One Bella Wedding

Hello readers and writers! Due to the many fake instagram accounts and photo's of our favorite Bechloe couple and their lovechild Emily on Tumblr, I couldn't help but imagine the scenarios played out from the pictures. Going to be a series of one-shots of the characters (all will be mentioned, but the Beale-Mitchell girls are the center) leading up to the wedding. All reviews are welcome, and very much appreciated! Enjoy and review!

Beca attempted to rub her tired eyes, being wary of the hurried make-up she had put on just a few minutes ago. The small brunette sipped her coffee absentmindedly, sleep still encrusted in her head, as she waited impatiently at the bottom of the stairs. Nobody should be up at four-thirty in the morning. It was unnatural. She argued to her wife of nearly twenty years that they could get a later flight and still have plenty to bond and enjoy some time with their old acapella group before the ceremony. But Chloe insisted that an earlier flight would get them into their destination and give them more time in the day to unpack and get settled into their motel. So, like always, Beca gave in. And now she stood half-asleep at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for her wife and seventeen year old daughter to come and join her.

"C'mon guys, you insisted we get up at four to get ready so we can make our flight at six...If I would have known you would take this long to get ready, I would have slept longer…" Beca whined, as she banged her hand on the stairwell. She was aware she sounded like an impatient five-year old, but this was ridiculous. Beca Beale-Mitchell should not be up until at least ten.

"Do you have always have to be so impatient?" Chloe asked teasingly, as she was now making her way down the stairs, a carry on bag around her shoulder, and a large suitcase following behind her.

Beca couldn't help but stare at Chloe as she walked gracefully down the stairs. Even after twenty years of marriage, the sight of Chloe still took her breath away. Gone were her college years of dyed red hair, and replaced with her natural blonde hair, cut adorably to her shoulders. But she was still her Chloe. Her Chloe that loved people, to the point where personal bubbles and boundaries were never called into question. Her Chloe that was so passionate about singing in acapella that she failed Russian Lit three times, just so she wouldn't have to give up the dream quite yet. Her Chloe that flashed her perfect teeth and batted those round blue eyes towards Beca, that she would blush every single time and melt into the blonde's requests.

"I do when we are going to be late." Beca argued weakly, breaking her glance away from Chloe. Chloe made it down the stairs, setting down her carry on and suitcase, before walking over to her wife. While some of Beca's pouts were obnoxious and excessive at times, others Chloe thought they were absolutely adorable.

"Oh, is my baby so grumpy this morning?" Chloe asked, as she approached her wife, giving her hand a little squeeze.

"I am not grumpy. I am irritated that I am even conscious at the moment." Beca pouted, as she tried to retract her hand. She knew she wouldn't win this argument as long as Chloe Beale was touching her.

Chloe only smiled more brightly, making sure she did not lose eye contact with the small brunette. She pulled up her other hand up, both arms now grasped comfortably on Beca's elbows. Chloe pulled the younger woman in, their faces only inches apart, just like the than redhead had done on Hood Night those odd years ago. Beca couldn't help but help but draw her eyes back to those baby blue eyes and increase her sudden spike in her heart pace. Yep, Fat Amy was right. The once badass Beca was whipped, wrapped ever so tightly around the blonde's finger. She could hear the Indiana Jones whipping sounds now. Puffing a slight irritated sigh and arching her eyebrows, Chloe scrunched her nose in satisfaction before pecking her wife's nose.

Once Chloe had pulled back but kept a steady grip on the brunette's hand, Beca called up the stairs.

"Em, are you almost ready!? We still have to go through frickin security and drive to the airport." The mothers could hear sudden pounding from the top floor, followed with a bit of a stumble.

"You alright,babe?" Chloe called, her furrowed brows creating worry lines on her forehead.

"Um, yeah. I am coming…" Emily squeaked out embarrassed. The long-legged teenager followed down the stairs quickly afterwards, with her luggage in tow in one hand, her other hand rubbing the spot on her head where she obviously bumped into.

"Do we have to take you to the doctor's again for a concussion?" Beca joked, gaining a scowl from the teenager.

"Mom, I was five. Let it go."

"And when you were seven for falling down the stairs. Or breaking your arm when you were ten….from falling out of bed." Beca smirked playfully, gaining a tsk from her wife, who suddenly went to check out the damage to their daughter's head.

"Are you okay baby girl? Can you see alright? Headache? Do you need some ice?" Chloe cooed as she delicately handled her daughter's face, looking for any obvious injuries. Normally Emily would attempt to struggle out of her mother's embrace during this sort of thing, but she knew it would only draw out the process.

"Mama, I am okay. It's just a bump." Emily answered with a convincing smile. Chloe arched a questioning brow, still concerned whether she needed to get it checked out. But the tall girl seemed normal for the moment, and they needed to get going. Chloe finally kissed the bumped area, before letting go of her clumsy daughter's face.

Ever since she was a baby, Emily had always been affected by gravity more than the average human being. Being their baby girl and only child, the mother's had always been super cautious and worried when the little girl did anything. They tried to prevent the injuries, but one could only do so much. When the girl was learning to walk, Chloe thought she would have a heart attack the countless times the baby girl came crashing down, taking blows to the head from the fall or from bumping into something. However, Beca was the one freaking out most of the time, demanding the baby be rushed to the emergency room every time she simply coughed.

But that was just a mother's love. Just two years after Chloe and Beca were married, Chloe informed Beca she wanted a child. Not that this was news to the D.J., Chloe had always loved kids, even taking a job as a high school choir teacher to fulfill her dream to teach "underprivileged" kids how to sing. Though Beca was not one to enjoy tiny humans, never have had any siblings herself, and didn't quite know what to do with them, she agreed. Due to Chloe's "older" age when this choice was made, the couple choose to go through with the route of a donated egg when going through in vitro. Luckily for them, they got a nibble the first go, Beca commenting that they were "just that good." After the nine months of Chloe's intense morning sickness, mood swings, and ultrasounds, Emily Isabella Beale-Mitchell was brought into the world. It was almost as all of Beca's insecurities of bonding with a baby washed away when she first held her baby girl. Not one to cry very often, except her wedding day, Beca couldn't help but feel overwhelmed with emotions and let a couple of tears fall onto the newborn's hand, as Emily was settled into her arms. Beca didn't believe in love at first sight, and was instantly shocked at the amount of love that pounded inside of her when her baby looked up at her with those big brown eyes. Chloe had the advantage of bonding with her inside of the belly, but it was all surreal when she was looking right at them. Despite not having either of the mother's genes, Emily reflected off Chloe's optimistic and bubbly nature, and it was almost weird to think she wasn't biologically related to either of them. She even managed to pick up some of Beca's awkwardness. But the mother's didn't dwell on that fact, because she was theirs no matter the angle. Neither mother could imagine their lives without their lovable, yet clumsy daughter.

"Well, let's get a move on then ladies. Aubrey and Stacie are finally getting married, and we can't miss that." Beca said, causing Chloe to turn around and beam at the topic.

"Oh, now Staubrey is going to be an official thing!" Chloe squealed as the girls were heading out to the car.

"Chlo, you can't ship real people. That is just creepy on so many levels." Beca said with an eyeroll.

"Awe, c'mon Becs, all the kids are doing it these days!"