Two Years later.

I watched from the dining table Bloom and Eren playing in the back garden. It was Easter on earth, another special holiday for Bloom's family. However as it didn't exist in Eraklyon, I was still having to do work. All of the documents I needed to sign and look over were sprawled out on their dining table before me.

Yet, I was distracted by the happy face of Bloom, watching so lovingly as Eren excitingly clutches a wicker basket slowly filling with chocolate. Together the two were looking in bushes and trees finding little eggs. Every time an egg was found Eren would bop up and down in joy, Bloom, if she found it would give it to him to put it his basket. And then he would pout his lips in concentration, looking for the next egg.

I'd rather be out there with them, but at the same time I got such pleasure being able to watch them interact. The day he was born, I had thought I would never get to witness it. So every time she smiles it is just a reminder how lucky I am.

Yet I must have been staring to long because when she looks up and catches me observing. She puts on a smirk, knowing exactly what was happening. Quickly I look back down to what I am supposed to be doing.

A minute later I hear the screen door open, looking up Bloom wears a cheeky smile walking over to me. I see behind her, Vannessa and Mike now entertaining our son. Mike has his video camera out, chasing him around the garden.

"How's it going…." She grins, coming around to stand beside me.

"Fine…" I murmur, pretending to be deep in my work. She had warned me I wouldn't get anything done here. I wanted to prove her wrong, but it wasn't working so far…

"Hmmhmm." She hums, coming to pick up one of the shipping schedules I had to re-organize. But it's clear I haven't yet. She places it back down with a sigh." Tell me again why you bought your work here?"

"It might be a holiday for you, but not for me…" I remind her, I can see the roll of her eyes.

"Most of these things don't need to be overseen until the next couple of days, and I offered to help you with this tomorrow."

" I like to be organized." I reply back.

"I think you like to be right…" She says coyly. I look up to her directly, she has those mischievous knowing eyes." If I hadn't said anything about you not being able to concentrate here, you wouldn't have brought your work with you. Your stubborn."

"Well you must have rubbed off on me all these years…" I banter back, and I receive a little whack on my shoulder for that one. I can't hold back a chuckle, and seconds later Bloom joins me. " Is there a reason you came in here besides to torment me?"

Again she rolls her eyes." Well if you can tear your self away from your work…" She teases." Eren and I would love for you to help us with the Easter egg hunt."

"You already forgot where you hid them?" I raise a teasing eyebrow.

She pinches her mouth in annoyance." No… some of them are in high places, and Eren can't reach them with out a little help… I'm not supposed to do any heavy lifting remember?"

At the mention of it, Bloom's hand slides down to her stomach. Being just a little over four months pregnant it wasn't really noticeable yet, or from the fact she was wearing a loose light linen shirt and skinny jeans.

We were expecting Baby number two. Over the two years since Eren was born Bloom had bought up the prospect of having a second child. At the mention I had shut it down completely. From the first experience I didn't think my heart could take the strain once again. It was reassured from Dr. Michaels that the chances of getting another power detachment pregnancy was highly unlikely, especially if Bloom didn't separate her power from her body again. Yet she told us she couldn't be a hundred percent sure, as no one had survived Blooms condition before hand.

It still didn't ease my mind. So I avoided the conversation for a while, until Bloom told me she was pregnant again. I was mad… and lost my temper like usual. But the next day I found a little burst of excitement ignite, and decided I needed hope this time that everything was going to be fine. And so far it has been, besides Bloom having the normal symptoms of pregnancy, she was healthy as can be.

I move my hand to join hers on her stomach, giving it a gently caress." We still telling them tonight?"

"Yes, although my mum being my mum I think she already suspects." She smiles, running her fingers through my shorter hair. I had cut it for a change, but Brandon and the rest of the guys teased me saying I had gotten the 'dad' hair cut.

"So does mine…" I tell her and we both laugh. My mum pretty much already knew, but she to was waiting for us to announce it. We will probably tell her when we get back.

Bloom chuckles." Now being a mother myself I might have that superpower… Let's go, your not really working anymore."

I reluctantly stand up, as she puts a hand on my shoulder." I was distracted…"

" If you say so..." She smiles back at me, running her hand down my arm to then link with mind.

It was a nice warm day as I stepped outside. An uncontrollable smile tugs at my lips as I see Eren laughing as Mike chases him around in circles, still video taping. Yet when Eren sees me, his usual path is stopped as he bounds towards me instead.

"Dad!" he screams, out of breath and blond hair disheveled while throwing himself at my already outstretched arms. I huff out a breathe, remembering his two year old body is a lot heavier now. Bringing him closer, I tuck him to the side of my body his legs clad in small jeans and white sneakers wrap them selves around my torso.

"Your out of breathe." I state, looking down at him.

"Chased…" he huffs out between breathes, a serious expression on his face as he looks back to his grandfather. His expression has me nearly laughing, especially as I look back to see Mike also out of breathe, Vanessa giving him a glass of water.

" I can see… your mother has told me you might need some help." I inform him, his head crooks to the side.

"Which tree was it again Eren, with the gold egg?" Bloom asks, coming around and adjusting his white t-shirt that has ridden up from me holding him.

His little arm points to the tall tree in the corner of the garden, its leaves bloomed with pale white flowers." That one."

We walk over, and I duck under the leaves until we are just near the trunk. Immediately I see the larger golden egg resting in the crook of two branches, high enough if I reached up my arm I could get it. But I pretend not to see it.

"Where is it Eren?" I furrow my eyebrows, darting my eyes around the tree.

"There Dad!" he points upwards.

"I can't see it?" I shake my head.

"There!" He points again, laughing this time at what he thinks is my clumsiness. Making him laugh was one of the best joys in my whole world.

I give him I confused look again.

Giggling he takes hold of my head, smooching my cheeks and moving my head in the direction.

"Therwa it isa" I say, with my squashed cheeks. I can hear Bloom laughing along with him.

He removes his hands, only to reach them out to the eggs, turning to give me a big eyed look." Higher!" he says.

I comply with a smile, taking him back in my arms and swinging him up to sit on my shoulders. Taking a step forward he easily, I assume as I cant see, gets the egg. Bloom cheers his success beside me with clapping and a 'Yay!'.

After a pause I hear "Sky."

Stepping back, I look to Bloom her eyes gleaming and her smile glowing.

"What?" a smile forms on my own lips at her happiness. She doesn't say anything first, only taking my free hand, the one currently not holding the leg of Eren on my shoulders and places it on her stomach.

It takes a few seconds but I feel the movement sooner then later. My son or daughter was moving for the first time. I secretly wanted it to be a girl, but either way I was happy. Bloom and I both being an only child we wanted Eren to have a sibling, as we never got to experience it.

We smile at each other, my hand still firmly placed on her belly with hers on top.

The moment is interrupted by Eren however. "Dad, what wrong with Mommy stomach?" he asks from above.

We decided to tell him about his soon to be sibling a little later in the pregnancy. When Blooms stomach would probably be more obvious and self explanatory. But we were still fighting over who was going to answer the hard question he was most likely going to ask, "where do baby's come from?"

Bloom bites her lip about to reply, but it is interrupted by her mother.

"I knew it!" She squeals excitedly, bounding over to us. I guess she finds out now, not later tonight. I look to Mike, sitting at on a lawn chair looking rather confused about what his wife was talking about.

Vanessa now hugging her daughter, Bloom looks over her shoulder seeming to also see her father lack of knowledge on the situation." I'm pregnant, dad."

Those three words have Mike's face lighting up, as he to comes to join us.

It was good to have a happy reaction, as I feared when people find out it would be rather mixed. Mike and Vanessa still don't know about what Bloom's first pregnancy was like, so it was just joy no worry. The rest probably will be more cautious.

Hugging her dad now, Bloom smiles to me over my shoulder. I knew then that after everything, for know we could be truly happy.


Hello everyone, its been a while. I am currently having a lazy day at home writing and stumbled about this epilogue that I never posted. I was going to add more to it but felt this was a good place for my take on Bloom's and Sky's story to finish.

I firstly would like to thank everyone for the past 4 years, I can't believe it's been that long! I started writing this in 2014 when I rediscovered Winx as one of my favorite childhood shows. And re watching it I thought there could be so much more to their stories.

Its goodbye for now, I know I said I would try and write a bonus chapter or next gen but I think this is were my fan fiction ends. I started this series in the middle of high school and I am now in the middle of my university degree.

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