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". . . I feel his weight on me as he pins me down onto the lush grass. I stare at his exposed chest, the glimmering light of the moon reflecting it ever so brilliantly. The burning sensation that I so greatly try to hold down rises within me. It is a loud scream, a cry, a plea, yearning for his embrace. "Do you really think this is a good time to be doing this right now? We just escaped from the mercenaries." I whisper in a cool tone. He answers with a shrug before he leans closer to my face and-"

The sound of knocking from the door was heard. Blake let out an annoyed groan as she carefully placed her novel under the pillow. What doesn't Yang understand about not coming back in until she apologizes? Is saying 'I'm sorry' that hard for the blonde bombshell? Especially when it was towards Jaune out of all people. Really, she should be grateful that it wasn't some idiot like Cardin – maybe that would keep that ego she calls 'pride' in check. Blake began to run through all the things she would say to Yang as she marched over to the door.

"Yang, I already told you that you can't come back until you better your relationship with- . . . Jaune?"

Blake was surprised to say the least. Granted she rarely said anything at all. But the shocked expression that was currently on her face would be priceless on the black market if someone actually took a picture of it (Thank the heavens that Ruby Rose wasn't present at the moment). Nobody in the entire school would have expected it, not even Blake, when she opened the door to reveal Jaune holding her partner in bridal style, who appeared to be unconscious.

"Um . . . hey Blake, is this a bad time right now?" Jaune asked, raising an eyebrow at his friend's unnatural facial expression. Jaune wasn't sure, but perhaps Yang and Blake got into a heated argument over something – a relationship with someone wasn't it? The smallest hope ran through his mind that he was the person they were talking about. Of course, that hope disappeared as he concluded that he was just an errand on Yang's to-do list. Apologizing for breaking your legs after unintentionally groping her little sister? Yeah, that's something Yang would do. Forgetting about the painful experience? Definitely something a failure would do.

"N-No." Blake answered back, regaining her composure. "It's just that I didn't expect to see Yang unconscious. And well – no offense Jaune – you of all people to be holding her in such a manner. I'm afraid to ask, but what happened?"

"Heh, well one thing led to another. One second I'm in the hallways, and then suddenly I get pinned against the wall by Yang-

"Stop." Blake interrupted. She brought up her hand to pinch the bridge of her nose. She closed her eyes as she shook her head in disapproval.

Blake realized that Yang probably used brute-force as a method to clear things up with Jaune. Knowing Jaune, he must have forgotten the whole issue that got Yang so guilty in the first place, and then started to laugh about it. Poor Yang must not have expected this, thus her mind shut down.

"Excuse me?" Jaune asked with a raised brow.

"No need to explain anymore Jaune. Just hand me Yang and we'll call it a night." Jaune vigilantly placed the unconscious blonde into Blake's arms. And then they just stood there.


Jaune felt an empty void rising in his chest as he stood in spot, direct eye contact with the Beauty. He could feel his arms becoming limp while they just hung to his sides. An invisible lump had come into existence in his throat. It tasted like Nora's cooking, which meant that it tasted like death stalker venom that had undergone reverse-necrosis. God, since when were his interactions with Blake uncomfortable?

It was Blake that was the one who decided to end this silent staring contest. She let out a cough and said, "Good night Jaune." Jaune gave a sheepish smile and began to walk down the hall, quite stiffly she might add. Blake closed the door.

Blake released a subtle sigh as she walked over to Yang's bed. Her partner was a handful to deal with, but that was what made her life exciting. Every day was something to experience and behold when you're with Yang Xiao Long. Whether it was a massive food fight in the cafeteria or a dust accident that made her clothes invisible – which Blake will never live down – she was always sure that life no longer seemed to be dull.

As she tucked Yang into bed, her scroll that she kept on her bed began to vibrate. Someone had sent her a message.

Upon reading the message, Blake's heart skipped a beat.

To the members of team RBY, I would like to inform you all that I have been successful in the "therapy" of your team member, Weiss Schnee. She is back to normal; or whatever the state she was in before she became mentally unstable. My time with her has been a blast! I felt like I was still in my prime as a huntress when I was interacting with your little ice princess!

As a note of suggestion – and really it's just one thing – you all need to be better friends to her! Seriously, the stuff I dissected within her mind during our sessions is really depressing. I'm not allowed to disclose anything regarding her past; after all, I am a therapist.

Look, as a team, it's your jobs to take care of one another and make sure that each and every one of you are able to open up to each other freely. So please, after reading this, do not force it out of her. I'm afraid that might send Weiss back to me. And it's not like that's a bad thing, but I prefer to live in a comfy apartment, not an iceberg.

And one more thing, that blond boy – Jaune, right? – is he attractive in any way? Handsome? Good personality? Astonishing combat skills? Depressing and overused-cliche past? I'm only asking since the whole root of Weiss' insanity seems to stem from him. This is coming from someone with experience, but does Weiss have a crush on Ja-dsdsaufgisaddsdsdsgproffeserArcsut7i74jadgfjhrtsdastgrdytruykoluig9

Excuse me for that, it looks like your teammate seems rather touchy about the subject. Literally tackled into me at this moment. Perhaps the first thing you should do as a reformed team is to teach her manners regarding people texting on their scrolls?

Anyways, enough of my rambling. Weiss will be able to attend Beacon starting tomorrow. The time she chooses is up to her.

-With regards, Dr. Sue

Blake blinked once. Then she blinked again. She then proceeded to re-read the entire message, only to repeat the process of blinking. When the members of team RBY forcibly sent Weiss to Dr. Sue, Blake was expecting for Weiss' recovery to be at least three months. Heck, if she was being realistic, she would believe it would take an entire year! After all, someone on the tipping verge of a god complex as well as having an obsession over Jaune Arc definitely fit the criteria for mentally insane. But to have her recuperate so quickly was something extraordinary. Dr. Sue was really something.

Blake wasted no time to deliver the news to her team leader. With a swift motion with one finger, Blake sent a message through her scroll: 'Weiss is coming back tomorrow'. It took approximately 2.7 seconds after pushing the send icon before Blake heard a loud crash at the door. Upon opening it, Blake was met with her leader, who appeared to be rubbing her forehead her hands.

"Owowowowow~that hurts..." the little reaper cried out, a small remnant of a tear forming out of her eye. The moment Ruby read Blake's message, she instantly used her semblance to storm her way back into her dorm. The excitement about her partner's wellbeing supplied her body with an imaginary dose of adrenaline. This allowed her to reach a velocity rivaling Doctor Oobleck's rate of speech. Seriously have you heard that man talk? He can regurgitate the entire history of Remnant in one class – twice! Regrettably, her enhanced speed was a bit too fast, leading to her inevitable downfall at her long life rival: the door. Stupid doors; always in the way of Ruby Rose!

"Ruby, are you ok-

Blake was cut off as the red-cloaked girl caught her in a strong embrace. "Blake, I came as fast as I could the moment I read your message! Is it true?! Is Weiss finally coming back to the team tomorrow?!" The crimsonette exclaimed in a rapid succession.

"R-Ruby . . . c-can't . . . breathe . . ." Blake managed as she attempted to squirm her way out of Ruby's death hold over her. She literally could feel the life being forced out of her like a sponge. Ruby immediately released Blake from her hug, allowing the cat faunus to get in some air. "And before you start to ramble again – yes – Weiss is coming home tomorrow." She smiled warmly at the thought of having team RWBY restored to its former glory.

"Yes, my partner's coming back!" Ruby cheered, jumping up and down in exhilaration. "I can't wait! What should we do when Weiss comes back? Should we throw her a welcome-back party?" Ruby stared at the introvert with gleaming eyes.

Blake, however, cleared her throat before she began, "Ruby, don't you think that we should address the main two problems at hand first?" Ruby replied with a puzzled look, a question mark popping out of her head.

"And what might that be Blake?"

"Well first, we haven't informed team JNPR the truth as to why Weiss really went for ah, therapy." Ruby's eyes widened on realization upon her mistake; she had procrastinated.

Both team members knew that this would cause a slight tear in their trust between their other friends. Jaune, Pyrrha, and Ren would have felt hurt if they kept such a secret from them. After all, they all cared for their cold friend. Nora on the other hand, well, that's a whole issue that goes beyond the physical plane and into a whole new level of reality. Weiss doesn't really need therapeutic help from Doctor Valkyrie. Period.

"Well there's a last minute for everything I guess. I mean, we could always tell them first thing the morning, right?" Ruby shrugged in an optimistic grin.

"I suppose." Blake sighed in response. "But how are we going to handle our second issue?"

"What second issue? I thought not telling JNPR was the only problem?"

"Well, it has more to do with Weiss' sanity over a certain person. I'm scared to imagine what would happen if they actually interacted with each other." Blake felt a chill up her spine at the thought of it. Would it been a bad thing to go out and buy flowers for the highly possible funeral?

"You mean Jaune right?" Ruby grimaced, her upbeat mood dropping ever so slightly. Blake nodded, the expression in her eyes a bit pained. The members of RBY weren't ignorant; that whiteboard about Weiss' glorious revolution on becoming a supreme being spoke enough about her opinions over the blond Knight. She hated him; Weiss wanted to crush Jaune in every way possible. Ways that not even Nora could achieve – and this was Nora they were talking about! "Do you think Weiss will be ok meeting Jaune again?" The leader in red asked, her tone sounding more desperate than hoping.

"I hope so Ruby. Jaune has completely nothing to do with this." The ninja answered. "If we somehow can get Weiss to open up to Jaune, she'll realize that he's not that bad of a guy after all. Sure, he can be clumsy at times, but he can turn out to be a good friend if you give him a chance. Really, he's -" As she was explaining all this, Blake noticed that Ruby was giving her a weird look. Ruby's expression from her eyes was filled to the brim with glee and her mouth was wide open from awe. "Is something the matter?"

"It's just~ wow! ~" Ruby exploded with happiness. "I never would have imagined that you would ever think of Jaune like that! And from you of all people Blake!" Suddenly, a mischievous grin found its way unto Ruby's face as she leaned over and whispered in a playful tone, "Hey! Hey! Between team leader and member - Blake, do you have feelings for Jaune?"

"I have no idea what you're talking about." Blake announced as she crossed her arms. She may have been able to say it with an impassive mask, but for the briefest moment, Blake felt something warm rise up in her chest, only for it to fade a millisecond later. Blake dismissed it as nothing more than a momentary surge in aura; if such a thing ever existed.

The faunus looked at Yang's bed then steeled her gaze towards her leader. "You're spending way too much time with your sister, Ruby. I don't think that's healthy for you."

"Aw c'mon Blake. It really wouldn't have mattered anyway. Yang would have done the same thing if you said all that!" The reaper joked as she tried her best to suppress a chuckle. "Kidding aside, I think it would be best if we talked about this with Jaune and his team present next thing tomorrow morning. I don't think we'll get anywhere tonight."

"Agreed." Blake concluded as she walked over to her bunk bed. She pulled out her smoke screen novelfrom under the bed sheet covers. It was on these occasions where Blake wanted to read something without the fear of her teammate's disapproval. The adventures of Ninjas of Love would wait another day.

"Hey Blake?" Ruby asked.


"Why is Yang in bed so early? She's usually the last one out of all of us to sleep." The leader questioned. She was so affixed about Weiss that she completely neglected her sister.

"It's a long story." Blake replied while rubbing her eyes with her fingers.

Jaune felt like a fool. He was currently feeling like a fool and would continue to do so after his blunder. The young failure let out an incoherent groan as he traversed the hallway leading to the training arena.

How on Remnant did he forget his weapon? That sword was the very representation of himself and he just misplaced it. Really now, how do you forget a blade that's been used since the very beginning of the Arc generation? If Crocea Mors was a person, Jaune was sure that they would send him all the way to heaven with just a simple uppercut. He just hoped that it would be still there; only Monty would know his fate should someone else discover his precious blade.

When Jaune walked into the sparring grounds, he turned his neck 180 degrees scanning for a glimmering light that would be his Crocea Mors. Instead, his azure eyes came upon a lone figure standing in the center of the arena. Judging from appearances, Jaune was certain that it was a girl. She had her back turned towards him and was just staring up aimlessly at nothing. The person was dressed in white; a colorless coat that had the shape of a snowflake at the back, followed by a snow-like combat skirt which gave an excellent view of her legs. Those elegant smooth legs that reminded Jaune about the beautiful awe of discovering winter for the first time – it was truly a sight to behold. A sight that only lasted a mere second as his right eye began to twitch unconsciously.

How the heck is he supposed to get a girlfriend if he starts ogling the first female he sees? Actually, Jaune thought of the bigger question. When on Remnant did he become a pervert?! He wasn't like this when he had his epiphany of learning that true strength coming from the heart. He was focused on the romance aspect than the sexual during that time. So when?! When did he obtain this masculine hunger?!

Feeling frustrated from his mental contemplation, the Arc forced his eyes towards the head of the girl.

White hair.

White angelic hair tied in a non-symmetrical pony-tail. There was only one person that Jaune knew who fit that description.

As he began to walk up to her, the Knight was inwardly planning on how he should confront her. Should I act like I normally would around her? Actually, that's a bad idea; I'll have my inner intestines frozen in a matter of seconds. How about a serious approach? 'Good evening miss, it's quite the pleasant night we're having'. Who am I kidding – she'll know the BS the moment I say 'miss'. Why is this so hard? . . But damn, did she always have such nice legs?

His thoughts were interrupted as the figure spoke up in a familiar icy tone. "You know Jaune, I've only been gone for two weeks and I can still remember your irritatingly earsplitting footsteps."He immediately stopped in his tracks from her remark. He didn't walk that loudly – right?

"Great to see you're feeling normal Weiss," Jaune replied awkwardly. The last time he saw the heiress was when she aced Port's test. Jaune wondered how she did it. To score perfect all while having bed hair seemed like an ability Jaune wished he had. However, he recalled Ruby telling him that the snow angel had left Beacon for therapy due to "academic pressures". Now she stood in front of him, well, her back was in front of him anyways. "So I heard about the therapy-

But when Weiss turned over to face the blond, he froze on the spot. He could feel the blood in his veins freeze up, leaving behind a numb feeling all over. It was her face. It looked so – impassive. Her mouth, which was usually a frown whenever they associated with each other, was fixed in a neutral expression. Her light blue eyes appeared empty as if hell had decided to turn over and freeze; there was no meaning behind them. And yet, there was something about her; it felt like an inner ferocity that had been restrained with the utmost discipline. Through Jaune's eyes, Weiss' expression was either the greatest poker face ever or that she had found something deep within herself. Jaune was hoping for the later (preferably that she had feelings for him, but there was a strong line between fantasy and a failure's reality).

"Indeed, my sessions with Dr. Sue have been an experience to remember," Weiss said in the same cold tone. "I've learned a couple things that I would never have believed were possible in my mind."

"Well, I guess that's what happens when you suffer from studying too much right?" Jaune joked, hoping to lighten the stand-still atmosphere. Unfortunately, Jaune was sure that he was beginning to feel the temperature around them dropping at an alarmingly rapid rate.

"Oh? And what makes you think that I was sent for therapy from educational stress?" She tilted her head ever so slightly as if she was a knob that controlled the surrounding temperature. Jaune gulped an ice cube that had formed in his throat.

"W-well, that's what Ruby told me?" At this point Jaune wasn't sure that he had either replied properly or had royally messed up; his brain had ceased to function.

Weiss simply let out a quiet giggle, "Of course the dunce would do something like that. . . Tell me Jaune, what brings you here? Did you lose something per chance?"

Jaune's frozen blood had shattered and evaporated from his body. His thoughts had devolved into a complete dystopia. ABORT MISSION, REPEAT, ABORT MISSION! Retrieval has been compromised by the Ice Witch! All hands on deck – man the stations, ready the arsenal, and acquire more pancakes! Do not reveal the mission objective private Arc! Retreat, that's a direct order! . .hmm legs. . .stop interrupting my thoughts pervert Jaune!

"I lost my Crocea Mors!" Jaune blurted out, his expression reading pure panic and fear. Welp, Jaune was screwed. No doubt in his mind that his mysterious suicide would bring the attention of everyone at Beacon. He could already see how his gravestone would look like:

'Here lies Jaune Arc, a failure and friend. May his soul reunite with his lost Crocea Mors'

However to Jaune's astonishment, Weiss simply gave him the faintest hint of a smile that formed around the corner of her delicate lips. Yep, all the hope that Jaune would be saved had frozen over and been hideously destroyed. Faking his death seemed like the best approach. After all, having Weiss Schnee blackmailing or castrating you for your idiocy was something that Jaune could foresee.

"L-Listen Weiss . . . if this going to be my last day . . . w-well can I at least tell Pyrrha that I lo-

"Well, I believe I can help you find your sword." Weiss interrupted.

" –cked the door to the – wait what?" Jaune asked bewildered by the heiress' unnatural response.

"Your sword, Crocea Mors. I know where it is." Weiss answered monotonously."Do you want it back now, or is do you feel the need to satisfy your pride and look for it yourself?"

"Um, I guess now what would be better?" he replied sheepishly. Why does everyone think that Jaune had some macho-pride disorder that he needed to express? He never had that much to begin with the moment he stepped foot into the Academy grounds.

"Hmpf," was her only response before she raised her right arm and pointed two fingers in the direction behind Jaune. A white glyph manifested in the distance before it burst into brilliant sparks and an object was shot into the air. It was Crocea Mors, the blade that Jaune had considered to be his partner in the battlefield – the blade that was about to impale Jaune over the head.

Jaune immediately flinched and brought both arms over his blond head to protect himself. Oh who was he kidding – as if his spaghetti arms could protect him against an oversized razor.

Just before the steel made impact, another glyph had appeared and forced the sword to stop in mid air. As Jaune stared at Weiss with a thankful expression, he couldn't help but wonder if she had done that on purpose. "Well, thanks?" He said, slowly grabbing the floating sword with caution.

Weiss simply raised an eyebrow before responding, "Not a problem. Now, seeing that that I've helped you, Jaune, I think it would be best that you returned the favor."

"W-What did you have in mind?" the Knight gulped.

"A duel; just against you and me. How does tomorrow after class sound to you?" Weiss questioned as she walked closer towards Jaune. She placed her dainty hand over his chest, and Jaune felt his insides becoming colder.

His heart skipped a beat the moment he stared into her eyes. They weren't empty anymore. Behind Weiss' eyes was a malevolent storm raging in the northern tundra. It was filled with purpose; a cold resolve. Considering that it sounded like more of a demand than a request, Jaune realized that he was screwed either way. Bringing up all the courage from within, Jaune answered in a pathetic yelp, "S-Sure!"

"Hmm, then have a good night Jaune," Weiss said. She brushed past a trembling Jaune and walked towards the exit. "Oh, and please don't tell our friends about this. This is a personal matter."

When the heiress had left the coliseum, Jaune ran a hand over his blond locks before letting out a chuckle. The Arc could slowly feel the warm sensation of his blood flowing through his body again. There was a glorious feeling of relief washing over him now that he could finally have a calm night. Except there was one question the he needed to be answered.

Which was more disturbing: Weiss' intimidation or the fact that she didn't insult him for the entire conversation?

. . .

Weiss let out a silent grumble as she rested her head on the headrest of the seat. She gave a silent prayer of thanks to the Creator for allowing her to catch the final airship back to the city of Vale. She was exhausted. After all, coming to Beacon while avoiding the detection of her friends (besides Jaune) wasn't exactly the easiest task she was assigned. Weiss gave a loud yawn before she closed her eyes and fell asleep - *beepbeepbeppbeepbeep*.

Her neutral expression had contorted into a scowl as her scroll began to ring. When she picked up the call, she spoke in a calm voice, "Is there anything else that you need me to do Dr. Sue?"

". . ."

"Hm? Yes, I convinced that fool of an Arc to have a match with me tomorrow. Pft, I don't see the point in this. That idiot lost his weapon when we confronted each other. Do you have any idea how hard it was to not insult him?! I honestly fail to comprehend as to how my 'final session' with you is to do something like this. . .

". . ."


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