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I bolt awake with a cold sweat on my forehead. I sit still for a few long seconds, still processing everything in the dream… or more like twisted memory that I just saw. It's the same dream that occurs around the same time of year, every year. The time my father pasted away…

With a soft groan I get up from my bed, making sure to be as quiet as possible. It's a slightly warm night tonight so I have only slept in my boxers.

Making my way across the large room, here at Eraklyon, I slide the door open to the grand on suite. The white polished tiles are cold against my feet as I turn by the door to flick the light on, as I lazily walk up to the sink and mirror, rubbing my eyes as I go.

I take a couple minutes to myself, washing my face with cool water, trying to forget for once about the dreams.

The next time when I bring my face up to look in the mirror over the sink I see someone standing in the doorway. Bloom.

She is looking me in the eyes through the mirror with a sad smile on her face." You okay?" She asks me, wearing a dark navy nightie with spaghetti straps that reaches about mid thigh. Its my favorite thing on her, if I do say so myself.

Still in a bit on a trance from the dream I just nod and go back to washing my face. Next time I look up I see she isn't by the doorway, and before I know it, I feel two hands on my bare shoulders, soft and gently kneading. I look down and over my shoulder to see Bloom, resting her forehead on my back and now bringing her hands to loop around my waist. I get shivers and tingles from when her delicate fingers trace over my abdomen.

Even though it is hot, Bloom brings me warmth and back to reality. I just stand there though, still processing what I saw, the bodies of people I love, the fear of me not being good enough. To be a good enough King for my people.

I feel one of Bloom's arms unwrap them selves from my waist and she leans over to the towel rack, and starts turning me around. I do slowly and when facing her she holds the towel and I take it wiping my face of the droplets of water and once done I turn to the golden embellished racks nailed on the wall and re-hang it.

"Come" Bloom says softly she takes my hand and we start walking back to bed, she is always taking care of me. Bloom makes sure to switch off the lights as we head back.

We crawl back into bed, me on the right and her on the left. She makes sure the thick plush quilt isn't to high up on our bodies this warm night and we face each other in the middle, or heads resting on pillows. Blooms eyes bore into mine, her eyes are that brightly blue that they shine in the darkness.

"Do you want to talk about it?" She whispers into the night, I sigh heavily.

"Not really, Bloom." I know she recognizes what the dreams are about, and I know she is only trying to help. I just can't bring myself to talk about it, I fear what she will think.

"Sky" she says, in a more pleading tone." I just want to help you."

I feel a flare of anger by this." I know, but I just don't want to talk about it ." I groan loudly.

Bloom's eyes turn into a glare." Well, if you don't remember I took a vow a couple years ago." She says with a playful roll of her eyes." You know the one about being a good wife."

I chuckle at her sarcasm, and reach out under the cover and place my hand gently on her upper thigh, starting to rub it slightly.

She smirks as her own hand goes under the covers and she grabs my hand on her thigh and brings it away, back up from under the duvet. She locks finger with my hand and kisses the back of it, every so softly. Her eyes meet mine again.

"I just want you to talk-"

I cut in" Bloom!" I growl in announce at the topic and she gets mad at me back.

"You didn't let me finish." She retorts, holding onto my hand tighter." I was going to say I just want you to talk about it when your ready, just know I am here if you need me, okay."

I smile at her words and nod my head, before I pull her over to my side of the bed with our locked hands and loop them around her waist, so our faces are inches apart. Marrying Bloom was they best decision of my life, and one of the best days ever, where for once everything went smoothly.

"Your so beautiful." I whisper to her, and bring my free hand up and brush way the bangs that cover her eyelids. I lean forwards and lock my lips with hers, bringing our bodies as close as possible. She pulls away after only a few pleasure filled moments.

"Is this supposed to be leading somewhere or…." She says with a raised eyebrow, referring to the kiss and thigh touch. I just put on a smirk and Bloom's faces drops in annoyance.

"Sky it's 3 o'clock in the morning…" She scolds as she rolls over, facing the other way as I chuckle.

"You know Bloom-" I say cheekily as I loop an arm around her waist, slightly pushing her back into my chest."- I seem to recall another vow you made me on our wedding day. Something to do about giving me your body, and mine to yours…"

Bloom claws my hand off her waist." You can have my body some other night, preferably not in the middle of one."

I give up on the idea of having sex tonight and roll over onto my back, pinching the bridge on my nose realizing how tired I am going to me with all the things I have to do tomorrow.

After about half a minute or so, I hear Bloom's side of the bed shuffle" Oh what the hell!"

Before I know it Bloom had thrown the cover off our bodies and is straddling me. Her hands rest on my bare chest as she leans down and starts kissing me, then moving down to my neck. I smirk " Got you in the mood now, didn't I?"

'"Shut up" She says sharply back between kissing and nibbling on my neck." Less talking, more taking off clothes."

I couldn't agree more as piece by piece I take off Bloom's nightie and underwear and she pretty much rips my boxers off. I think Bloom and I weren't finished until 5: 30 in the morning, only a couple hours before we had to get up and run a planet, at least I had her my side as the new Queen of Eraklyon.


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