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Chapter 3: The Train

Dumbledore bought me an owl as a birthday present. A snow white owl named Hedwig, 9 months old. She likes me more than Dumbledore, but perhaps the strangest thing is that I can know this about a living thing.

"Have you ever tried to learn from an animal before?" Dumbledore asks me as I eat some ice cream, his treat.

"A few neighbourhood cats, they don't really work." I say. "Although the lady that lives opposite me, Mrs. Figg, her cats seem to be more than they seem, but I've never gotten close enough to touch one." I scratch Hedwig's head softly. "Oh." I look up at him. "There was a snake once, in the garden. He actually spoke, like … words, I didn't even touch him." He almost drops his lemon ice-cream.

"A snake you say?" He asks, Suddenly curious.

"I was going to flick it over the fence with a stick, but he said 'Hello Harry' which isn't something snakes ought to do in my opinion." I shrug. "I asked for his name, but he said he didn't have one."

"And when did this exchange happen?"

"I would've been about 8." I start to eat the ice-cream cone.

"A talent perhaps best kept to yourself. There is a stigma attached to those that can speak with snakes." He says.

"Snakes?" Some kind of Biblical thing against them perhaps. "Isn't one of the Hogwarts houses the snake house?" I ask sceptically. He smiles and nods.

"Slytherin. Their house animal is a serpent." He clearly sees how it looks.

"Voldemort could." I suddenly say. "Those people in the pub, when they assaulted me, I learnt a couple of things. I think it was at the front of their minds when they saw me. I think people are different to objects, as far as my ability is concerned. I didn't draw everything from their heads thankfully. I think I'm happy with not being able to do that."

"And the same doesn't hold true for muggles?"

"Nope." I shake my head. "If they were really happy or angry I think I'd feel it, but I've never held onto somebody in a situation like that." I shrug.

"This is a truly remarkable skill." He says. "One can't help but marvel at it's uses, there are many old and historically significant objects in Hogwarts."

"Like walking through a museum and only I can see the plaques." I smile.

"17?" I sigh in frustration. "I can't use magic outside of school until I'm 17?"

Dumbledore and I sat down in the Leaky Cauldron after the shopping was done. Ignoring his protests, I decided to rent a room here for the night and make my own way to the train tomorrow morning. He's taken the time to explain some things.

"Only in front of muggles." He says calmly. "In Diagon Alley or even here." He gestures to the pub. "You may use low level spells."

"Is there a law prohibiting me from living here?" I ask. "I wouldn't classify myself as an unskilled child, as much as I might look like one, doesn't relative intelligence count for anything in this world?"

"Is Privet Drive such an unfitting home for you?" He asks.

"They are foul people." I say firmly. "They'd be just as foul if I didn't have this ability. I've managed to frighten them enough with it so they leave me alone."

"A discussion for another time, we have the whole school year to decide." He says, handing me a golden ticket. "Do not lose your ticket. The platform is located between platforms 9 and 10. Is there anything else you wish to know before I leave?"

"You haven't forgotten what I said about Peter Pettigrew, have you?"

"I will investigate what this new information may mean tonight." He says.

"Old information more like." I say under my breath as he walks through the fireplace.

"Platform 9 and ¾." I mutter to myself. "Ridiculous." I might've learnt a lot from walking around Diagon Alley and my parents wands, but I'm still surprised by the apparent lack of logic in everything.

"... Every year, packed with muggles." A woman says loudly from nearby. My prayers have been answered in the form of a slightly overweight, ginger haired woman. "Hurry, we'll be late!" The gaggle of her children trail on behind her, pushing their trolleys along. I opted for a trunk with wheels and a back pack. Hedwig can apparently find Hogwarts by herself. I follow the ginger family to a stop. "Percy first." She says.

The eldest looking one, Percy, pushes his cart towards the pillar in the centre of the station, I wait for the inevitable crash, but nothing happens.

"Put some shoes on, boy." A random passer by says to me. Shoes are overrated.

I wander over to the pillar once their family had passed through. It looks completely normal, although I suppose it's supposed to. I walk forward with my left hand extended, just in case. My worries are unfounded as I find myself stepping onto a platform full of people, magical people. The floor tells a thousand tales and the bright red train dominates the room, steam flowing around it. I leave my trunk in the seemingly capable hands of the luggage man. A bell chimes and sets everyone into a frenzy to get onto the train, eager not to be left behind, I step onto the nearest carriage.

The train hums with magic and it's very own history alongside the centuries of children getting on and off.

"Watch yourself." Somebody says, carrying a cat carrier over my head, I duck to give them a bit more space. "Cheers." They say, not sparing me a glance as they chase down their friend.

I enter an empty compartment and sit down, regretting the decision immediately. I can only hope that somebody washes these seats often. That and the previous users were alone, not something that should be done on a train. I close my eyes and reflect on my gatherings.

The door slides open after a few people peer inside over the next two hours.

"People are saying that Harry Potter is on the train, is it true?" An air of arrogance about him. I open my eyes. Three boys, two heavy set and standing in a bodyguard stance as if the centrepiece is a mafia boss, maybe he is?

"In the flesh." I hold out my left hand, forcing him to use his left hand to shake mine, rings can show a great deal about a person.

He's been wearing this since he was 8 years old, an heir ring. Old families get them. So many lessons drilled into him, stressing the importance of manners. The Malfoy family. Dumbledore had a similar ring on his hand.

"You must be a Malfoy." I say politely. He frowns.

"How did you know?"

"You look like you Father?" I offer. He smiles, seemingly satisfied.

"Draco Malfoy." He confirms. "These are Crabbe and Goyle." He jerks a thumb over one shoulder. Maybe he doesn't even know which is which.

"Uh, Take a seat?" I offer. He sits down opposite me.

"What house do you think you'll be in?" He asks. "I'll be in Slytherin, I'm sure. Can you imagine being sorted into Hufflepuff? I think I'd die of embarrassment." He laughs at his own joke. "Nobody really knows where they'll go, I suppose Ravenclaw wouldn't be too bad. Where are your shoes?" The door slides open again. A girl with puffy hair.

"Has anyone seen a toad, a boy named Neville has lost one." She asks impatiently.

"A toad?" I ask. Poor guy, an owl is much cooler. I look on the floor. "Nope, nothing. I can help you look if you want, four eyes are better than two, or six." I tap my glasses.

"Why would you help look for a toad?" Malfoy asks with a scrunched up nose/

"A scavenger hunt." I shrug. "Beats sitting here for a few more hours."I'm Harry by the way." I say to the girl.

"Hermione Granger." She says neatly.

"This is Draco." I point. "These are Crabbe and Goyle, I'm not really sure which is which." She smiles and leads us down to the next compartment.

"Has anyone seen a toad, a boy named Neville has lost one." She repeats herself.

"Does it take five of you to find one toad?" A dark skinned boy asks, keeping a grip on his spider.

"6 if you count Neville himself." I point out. "I like to think of it as a treasure hunt, the treasure being a toad."

"Hardly a prize." One of the redheaded twins says.

"Alas, the hunt continues." I say. "Nice spider." The boy looks at his empty hands. It managed to escape, I slide the door shut.

"'Alas the hunt continues'?" Draco questions. "You're finding this far too fun."

I run my hands across the wooden banister to learn it's secrets.

"Check the cupboard at the end of this carriage." I suggest.

They do so and find -

"Trevor!" A pudgy boy bustles past us and picks up the toad. This must be Neville. I run my hand along the inside of the cupboard. Some students locked their friend inside here a few years ago … and a cat.

"Harry?" I turn around to Draco. "You spaced out there for a moment."

"You should change into your uniforms." Hermione says. "I'm going to talk to the driver." She enters the next carriage."

"Your parents were in Slytherin I assume." I say to Draco as we walk back to my compartment.

"Of course. Everyone knows it's the best house." He says smugly. He really does love the sound of his own voice. I think it would drive me mad to be put in the same house as him. "We'll see you at the sorting." He says, bidding me farewell. I make sure to shake Goyle and Crabbe's hands too, similar rings, the lessons and lots of practice handshakes. I begrudgingly put my shoes on. Of all the oddities wizards have, I'd wished that no shoes would be accepted. The train whistles loudly, signalling our arrival.

The platform fills with students quickly, all chattering excitedly, both old and new.

"Firs' years!" A giant man bellows. "Firs' years over 'ere!" He calls out again.

I wander over to the growing mass of students, all of whom look nervous, no matter how much they try not to. Some of the older students walk by us, openly staring and pointing at me, Not because of my dashing looks sadly.

"This way!" We follow the giant man to a collection of boats. "In yeh get, no more'an four to a boat!" I climb into the closest boat and touch the sides. Hundreds of first years have travelled in this boat alone. It barely seems like it's retained it's ability to float. Neville and two twin girls climb into the boat with me. "Forward!" The giant man waves his hand, in his own personal boat, and all the others start to move.

It doesn't take long for Hogwarts to slide into view, or rather we slide into view of it. A giant and magnificent castle, tall towers and huge walls. No doubt that a fair dab of magic has been used to make it last for so long. The 'ooh's and 'aah's commence.

"Off ya get." The giant man says as we hit the shore. "Careful not the fall in!" He laughs. We follow him towards the giant door, he turns and does a quick head count, no doubt making sure that none of use fell prey to the lake. He turns back to the door and raises his hand, knocking three heavy blows.

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