Silence Brings Pain:Chapter 1

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'Words' are Ryu using sign language.

Words are everyone's thoughts.


It's the first day of school at Raven International School of Education, or RISE for short. It's a large school, with many buildings for different classes and activities. This school is for the students that are gifted in anything, including sports. Many students from all over the world apply to get accepted into this school, so it's very diverse.

But lately, the school life has been getting repetitive and boring. It's been a while since a new student was accepted, so most students are looking for a change in the way things are going. Good thing there are some changes coming soon.

"How was everyone's summer?" Hitomi asked as she walked up the steps to the school.

"We went back to China to visit family and friends," Leifang replied while Jann Lee nodded.

"We also went went back to Japan," Ayane answered for Kasumi and Hayate.

"That's nice. I went to Germany with my dad," Hitomi said.

"Did any one hear about the new student?" Tina decides to ask instead of talking about her summer. Suddenly, six other heads turn her way.

"A new student is coming? That's awesome! It's about time something changed," Jann Lee exclaimed, "What did you hear about the student? Is it a boy? A girl?"

"Why does that matter? Are you looking for reasons to bother the new student?" Leifang said while rolling her eyes.

"Shut up," he answered,"I just want to know."

Hitomi cuts in, "I heard the new student is a boy who moved here from Japan. Have any of you meet him before?" She turned to Hayate, Ayane, and Kasumi just to see them shake their heads.

"Well that's just great. Now we have to play guessing games about the new student. How do we know that he's coming on the first day? Why would he move from Japan to Britain anyways?" Leifang said while pouting.

"Leifang, you know that it's mandatory to attend school on the first day even if we won't do anything. Besides, he has to show up because I was asked to show him around the school," Hayate replied, ignoring the other question.

"You're just not telling us this information!" everyone yelled at Hayate. He leaned away out of fear, holding his hands up and saying, "I didn't know I was supposed to."

"Whatever," Ayane said as she stands up. "You're the one who has to sit on the steps and wait for this mystery student. We have to get to class. One of us will text you if something important happens."

"Okay." As everyone starts to leave, Hayate decides to sit down and wait. What if we have meet before, but I didn't know his name? For all I know we could've grew up near each other. Okay, that's a little far fetched but there's a chance. I guess I'll just have to wait. He sighs and runs his hand through his hair.

I can't believe I overslept, Ryu thinks as he goes down the stairs of his house. I don't even remember falling asleep. Considering what's been happening, I should have known better. As he steps into the kitchen, he sees his father sitting at the table. His father, Joe Hayabusa, looks up at his son and tosses a set of keys to him. Ryu catches the keys and sends his father a questioning look.

"I think school has already started, but you shouldn't get in trouble since nothing happens during the first day. Your car was brought in yesterday, too."

'Thanks. I guess I'm still getting used to all of this,' he signed. 'Are you going to work today?'

"No, I'm still off for a few days so I'll unpack these boxes. Be careful," his dad said while staring at him.

'I will.' As he turns to leave, his father lets out a sigh. Ryu, there's so many things in your life that you have to get used to, and some of those you'll never get used to.

Outside, Ryu adjusts the right sleeve of his uniform and heads towards his black 2015 Chevy Camaro. When he pulls out of the driveway, he starts to drive to the school. The day is already off to a bad start, he thinks while he frowns. I have no idea what to look forward to.

Forty-five minutes have passed, and I'm still sitting here, Hayate mentally complains. As he stands up, a car drives into the parking lot. Is that a student? Leaning forward, he notices that the person that was driving the car is walking up the steps. He stands up to introduce himself.

"Hello, my name is Hayate. Are you the new student I'm supposed to meet?"

'Yes, I am. My name is Ryu Hayabusa," he quickly signed.

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