Bloom POV

I always saw my life, metaphorically, as a burning flame. It was my power I drew from whenever I used magic, but also tied to my actual life source. But today, as my labor progressed that blazing flame I could feel slowly started to dwindle down to embers.

I finally understood the pain of childbirth, and it was agonizing, probably even more so in my tired condition. But after the pain stopped I got to see him, the child I sacrificed my life for. To me he looked so much like Sky, but I knew when my husband would see him he would think the opposite. Either way he was a beautiful blend of both of us.

Yet the moment didn't last as Nimwah grew tired in my body. All that time fighting against its once own power took its toll. It also took its toll on me.

The moment I shut my eyes, was the moment I knew they wouldn't reopen. My little flame turned to embers. And I sat there in the darkness that was now dawning on me, trying to warm myself up helplessly by a dying fire.

Death had come, and it was awaiting the moment those embers turned to ash.

But a breathe from nowhere breathed life back into the fire. And more and more air was rushing past lifting them into flames that warmed my body so intensely it was unexpected. Gold light flooded the darkness, and I felt a shift around me. Nimwah, the great dragon was stirring again.

I felt so shocked I took in a huge gasp of air, and saw the light.


It was like waking after a fuzzy dream. Only remembering blotches before they faded.

But awaking I felt every ache in my body flare up, and my bones felt ten times heavier. It was like I had a fever.

"Bloom…" I heard a familiar voice, softly spoke as if unsure above me. I tried opening my eyes, but everything was blurry. I wanted to rub them but the thought of lifting my arms gave me pain. Rapidly blinking would have to do.

Eventually my vision came into focus enough to recognize Flora. She was gaping at me, hands either side of her face as she shook her head. It made me feel even more confused.

"Flora." My throat was so dry I spoke as if my vocal cords where scratched on sand paper." What's wrong?" I manage to say.

I hear her inhale a sharp breathe of shock. Yet still confused and now slightly panicking I look around me. It was a comfort to now I was in my room, but looking down at my body something began to tug at my memory. I never thought I would miss my giant protruding stomach, but now being deflated has me frightened.

I had just had a baby… where was he.

Flora sensing my train of thought quickly comes to sit on the side of the bed. Hands coming to rest lightly on my shoulders." He's fine, absolutely fine… your fine." She breathes as if she is still trying to believe what she sees. And my mind starts trying to figure out why… I was supposed to be… dead.

"How?" I could only get out, as the dryness of my throat made it hurt when I talked.

Flora's eyes wander back behind her, her head craning to the doorway. There stood a flabbergasted Heilia, holding to his side a very weepy looking Lily.

"Aunty Bloom?…" She whimpers, rubbing her eyes from what I am guessing was a lot of tears.

"Hi Lily…" I croak, a smile coming to form on my face from the sight of my goddaughter.

She wiggles out of her fathers gasp easily, as Heilia looked too stunned to protest. Her feet do a light run to my side, her head reaching a little over the lip of the bed.

"Why weren't you waking up…" She whispers, a concerned pout on her lips. Being still completely confused as to why I am still breathing I don't fully understand the situation. But from this I could tell Lily might have witnessed something that has clearly distressed her and her parents.

I muster the best smile, reaching out my arm off the bed with a soft wince. With my fingers I softy stroke Lily's cheek." I'm alright now…"

Lily looking relieved, moves to climb up onto the bed, but Flora grabs her first. She lifts up her daughter to sit on her lap with her." Be carful Lily…" She whispers to her." Aunty Bloom is a bit weak right now."

Lily seems to understand and remains still.

"How Flora?" I ask again. She takes a couple moments to think of what to say. But the instant she opens her mouth the doors burst open to the room.

I'm assuming Heilia must have gone out and said something because my birth parents and Daphne come rushing in. Flora barley had time to move herself and her daughter before they came to me.

I don't know how many people came and went. Crying and smiling, touching my cheeks or kissing them for my 'recovery'. I still had no idea what was going on, and I tried to smile and be polite but the only people I wanted to see were my friends and family. Especially my husband and child.

Stella and Musa were part of the parade that came in, but they quickly caught on by how over whelmed I was getting. So together, with out fighting for once, they usher everyone out. Once the room is quiet again I feel myself calm down, my eyes wondering around to all my friends.

"Where's Sky?" I ask in a whisper, my voice even more stained from before.

"Brandon's getting him." Stella informs me softly, quietly brushing stray sweaty hairs from my face, tucking them behind my ears, and fluffy up my greasy hair.

"What are you doing?" I murmur to her, eyebrows furrowed.

She gives me a famous Stella smile." Sprucing you up for Sky."

" I'm literally death warmed up Stel, try your best." I roll my eyes, and it has Stella let out a little laugh in response. I could tell it was a more nervous laugh then humored.

At that moment the door to the bedroom bursts open. Sky stands there, eyes wide and searching. I noticed though his red rimmed eyes, and crinkled clothes, my heart hurts from what ever he has just gone through. When our eyes meet he sways on his feet, his hand bracing against the door frame. Brandon behind him puts on a steadying hand on his shoulder to keep him up right.

Once composed he walks over quickly to my bed side, the girls all-moving to the side of the room. I couldn't tell if the fall to his knees was deliberate, or his legs simply gave way, but once eye level with me he wraps his arms around my frame. My muscles screamed in protest but I could care less, as the warmth radiating from him was a comfort I needed to feel.

"Please tell me I'm not dreaming…" Sky whispers into my neck. He was shaking, and I could feel the wet slick of tears down my skin.

"Your not, I promise." I croak, holding back the lump in my throat. He pulls away so his face is inches from mine. Glistening tears of disbelief run down his cheeks. I find the strength in my arm to lift it and wipe them away. I run my thumb down his cheek, gently gliding over the side of his mouth where he moves to kiss the pad of my thumb.


"I…" I stumble on the question, still completely confused as to how I was breathing again. My head cranes to the left to look at my friends, in particular Flora, still holding Lily who has her face pressed into her mothers shoulder." I don't know…"

Flora seeming like she had no words, and looking reluctant to share to everyone keeps her mouth closed. Her eyes filled with worry as if I was going to point her out. Instead the thought to do so is wiped over by another.

"Where is he?" I ask, looking back to Sky.

He wears a soft smile as he comes to glide his fingers down my cheek." He's fine, my mother's looking over him."

"I want to see him…" I whisper. Even if I didn't have the strength to hold him, I desperately wanted to see his face again.

Sky nods with a sad smile." He's sleeping, when he wakes I'll bring him straight here… but right now, I'm getting Dr. Michaels."

"I'll call for her." Flora says, surprising everyone. With all eyes on her she flushes and pulls a forced smile before heading for the door. She eyes Heilia and he follows her out. The couple looked very concerned about something.


I had never seen Dr. Michaels, or any doctor looked as trumped when she walked in to see me alive. After taking a minute to compose her surprise she got to work, doing many routine tests on my health, and on a woman who had just had a baby.

Yet she said besides being weak, and a little dehydrated I was in top health. She said it was if my power was relit, reborn or sparked back to life. I had asked if she knew how that could be possible but she was just as curious as me about the matter.

When she left, Sky lay beside me, with me ticked up into his side. We didn't speak much; I think he was still in a trance from all that had happened in the day. But we were soon disturbed by someone at the door.

To my surprise it was Flora, as before I thought she looked like she wanted to be anywhere but here. Behind her Heilia walks in, the pair looking quite apprehensive.

"Is everything alright…" Sky sits up straighter as he to notices there expression.

They pull wary smiles." Yes." Heilia says." Its just, we thought you should know something…"

He looks down to Flora, who is looking down to the ground biting her lip. He whispers something to her, and she shakes he heard coming forward to be nearer to me.

"Its Lily…" she says.

My eyes widen." Is she alright-"

"Yes." Flora cuts in." It's just… when you had… passed we had decided to tell her later tonight. But being upset, she wandered off and somehow found her way in here, to see you…."

Dead. I finished the sentence in my mind. I feel sick and saddened that Lily had to witnesses that, and I feel guilty.

"But as we were looking for her…" Flora gives a look to Heilia." We heard a commotion, and we came to your room and we found… Lily crying over you, and a great golden and white light was emitting for the both of you… we have no idea how it happened, Lily has never done something like that before… but I think it had to do with your… recovery."

Thoughts were whirling in my head from what she's told me. That golden white light seeming familiar, a fragment of a memory I was trying to place.

"Lily is fine though." Sky clarifies.

"Yes, she's exhausted but completely fine." Heilia says, coming to wrap and arm around his wife's shoulders.

I was still sifting through my memories trying to place that golden white light. But when I recall on what Dr. Michaels said, about my power being possibly relit ,it had me remembering." The egg…"

" What?" he whispers, craning his neck to look at my face.

"The day King Miler tried to kill Flora… I used the Great Dragon Egg to heal her." My gaze goes to Flora, he eyes wide and mouth agape.

"You don't think…" She says.

I to was trying to understand." Possibly… I don't know exactly how it lived on in her, but it makes sense. The only thing I question is whether the power of the egg has been bound to hers to make it stronger… or if she possess the great dragons power as well…."

"Or that power she could have been just carrying, and now it has been passed back to Bloom…" Sky adds. The room is left in silence.

"Either way…" Heilia says, giving a concerned look to Flora who remains silent and in shock." We also came here to ask if you could keep this knowledge quiet, we fear people might think Lily posses such a great power, were afraid-"

" I understand." I say forcing a confidant smile on my face, to hopefully make the fearful looks on theirs to fade." We will figure this out, I promise."

Heilia nods his thanks. Flora however still looks terrified.

"Flora." I say and he hers slowly drift up to mine. "Everything is going to be fine, I'll be there for Lily."

Seeming like some of the weight is lifted off her shoulders she smiles, yet it doesn't reach her eyes. I guess I can now say I understand her concern being a mother myself now. I had only seen my son once but wanted to make sure we was alright no matter where I was.

Flora came and gave me a hug saying goodbye, she would come and tell me tomorrow if Lily would tell her anything else about what happened.


Sky made me rest, even though I didn't want to. My body was tired but my mind was buzzing, and that combination is always a difficult one when trying to fall asleep.

But waking up I didn't know how much time had passed, but Sky was still next to me. His arm was draped over my waist, and his head was snuggled at the crook of my neck. I smile, managing to bring my tired arm up to stroke his hair back. I softly do this until it seems to disturb his slumber. His eyes bolt awake and blink rapidly until they rest on me.

Seeing my face his body relaxes and he tightens his hold on my waist." I feared I would wake to you gone still…" he mummers into my hair.

"I'm still here…" I whisper back, craning my head to look him in the eye.

He smiles, leaning over to kiss me on the lips. It's a light kiss, but I can feel the desire and love behind it.

A soft knock draws us back, and we both turn our eyes to the door. My heartbeat picks up as I see Samara there, with my son bundled in her arms. She to looked happy to see me, her eyes watery. She steps into the room, walking slowly as she looks from her grandson to me.

Once beside the bed, she makes a move to hand him to me." Someone wanted to meet their mother."

I smile, raising my arms to take him but realize quickly how shaky and weak they are. Samara must notice this to as she stops short, hesitant to pass him on. It might be the hormones still running in my system but I was nearly about to burst into tears. The fact I couldn't even hold my son after coming back from the dead had me nearly sobbing in despair.

"Come here." I hear Sky whisper, drawing me out of my sadness. He sits us up, and moves so he sits behind me, my back resting comfortably on his chest. His arms either side of me reach up and take our son, he brings him down so he is close to my chest. I wrap my arms around Sky's, as we hold our son together.

Pushing the light blue blanket away from his face, I get another, of what I am hoping is many, glances at his precious face. Looking at him now I could see Sky, only little hints of me. Yet when he opens his eyes, I am met with my own. A dark blue. He blinks them a bit, and he lets out a small yawn with his small mouth. I quietly chuckled, but also realized I was crying as drops of water hit and soaked the blanket. Samera had already left us in peace before I could say thank you.

" He's beautiful…" I whisper, running a finger along his cheek. It was so soft to touch." What's his name?"

Sky kisses the side of my head." I haven't come up with a name yet… but we get to decide now."

I smile at that. But it soon becomes a nervous smile as I had thought of a name, partially a boy's name. Yet I was too scared of what Sky would think. But now I realize life is too short to be afraid.

"I have an idea… I thought we could name him after your father."

Sky goes tense. I knew his relationship with his father could be even more complicated then mine. Even though he did some terrible things in the past, in the end I wouldn't be here, holding my son if it wasn't for him.

"Bloom…" he whispers." Are you sure…. After everything?"

I nod." Yes, in honor of his sacrifice and his love for you I would like to call him Erendor."

"Thank you Bloom." He kisses me ear." But as much as that means to me… honestly I never really liked the name Erendor, I find it to old and formal."

A smile tugs at me lips." Honesty… I think the same." I feel the rumble of Sky's chuckle against my back." But what if we shorten it… Eren."

"Eren." Sky tests the name on his lips." Eren… I like it."

The name decided we both quietly look back down to our son. He seems to have drifted off again.

"Welcome to our world, Eren." I whisper, and lean down and kiss his forehead.


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