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Waking up the day after I officially found out I was pregnant, was strange. Well until I threw up in the toilet again, stupid morning sickness.

But what has put me more on edge is how to tell Sky. The past three days have been hell and I will take you through it. Once Sky returned the next day after I found out, I never have gotten the chance to tell him

Day 1

I wait patiently on the bed for Sky, fiddling my finger frantically. I don't know what his reaction will be, would he be happy, mad or angry with me even, for letting this happen.

The door opens and Sky walks in, he smiles when seeing me but I can already tell by his slightly hunched shoulders that he is tired. " Hey, your still up?" He whispers and I get up to greet him. He gives me a kiss on the lips and is taking off his jacket.

"Yeah, there's something I have to tell you…" I drift off and Sky smirks.

"You don't have to tell me how much you've missed me, I already know darling." He winks with a playful smile and I try to laugh at his joke. But I don't think Sky notices because he seems half asleep- half delusion as he sits down on the bed.

"That, and umm…" I fumble on my words, getting all worked up and nervous about telling him. But I am starting to wonder if he is even going to remember me telling him by the worn out state he is in.

I turn from him and mange to get the words out. "I'm pregnant." I bravely turn back around for his reaction when I just see him passed out on the bed, his shoes hanging off his feet and his side of his face plastid on the blankets.

I annoyingly sigh and walk over to take his shoes off. The Magic Council must have really wiped him out.

Day 2

This morning Sky was up before the sun rose so I couldn't talk to him then, nor did he see the fabulous sight of me heaving over the toilet.

Again like last night I wait patiently at the end of the bed, I barley saw him today he was busy working on new building martials that needed to be transformed to east Eraklyon. Its seems our suppliers are not as willing as the use to be.

On queue Sky opens the door, but this time he slightly slams it, giving me a fright. He forcefully shoves off his jacket and throws it on a couch in our seating area to the left side of the room. Oh boy.

"Are you okay Sky?" I ask hesitantly and he just huffs, I think he is trying to hide his anger, but like his father Sky always has a bit of a short temper.

"Its unbelievable." He spits out kicking off his shoes." Those damn people from Roumulea decide to sell off our wood stock supplies to Hypoid, because the travel tax was lower."

My stomach churns and I try and calm him down. But he seemed just to need to let off a little steam.

"Then King Jinger had the nerve to blame me for putting the taxes to high in the first place, stating I should have given him a better offer." Sky nearly rips his shirt off." I cant believe he can't see that I am trying to rebuild peoples homes that got destroyed, does he have a heart."

At this point I don't know what to say, I guess my news might not come out tonight. And it doesn't seem like a good time either." And then this news got out and now Hypoid wants there travel taxes lower, and are threatening to cut off fruit supplies to our kingdom, which means 80% of stores around the planet won't have fresh fruit this winter. Already probably going to try and lower the tax for other supplies as well."

"Sky" I mummer slightly, this isn't the first time I have seen him on a rampage." Just calm down, we can figure it out tomorrow."

Sky seems to lose some of his anger but it still burns with in him I see." I am just going to take a shower." He grits out and walks over to the bathroom and slides the door shut, a little more aggressively then needed.

For some reason I find myself crying, I know he means no harm but I am guessing being hormonal now and stressed out causes the waterworks. I just try and sleep that night.

Day 3

I am nervously walking up to my bedroom. Having to wait for Sky to return again and hopefully tonight I can tell him, because its starting to stress me out to the point I feel sick about it.

I expect it to be an empty bedroom but when walking in I see it isn't lit by the lights but by candles. Sky sits on the edge of the bed, which is covered in rose petals and he wears lose black pants and a baggy white shirt.

His smile brightens when seeing me.

"What's all this?" I ask looking around the room, mouth slightly opened at the beauty of it.

"Well-" Sky hesitates nervously, and for a second I think he is about to say something relating to me being pregnant" Yesterday when I came, I wasn't the happiest of people…"

"No kidding…" I mummer and Sky just scowls at me and I put my hands up in surrender.

"So I guess this is my apology, I am really sorry for yelling last night." He says coming up to me, and rubbing my arms.

"Sky" I whisper holding on to his hand." There's nothing to be sorry for, you were stressed I get it."

He smiles and leans in and lightly kisses me." I don't think I deserve you sometimes."

I laugh softly." Yeah right, I think I don't deserve you." I say and he grins and leans into kiss me again. His hands find my waist; I then remember what I have to say.

" Sky, I have to tell you something." I mummer as he pulls away slightly and beings the trail of kisses down to my neck.

"Bloom, I am sure it can wait until tomorrow, can we please just enjoy tonight." He whines and I bite my lip, why can't I get this out?

"But-" I get cut of by my own squeal as Sky cups my butt and gives me a ravish love bite. I think then all thought of telling him went out the window that night.


So know tonight I probably wont get a chance to tell him because there is a ball tonight for some royal holiday here in Eraklyon and apparently its also the anniversary of something a rather. I lose track and I am not paying much attention because my mind is elsewhere these days.


Sorry, bit of a short chapter but I will update tomorrow for you guys to hopefully make up for it.

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