Anything But

Kyoko scolded herself silently. 'What is wrong with me?' she questioned. 'I'm some sort of monster!' she clenched her fists and squinted her eyelids shut as hard as she could, so little lights flickered on and off in the corners of her vision. Try as she might, though, she couldn't stop a few stray tears from escaping through the contours of her face. 'Is it normal' she switched from anger back to curiosity. 'Is it normal to wish bad things on other people for your own gain?' She shook her head violently, but it didn't dismiss the vulgar thoughts. 'I just wanna be happy, what's wrong with that?'

'The fact that you're willing to put down whoever's in your way to get there' replied a little voice from the deep recesses of her subconscious. 'You always loved your little fairy tales, didn't you'

Kyoko nodded in response, though she was unsure of who the gesture was supposed to be directed at.

'You love Cinderella so much, you always wanted to be just like her' The voice's tone became harsher, and steadily morphed into that of Kyoko's condescending mother, the woman that made the inside of someone's head so twisted it would put Sigmund Freud to shame. 'But you're not, you're the exact opposite'

Kyoko knew where the statement was headed, and she decided she would rather say it that hear it. "Cinderella used her love to grow strong, I let it turn me into a monster"

'You're no princess.

You're not even human, anymore.'