The Sons packed up a few bags for the trip, as always they would travel light not that any of them had much of worth to protect in their absence save for their bikes, a few items of jewellery lying around and the liquor at the clubhouse. It was only Clay who had a lover to worry about leaving and it was hardly like Gemma was going to sit this trip out and stay at home and knit or nurse Abel. No, Abel was to be left with the live in Nanny who had been living at the Teller residence pretty much since he had been born and his mother had handed Jax full custody of the baby and Gemma would, as always, ride along with Clay and the boys.

Jax sat straddling his bike, leaning on the bars looking up at the sun letting the rays bathe his face in an attempt to warm what had been become so cold over the past few months. He hadn't felt alive since Lenny-Ray had left him. In that very second he had watched the only women who he had ever truly loved give up on him like so many before but Jax knew she had been pushed to it. Pushed by him, by his ego, by the self righteous arrogance that seemed to come with the name Teller. Lenny didn't really have any choice but to leave and Jax knew that. Even if he didn't Lenny-Rays Uncle, Bobby, would remind him when he would take random women to bed in attempt to numb the ache Lenny's absence had left. Even though the club made them Brothers Jax's actions had pushed his bond with Bobby to the brink of almost no return but luckily Bobby had seen enough seasons with the Sons Of Anarchy not to intervene with his Vice Presidents affairs, even if it had meant skipping the clubhouse parties he loved so much. It wasn't worth the bloodshed that Bobby wanted to inflict.

Jax's thoughts of what may have caused Lenny to stop off and set up home in a bar a few towns from Charming were interrupted by his long time best friend, Opie. Standing at well over 6ft he blocked the sun from Jax's face.

"You okay, brother?" His usual booming voice was softened with concern for his childhood friend. Opie , along with most of the employees at Teller Morror, had made it very clear he had disapproved of Jax's actions, Opie was possibly one of the few last true gentlemen in the club but he was a loyal friend to Jax in every way.

Jax scratched at his beard which had grown a considerable amount, he had forgone such things as basic hygiene the first few months and the beard had stayed when he got his act together. He thought for the first time what Lenny may actually be doing, he had spent long days and months missing her but had spent no time wondering what she was doing with her days. In true Teller style he had only considered his own pain and anguish.

"What do you think she's been doing, Op? She's been gone so long,"

Opie smiled in a knowing way, "probably being a pain in someone else's ass for a change!" He chuckled at his own humour whilst Jax just smiled but in a sad way, a way that told Opie everything. Yes, Lenny-Ray Sawyer was a pain in the ass but she was Jax's pain in the ass. Knowing that it was best not to push the matter if they were to all remain on good terms before arriving to their destination. Opie simply slapped his brother on the back before making his way back to his own bike.

Jax pulled his shades down to cover his sleep deprived eyes as the club kicked their bikes into action, in a single file they pulled out of the gas station like a team of Olympic synchronised swimmers. Heading along the interstate to see if his girl really was there.