Silence Brings Pain: Chapter 24

"Words" are for when the speaker uses the communication device.

'Words' still apply to Ryu, I'll just state when he's using the device. Let me know if this becomes confusing.


Over the next three days, Ryu has been doing multiple things. He completed all of the schoolwork that he had to do, so now he could focus on other stuff. The bruises on his body had finally faded and he was going to get all of his stitches removed later today. Ryu also had a very long conversation with his father about why he should be allowed to go on the mission. After many explanations and 'what if' situations, they agreed that Ryu could come as long as he doesn't make any reckless decisions.

It was currently nine o'clock in the morning and Ryu was sitting on his bed, thinking about how things have changed in a few nights. Sleeping has never been that easy, he thought. There hasn't been any murders and the voice was oddly quiet. It made Ryu suspicious, but he wasn't going to worry about it since it was all coming to an end.

So many things could go wrong. He was nervous, but he wasn't going to let his doubts stop him from doing the right thing. He was getting bored with doing nothing, so he put on a shirt and left his room. It was quiet as he walked into the kitchen and started cooking himself something to eat. He was in the middle of making a ham and cheese omelet when someone knocked on the door. He didn't move from his spot since the door was slowly opened by Hayate, who was wearing a red shirt with gray sweatpants.

"Good morning," Hayate greeted. He was going to ask Ryu about why he still walking around in his pajamas when he noticed something else. "I didn't know that you could cook."

Ryu shrugged and flipped the omelet before he turned to Hayate. 'It is just one of the many things my father taught me.'

Hayate nodded and sat down at the kitchen island. He yawned then shook his head when he saw Ryu's raised eyebrow. "I was up all night finishing the rest of my schoolwork."

Ryu sat down across from Hayate and started eating his omelet. Hayate was watching with a sly expression, typing something on his phone every few minutes. Unable to ignore Hayate's actions, Ryu pushed his mostly-eaten omelet to the side and stared at Hayate. 'You are hiding something from me.'

Surprise could be seen on Hayate's face before he sighed and attempted to deny Ryu's statement. Ryu didn't believe him, but he chose to let it go and finished his omelet. I will find out about it later, he claimed. Hayate was in the middle of talking about what he saw on the news when Ryu's phone suddenly vibrated. It was on the countertop near Hayate, who picked it up and passed it to Ryu.

[Dad]-I hope you're not doing anything, because I need you to come to R&D, it's on the second floor. There's something here for you.

[Ryu]-Are you planning something?

[Dad]-That's confidential information.

[Ryu]-I'll be there.

Ryu was curious about why his father wouldn't answer his question, but he knew there was no point in trying to get an answer. Hayate gave him a knowing look and left the room. After cleaning up the kitchen, Ryu went to his room and took a shower. Thirty minutes later, he was wearing a white shirt and black sweatpants with black shoes. After putting his hair in its usual ponytail, Ryu left his father's office and went to the second floor.


It was quiet while Ryu walked to the R&D Department. He passed a couple of empty training rooms, noticing the glass wall that was for outside observation. Some of the agents were also rushing pass him, possibly preparing for their own missions. His father was standing at the end of the long hallway, talking to a woman. As Ryu got closer, he realized that the woman was Miss Hamilton, who seemed more surprised than anyone else.

"Ryu, it's good to see you! I didn't know that Joe was your dad," she admitted. "Anyway, let's get this over with so we can get to the fun part!"

As much as he wanted to know how long his science teacher has secretly been an agent, Ryu was led through the large double doors. Hayate and Shiden were standing on the other side of the doors, waiting for Joe to explain what they were going to do. Shiden's stare went from bored to curious when he saw Ryu, who was getting his stitches removed at the table that was in the center of the room.

"So you decided to let him come with us?" Shiden asked.

"Yes," Joe answered, walking to the table. "Ryu was being too damn stubborn, but we managed to come to an agreement."

Hayate laughed until Ryu lightly punched him in his arm. Shiden joined Joe at the table and continued, "I'm sure that's just one of the personality types that came from your influence."

That could be true, Ryu thought. Now that he thought about it, his father was a temperamental person, and Ryu would often find himself reacting to things like his father would. He knew that his father had a large influence on his life, but Ryu didn't know that it applied to his personality, too. It makes sense though. He directed his attention to the two boxes Miss Hamilton placed on the table. Shiden thanked her then faced Hayate and Ryu.

"Ryu and Hayate, since you two are going on the upcoming mission," he started, "Joe and I decided to make you official members of the Agency. Otherwise, it would be illegal and we could go to jail or something."

"Don't worry, nothing happens without our approval," Joe added, passing each boy a box.

Ryu hesitated for a few seconds before he reached over and opened the box. Inside, there was a thin object made of stainless steel with a screen on it. After he put it on his right wrist, it automatically adjusted to fit and was only an inch wide. His name was printed in the metal along with a dragon symbol. Ryu curiously touched the screen, making it turn on and display the current time and date across the top. It is so lightweight, he thought while he moved his wrist.

"This is cool," Hayate declared. "What is it?"

"It's called an ID band and is mainly for identification purposes, but there are some places around here that won't allow you to enter without one," Joe answered.

"We also had to upgrade our security system after that bomb was left here. If you need to remove it, hold a finger over the symbol that's next to your name," Shiden joined in. Miss Hamilton strolled back over to the table with four smaller boxes in her hands. She gave out each one then pressed a button on the table, activating the projector in the middle of the table.

"After a year of doing a lot of work, R&D finally created the perfect communication device," she glanced at Shiden and Joe. "These have been ready for months now, but your team will be the first to use them."

"What is this, Lisa?" Joe asked, examining the box. Lisa paused to stare at him then sighed and kept talking.

"If you all would open the box, you'll see a slightly curved bar that has circular ends. There is also a small, circular earpiece in the box, but don't worry about that. Now, turn on your ID band and select the box that says Comm."

Ryu's eyes widened when a light green color started glowing from his bar. Hayate's color was blue, Joe's was red, and Shiden's was white. Lisa smiled, pleased to know that there weren't any flaws in her experiment. She cleared her throat to get their attention.

"The bar is supposed to be placed on your temple, and the earpiece can be placed in either ear. Instead of talking, now you can use your thoughts to communicate! Just touch the earpiece and think," she finished, motioning for them to try it out.

A moment later, Hayate decided to be the first person to try it. "This is epic," he said.

"It works," Shiden informed. Joe gave a thumbs up and turned to Ryu, who was staring at his earpiece. Joe simply placed an arm on Ryu's shoulder and gently squeezed it, silently urging him to try the device. Ryu nodded and placed the earpiece in his ear, choosing to give it a shot.

'This is weird,' he stated. The other three had shocked expressions, causing Ryu to nervously lean back in his chair. 'What?'

"You sound weird. I can't explain it," Joe informed. Hayate and Shiden agreed, then Joe turned to Lisa. Ryu didn't fully understand, but he pushed the thought aside when Joe spoke. "Will the agents who don't have a bar still be able to remain in contact?"

"Yes. They can still hear you although they will have to talk when they respond," she replied. Joe nodded and motioned for the rest of the group to follow him after he exchanged farewells with Lisa. They were walking pass some empty training rooms when Ryu, who was at the back of the group, suddenly stopped in front of one. He held a finger up to his earpiece then looked at Hayate.

'Let's spar, Hayate,' Ryu suggested. Hayate nodded and followed Ryu into the training room. Shiden and Joe stared at each other in confusion before they went in after the two boys. Ryu and Hayate removed their bars and earpieces along with their ID bands.

Joe and Shiden sat down on the floor and watched as Ryu wrapped his hands and Hayate cracked his knuckles. Hayate removed his shoes and stood across from Ryu, who was already barefoot.

"I guess you don't mind getting your ass kicked again," Hayate taunted.

'I doubt if you can pull it off,' he signed, getting into his fighting stance. After Hayate got into his stance, they shared a knowing look and waited for someone to make the first move.

Ryu ducked in order to dodge Hayate's sudden roundhouse kick and used his forearm to block a punch. Damn, he thought while wiping his mouth with the back of his hand after Hayate hit him. He was blocking most of Hayate's punches when one completely missed his head, giving Ryu the chance to flip Hayate over. Once he hit the floor, Hayate tried to sweep Ryu's feet from under him although Ryu jumped away at the last second. That was close, he thought as Hayate stood back up.

Ryu quickly hit Hayate in his stomach and followed up with a side kick although Hayate sidestepped it. The sparring match continued with each boy managing to hit the other although neither one had an advantage. They stepped away from each other for a few seconds to search for some type of opening. Hayate looked as if he suddenly had an idea, and Ryu shifted in anticipation. Something isn't right.

Hayate's left hand tensed before he swung, making Ryu lift his right arm up to block it. Hayate took this as his chance to hit Ryu with his right hand, but Ryu swiftly pushed the hand down and countered with a punch to Hayate's chest, effectively knocking him down. While Hayate took a moment to catch his breath, Ryu sat down next to him.

"That was interesting," Shiden commented.

"Enhanced clairvoyance," Joe mumbled.

"What are you talking about?"

"Ryu. I think he knew what Hayate was going to do before it happened, so he used it to his advantage," he explained. Shiden nodded in understanding and stood up to stretch.

Meanwhile, Ryu and Hayate were still on the mat, staring at their bruises. Ryu had one on his left jaw and a few on his forearms along with a busted lip. There were some bruises on Hayate's arms and he also had one on his chest and stomach. Hayate sat up and rubbed his arm. "I thought I was going to win with that move."

'I can not explain, but I knew what you were going to do. It was a smart move though.'

"Thanks. Now I know that my partner can handle himself and have my back at the same time," he continued, laughing.

'Whatever, Hayate. As an official agent, I can not have an incompetent partner. Good job.'

Hayate stared at Ryu as if he was offended before he laughed again. Ryu shook his head and put his shoes on while Hayate stood up. While they were shaking hands, Hayate smirked and met Ryu's stare. "We got this, Ryu."

With a smirk of his own, Ryu lifted his free hand. 'Of course we do.'


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