiled back.

"You can use the bathroom first"he pointed to the right hand corner of the room where it was located.

"Okay"I made my way over to the toilet that turned the lights on automatically. I started getting undress and placed them in a basket, I walked over to the sink and wash my face where all the my make up came off. After cleaning my face and brushing my teeth, I wore Natsu sleeveless t-shirt, It was massive! It went all the way to my thigh. What do you expect Jenny! God your dumb! I'm not dumb and shut up! I had another battle with my mind.

I eventually got out of the bathroom only to see Natsu looking at the ceiling. He was so deep in thought that he didn't notice me walk up to him.

"Natsu, you can use the toilet now"I said whiles I shook his shoulder to get rid of his trance. He finally came back, he shook his back and front to regain conscience.

"Ohhh Oka-"He didn't finish his sentence when his eyes looked up and down and examining my body. I soon realised what he was doing and my face started to heat up.

"Stop looking at me like that"I said nervously while looking away from him. He stood up from the bed and walked towards the bathroom with saying a word, until he turned around.

"Sorry for staring, y-your just so beautiful that I can't take my eyes off you"I looked at him with disbelief. No one complimented like this before. Hibiki did, but it was probably a lie.

"T-thanks"I said nervously while he smiled and went inside the toilet.

I got under the cover and pulled it up, I moved over to the right side of the bed waiting for Natsu to come back. After 5 minutes Natsu came back wearing his skinny joggers with his boxers and shirtless WAIT! WHAT! SHIRTLESS! OMG!

I looked at him from head to toe. He had a V shape, six pack and his firm chest. In some parts of his body there were scars which made him even sexier.

"N-n-n-natsu"I was shocked of his sudden appearance while he just chuckled at me.

"Like what you see"He said pointing to his abs and chest, I just laid there blushing while steam came out of my ears.

He laughed even harder, after he finish laughing he went over to the left side of the bed and got under the covers, he turned the lights off.

Minutes past and the only you can hear are the soft snores that Natsu gave out, he shifted trying finding the most comfortable position, he moved around and around the bed getting closer and closer to me. Until his body was infront of me.

He wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me closer towards him. My face meet his chest and my hands meet his abs, my hand moved around his abs/torso feeling every inch of his body and I loved it. I began to feel comfortable due to the comfortable warmth that Natsu was emitting, so I wrapped my arms around him and snuggled my face into his chest.

"Goodnight Natsu"I whispered and I kissed his chest. In my mind I was so delighted that I meet Natsu. As I was about to fall into a comfortable slumber Natsu shifted around again.

"-Yawn- Night Jenny"I heard him whisper in my ears, he moved back into his normal position and kissed me on the head and went back to sleep.

At this point I was having a mental break down. Natsu was awake this whole time!

I touched his body and I even k-k-k-k-k-kiss him I thought.

"Come on Jenny lets sleep, we've got a big day up ahead"He whisper, he tighten his grip around me and pulled me closer towards him. I was going to protest but my eye lids began to get heavier and heavier until I fell asleep.

I think I'm In Love. they both thought

Thank you for reading. I hope you liked it. Mc

Preview Of The Next Chapter

The Next Day.

Gray POV.

"Oi flame brain wa..." I said bargaining in Natsu's bedroom leaving me shocked at the sight of Natsu with a beautiful blonde woman, snuggling with each other. I dashed out gathering the other guild members, I quietly woke everyone up and brought them to Natsu room only to left speechless, of the sight of Natsu and a girl in, IN BED!