One Bella Wedding

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"It is good to see you again Jesse. It's been too long." Beca smiled, as she sipped her Starbucks coffee.

"That's what you get when you move all the way to L.A." Jesse whined playfully, while he formed a fake pout. Beca rolled her eyes.

"Need I remind you that you moved there first right after Worlds." Beca smirked, and Jesse took his turn to roll his eyes.

"What can I say? When people see my talent, they demand my presence."

Jesse really hadn't changed much, personality wise. Despite his thinning hair with gray beginning to streak in it and the little weight he had put on, he still had his crooked smile and adorable-yet annoying boy charm he had in college. He was considered still to be one of Beca's best friends,(and was even her best man at her wedding) despite their breakup only a month into him moving to L.A. It had been a mutual split. The distance wasn't fair to either of them, and the chemistry they had or thought they had, was pretty much dissolved to pretty much nothing by that point. They had a comfortable and stable relationship, and Beca knew she felt something for him. Maybe not to the degree Jesse had for her, but it was something and he was so good to her. When he moved however, Beca thought out it a long time. She missed him, but not in the way a girlfriend should when he boyfriend moves states away. She concluded that he was more a brother to her. She loved him, but she wasn't in love with him. He took it like a champ, and even confessed he didn't think the distance would work out anyways. Beca was determined to venture out and look for someone different then Jesse, and explore into the dating world she had left three years ago. It didn't take long however for a certain redhead to move in with her into her new apartment, for the small alt girl to uncover her long-lost feelings for Miss Chloe Beale. Feelings that Beca knew she had for her then redheaded co-captain since day one, but not pressed on. It didn't take long for Chloe to move in on Beca after her breakup with Jesse, and it didn't take long for Beca to not ignore her feelings anymore.

"You ever miss the days of living in L.A.? I mean, you gave up quite a life from going to movie soundtrack composer to Barden's Music Theory Professor." Beca asked. Jesse shifted his reading glasses further up on the bridge of his nose, his eyebrows cocked forward in thought.

"Sure, I guess. It was nice while it lasted. But once Kit and I got married and had the twins, I just wanted more of regular and flexible schedule for them. I feel really lucky to be teaching music theory to college kids though." Jesse smiled sincerely, and Beca knew he was being honest. Jesse was a lot of things but a liar was not one. She had attended one of his classes before, and he was by far the most passionate professor she had ever witnessed.

"How are Cal and Landon?"

"Oh you know. Cal still can't stay out of trouble and Landon still the bright and athletic golden child. Someone should have told Kit and I how much money we would be spending to send the twins to college at the same time." Jesse groaned, while he rubbed his temple momentarily.

"Oh yeah, they graduated huh? Yeah, we are pretty sure Em is going to Barden. She literally has a dream board in her room, and being a Bella is like, on the top."

"She wants to be like her moms. That's sweet…" Jesse answered,his tone getting low and his focus a little distant. Beca knitted her brows. This was very unlike him.

"What's going on Jess?"

"What is it like raising a daughter?" He asked suddenly, and very randomly Beca must add. She cocked her head slightly, before managing to answer his question.

"Um, fine. I mean, we got lucky with Emily. She has her moods sometimes, but so do me and Chloe. She is a good kid. Why do you ask? You regretting not trying for a girl?"

A couple of years after Jesse married Kit, his cute, shy and blonde assitant in L.A., they tried having kids, but they soon figured they couldn't do it naturally. So, the did in vitro, and like many in vitro attempts, twins was a possibility, and Callahan and Landon were born. The Swanson couple were so overcome with happiness on having the boys and because the treatment was spendy, they settled with their fraternal twins. They loved them, and they got the kids they wanted.

Jesse rubbed the back of his neck nervously, before using his other hand to take off his reading glasses.

"Um, no...Kit is...actually expecting. A baby girl."

Beca sputtered a little from the coffee she just drank at Jesse's confession. A baby? Last she was aware, they couldn't even conceive naturally. The man was reaching his 50's, they all were, and his kids were going off to college. No wonder the man was worried about money.

" Um, how? I mean, did you…"

"No, it wasn't planned. I guess we can have a baby together naturally. It's like, this baby is a little miracle or something. I mean...I can't believe I get to be a daddy again. To a little girl." Jesse smiled his big goofy smile, and Beca couldn't help but follow his lead.

"Congrats Jesse. Chloe is going to be so jealous, you know her and babies. What do the boys think?"

"I think they are a little apprehensive, but they will be going to college soon. Hopefully they both will want to go to Barden, so I can try to get them in for free. Babies are not cheap."

Beca reached across the table to playfully punch him in the shoulder.

"Don't worry dude, I am sure lots of people will chip in to help you guys. I can't believe you will be raising a baby at your age though. As much as I sometimes miss Em as a baby, I would not want to that now. That's crazy."

Jesse shrugged and smirked. "We don't want to live in a boring world, now do we?"

"Beca, would you sit still? You are worse then Emily when she was four." Chloe tsked, as Beca flinched every time Chloe would come near her ear with the hair curler. Chloe had been known to burn a few ears in her days, Emily and Beca being the living victims.

"I can do it Chlo. I am a grown woman." Beca responded, as she tried turning around to face her wife, but was swiftly turned back to face forward.

"You know it looks better when I do it. Just hush and sit still. You can have a treat afterwards if you are a good girl." Chloe promised, and though the prize could be anything, Beca couldn't help but stop the blush that spread across her face. Chloe's prizes were always the best.

"Mama? Could you zip me up?" Emily came into the room, presented in a tight fitted pale yellow dress, that came down to her knees. Due to the yellow and pink colors theme for the wedding, all the bridesmaids wore the same shade of yellow on their dresses, and the men (though there were very little) wore pink bowties.

"Sure baby girl. Beca, you are done." Chloe smiled, as she made her way to her tall daughter. Not many people could pull of the color yellow, but Emily could. It brought her usual dark eyes into a chocolate brown, her dark hair contrasting beautifully against her light skin and pale dress. She looked so gorgeous and so grown up. Where had her baby girl gone?

Chloe zipped her up quickly, before turning her around and played with the loose hairs from her bun.

"You look beautiful Em. When did I sawyyou could grow up, huh?" Chloe asked, rhetorically of course, but couldn't help but let a few tears stray from her eyes.

"Mama, are you crying?" Emily asked, her eyes furrowed in confusion. "Don't cry Mama...I am not that old yet." Emily reasoned, hoping Chloe would settle pretty quickly this time. She seemed to do this every time Emily would do something new. Riding a bike, preschool graduation, dancing at her dance recital, driving alone for the first time, and prom. Tears were at every event.

"Wow Em, you look beautiful. Oh Jesus, Chloe are you crying? You know you are going to do that enough in the next hour when they ceremony starts." Beca entered the room again, having exited to the bathroom the moment Chloe had released her.

"I know, I know, I am sorry...our little girl isn't so little anymore." Chloe said, as she sucked in a deep breath to control the rising emotions and tiptoed to peck her daughter's forehead.

"I'll always be your little girl Mama." Emily smiled, embracing into a hug with Chloe. Beca smiled at their moment, and waited a minute before breaking them up.

"I hate to break this up you guys, but we need to be in positions. Chloe- Mrs Maid of Honor- you need to be with Aubrey." Beca said, and the two girls broke apart. Beca gave Chloe a departing kiss before leading Emily into the opposite room. The ceremony was just about to begin.

The wedding ceremony was set up at Aubrey's camp. The rest of the Bellas were a little uncertain with the location due to the horrific and sweat inducing activities they faced there all those years ago, but it actually turned out pretty nice. It was a surprisingly a warm day, and the wedding had been outside. The yard look very elegant, the white chairs that had a mix of yellow and pink ribbons decorated on them, matched perfectly with the flowers the lined the walkway. Even the wedding arch was colored with the flowers, all perfectly placed. Which made sense, since it was Aubrey's wedding. Everything needed to be perfect.

Beca and Emily, who had taken their seats after walking down the aisle in their bridesmaids dresses, smiled and waved as Chloe took her place to walk down the aisle as the Maid Of Honor followed by an old family friend of Stacie's beside her. Next was the ring bearer and the flower girl. Beca wasn't sure of who the bubbly flower girl was, but obviously Dustin, The Posen-Conrad mother's son, was the ring bearer. His dirty blonde hair was spiked, his pink bowtie crooked, and a serious scowl on his face. The crowd "awed" accordingly, and Chloe helped the two find their spots. Finally, the bride's music came on, and everyone stood.

Aubrey came out first. Her wedding dress was long, sweetheart neckline with bare shoulders. It was a mermaid shaped dress, and she was one of the people that could actually pull it off with her long legs and body structure. The veil she wore couldn't hide the beautiful smile presented underneath as her and her father walked down the aisle. After gaining a kiss from both her parents, Stacie took her turn. Of course the brunette, or whatever the hell her hair was considered now, went with a short wedding dress. But again, she could actually pull it off. Unlike Aubrey, Stacie's white dress went to her knees, lace covering both her arms and shoulders. Once both women were under the same arch, they immediately grabbed each other's hands, Stacie muttering something under her breath to Aubrey, who looked a little shaken up. But within a couple minutes, the blondes smile came back, and the ceremony began.

"Aubrey and Stacie, you may kiss your brides."

"You remember our wedding day?" Chloe asked after a couple hours had passed from dancing on dance floor. Beca smiled, as she clasped her hand over her wife's.

"How could I forget? We got married at the Bella Frat house. Kinda hard to forget that." Beca laughed while Chloe nuzzled close to her wife's neck.

"Is that the only reason you remember it?"

"Well there is also the reason that I got married to my best friend and the love of my life. It's hard to forget one of the two best days of my life."

"What is the other best day of your life?"

Beca looked over to the opposite side of the table where their daughter was scribbling furiously in her song book. Beca smiled. Emily had let Beca peek in the unfinished song, and the teen had talent. While Beca wasn't one to come up with original music, Emily had a gift for it. It made all those nights of changing diapers, late night feedings and temper tantrums, all worth it. The brunette couldn't help but feel a sense of pride to know her daughter had picked up her and her mama's love of music. When her daughter was finished with the song,"Flashlight" Em called it, the music producer hoped she could help the teen with her dream of being a songwriter and singer.

"When that little Monkey was born." Emily was so engrossed with her writing that she had no idea she was being praised and doted over. The mothers then looked over to the newly wed, dancing with Dustin (who now demanded to be called Jet due to his plane obsession.) The small family spun in circles with their son, the smiles on their faces reflecting off the walls.

"I am so glad that they are married. They really deserve each other." Chloe commented, her chin now resting on Beca's shoulder. Beca turned around to face her wife, and grabbed her face tenderly.

"I don't deserve you Chlo. Who knew this small, moody, alt girl would be set for life with the most kindhearted and hot wife in the world."

"You are so cheesy, Becs. All it took was hearing you sing in the shower, and I knew, I had to have a slice of that. Seeing you naked helped too." Beca blushed madly every time that moment happened between the two of them and Chloe laughed.

"I also got the most work-driven, passionate, and beautiful girl in the world." Chloe finished, drawing in Beca's lips as she inched closer to them.

Beca happily complied and delve into the deeper kiss she had been wanting since they left home. It was Emily who finally cleared her throat, when they stopped. Both unsure how much time had passed.

"Um...Aunt Aubrey and Aunt Stacie are calling you guys to dance…"

Both women blushed, their hands still intertwined. It was finally Chloe who stood up, taking her daughter's hand, before taking both of her girls to the dance floor. Stacie smirked at the approaching trio, bumping into Beca's shoulder.

"Come on guys! It is our wedding! Do you really need to make out everywhere you go?!"