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I will flag this from now, but after the story does finish there is potential for a new take on things to continue after. I myself will likely not go in this new direction, but I will offer the opportunity to readers who express an interest and those who I believe will be able to develop an interesting take after things finish here.

Again, I appreciate all your support, both love and hate. This story definitely ruffled the most feathers out of all of my stories, but it is by far the most cathartic I've written and stomps on a lot of stupid things that irritated me about DxD, while also presenting things from a new perspective. In other words, this is as close to a true "What if?" that I have ever done and I can't say I'm disappointed with how things turned out.

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Issei found himself entangled by Akeno and Ophis the next morning, much to his confusion. With Irina and Xenovia arriving on the scene, Issei was spurred into getting ready to go to school. At school, Issei noted both Raynare and Asia acting differently, however, the reason as to why was a mystery to Issei. Tracking down Ravel after school, Issei somehow managed to accidentally have Ravel prepare a banquet for Ophis, before the pair travelled to meet Ravel's parents. In the discussion that followed, a marriage contract was agreed upon, with Issei also using his last remaining angel card on Ravel, with unexpected results, leading to the two journeying to heaven to seek Michael's opinion on the matter.

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'Ddraig talking and Sacred Gear sounds'

"Ddraig thinking"



Chapter 23 – Aspirations

As Issei and Ravel exited the gateway to heaven, Ravel was quickly stunned at the presence of the place. A few nearby angels spotted Issei and smiled, before noticing Ravel as well, a well-known devil, confusing them. This was compounded by the fact that they felt as though Ravel was both one of them and their direct opposite at the same time.

'It's really something, isn't it?' Said Issei after a few moments, snapping Ravel out of her awe-induced daze.

'W-well, it isn't that special.' Muttered Ravel, but her words were clearly more subdued than usual.

'Come on, we should go and see if Michael or Gabriel are around. After that, I'm sure we'll head to the lab to see how your body is adapting to things.

With that, Issei started to lead Ravel through heaven, deliberately walking slower than usual, in order to give Ravel enough time to absorb the majesty of the place she likely would have never seen in her life, if it wasn't for Issei himself. Despite walking slower, it didn't take long for the pair to reach the elevator which would take them directly to the sixth floor. Exiting onto the sixth floor, both Gabriel and Michael were present, seeming to be in discussion about something.

'Issei, have you come to assess the changes your body has undergone since being imbued with Great Red and Ophis' power?' Asked Michael.

'Well, that wasn't my original reason for coming here, but I might as well.' Said Issei, before gesturing for Ravel to stand in front of him, as opposed to standing slightly behind as she had been.

'My main reason for coming here is Ravel.' Explained Issei, causing the two seraphs to take notice of the girl, which was quickly followed by an expression of confusion.

'Issei, I don't suppose you would be willing to explain why Ravel here contains the aura of both a devil and an angel?' Asked Michael.

'I'd be willing if I knew why exactly, but all I can say at this stage is that I used my third card and it had interesting results.' Explained Issei.

Michael nodded before both he and Gabriel stood.

'In that case, I believe we should go down to the fifth floor and try to get to the bottom of this.' Said Michael, getting a nod from his fellow seraph.

'I will accompany you too. I would like to discuss some things with Issei along the way.' Said Gabriel, getting a nod from Michael and Issei.

'Let us depart then.' Said Michael, with the two seraphs joining the two reincarnated angels and making their way back to the lift, which quickly took them down a level.

As the group exited the lift, Michael started to strike up a conversation with Ravel, allowing Gabriel and Issei to trail behind them, walking at a slower pace.

'Issei, how are you managing the recent changes in your life?' Asked Gabriel.

'Well, if you'd asked me a few days ago I'd say terribly, but now, I'm okay. It took some help, but I'm not about to let all my progress disappear.' Admitted Issei.

'I'm glad to hear that. If you don't mind my asking, are you still seeing apparitions?' Asked Gabriel.

'No. Nothing at all, not even a word… it seems whatever it was… her soul… I think it was Raynare's soul.' Started Issei, before getting lost in thought.

'Well, I have of course heard of the many methods fallen angels have developed to survive. I never once believed they could manifest into apparitions.' Said Gabriel, getting Issei to snap back to the present.

'She said it was because I had strong feelings for her and couldn't let her go.' Supplied Issei.

'That does seem to be the case. Fallen angels are able to harness sin to empower themselves, a perversion on what they once were. To have been brought back to life in such a short time though, it is nothing short of remarkable. There are many factors which no doubt contributed to the outcome, chiefly your own power and I'm afraid even your own desire for Raynare, which allowed her to manifest. I believe your heightened distress with almost dying, in addition to our Trinity Recall, also had an effect. Perhaps even the power of Ophis and Great Red contributed as well. I cannot say if any or all of these factors led to the outcome, but it seems like a combination of them managed to pull off the impossible.' Explained Gabriel.

Issei took a moment to mull this over. Gabriel waited to allow him time to collect his thoughts, only to find he was now looking at her expectantly.

'Is something the matter, Issei?' Asked Gabriel.

'Why did she lose her memory?' Asked Issei.

'I'm afraid I don't have an answer for that.' Said Gabriel, causing Issei to nod impassively.

Issei had been expecting that answer, but decided to ask and hope for the best regardless.

'If you don't mind me asking, what were you and Michael discussing before we arrived? It looked serious. Have you received new intel about the vampires?' Asked Issei.

'No, we are still waiting on that front. The envoy of the Vampires should be arriving at your parent's household the day after tomorrow. It is much sooner than we had been expecting, which leads us to believe something has changed quite recently with the situation over there. Given Khaos Brigade has currently promised a ceasefire, it makes us believe there is another party moving things behind the scenes.' Explained Gabriel.

'I see… so what were you discussing then?' Asked Issei.

Gabriel seemed to think her response over for a minute, before replying.

'It seems one of our most devout followers is losing their faith. Understandably, with the information that came out during the alliance of the three factions, faith was one of the things which we lost amongst many believers, but this person didn't waver. The fact that something has led them to lose faith currently and turn on our teachings is alarming. Faith is what keeps us strong and if the strongest among us lose faith, it bodes ill for us all.' Explained Gabriel.

Issei frowned at the deliberate vagueness Gabriel had employed in her reply, having come to know when Gabriel, on rare occasions, didn't want a topic of conversation pursued. To this, Issei simply nodded and turned his gaze forward, noting that they had reached the lab. The best way to describe the lab, would be by taking an image out of Issei's favourite manga Drag So-ball. The lab looked like the inside of Dell's ship, with large pods connecting to multiple tubes, which all ran to an extremely large computer system. If there was one thing that looked like it didn't belong in heaven, a place of purity and simple features, it was the lab, which looked like it came from a century in the future.

'Now then, Issei, Ravel, could you each enter a pod. We will begin our analysis immediately. Ravel, you need not be afraid of the pod. While it was composed with the knowledge of serving angels, it is not harmful to others. Additionally, it is unlikely you should experience any issues, as you yourself now appear to possess the traits of an angel.' Instructed Michael.

Issei stepped up and placed a hand on Ravel's shoulder, giving her a small nod, before making his way to his own pod. Ravel took a deep breath in, before giving a slow exhale and moving towards her own pod. Arriving in front of her pod, Ravel looked towards Issei, seeking guidance. Issei simply raised a hand and pushed it into the pod. Ravel opened her eyes slightly in surprise, having expected the pod to open, but instead, it seemed to sink into a gelatinous portal which sucked them in. Once inside, the pod filled with a blue liquid. At first glance, Ravel though it was water, but it seemed more apt to call it jelly. It clung to Ravel's legs all the way up to her waist and seemed to pulse in time with her heartbeat. Ravel glanced over to Issei, only to see his jelly quickly turning red and pulsing like the lava of an active volcano. Ravel turned her attention back to her pod, seeing her jelly start to turn a dark yellow, before becoming a pale gold. The mass of gold jelly continued to pulse and swirl around Ravel. Issei also noticed the change in colour of Ravel's pod and looked up at her computer screen, placed above her. Issei never did pay too much attention to the results of his many tests, case in point, why he was surprised by the cards Michael had given him a short while ago. Despite Issei's ignorance on the matter, he noted Ravel's readings seemed to consist of two separate, parallel lines. Looking above to see his own screen, Issei noted his readings showed a helical structure. Deducing correctly that the helix of power represented a harmony between Issei's dragon and angel powers, it made Ravel's reading all the more curious. Almost on a whim, Issei had a thought come to mind and impulsively acted on it.

'Ravel, make a ball of fire.' Said Issei.

Ravel jerked upon hearing Issei's voice so suddenly, but gave a small nod and complied nonetheless. Looking above at Ravel's screen, the moment she invoked her magic, her two lines of energy merged into one. Issei raised an eyebrow at this information, not fully understanding the result, but having at least enough understanding to realise something was abnormal with what just happened. A quick glance over to the lab technician and seraphs seconded Issei's thoughts, seeing them look surprised, but also curious. Deciding to use some of his own magic, Issei generated a smaller scale Holy Nova. Instead of the normal orange colour Issei had come to associate with his attack, his ball of flames was in fact a deep maroon with little flecks of black running along the surface of the ball. Releasing his wings temporarily, the ball suddenly changed colour, becoming a ball of orange again, only this time, the orange looked a shade closer to bronze than fire. Looking up at his own screen, Issei noticed his two helical energy lines now had a third line running through the two. Letting his wings return Issei noticed the ball turned back into the mix of deep maroon with flecks of black. Looking up at his screen again, Issei noticed his two lines appeared to be three now. Looking very closely, Issei noticed the top line was actually thicker than the bottom. After a moment of thought, Issei started to question if Ophis and Great Red's power was actually fighting within him. Staying in their respective pods for a few more minutes, Issei and Ravel were eventually instructed to exit their pods.

'Well, it will take some time to fully analyse things, but it seems your time with Ophis and Great Red has had quite a change upon your body and it seems this has even transferred over into your cards. However, it seems Ravel's unique composition also facilitated this.' Explained Michael.

'What do you mean?' Asked Issei.

'Well, it seems that while your body contains the essence of both Ophis and Great Red, they simply refuse to merge. The only way you can bring them together to some degree is by using your angelic powers, as this in turn forces them to consolidate as the source of your dragon essence.' Elaborated Michael.

'So… it's like two people who hate each other only teaming up when they feel threatened by a third person?' Asked Issei.

'In a way I suppose… but as for Ravel, it seems her composition was already unique before the change, being both a devil and a phoenix, a creature which can be seen as both belonging to hell and heaven. It seems this unique aspect allowed Ravel to both incorporate our angel card as well as retain her Evil Piece. In this way, she now has a balance between holy and demonic energies which can be merged into fire.' Said Michael.

'Actually, I did wonder why your Evil Piece stayed within you. I wondered if it was because you were already a devil… but maybe something else happened.' Said Issei, turning to face Ravel.

'It may have to do with the fact that your own energy segregation imprinted onto Ravel to an extent. A crude take on the separate but equal principle, in which both of your energies remain alone but balanced. It also seems that the two of you are able to merge them, Ravel when using her flames bestowed upon her through her Phoenix abilities and you Issei through your angel state. I daresay there is much to be further investigated, but this is a fine start for now. We will analyse the data further and let you know of any other interesting results.' Said Michael.

'That is acceptable to me, thank you for looking after us both. We are in your care.' Bowed Ravel, causing Issei to laugh.

'You don't need to be so formal Ravel, the angels are all one big family. Aside from rank, there is no distinction between angels… wait, that doesn't sound right.' Said Issei, only for Gabriel to laugh softly.

'What Issei means is that while we may be called Seraphs, all angels are of the same ranking as brothers and sisters. There is no need to show formal respect as one would for superiors as we are all equal in that sense.' Clarified Gabriel.

'This is how I always address superiors, even my own parents.' Mumbled Ravel in confusion.

'Well, I'll make sure Ravel gets familiar with this manner of interacting with others as soon as possible. I guess we've taken up enough of your time for now though and since the Vampire envoy is coming soon, I guess I better prepare to head back to my parent's house… which should give me time for some repairs.' Said Issei, mumbling the last part as he recalled the damage, he and Akeno had done to his level.

'Of course. We will also let you know if we receive any new word on that front as well.' Said Michael, to which Issei nodded.

Ravel gave one last bow to the two out of habit, before she and Issei left.

'What do you make of the results, Gabriel?' Asked Michael.

'The results are worrying, but Issei's attitude is reassuring. It is odd seeing so many different types of energy, both working with and against each other, not to mention how Issei's human composition has had to adapt between so many different conversions… I don't think his body would survive another event that either adds or subtracts a dimension to his powers.' Said Gabriel.

'I agree. Issei is stable currently, both in mind and body, but I worry about something which could tip the balance on either.' Agreed Michael.

-line break-

'A ceasefire? I never could have imagined those heroic fools to come to such a decision.' Said a dark-silver-haired man, speaking to another silver-haired man in front of him.

'It seems to have been an impulsive move. The Hero Faction had one of their own returned to them, a Sacred Gear user who had been kidnapped by Shalba. I'm sure they no doubt regret it now.' Said the standing silver-haired man.

'Well, that is humans for ya. If they didn't have all their parts attached, I'm sure they'd lose things every day. I almost feel my own impulse to go and taunt them personally, but I'll settle for moving ahead of schedule instead.' Said the silver-haired man who was seated on a luxurious chair, peering out a window to the sky above.

'You wish is my command, Lord Lucifer.' Said the standing individual, who gave a small bow.

'Ah, come on Euclid; you know you can call me Rizevim. The Lucifer title holds little meaning to me anymore, especially given how many inferior people now use it.' Said the seated man.

'Be that as it may, Lucifer is not simply your title.' Said the man known as Euclid.

'True, true. Well, I guess we better call those magicians then. It seems like Michael has already sent his own little scouting party to check on the bloodsuckers. Too bad, since they're going to need to split up. I wonder who I should go and play with first. The weather forecaster or the species crosser, so much excitement to be had either way.' Said Rizevim.

'May I request the first battle with the dragon? I simply wish to test them for a bit. I need to at least ensure they will provide some form of entertainment for you.' Offered Euclid.

'My, what a magnanimous offer. Please do, please do. I would enjoy seeing how your experiment goes. Don't get too serious though, I wouldn't want to be left with the scraps after all.' Joked Rizevim.

'Of course. Leave it to me. On that note, would you like me to set up anything for the Hero Faction?' Asked Euclid.

'Nah, go have some fun, let loose a little, but not too much.' Said Rizevim, dismissing Euclid.

'Ah, children get more and more interesting every generation. Still mind-numbingly insignificant, but trying to attack the Dragon God of Infinity, that's some serious guts, especially for humans.' Commented Rizevim in amusement to himself.

-line break-

'Bennia, what are you doing back here?' Asked a cloaked and masked individual.

'I was just coming back to see what the situation is like here.' Said a smaller individual, who was also cloaked and masked.

'You can't come and go as you please anymore, especially after you went and joined devils. Hades is especially irritated with them after his most recent encounter with them.' Said the larger individual.

'I just wanted to make sure the others were okay.' Said the smaller figure, causing the larger figure to sigh.

'There were many casualties. If Pluto had not ordered the rest to return after it was revealed that we had been tricked, far more casualties would have been reported.' Revealed the larger figure.

'I see. I'm glad to hear that, it wouldn't be good for there to be this much bad blood between reapers and the Three Factions. It is regrettable that things came to this.' Said the smaller figure, sounding both sad and relieved at the same time.

'You should take care of yourself Bennia. As I said, Hades is furious right now. Hearing the recollection from Pluto has tipped him over the edge, there is no telling what his next move will be.' Said the larger figure.

'I understand, I won't come back again. Please take care of yourself.' Said the smaller figure, before fading away.

-line break-

'So Ravel, I guess we will need to figure out how to both move and repair this place at the same time.' Said Issei, as he and Ravel returned to his apartment complex.

'Did Fire Bird bring me more food?' Asked Ophis, suddenly materialising in front of the two.

'Or I suppose you could entertain Ophis and get some food for all of us to share. I can get started on planning out the repairs.' Amended Issei, seeing the infinite pit of food appear in front of them.

'I would be happy to.' Said Ravel, walking towards Ophis.

'Fire Bird is shiny now. Rare.' Commented Ophis, confusing Ravel.

'Shiny?' Questioned Ravel, looking to Issei for an explanation.

'I think Ophis found my Pantobeast games. I guess you being an angel now makes you a shiny Pantobeast to her. I guess that makes you a real one-in-a eight thousand one hundred and ninety-two.' Said Issei in amusement.

'Pantobeast? That sounds like something Zatouji would speak about. Every time I went with new peerage members to get familiars, he would go off on long tangents about Pantobeast and how it was a complete misappropriation of his profession as familiar master.' Said Ravel.

'That's fair I suppose. Anyway, you should probably get some food soon. I know this will make me pretty hungry and Ophis, while not hungry, will get bored quickly.' Warned Issei.

Ravel took the warning to heart and quickly decided to redirect Ophis as they set out to procure nourishment, or in Ophis' case, entertainment, leaving Issei alone to plan out his repairs.

'Pantobeast… I guess if I had to pick Ravel's Pantobeast, she'd have to be Moltsun…' Mumbled Issei, as he took off his school blazer, before properly surveying the damage of his apartment.

'Man, this is a real number… I wonder if I can get some help from the others, besides, it would be nice to check on Gasper.' Said Issei, before deciding to head out and recruit some more hands.

"Actually, this might be something Xenovia would enjoy as well." Thought Issei, before heading over to Xenovia's door and giving it a knock.

'Issei, this is the first time you've come to see me here outside of the walk to school. Has it finally become time for us to make a baby?' Asked Xenovia, wearing a pair of lime green shorts, white ankle length socks and a slightly baggy white shirt.

'Close but not quite, I need some help fixing up my place after it got trashed between the little venting session between Akeno and yours truly. Want to help out with the rebuilding?' Said Issei.

'Hmm, creating… this is not my area of expertise… but I suppose I will need to learn how to create a house before I can create life… although I feel like I have more expertise in the second part.' Said Xenovia thoughtfully.

'Thanks, I was going to go and look for Saji before going to see if Kiba and Gasper wanted to help as well. You can come and help me search if you want, or wait for me to get back I guess, your choice.' Offered Issei.

'I wouldn't mind stretching my legs a bit.' Said Xenovia, before slipping on a pair of dark blue sneakers beside the door.

The two set out after that, heading towards the usual hang out places after school.

'Issei, your perversion has settled down a lot since you came back, are you still going to form a harem after all that has happened?' Asked Xenovia.

'Always direct Xenovia… yeah, I will. I mean, I know it isn't my only goal now, but it is still my top goal. After all, losing your virginity is just one of the expected casualties in forming a harem. A virgin harem… that's like cooking a five-course meal and then leaving.' Replied Issei.

'Have you given any thought as to how many kids you will have? Have you set a number per person or is it variable?' Continued Xenovia.

'That's an oddly specific question… but I haven't decided. I know some will want more than others, but at this point I'm just happy with as many as I can have. I always wanted a big family and I know my parents would love that as well. More grandchildren for them to spoil.' Answered Issei.

'I see. I would like to start with one to begin with, to make sure I can learn everything I need to and do a good job. After that, I would be happy to have as many as I can after that.' Stated Xenovia.

'Hey Xenovia, I know you've wanted a child for a while now, but do you have any plans after that?' Asked Issei.

'What do you mean after that? Once I have a child, I will always have a child, there doesn't come a point after that where you no longer have a child. Besides, I don't wish to stop at one anyway.' Answered Xenovia.

'That's fair, but I mean do you have any other things you want to do in life?' Asked Issei.

'Let me answer that question with another question, what other things do you want in your life, other than a harem?' Asked Xenovia.

'Well, a harem always keeps growing, so I can't really say if there comes a point after that… smart, I didn't think you of all people would throw my question back at me like that.' Commented Issei.

'For the record, that wasn't my intention. I want to know what your goals are, because my goals are to help you achieve your goals. I simply want to share in your life experiences.' Explained Xenovia.

Issei stopped walking at this, pausing to look at Xenovia in disbelief.

'You mean other than having a child, your only other goal in life is to help me achieve my goals?' Asked Issei.

'Yes. I have other things I want to do, but they are not goals, like figure out how to use a microwave oven, or find other strong sword wielders to fight. They are things I would like to do, but I don't consider them goals as such.' Elaborated Xenovia.

'What other things do you want to do?' Asked Issei, resuming walking.

'I want to enjoy more time at school, fight against new monsters, travel to new places and I suppose spread my beliefs… although I think Sister Griselda would be very opposed to me spreading my beliefs…' Continued Xenovia.

'Yeah, that's true. I guess now that you are an angel again you can also spread God's word too.' Added Issei.

'I could…' Said Xenovia, trailing off in thought at the end.

The duo explored most of the popular haunts of high school students in their area, before deducing correctly, that Saji was likely still at school helping the Student Council.

'I think this is another goal. I want to be president of the Student Council.' Said Xenovia, as the two entered Kuoh Academy.

'Really? Why?' Asked Issei.

'Some of the best experiences of my life happened here and I want to give back to this school. I want to leave my own legacy at the place where my life found new meaning when I thought all was lost.' Elaborated Xenovia.

'I think that's a great goal as well.' Said Issei, before spotting Saji out of the corner of his eye.

'Is Saji training? With Gasper?' Mumbled Issei, causing Xenovia to spot Saji and Gasper as well.

'That's indeed strange behaviour. Saji was less than excited about training Gasper in the past.' Said Xenovia, recalling her own attempts to train Gasper.

Issei and Xenovia made their way over to the two, only to see Yuuto was there as well.

'What are the three of you doing?' Asked Xenovia, once the group spotted them.

'Training, why, do you want to join?' Asked Saji.

'No. We are looking for workers.' Said Xenovia, confusing the three.

'Well, Xenovia isn't wrong. I need a bit of help repairing my house after Akeno and I had our… er, discussion. I also thought it would be a good time to discuss what's going to be happening in the next few days as well.' Said Issei.

'Is it about the vampires?' Asked Kiba.

'Yeah, I'll be coming back for at least a little bit, especially since they should be here soon, but I just can't leave my apartment trashed. It would bother me.' Explained Issei.

'Issei-senpai, are you worried? The other vampires aren't like me and the ones that drink blood are really scary too.' Commented Gasper.

'Well, I think I have a bit of an advantage against them now, but I'd be less worried if you could tell me what you know about them as well, Gasper.' Said Issei.

'Of course!' Exclaimed Gasper in determination, causing Issei to chuckle.

'In that case, what do the three of you say? Want to help repair battle damage in my apartment?' Asked Issei.

'Sure, it would be nice to do something less intense for a while. I foresee we will be busy over the next few weeks.' Said Yuuto.

'Yeah, but… is it true you have the Infinite Dragon God staying with you?' Asked Saji nervously.

'Yeah, but Ophis is really nice and pretty funny as well, you'll see, especially if Ravel is still there.' Said Issei, failing to reassure Saji.

'I'm guessing that is why you decided against getting Koneko as well.' Stated Yuuto.

'Koneko? No, I can tell she and Kuroka have gone off somewhere and knowing Kuroka, they won't come back until they are done or something major happens.' Revealed Issei.

'In that case, let's move out.' Ordered Xenovia and with that, the group headed off.

'So, what were the three of you training for?' Asked Xenovia after a few minutes of walking in silence.

'We're trying to catch up to you. I thought we were all around the same level overall… but hearing how you fought with Sairaorg… you're crazy ahead of us.' Said Saji.

'Indeed, I hope for a rematch soon myself.' Added Kiba.

'Ho-ho, you want to catch up to me? That's going to be a challenge then, since I'm trying to catch up to Issei.' Revealed Xenovia with a small laugh and grin.

'Really? You're trying to catch up to me?' Asked Issei in surprise.

'Of course. To think, that at one point, I was stronger than you… I have a lot of ground to catch up on.' Said Xenovia confidently.

'Well good luck then, you'll need it, especially since I'm trying to be the strongest. Strong enough that no one can beat me.' Retorted Issei.

'I think your power has gone to your head; you aren't God.' Said Xenovia.

'Not yet, besides, first I will come to understand Ophis and maybe, I'll learn just what it is that makes someone God. I won't stop until all my enemies see me as a terrifying being that no one would try to fight… well, except for Vali, I guess. If I become God, he'd be super excited at getting the chance to fight me and I've kind of promised him we will one day.' Said Issei.

'Not one for slowing down, are you Issei?' Commented Kiba.

'Never.' Said Issei, as the group reached his apartment.

'Okay, let's get to it!' Cheered Issei, as the group opened the door and was instantly assaulted with many smells.

'Ophis, you need to let food that comes out of the oven cool before you eat, otherwise the texture is wrong.' Said Ravel from the kitchen.

'It still tastes good though.' Said Ophis.

'*sigh* Yes, but that isn't the point.' Came Ravel's weary voice, causing Issei to laugh just loud enough that they got their attention.

'Issei, you're back! With lots of guests.' Said Ravel, before pouting.

'How could you bring so many guests without even warning me?' Huffed Ravel.

'They're not guests, they are here to help me with repairs.' Said Issei, causing Ravel to cross her arms over her chest.

'You know when we get married, you will need to be more considerate of me when inviting dinner guests over.' Said Ravel, causing the three Kuoh Academy boys to having varying degrees of shocked expressions.

'Uwah, can I be one of your bridesmaids Ravel?' Asked Gasper, causing Issei to facepalm.

'Gasper, you should be asking to be one of my groomsmen.' Said Issei.

'But the bridesmaid dresses always look so pretty.' Replied Gasper despondently, causing Issei to sigh.

'Well, let's get to work then.' Said Xenovia, as she quickly surveyed the room, before making her way to Issei's bedroom.

Moments later, the sound of something being destroyed was heard, causing the group to go and see what Xenovia was doing.

'Xenovia, why did you destroy my bed? We are supposed to be repair things.' Said Issei.

'Yes, I destroyed the bed because it needs to be made larger, especially if it is going to need to fit Ravel along with you, Irina and myself.' Explained Xenovia.

'I see… can we start repairing things now?' Asked Issei.

'What do you mean, I already started.' Said Xenovia.