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Hush Little Baby

Chap 7

It took a mere few hours for news to spread around Charming that Lenny had come back and the fact she had a bit more baggage than last helped the news spread like wildfire.

Lenny had laid Erin to rest in her car seat whilst she unpacked a few things around Jax's place when the front door opened, Jax had promised to come back at lunch time and check In with Lenny. But it seemed he had a little entourage, Gina and Bobby. It was inevitable that Lenny would come face to face with her mother but she hadn't really given it much thought during the move back and now there was no time to prepare for the onslaught.

But nothing prepared her for the hot sting on her face as Gina slapped her daughter across the face leaving the whole room in silence.

"How dare you run away like that, Lenny- Ray Sawyer! I was worried sick. Your Uncles been besides himself too." Gina managed to bark before the tears came, an uncontrollable sob took over as she pulled Lenny in for a hug that could of broken bones.

Lenny felt another pair of hands wrap around her as Bobby held the two most important girls in his life close. Lenny whispered that she was sorry before wiping her mothers tears away.

"Where is she ?" Gina asked looking around for her first grandchild.

"She's asleep in the lounge do you want to hold her?" Lenny led them through to the room at the front of Jaxs house , slipping past Jax she smiled at him signalling he was forgiven for bringing Gina over unexpected. Lenny knew her mother was a force to be reckoned with at any rate.

Lenny left Gina holding Erin, she figured she had denied her enough time and needed to make up for it, heading back into the kitchen she sensed she had interrupted Bobby and Jax.

"Private boys talk?" She laughed as she stood by Bobby leaning on the kitchen counter.

"No darling, just saying you got off lightly with your ma," Jax tried to hide his smirk as Bobby nodded in agreement.

"You caused a bit of stir in leaving kid, left a lot of people upset," Bobby could see Lenny was ready to answer back " most are just glad to have you back but some you're gonna have to work on getting back on side,"

Lenny sighed , it wasn't like she didn't already feel like a ton of shit for leaving and not coming back when she found out she was pregnant but Lenny had figured you don't run back into the building when it's on fire! She had feeling Bobby was referring to Gemma, the matriarch of the Sons, the women who could make Lenny's life hell in the click of her boney fingers.

"If certain people don't want me back then tough shit, Uncle Bobby," Lenny wasn't going to play the games this time round, she nor her daughter needed to earn their place here. " I'm back on my terms, Jax and I have been through all this. It's about what's best for Erin and nothing else matters,"

Bobby smiled, he knew his niece wouldn't give two thoughts how her return with a blood line from the local MC would affect Charming all.

"I'm just saying , you got off lightly with your mom but don't think everyone else is going to be so forgiving," Bobby stubbed out his cigarette before kissing Lenny on the cheek and heading back to work.

Lenny slumped down at the kitchen table as Jax grabbed a drink from the fridge.

"Has Gemma said anything?" Lenny broke the silence. "About me and Erin being in Charming."

Jax thought before speaking, he decided on a watered down version of the truth, "obviously she knows you're back. She's glad Erin is in Charming. Wants to arrange a play date with Abel if Wendy will allow it,"

"If Wendy will allow it? What about me?" Lenny exasperated as she slammed her hand on the table. She couldn't help but think how dare Gemma be setting up things for Erin without even consulting her.

Jax set his drink down on the side and slowly crossed his arms over his chest as he considered his words. He needed to tell Lenny that this was the kind of attitude that pissed him off, The woe is me, but he needed to do it in such a way that she didn't rip his balls off. "Len, you need to relax. No one is gonna make you, me or Erin do anything we don't want to. You know that! But you also know how much a pain ass Gemma can be!"

Lenny smirked knowingly at Jax with a casual eye roll, he was right and she damn well knew it.

"But I do want Erin and Abel to have a relationship, they're both my kids and I won't have them being strangers," Jax continued, he hadn't really given it much thought but it was the obvious choice to come to. He had adored his brother Thomas before he had been taken from them so young and couldn't imagine his childhood with out him and fully believed Abel would love Erin just as much. They were Tellers. They were blood.

Lenny stood considering all Jax had said, it seems fairly obvious that he would want both his children to be in his life but Lenny had to think about Erin and what was best for her. She had never had to deal with anything other than 1 mum and 1 dad in her family. It was easy. But the set up for Erin was much different, mummy and daddy weren't really sure what was going on; a half brother with a junkie mother and a psychotic

pair of paternal grandparents. Her poor girl wasn't going to have an easy life by any ones standards.

"Why don't I speak to Wendy?" Lenny looked up at Jax as his brows creased in worry. "Mother to mother, we can discuss what each of us think is appropriate for the children. " she could hardly blame Jax for the bewildered look he was throwing her way, Lenny was shocked herself at the words her mouth was forming but maybe motherhood had made her more rational.

"If you're happy to, Lenny. I mean I don't want anymore drama than necessary with the kids," Jax swigged the last of his beer before cupped Lenny's cheek and kissing her gently showing his appreciation for how she was trying to make to make the whole situation easier.

Lenny held Jax elbow as he kissed her , she loved the small displays of affection he occasionally showed rather than the crass, lewd comments reserved for the clubhouse.

Gina and Jax left Lenny with the sleeping Erin as they both headed out for work, Gina leaving with a promise to see them very soon and Jax telling Lenny not to wait up tonight as he had Church. Lenny surprised herself as she hid her annoyance about spending another night alone in their bed but she knew that this would be the norm with Jax working for President of the MC.

The sunny afternoon seemed perfect for Lenny to have a good clean up of Jax's house , she could see how her departure affected him in the state of the house. If you'd have told her she had moved into a fraternity house then Lenny would have fully believed it. The amount of laundry lying around the house would keep a Chinese wash house busy for some weeks, she began with piling it all into a wash basket whilst Erin snored away tired from all her Grandma Gina's smothering.

Around 3 o'clock Lenny stopped for a break, she juggled the fresh cup of coffee and the baby monitor she had carried from room to room with her before stepping out to the back yard to have a cigarette. As she blew out smoke Lenny heard a soft singing, she looked over the next garden to see if it was coming from there, it wasn't; she quickly scanned the floor to see if she had stood on one of Erin's toys, she hadn't; finally her eyes settled on the white baby monitor, where the light had been a steady green whilst Erin slumbered the little LED lights were flashing red around the dial as someone sang " Hush Little Baby" to her daughter. Dropping everything Lenny paid no attention to the shattering cup or burning cigarette but focused only on racing through the house to her daughters nursery. Gasping for air Lenny threw the door open to find the intruder had lifted Erin out of her crib and was sat in the feeding chair rocking back and forth as they brought a finger their lip instructing Lenny be quiet.