Spirit of Vengeance

Ch. 1 Meet & Greet

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Ch. 1 Meet & Greet

A cock crowed with the rise of the sun as it rose from the east. Half an hour later, and a young boy came out of a small cottage. Dressed in a plaid shirt with rolled up sleeves on top of a white T-shirt, blue jeans, and boots. He then rose his head, closed his eyes, and allowed the rays of the sun to bathe him in its rays. He then twirled a dark stetson hat in both of his hands, and casually slipped it on his head. A chain hung in a circular heap on while resting on a hook outside of the cottage doors. Taking the chains in hand and dropping most of it to the ground, he then took it by one end, lifted his arm, and snapped his wrist out while his arm shot downward, and retracted, causing the chain to wrap around him from his right hip to his left shoulder.

Taking an long, wooden handled ax in hand, he placed it on his shoulder as he began heading to a pile of wood. For over ten minutes, he was unknowingly observed at first chopping wood and redirecting the finished pieces to a singular wood pile when he then felt the three magical energy signatures that closed in upon the wards boundary line surrounding his property, and yet, remained outside his warded perimeters. One of the unknown individuals seemed to be very curious as the boy felt said person tapping or scanning against and then searching for a weakness within the construct of the wards. He smirked as he knew they wouldn't be able to bypass his wards without his permission or invite lest they be harmed, depending on their intent of course, so he just ignored the three unknowns as he continued chopping the wood. When he was satisfied with is work and the huge stack of fire wood leaning against his bar, he turned his attention once more to the individuals outside of his warded property, and taking pity on them, used his mental connection to the wards and permitted them through. They'd no doubt see the wards visually flare brightly for a moment, and to their eyes, open voluntarily. Once he felt them bypass where the wards began, the ward closed in on itself once again.

"Harry Potter." he heard his name called from the voice of a Scottish female with a brogue accent, elderly if he heard correctly. He turned to the person in whom the voice belonged to, and studied her for a moment and quickly eyed her two companions, before he turned back to the chopped wood he was finishing with, laying the ax against the barn. He knew whom this woman was. Minerva McGonagall, Teacher of Transfiguration, Head of Gryffindor House. She looked as his fathers portrait self described. She was a woman that no doubt had possessed exceptional beauty at one point in time. But the with the passage of time, age, fighting battles in not just Quidditch Stadiums, but in the field of Battle against not one, but two Dark Lords, and teaching had no doubt robbed her of said beauty. She wore a dark dress that bordered on dark gray that warmed her against the fall weather, no doubt with added warming charms either, and a pointy hat on her head to finish the ensemble clothing.

Then there was the half-Giant amongst the trio visiting him, no doubt the big guy was the one known as Rubeus Hagrid, Keeper of Keys and Grounds of Hogwarts. Like the transfiguration teacher, his soul was pure, as he was noble. But from what his parents taught him, the half-Giant had a bit of a loose tongue under rather...'certain' circumstances.

The last individual, was a man whom stirred the his other half slightly, and not in a good way as Harry took a good long look towards the man with his 'Special Sight', his eyes seeming to gaze into Severus Snapes very soul. The darkness that resided within the soul and very being of the so called potions teacher of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Head of Slytherin House, almost sickened the last Potter. The man had long black greasy hair, with pale skin, an ugly, disfigured face, and carried himself in such as if with an air of authority, even if it was currently misplaced. His parents description of the man was spot on when they spoke of him, and some of which both parents admitted to damaging physically during Voldemorts reign of terror. Harry felt the sins of the man oozing through him, caused by the years he's spent practicing the Dark Arts, in the harming and killing the innocent souls that were lost at the end of his wand. He'd like nothing more than to burn the Teacher's soul for what he'd done and no doubt continued to do to this day. But his mothers portrait had begged him not to do so, asking him to take a wait and observe approach and that Snape was beyond 'Redemption', then to do as he felt was necessary when the time came. So he pushed his other half aside, not allowing the power at his disposal to overtake him, at least for the moment. This was the only thing to stay his hand for the time being.

"Harry Potter." The Transfiguration Professor called out again. She had seen his skills with an ax, observing him chopping the last of the wood in half, and then raising his left hand and floated them all into the air and situated them into neat stack against the wall of the cottage, and then laying the ax next to the soon to be fire wood.

"Wandless magic, bless 'im. He'd find himself happy in Ravenclaw with Professor Flitwick, ye reckon, Professor McGonagall." The half giant said in awe of what the boy had done.

"Yes, Filius would find himself a worthy student in Mr. Potter, should he take him as an apprentice. After all, Lily was his favorite student."

"So she reminds me constantly, Professor McGonagall." Harry said as he turned around to face the group. "Your wands, please. You have no need for them here. This is Hallowed Ground. I'll need you to hand them over." Harry said, his right hand out, waiting.

"Our wands?" the greasy haired Professor scoffed as he snapped his want into his hand and pointed it the teenager, "You're just an arrogant whelp, just like your father, Potter." The Potions Professor finished with a sneer.

"Severus, enough. Is it necessary, Mr. Potter to hand our wands over?" The elder teacher asked, only to see the young man take the Potions Teachers stance as a threat, grab hold of the chain that was wrapped around his torso and quickly unfurled it from his person. There was a stare down between the Potions Professor and possible student, while for just a moment, she thought his eye burn with emerald fire.

For reasons unknown to him, Severus Snape could not penetrate the Potter brats mind as when he looked into Potters eyes, all he saw was a wall of fire. He stumbled back as if he had actually felt the heat of the flames, forcing him to pull his mind probe away from the last Potter's.

Harry, having sensed the attempted intrusion with the intent to rape his mind, quicker than the eye could catch, snapped the chain that was wrapped around his chest, and into his hand, pulled it back, and shot it outward, knocking the mans wand from his hand and to the ground, and then faster than any normal mortal child they ever knew or met, ran up to and grabbed the man by the lapels of his robes as the Slytherin teacher grasped his now pained hand, twirled him with almost superhuman strength, and threw him up against against the barns wall, "Try and get into my mind again, and I'll burn your damned soul. Do I make myself clear, Severus Tobias Snape?" Harry roared as held the man by the throat with a single arm underneath his throat. None of the others missed how their now choking Colleague was dangling several inches from the ground as Harry switched from his arm to his hand, holding his mothers former 'Best Friend' by the throat with unbelievable strength, and no matter how hard he tried, the man could not escape the hold on his throat as he choked.

"Mr. Potter, please, release him." Professor McGonagall asked sternly, a hand on the boys shoulder in a pleading gesture. Harry whose eye's were aflame, quickly turned from and snapped his face towards the other two guests on his property, seeing their fear and pleading in their eyes. Slowly turning his attention back to the man he held above the ground and seeing him turn a slight tinge of blue, he released the Potions Professor, allowing him to drop unceremoniously to the ground, hacking and inhaling lungful amounts of much needed air. After having let the man see the fire in his eyes as he now looked down on the man who now rubbed his sore throat, he scowled and walked back several steps in order to distance himself from the man. Allowing the Transfiguration Professor and Hagrid to see his eyes was not something he planned on as he knew that it was most likely the old goat would insist on the greasy haired git to accompany them in finding the 'Lost Savior'.

All three went wide-eyed and fearful at seeing his eyes on fire when they gazed upon them, no longer were his eyes glowing with the same green orbs that he inherited from Lily Potter-Evans, and they feared that this was just a fraction of the power he held.

Both she and Hagrid staggered back at this spectacle that was his eyes aflame. Harry turned back to the teacher who struggled to breathe since his arm and then hand had cut off the mans air supply. He then leaned down and grabbed the man by the hair with one calloused hand, holding him against the barn as he forced him to look up, took and snatched his wand from his hand that he then tossed it to the female Professor, grabbed the sleeve of his right arm, and ripped the mans sleeve, allowing himself and the other two to gaze at the Dark Mark that stood out on his arm, pale as it was, and then looked back into the mans now terror filled eyes as he roughly shoved him against the walls once more, a few moments later after coming to a decision, let the man go. "You're lucky my mother asked me not to kill you in the hopes you could change. Now that I see the mark upon your arm, it is highly unlikely that you are redeemable. My mother is the only reason your soul remains intact at the moment, which could change at any time."

Backing away, he spat at the mans cowering form, turned back to the elderly teacher, "Now, get your Potions Professor off my property before I do something I won't regret, then we'll talk. And to answer your question, yes, handing me your wands is necessary. But, I'll let you hold onto it long enough to escort his cowardly, child killing ass off my property." Harry then entered the barn a few second later, not needing to speak any further as he hoped and felt his message and word of warning was both heard and understood.

Hagrid, looking between both Professors, shrugged and with a final nod, followed the young man into the barn as Minerva sighed, placed her companions wand into her wrist holster on her left arm, not intending to hand it back to Severus until they both returned back to the edge of the wards line, grabbed him by an arm which he wrenched back, and escorted him back towards where they entered Harry's property. Both were surprised to see the Wards open once again to permit them a way out. "Inform Albus, we've found Mr. Potter, and that Hagrid and I will return as soon as possible." she said with a tired sigh as she held out his wand to him.

"So we're cow-towing to..." he tried, snatching his wand back.

"Severus Tobias Snape, you will remain silent." she hollered out. "Just go, now." she was pointing to just outside the wards barrier line, his wand in hand that he rather rudely snatched from her hand as he crossed the barrier.

The Potions Professor just sneered as he exited the ward portal and turned to watch it close between he and Minerva. With an ugly sneer, he spun and apparated back to Hogwarts.

Throughout the day, Harry was watched by the elderly Professor and even helped by the half-giant as he tended to the few horses and other animals he had on his 'Land'. They were amazed at the level of professionalism and care he showed in his handling of them. So much so, that Hagrid enjoyed aiding him. The entire time, a house elf dressed in similar clothing as Harry, named Erik, tended to their needs by providing them shade, snacks, and iced tea or lemonade for drink. She and Hagrid thanked the small Elf of course. All the while, Harry continued his work, stopping to take a break every few hours or so to partake of the drink and food.

With his chores done, Harry allowed them to follow him into the Cottage and granted them permission into his home. When the Professor and Half Giant entered, they found it to be bigger on the inside than it was on the outside. The inside of the house looked like a huge Log Cabin with a homely feel to it. Inside was a couple leather recliners and a leather sofa. On the floor, was a bear rug with its mouth open. Turning to the side where a stone fireplace was situated, they looked up as they both gazed upon a portrait of James and Lily Potter-Evans. Inside the said portrait, both were sitting and reading either a book and or newspaper, while the background itself resembled that of what seemed a recreation of the Potter Manor's sitting room.

Next to it was another portrait of an old man with white hair, white messily unshaven face, a white button down long sleeve shirt with a black vest, and and a tan stetson on his head. "By the Goddess. Lily, James." she whispered.

The face of James turned, "Minnie, Hagrid." the jovial face of James Potter cried out like a child given his favorite candy.

"James, behave. Hello Professor, Hagrid. It's been a long time." Lily said with a beautiful smile.

Hagrid teared up as Erik delivered tea while Harry entered the kitchen. The Potter's within the Portrait talked to their old friends for a while. Lily admonished them for leaving Harry with her sister while James spoke of the man in the portrait next to them with revered respect. Carter Slade had found their son Harry that night and took him into his home, raised him as his son. Before his passing, with a bit of instruction from James, managed to contact the Family Solicitor to set things right and begin clearing Sirius's name while having him removed from Azkhaban. Neither individuals knew this bit of information until James blurted it out of course, but by then, James had asked of them to remain silent about this as they didn't need to tip Peter Pettigrew about Sirius being removed from Azkhaban, let alone a meddling old man. When they defended Peter, it was Lily who set them straight by telling them about Peter being their secret keeper and Dumbledore knowing since he cast the 'Fidelius Charm' on the cottage.

Harry shook them out of their shock at this information as he called out dinner an hour later. On the dinner table within the dining room coinciding with the living room. Dinner was a calm affair as they ate freshly cooked and seasoned steak, steaming baked potatoes with a small square of butter melting on top of them. Also on their plated were steamed seasoned green beans and cobs of corn with another small square of butter also melting on them individually. In the middle of the table was a set of salt and pepper shakers, a bowl of sour cream, and a large bowl of freshly mixed salad with a few variety bottles of Salad Dressing. For drink was extremely aged wine for the Professor and Hagrid while Harry drank a tall glass of orange juice.

With dinner done, they talked for a few hours with Harry agreeing to join them at Hogwarts in the afternoon of the next day, but let them know he would not be wearing the uniforms required. When they asked why, he preferred that they wait to find out the next day after dinner back at Hogwarts. He didn't want to repeat himself, and Lily and James who joined them in the dining rooms portrait, said that it would be best that Dumbledore and the other Professors acquiesce to his wishes at it was most important that everyone of the professors understood altogether the reasons at the same time. Showing them to a set of guest rooms, he allowed them their rest while he cleaned himself up and then crawled into bed, only to enter Morpheus's realm.

The next day, both Individuals joined him outside the barrier after a hearty breakfast of eggs, sausages, grits, biscuits, several slices of orange, and freshly squeezed orange juice. Harry disappeared outside the cottage to collect something and returned later to show them out. He, of course had his faithful owl Hedwig and an Andalusian Horse waiting for him outside the Cottage doors. Hedwig was perched on the worn leather saddle that was securely tied to the horses back.

"This beautiful creature is Hedwig." Harry lovingly ran his hand down her chest underneath the beak several times. "And this fella here, is Charles." he said as he ran his fingers through the horses black mane. Harry held out a hand, asking silently for the elderly professor to take it and get on Charles while he helped her into the saddle. Hedwig at this time flapped to her humans shoulder. Hagrid commented positively on the Snow Owls gorgeousness. Hedwig precked at him in appreciation.

Outside of the barrier minutes later, Minerva got off Charles and stood by Hagrid while Harry climbed onto Charles after releasing Hedwig when he asked her to go on ahead and meet him at the school. "Tell Dumbledore I'll be at Hogwarts within the setting of the sun later today. I have business with Gringotts first. Oh, and remember, I won't be wearing the preferred clothing Hogwarts demands."

"And I ask again, why is that, Mr. Potter?" Professor McGonagall asked, looking up at him with a questioning smirk.

Harry winked at her as he replied, "And as I said last night Professor, you'll find out tonight, when dinner's over. Professor McGonagall, Mr. Hagrid." Harry nodded, touching his hats brim, turning the horse around, and took off quickly into the darkness of the woods.

An Hour Later

Arriving at Gringott's an hour after he left his home, Harry hopped off and left his horse outside the doors after passing two Canteens of his special brew to the armed Guardian Goblins who wielded spears, all the while asking silently them to watch over his beloved horse. He personally knew these goblins and was on good terms with them and their individual families.

He spoke with The Potter Account Manager he assigned after removing the last one for aiding and abetting in the theft of the Potter funds that had been missing from his and his families account, which he had found had been going into Albus Dumbledore's vault and that of Molly, Ronald, and Ginerva Weasley. He stopped this of course and got all the money back after his new account manager Rockjaw took over and closed all but two of the accounts, all the while charging Molly Weasley and Albus Dumbledore for the theft of funds. The last accountant, Griphook was dismissed and eventually executed for the thefts as he too collected money from the Potter Vaults, money that was returned to the said vaults. He allowed and even managed to pay for the entire schooling of the remaining sons and Daughter of House Weasley as an act of kindness once he had learned of the character of Arthur Weasley, thanks to a small and yet eventful conversation with a William Weasley. An invisibility Cloak and a pensive was recovered from Dumbledore's office after a search and seizure warrant was issued against him. When informed about a bogus Marriage contract written for him by Albus Dumbledore and Molly Weasley, he burned it himself as was his right as he acted in accordance as the Lord of his House.

So, here he found himself now, patiently waiting on his account manager to finish with his current client. "Next!" he heard and stepped forward.

"Ah, Mr. Potter-Slade. How nice of you to join us today. May your Gold always flow." Rockjaw said with a bow.

"And may your enemy's blood flow as a river." Harry returned the bow. "So, how's business, my friend?" he asked as he held out his hand to the Goblin whom took it into his hand and shook it firmly.

"Business is amazingly fortuitous my young friend. I've put in the appropriate recommendations and your accounts have grown with your investments. You have 6% stocks in Stark Enterprises, 11% in Apple, and more." For over an hour they talked and added more investments to various new businesses in agriculture and technology to their current growing wealth. Harry surprised Rockjaw by upping his intake from 4% to 6% as well as a large keg of a special brew of his homemade Moonshine he had just finished over 6 months earlier. Pulling it from within his hat, Harry handed it to Rockjaw who held it to his chest as if it was a precious bundle or child, his grin growing and his head nodding in appreciation. Concluding their business, Harry exited the bank while Rockjaw, who was warned to take it easy, ran to whereabouts unknown to share the brew with his associates. But secretly, Harry was chuckling inside as he knew the warning wasn't going to effect them enough to stop them from sending him another funny letter.

A couple of hours later

"Children, early yesterday, Professor McGonagall found a missing student who was not able to make it last year." Headmaster Albus Dumbledore went to say more, but a white snowy owl flew in and to the Transfiguring Professor who held out an arm. When Hedwig landed, she held out a leg with a letter tied to it. Taking the letter and offering the owl a few slices of bacon, she opened and read the letter. She then summoned Hagrid to her with motion of her head as she looked towards him a moment later and whispered some instructions to his ear. Everyone within the Great Hall was silent as Hagrid hurriedly left towards the double doors.

"Minerva...?" the Headmaster queried only for her to silence him with a glare.

"Lady Hedwig, if you would be so kind as to return to Harry with my reply." she said as she pulled out a bottle of ink and an feathered Quil from one of her robe pockets. Writing her reply, she retied the letter just as Hagrid managed to reach the doors. Hedwig out-flew the half-giant quickly and disappeared from sight.

Half an hour later, Hagrid and a teenager in a brown yet dusty trench coat and a stetson hat that hid his face, walked into the Great Hall. The Snowy Owl Hedwig on the young mans right shoulder. There was a chime from the spurs on the back of both boots that sounded every time he took a step. A young girl from the Ravenclaw table with blondish white hair and radish earrings, jumped from her seat and happily ran to the young man who caught her in his arms and swung her around in joy and laughter.

After he set her down, he removed his hat and placed it on her head. In doing so, everybody was party to see the messy ravens nest of hair and green emerald eyes. "How you been, little sister?" Harry asked in a Yankee southern accent.

"Better, now that you're here, big brother." she replied. He looked her up and down and saw something something was amiss, and that bothered him as his smile turned to a frown, "Luna, where's your shoes?"

"The Nargles took them." Harry understood Nargles as a code for 'thief' but since she added an 's' to the word, he knew there were more, hence when she spoke in plural, as he then looked at the Ravenclaw table. Some of the students tried to hide from his piercing and now heated gaze, as they knew that with Luna as Harry Potters 'Sister', they were in a lot of trouble as he now knew that those who wouldn't look at him, were the ones who had wronged his little 'Sister'. He could not let this stand, and so, holding one hand towards the open Hall doors and the other towards the Ravenclaw table, Harry, with a mental command, summoned Luna's belongings. There were yelps from the table of Ravenclaw as his adopted sisters belongings flew towards him. He took an empty pouch that he had on him, enlarged it, charmed it to be feather-lite, and added some other complex charms to it, as everything that was Lunas belongings, was beginning to fly from and into the Hall and into the said pouch. As they did, he waved them into the bag with his hand until all of Luna's stolen belongings minus her shoes and a pair of socks, was in it. He shrank it and handed to her while glaring angrily at the Ravenclaw table.

"Bunch of Ravenclaws indeed." he spat at the table, getting gasps from within the entirety of Main Dining Hall. "You all shame the House of Rowena Ravenclaw. Bullying and stealing other peoples things. You're all nothing more than Vultures." Looking to the tiny Charms Professor, "Is this what I'm to look forward to while I'm here, Uncle Fil?"

"Of course not, Mr. Potter. Rest assured, I will be having a lengthy discussion with all of my Ravens. As is, I think it's time an example be made." the half-Goblin Professor answered. Unbeknownst to almost all of the staff, the Head of Ravenclaw was secretly corresponding with Harry ever since he learned of his place among Wizarding society. The undefeated duelist of the Duel Circuit was surprised to receive mail from his late favorite students son, only to unofficialy take the child and name him family. Before the Headmaster could stop and rebuke either individuals, with a fast flick of his now outstretched wand, and several students were either thrown onto the floor, or dragged a bit onto the Ravenclaw table as the badges pinned onto their robes flew from the students and into his space at the Great Halls table, where the Professor then shrunk them down and charmed them to fly into his robes inner pockets wherein he then patted his robes and nodded at his pseudo adopted nephew.

He then felt a dark presence from within one of the tables of students, a presence that stank of evil. He followed it to its source and came to a table filled with a bunch of students wearing the crest of House Gryffindore. Having learned a lot of information from his parents portrait, he knew what table represented what House. He came across a bunch of familiar redheads until he stopped on a girl with long red hair who looked somewhat like his late mother Lily, only her eyes were brown instead of green. As the Headmaster called out his name, trying to get his attention, he looked at the little girl before him and commanded in a soft voice, "Hand it over."

"W-What?" she stammered.

The entire group of red heads began to rise until they saw his eyes catch on fire when he looked at them. Turning back to the girl, he repeated himself in a more forceful tone, "Hand it over. The object in your robes pocket. Give it to me. Now!"

The young lady began to tear up in fear, her lip trembling, until Luna who had followed him to the table, sat beside the redhead and began whispering into her ear. The redhead nodded to whatever Luna said as the girl pulled out a what appeared to be a book from within her robe pockets. Handing it to Luna who in turn handed it to Harry, the girl began to cry. Looking to the book, Harry felt the dark soul shard inside. Seeing it was the property of Tom Riddle, Harry now had a name to his target. He'd sworn an oath to destroy the man who killed his parents, and he found out how to do it as his special sight enabled him to see the links to other locations outside of the school, while one of the links led to somewhere within the school.

Harry calmed down as he looked to the young girl who was still crying. Taking the girls chin into his roughly calloused hand and raising it, he asked softly, "What's your name?"

"Her name's Ginny. Ginny Weasley." Luna answered for him. Harry, becoming alarmed, looked at the red headed boys still standing behind her, then back to Ginny. He knew the girl was innocent, her soul was still pure from what he sensed, barely tainted by the object now in his possession. The other redheads were no doubt her brothers.

"Ginny, look at me." he said in the same soft tone. When she did, he continued, "I'll get you a new diary as soon as possible, I promise. This book is tainted by dark magic." he said as he raised it for her and everyone else to see, then slipped it into his jackets internal pocket. "It has to be destroyed. I'm the only one who can do it. Don't worry, I'm not mad at you, but this book," he tapped the outer part of his jacket where the book was located, "would have made you do very bad things, and you wouldn't be able to stop yourself. It could have even hurt you, okay. With this in my possession, you won't have to worry about such things. I have to ask, how did you come across this?"

"Oi, why does she get something and we don't?" one of the other red heads stood up and asked haughtily.

Harry asked, "And you are?"

"Ron Weasley, her brother. We were supposed to be best mates last year, Harry. Where were you? And why did you make my mum cry?" The boy asked.

Harry stepped into his space, looked him in the eyes and replied, "I don't like thieves. The money in those vaults were stolen from my vaults at the behest of the Headmaster and your mother, as I'm sure he and I," he made sure to look at the now paused and pale old man while the whole of the Great Hall was filled with gasps to which he ignored, "will be having a little talk about very soon. And I'm nobodies mate until they've earned that right. And you haven't earned it. Now do you or either of your kin or friends know how this book came into your sisters possession?"

"It was.."

"at the.."

"bookstore a couple.."

"of days ago"

"Harry, sir."

Harry kept swinging his head back and forth between the twins so much that he though he was seeing quadruple the amount of more than familiar twins there actually was as they grinned at him. Grabbing his head, he stilled it until the dizzying effect stopped. Once he was alright, he shook his head and said, "Okay, that was cool, but can be a bit dizzying. Who put it in her hands?" The twins and Ginny began to think while Ronald began to go red with anger.

"It was Lucius Malfoy." another female voice squeaked. Harry turned to the girl in whom spoke. She had bushy brown hair and seemed to be holding another boys hands.

"And you are?" he asked, though he already knew who she was as he wanted to keep his actions of the year previous, a secret for a bit longer.

"Her-Hermione Granger."

"And how do you know Lucius Malfoy did it?"

"Because her dad and Mr. Malfoy got into a fight at the book store. He was the one who put it into her cauldron, now that I think about it..."

"Shut up you filthy little mud-blood." a blonde idiot hollered out from another table on the far side of the Hall.

At the term 'Mud-blood', it was then Harry Potter's eyes suddenly began to blaze and smoke. He heard the story from his mother Lily from her portrait how she and Severus Snape had their falling out due to the derogatory term he called her by. It struck a bad cord within him to hear another person say it to another muggleborn. Turning slowly, he looked at the boy who spoke and pointed at him, snarling, "You!" he growled out in a deep, dark, baritone voice, "Come here." He shouted as he threw out his free hand and a chain shot out from his coat sleeve, and wrapped around the blond ponces body, ensnaring his arms. He yanked the chain back roughly and the boy sailed over the other two tables and and into his outstretched hand with a 'yelp'.

Harry sensed the growing darkness from the boy in his hand as he held him by the throat, yet could not permanently hurt him as he had not physically hurt or killed anyone just yet. "The word you just used is a very ugly word, that even you are too stupid to define the true meaning of. I believe you owe her an apology, boy." he sneered.

"Who...wh-what are you?" he whimpered. As he asked this, yellow liquid began to flow down his legs and onto the floor. Harry saw this as did those close by.

Harry looked back into his eyes, "Let's just say, you don't want to find out, but will if you harm, kill, and or spill the blood of an innocent. Just as your father will learn soon enough." Harry spat. It was then he felt a wand tip being held against the back of his head.

"Slowly, lower my Godson boy or I'll..." The Potions Professor didn't get to finish as Harry shot back.

"You'll do what 'Snivellus'? I know my father and his friends bullied you and some of the others during your time here as a student. But I also know that some of them deserved it and that you gave as good as you got. But, what you called my mother as well as sending the Dark Lord after her and my father because of Trelawney's drunk prophecy spewing lips, I will not forgive so easily."

Both Severus Snape and Albus Dumbledore paled as the Headmaster stuttered, "Yo-You know?"

Harry turned back to and snarled as he threw the blond boy to the floor, allowing him to scramble and run in fear once he managed to stand. "Yes, I do." Harry said as he turned fully to face the Professors. "And as it is, I am well within my right to demand satisfaction for my parents killers servant. The only reason I don't is because if I do that in front of these kids, they'll have nightmares for the rest of their lives and I'll be branded as a future Dark Lord and hunted until the end of time. As it is, I'm calling in the debt owed to my father. A debt in which was transferred to me upon his death."

"HARRY, NO.." Albus Dumbledore cried out only to be silenced as Harry continued.

"Severus Tobias Snape, the life debt you owed my father and in turn owe me, I now call magic to see the debt owed is paid in full. As Lord of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Potter, from this day forward, you will act like a competent teacher and person. No longer will you show favoritism for just Slytherin House, but all Houses and the students who live in them. No longer will you mistreat students and make them fear you. No longer will you take points from the other houses unfairly and you will treat all four houses as equals. That includes my Godbrother, Neville Longbottom, of the Most Ancient and Most Noble House of Longbottom. You will also protect and serve the children within this school when in danger whether it be by potion error, unintentional accidents, dark creatures, and or terrorists. So I have spoken, so mote it be."

Severus Snape dropped his wand and fell to his knees as he cried out as Magic had recognized the debt owed and had seen to Harry Potters will being done. Albus Dumbledore had then quickly issued all of the teachers to usher their students to their dorms. All of the children quickly left, all except Luna as Harry had her remain with him as well as Neville as he had much he had to explain to his Godbrother.

With the doors closed, and the only ones still within the Great Hall being Albus Dumbledore, Severus Snape, Hagrid, Harry, Luna, Neville, Trelawney, and the school nurse who began to check on the Potions Professor, but saw no real problems with him, and so, removed herself from his foul presence. Before she could leave, Harry had her stay as well. When the Headmaster tried to have Hagrid escort Madam Pomphrey back to the Hospital Wing as well as Luna and Neville, one look from Harry stopped the half-giant in his tracks. Harry's only words to Dumbledore was that Luna already knew his secret and that Neville deserved to know as what he had to say, concerned him as well. But what he had to say was going to have to wait until the other heads of House returned.

"Harry, I'm disappointed in you." Dumbledore began. "You attacked a student, took away a teachers free will, and did not appear here for your first year of schooling. And finally, you attempt to override my Authority as Headmaster of this school."

Harry just looked at the old man and spat at his feet. "That's what I think of your disappointment. To hell with you, your so called words of wisdom, and your authority, because all of that means absolutely nothing to me, you fucking traitor." Harry said nonchalantly. Neville looked on in shock as know one in the short life he lived, had even spoke to the Headmaster in the way Potter did, except his Grandmother. With a hint of pride, he placed a hand on Harry's shoulder.

Looking to his Godbrother and seeing the supportive gesture and expression, Harry nodded.

Dumbledore knew what Harry meant when he called him a traitor as well as a thief. Somehow Harry found out he took family property and wealth from Harry's vaults the year before and somehow had the Goblins retrieve them. There was even a pouch of ashes that was sent to him and a letter that explained what became of the illegal marriage contract he and Molly Weasley set up for him. Before he could retort, the Hall doors opened, showing the other heads of House returning. Not wanting any other bit of information of his illegal operations to be known, the Headmaster quickly changed the subject before anyone could say anything, "Very well, then can you please explain why you refuse to wear the required school uniform?"

Harry looked to Luna who looked into his eyes and nodded grimly and then looked grimly at his Godbrother as he sat between the both of them, sighed, and ran a hand through his hair, "Nev, what you are about to learn and see today, might change your views about me. If there was ever a time to back out, it's now."

"No, brother. Potters and Longbottoms have stood side by side since the time of Camelot." Taking out and raising his wand, he declared, "Whatever your secret, I, Neville Francis Longbottom, promise to always be by your side. To support you, and if there comes a time where I'd disagree with you, promise to sit down and talk out the problem for an even better solution. So mote it be."

"So mote it be." Harry replied. "Thanks Nev, with you and Luna by my side, I know that I will never have to worry about straying from the path of righteousness." With a nod of thanks at his Godbrother, and receiving one in return, he then turned to the staff surrounding him and his new family. "Are any of you religious?"

The teachers looked to one another wondering where this question is going as Professor McGonagall answered, "We all worship in our own way? Why?" She began to have an uneasy feeling about the oncoming answer.

"Have any of you heard the name, Zarathos?" he looked until his eyes rested on Severus Snape. Though the man was already pale, the man began to pale even further at hearing the name uttered by the last Potter. So much so, you could see the sweat running down his face. "You've heard of the name, haven't you, Professor?"

"Th-The Angel of Justice, bro-brother of the fallen one." Snape stuttered

"That's right. Zarathos was an Angel of Heaven who was christened with the duty of protecting the innocent. But was deceived by his brother, Mephistopheles, or as some of you may have heard of him by his other names, Lucifer, Satan, Morning Star, Roarke, and other dumb titles before he fell from grace. He's an asshole no matter what name he goes by." Harry paused to take a sip of a drink from a goblet on the table he sat at. Sighing, he continued, "As it goes, upon his fall from Grace, he tricked his brother Zarathos, and pulled him into the pits of hell with him. Since the time of recorded history, he was tortured by Satans demons, forced to watch as Humanity descended closer in Lucifer's domain via warfare, pestilence, senseless slaughter over land, religions, and ideals. Soon, Zarathos' sanity broke, his mission becoming corrupted and twisted until his desire to protect the innocent became an unquenchable thirst to punish the guilty."

"What does this have to do with you, Harry?" Dumbledore asked quickly, becoming anxious to know what the boy was trying to tell him and the others.

"For one, it's Mr. Potter to you, Headmaster. And second, you haven't earned the right to speak to me with familiarity." Harry sternly answered. Before Professor McGonagall or anyone could admonish him, he continued, "Anyway, after a while, Lucifer bound Zarathos with a curse. He started making deals with mortals. He'd take their souls and bestow Zarathos' powers upon them until their mission was complete. They'd become the Ghost Rider, the Devils Bounty Hunter."

Afraid of where this was going, Minerva McGonagal put her hand to her mouth shakily, "Harry," she whispered in fear, "Please say you're not..."

Harry smiled sadly and lowered his head, "There was once a town in Texas called San Vanganza. Nice town, nice people. Then a stranger came along, started making deals. The people turned on one another until the entire town itself drowned in their blood. The contract of San Vanganza bound their souls to that God Forsaken place. A few decades later, there was a legend about an honorable Texas Ranger, a Ranger named Carter Slade. But, the man got greedy. Found himself locked up, waiting on the gallows. Stranger came to see him, offering freedom. Slade made a deal, wound up a Ghost Rider. Mephistopheles gave him a mission to retrieve the Contract of San Vanganza. But what he found there was so evil, that he took the Contract and outran the Devil himself."

He looked up at everyone of the Professors and saw they began to worry and shake a little. He took another sip while Luna laid her head on his right shoulder, "Slade took up a house on an old Cemetery Ground. It's a farm now, and the mountain and plains around it are Hallowed Ground. This prevented Mephistopheles from getting his hands on the Contract. He then took the name, 'Caretaker'."

Harry saw the transfiguration Professor about to say something, no doubt to say something about Slade being a criminal, but Filius Flitwick ,Head of Ravenclaw and Charms Professor asked in his half-goblin squeaky voice, "Past tense, Mr. Potter? What became of Mr. Slade and the Contract?"

"There was a carnival duo of father and son, named Barton and Johnny Blaze, what you call muggle motorcycle stuntmen. The father Barton, wound up with cancer due to his smoking. One night, his son Johnny, found out fro a discarded Doctors medical report. That night, Mephistopheles paid Johnny a visit while he was doing a maintenance check on his bike. Spoke to him, and Johnny made a deal to cure his father. But as a way of controlling Johnny, he killed Barton during one of his dangerous bike stunts the very next day. Days later, Mephistopheles visited Johnny, placed the other half of Zarathos into Johnny, made him a Rider. Johnny was forced to leave everything he knew, everyone he loved, and cared for behind. A few years ago, Mephistopheles came calling. His son, Blackheart, and other Rogue Demons began searching for the Contract. Having ran into my adopted father Carter, after his first night as a Rider, the very same man whom saved and raised me as his son when I was left on the Dursleys steps all those years ago, stitched Johnny back up and watched him ride off after learning about why Johnny made the deal. Of course, Johnny was informed by Mephistopheles to destroy his son and his companions the night before, just before he transformed for the very first time, and to get back the Contract. Suffice to say, Johnny ran into Blackheart, learned that even his greatest weapon and power could not stop the Devils son. But because Caretaker knew of the contract and probably knew of its location, Johnny returned to my father to acquire it."

Harry began to laugh as Dumbledore pushed him to keep going, "Mr. Potter, this is not a laughing manner. What became of the Contract?"

The young Potter looked at the Headmaster with a warning look, "The Ghost Riders greatest weapon/power, is the Penance Stare. What that means, for those who do evil to others, one glance from a Rider upon apprehension, and their Souls will be burnt from within. Because Blackheart had no soul, Johnny needed the contract in order to beat him. With all but one of the Demons that followed Blackheart destroyed, Johnny made to track him, but not before Caretaker transformed once more and gave him an escort to San Vanganza. What no one but myself, Caretaker, and the Heavenly Host know, was that Michael, the Archangel took back Slades soul and charged him with two missions. Find me, raise me appropriately as a father would his son, teach me right from wrong, and train me for my destiny as the future carrier of his half of Zarathos' spirit. When I was ready, Michael returned and put my fathers half of Zarathos inside of me, but allowed a small portion to remain inside my father, just enough to transform one last time. Caretaker escorted Johnny to San Vanganza and then disappeared. I later learned through a dream from the Holy Spirit that Johnny allowed Blackheart to take the contract and absorb the souls into his being. My father told him that night just before they left for San Vanganza, that any man who had the guts to sell his soul for love, had the power to change the world. Johnny didn't do it for greed, he did it for the right reasons. And that's what put God on his side. To the Demons of Hell, that's what made him dangerous and unpredictable. That night, upon their arriving on a hill overlooking the cursed town, my father hinted to Johnny to stick to the shadows, and then rode off into the night where he vanished and was carried off into the heavens by the hands of Gods Angels. Johnny lured Blackheart who then called himself Legion, into a rotting church within San Vanganza after he freed Blazes girlfriend from Blackhearts cursed hands. It was then Johnny had him, with all those souls inside of him, johnny lured the prick into the church where he used the Penance Stare and burned the souls inside of Blackheart when he transformed within the shadows of that church, beating and destroying him. Mephistopheles approached him to try to take back the power Johnny had. Instead, Johnny embraced the power and let the Devil know that he would use the curse to fight him, fighting fire with fire. The last bit of Zarathos' power that Caretaker had, was transferred to me the moment he went to his new home, in the Heavens, where he belongs."

Looking into the rafters that was charmed to look like the sky, Harry smiled, "I just know Caretaker, Mum, Dad, the other Potters and Peverell's are looking down on me and proud of how I've taken care of things here, as well as what Caretaker's left for me which is rather much larger than I'd normally be able to handle in this lifetime, all of which I've combined with the Potter and Peverell vaults."

"So, the Contract...?" Professor McGonagall asked.

"Is long gone, null and void. It's no longer a danger to anyone."

"If I may, what does a Ghost Rider look like, Mr. Potter?" Professor Sprout asked. Harry, from the many discussions he had with the portrait of Lily Potter, knew of her as well since she was a close family friend and didn't know that she had been left in the will as one of several originally meant to take care of him, but was denied this knowledge thanks to Dumbledores meddling. He'd have to rectify this upon a later date when time permitted.

Harry smile and then transformed. His head, neck, and hands revealing a flaming skull. Even his neck bones, bony hands, and the rest of his body burned with red and orange flames that then turned to dark and light blue as he showed them exactly how much control he had over not just his emotions, but the flaming spirit within him, allowing the fire to change colors. His clothing changed a bit as it showed some burning holes that had tongues of flame coming out of them. All but Luna jumped back in shock as the girl merely raised her head and then took a burning hand into one of her own. She then with the other hand, placed it on his face between his upper and lower jaw where the fire died down, allowing him to shift back into his human form. He smiled sadly once more as she kissed his cheek and hugged his neck. He sighed in contentment as he laid his head on hers.

"Oh Harry, you're a braver man than I, brother." Neville said as he walked back towards his brother and pulled his Godbrother into his arms. Harry stiffened at first, but melted into the embrace and returned it with fervor.

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