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There are two reasons as to when Yang rides her beloved motorcycle, Bumblebee. The first is to get to a location as quick as possible. Or the later is that Yang needed some time to think about her life.

Any normal person would find a nice, quiet place to draw their thoughts. But not Yang Xiao Long. No, in order to get her mind in the right place, the Blonde bombshell needed to go out for a joy-ride around the city. The wind rushing against her face and the lights turning into brilliant blurs always sent her into a perfect state of mind to sort her problems out.

At this moment, Yang was currently breezing through the streets of Vale under the second reason. As she effortlessly drifted on every corner under the shattered moonlit sky, she couldn't help but wonder if she should be happy or annoyed that she only had one problem to deal with for tonight. It seemed like a simple problem at the first glimpse, but it was as complex as Ruby's devotion to her cookies upon actually thinking about it.

Her problem was regarding a certain blond knight. Jaune Arc.

"Ok Yang," she muttered to herself, "you've been driving for two hours now. Let's start with what you have so far."

Through her eyes, she viewed the Arc as a friend, but not as a friend. Really, it seemed like she was a friend's friend of a friend who was friends with one of her friends whom were friends with Yang's friend's friend that was friends with the friend who was friends with Yang who was friends with-

Wait what?

"Argh!" she shook her head left and right. It wasn't even a minute and she already stumbled upon her thoughts. "C'mon Yang, focus!"

Thinking over of what she knew, Yang didn't fully see Jaune as her friend. Although she did have some respect for the fellow blond, that respect was only built on the foundation that he was befriended with her adorable sister, Ruby. Other than that, Yang and Jaune didn't really have anything else; they had no foundation between each other.

This lack of foundation is what led to the over-reaction between Jaune and her sleeping sister. They had no trust.

Or was it just one-sided? Her partner, Blake, did mention that there was more to Jaune than meets the eye. But then again, Yang was listening to someone who made the blond failure call her his superior, even though said failure was older by a couple months.

"You're getting off sided again Yang..." she grumbled to herself as she turned another corner.

This misunderstanding is what led to Jaune's incapacitation, which later led to being taken under Doctor Valkyrie's care. She was so sure that Jaune would die that day.

It was her fault that he had to suffer through all that, so the answer was simple. All she had to do was apologize to him.

But that was when everything became complicated.

For some odd reason, Yang just couldn't bring it upon herself to say a simple 'I'm sorry' to the Knight. She didn't know whether it was because of her pride, the fact that she was apologizing to a self-proclaimed failure, or some other reason. All she knew was that she just couldn't do it.

She would approach him with the intention of making amends, but the words just wouldn't form.

And Yang couldn't pretend that the whole event never happened either. The longer she delayed her apology, the more annoying the feeling of guilt felt. It started off as small at first; not even noticeable in fact. But as the days flew by, she procrastinated. Today, Jaune was finally able to walk again and could resume his studies in Beacon. And now, the panging feeling had grown to the point where she felt as if she was constantly being struck by a nevermore every time she thought about the blond.

It didn't help that her conscience was forcing her to constantly think about the Arc either.

The only way to get rid of this feeling is apologize to Jaune. That was the final answer that she concluded.

"Stupid conscience..." she groaned as she drove off into the city night.

(Meanwhile at Beacon)


The sound of metal against metal echoed throughout the training room. Within the coliseum-like field stood two sparing figures; a red-head spartan and a blond knight.

When Jaune insisted to Pyrrha that they should continue their sparring schedule, she was a bit reluctant at first. After all, her partner just got released from the infirmary today and the thought of breaking his legs again during their practice mortified her. But this was Jaune out of all people; his internal fire of becoming a hero radiated from his body. And that was enough to convince the Champion that the Knight was combat-ready.

Well, Pyrrha wouldn't admit it out loud, but her feelings may have played a role in her decision. So here they were now, sparing against each other in a spacious room all for themselves.

Pyrrha remained in a relaxed fighting stance as Jaune was slowly circling around her, looking for an opening. Both partners stared at each other for a brief moment, waiting for their next move.

It was Jaune who started off. He charged at Pyrrha, and when he got close, broke into a small leap with his sword raised high.

"You're raising your shield-arm too high, Jaune." She pointed out as Akoúo collided with a downward slash from Crocea Mors. To punish Jaune's mistake, she sent her right knee to the Arc's exposed ribcage; an area below his shield. As a follow-up, she pulled Miló's blade form back, preparing for an upward swing.

Jaune regained his composure and immediately backpedaled away, the rising sword missing him by an inch.

Pyrrha suddenly smiled when Jaune dodged her swing – usually, Jaune took the arching hit and would collapse onto the ground afterward. Dodging showed improvement; he was adapting to his situation. For that, she couldn't help but express her joy even if they were in the middle of a spar.

Through Jaune's perspective, however, it looked as if his partner was planning something. 'Is this some sort of psychological tactic?' Jaune thought to himself. That smile could mean anything – intimidation, leading him to a false sense of security, excitement, pride, washroom break?

Letting out a faint breath, Jaune ran back in. "Raise your sword higher, and stop twisting your body when you run" Pyrrha spoke as she raised her shield.

She ducked under his horizontal slash. "Don't swing so far, and don't forget to bend your sword arm!" Jaune felt a sharp pain as Pyrrha countered with the blunt of her weapon's hilt to his forehead. Jaune stumbled back, his vision beginning to disorientate.

One Pyrrha was enough – fighting three at the same time is suicide.

"Always re-enter your stance!" She cried, tackling the Knight onto the ground with her shield.

"Arg!" Jaune grunted at the surprise attack. He used his momentum to roll backward and get back into standing position. Listening to the Spartan's words, Jaune readied himself back into his fighting stance; shield raised within the chest region, and his steel sword readied by his side.


He swiftly brought his shield higher to block a blow from Pyrrha's sword. "I'm glad you remembered about your stance, but your center of gravity is off Jaune," She explained.

'Center of gravity? What is she – OH NO, I am not going to fall for that like the other twenty times!'

The Spartan dropped onto the floor to deliver a sweeping back-kick against the Knight's legs. Much to the redhead's surprise, however, her opponent seemed to have had anticipated this since he instantly jumped into the air to avoid her sweep.


Unfortunately for him, Jaune jumped too high. Realizing the opportunity, the Champion used her momentum from her previous attack to twirl upwards and sent Jaune flying with a spinning sidekick.

The air in Jaune's lungs left his body right away the moment Pyrrha kicked him. He fiercely tumbled onto the ground. But Jaune didn't surrender; he slowly began to rise up with his knee. "I'm...I'm not done yet-

Jaune couldn't finish his quiet declaration. He felt a faint breeze as Miló's spear form was hurled right past him; it was pierced into the floor, the spear missing his neck by a couple centimeters.

"Never mind...I'm done...definitely done..." he muttered as a bead of sweat ran down. He threw his weapon as he got up; he yielded.

"Wow Jaune, you've really improved!" Pyrrha cheered as she retrieved her elegant spear.

"Heh heh..." Jaune meekly laughed, scratching the back of his head, "when you're under the care of Doctor Valkyrie, you kinda' tend to observe everything around you."

He wasn't joking when he said that. Once Jaune realized that he was stuck as Nora's patient, he had to find any object in his surroundings that would serve as a distraction for the Ginger. Fortunately, his observation skills had saved him from the faux doctor's wrath.

"Well it's getting late, I think we should head back-

"Thanks partner..."

"Excuse me Jaune?"

"For helping me get to where I am now. I mean – I'm still not worthy of the title of a huntsman yet, but still, I really appreciate what you're doing for me. Not only that, but you've given me a real reason to become a hero now. So again, I'll say it from the bottom of my heart – thank you Pyrrha, for everything." Jaune looked at his partner with a sincere look in his eyes.

"W-W-Well J-Jaune...um...I-I...d-don't wh-what to say..." Pyrrha stuttered as her face slowly became as red as her hair. Her feelings for her leader were beginning to take a hold over her.

"Hey, are you ok? You look like you're heating up!"

"N-No...it's f-fine Jaune-

"Here, let me check your temperature," Jaune said, placing his right hand over the Spartan's forehead.

However the moment Jaune had physical contact with the redhead, her legs started to buckle and she lost her balance. Pyrrha fell forwards to Jaune; her entire body touching his. She could his feel his heartbeat and the warm feeling from his chest – this only made her body react even worse. Indeed, at this point, her entire body had lost the ability to function properly.

"J-Jaune! I...I...I" she just couldn't find the words.

"Pyrrha are you ok?!" Jaune cried out. He placed his hands around her bare arms in an attempt to steady her.

That was the final stand. And it just snapped. Pyrrha went unconscious.


Blake was enjoying her alone time in her dorm.

With Ruby at the weapons forge, Weiss at her therapy, and Yang going for a night out in the city, she could finally catch up on her precious novel. As she lied flat on her bed, she opened up the book.

Ninjas of Love

. . . "I don't know when it happened, or why it happened. I don't care. But Sempai, I love you."

Before I even realize it, he put my naked arms in a gentle grip above my head. He's pinning me to the cherry-blossom tree using his lips . . . his wet lips . . . they are on mine and now I begin to notice that my lips are wet too. Our tongues enter into a realm of pleasure, my tongue strokes his and we join together into a slow, erotic dance-

Before the Introvert could read any further, the door was slammed open and an angry Blonde bombshell stormed into the dorm.

"Y-Yang?! T-This isn't what it looks like! I swear Ruby doesn't know about it! Her innocence is safe, I promise!" Blake cried out, desperately trying to hide her novel under the pillow.

"Stupid Knight...apologizing to him...pissing me off like that...stupid conscience..." Yang grumbled.

'Yang's irritated about Jaune . . . this better not end up like Weiss again' Blake thought as she inspected her furious partner. "Um, Yang?"

"He's a failure...why me...why do I- Oh hey Blake" the Blonde replied in a cheery tone. "Sorry, did I wake you up from your cat-nap?"

Blake rolled her eyes at her partner's question. "Yang did you – did you make a deal with Jaune or something?"

"W-What are talking about?! It has nothing to do about him!" she snapped back, avoiding eye contact.

"Yes, because stomping into our dorm while mumbling about a certain failed knight doesn't prove that." She replied sarcastically, "Plus, you're avoiding eye-contact with me."

"It's nothing to worry about ok!" Yang yelled, her violet-lilac eyes turning into a fiery red.

"Nothing to worry about? Remember what happen to Weiss?" Blake retorted. She slid off of her cozy bed in order to place a hand on the Blonde's shoulder. "You can tell me what's wrong, Yang. We're partners after all right? You can trust me."

Yang sighed in defeat and turned her head to face Blake, her eyes returned to their natural state. "It's just...it's just that I've been feeling guilty lately."

"Guilty? Guilty about what?" Blake raised her brow.

"I – um – sorta' did something bad to Jaune. I want to apologize to him...but I can't! For some reason, I just can't say sorry to him!"

It appeared to Blake that her partner didn't want to tell her what exactly she did to wrong Jaune, but she paid no mind to it. If Yang was uncomfortable with it, then Blake should just play the role of the friend and skip right on to the advice-giving part.

"Look I don't know what you did – nor do I want to know – but Yang, I think that the reason you're having such a hard time about apologizing is that your relationship with Jaune isn't that deep."

"What? My relationship isn't that deep-

"And no Yang, not that kind of relationship" –Blake rolled her eyes – "I mean that there's no trust; no sense of friendship. Honestly, I'm absolutely positive that the only reason you acknowledge Jaune is because he's friends with your sister."

"Hey! That's . . ." Yang recalled her first days at Beacon. She remembered seeing a scrawny, pathetic, colourless boy in the background. Then said boy befriends her beloved sister. Suddenly, the boy began to be filled with colour! It was later that she found out his name: Jaune Arc. ". . . actually true, surprisingly."

"So what am I supposed to do Blake? Act nicer towards him for a couple months and then suddenly say 'I'm sorry' out of the blue? This guilt – this feeling is unbearable! I don't think I can last another day!" The Blonde declared.

"Why stall when you can start today?" Blake smiled at the question.


"If you want your friendship to grow, just apologize to him right now" – Blake started to shove Yang out of her dorm – "No puns, no angry outbursts, just let it all out."

"B-But I can't! Blake I already told you-

"You told me that you couldn't confront Jaune because you lacked a strong friendship with him. Then the answer to your problem is simple: strengthen your bonds by apologizing to him. You'd be surprised about Jaune once you actually take the time to know him." The Introvert pushed Yang out into the hallways, "Now go. And don't come back until you're better friends with Jaune. I do not want to see another chalkboard that's expressing your mental instability; Weiss' was more than enough."

"Aw cmon' don't do this to me-

Blake closed the door in front of an awe-struck Yang. The Ninja let out a relieved sigh as she leaned against the door.

She wasn't sure whether it was sheer luck or her brilliant cunning, but Blake Belladonna had once again dodged a social bullet.

Jaune laid his unconscious partner on top of his bed. As he carefully placed the covers over the sleeping Champion, Jaune couldn't help but wonder as to where the rest of his team's mattresses had gone to. Actually, he was also curious as to where Ren and Nora were at the moment.

Nora probably had something to do with this; when something weird happens, it's usually Nora.

He let out a quiet sigh as he gazed upon his partner one more time. 'Woah, I didn't notice until now but she's gorgeous even when she's unconscious' – Jaune shook his head at his thoughts – 'No Jaune, she's way out of your league!'

"Guess I'm sleeping in the bathtub . . . again." Jaune muttered. Getting ready for sleep, he unstrapped his sheathed shield and placed it on his desk. When he reached for his sword, his heart suddenly sank.

He left his Crocea Mors back at the training room!

Jaune ran to the door. But when he opened it, he was presented with the Blonde bombshell that was just about to knock on the door.

"Oh hey Yang." Jaune said as he closed the door behind him. "Ren and Nora are missing at the moment, and Pyrrha is, ah – sleeping right now. So why don't you wait till' tomorrow to talk to them."

He was about to run off, but he felt a vice-like grip over his hand.

"Actually Jaune, I . . . w-wanted to talk to you." Yang said meekly.


Before he could continue, Jaune was directed to the nearby wall. Yang had one of her arms pushed against the wall beside the Knight's head, and the Blonde was leaning towards him – revealing an ample view of cleavage from his perspective.

"Y-Yang?! J-Just what are you doing?!" Jaune quickly blurted, his eyes quickly facing the Brawler's face.

"Listen Jaune," Yang began in a low tone, "there's something I really need to tell you."

"C-Can't this wait until tomorrow?!"

"No. No it can't. Otherwise this burning feeling in me is going to tear me apart. Jaune, it has to be today."

"B-Burning feeling? T-Today?!"

'Jauney, the truth is . . . I love you! Let's find an empty classroom and have some hot, sweet se-

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" Jaune screamed as she fiercely shoved Yang away from him.


The Arc immediately turned around and smashed his head against the wall.

"OW – NOPE I'M AWAKE – I'M DEFINITELY STILL AWAKE!" he cried out, his hands covering his bruised forehead.

"Jaune, what the heck are you trying to do?!" Yang demanded.

The images of his nightmares involving a false snow-angel and nurses suddenly ran rampant within his mind. "N-Nothing – Nothing at all!" he hoarsely managed, "a-anyways, what did you want to tell me?"

"R-Right. So, um, Jaune I just wanted to apologize – I mean, I sorry for - Arrrh! I just can't find the words!" A pattern of cracks was formed the as Yang punched the wall in anger.

"Well whatever it is Yang, I'll understand, so just let it out," Jaune said as he scratched his head. It kind of seemed fair that Jaune should spend time to listen to her.

After all, he completely misread the situation.

"Y-You'll understand?"

"Well yeah. We are friends after all. It's our job to help each other out."

Yang became shocked when she heard that. 'We are friends after all'. Her hair was covering her face; her expression unreadable. A familiar voice spoke in her head: "you'd be surprised about Jaune once you actually take the time to know him'. She suddenly broke into a smile as she raised her head to face him. She wasn't unsure anymore; her resolve became strengthened.

She looked at the Knight with sincerity. "Jaune, I'm sorry – so very sorry about what I did to you. I promise I'll be a better friend. Can you forgive me?"

Jaune simply looked at her with a confused look, "Um I guess I can forgive you – but seriously, what exactly did you do to me?"

Yang looked at the fellow blond dumbfounded, "Y-You're kidding right?"

"No, I really don't know Yang. Did you take one of my chicken nuggets when I wasn't looking or something?"

Yang face-palmed at the boy's logic, before she growled, "YOUR LEGS JAUNE! I BROKE YOUR LEGS REMEMBER!"


Give it a moment to sink in.

"Oh yeah! I totally forgot about that!" Jaune announced. Even if he did remember, Jaune wasn't the type of guy to hold a grudge. Especially from a menacing blonde babe. Resentment towards others was never really his style.


"Hey, after everything that's happened to me, can you really blame me for forgetting? Really, I had to deal with surviving Doctor Valkyrie, my partner is out cold from some random illness, I just lost my sword – and I still can't find a girlfriend!"

Jaune gave the gaping Blonde at brilliant smile before speaking, "But hey, 'water under the bridge' as my dad would always say!" He began to repeatedly pat Yang on the back as he began to laugh about the whole ordeal.

Meanwhile, a twitching Yang was busy with her internal thoughts. 'I did it . . . I strengthened my friendship with Jaune . . . Jaune Arc . . . Beacon's renowned Failed Knight . . .what a loveable idiot . . . heh heh heh heh-

Yang's mind snapped out of the stupidity for the entire situation. With her vision suddenly becoming a thick fog, she collapsed onto the floor, rendered unconscious.

"Yang? Hey Yang, are you alright? Yang?! Yang, speak to me!" – Jaune began to violently shake the Blonde – "PLEASE, NOT YOU TOO! YANG STAY WITH ME! YANG?! YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAANG!"

(Back in JNPR's dorm)

Pyrrha was able to wake up thanks to Jaune's constant screaming outside of the dorm. When she looked around, she quickly noticed that Ren's, Nora's, and her beds were missing. But she was currently lying in a bed – that could only mean one thing . . .

Upon realizing that she was lying in her leader's bed, Pyrrha's face instantly flushed a crimson red.

Of course, she passed out from her emotions once again.

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