Long Night's Journey into Day

The short trip to Regina's was a blur for Emma. After she listened to Hook slink away she left the Charming's and the next thing she knew she was knocking her bloody knuckles against Regina's door.

Regina promptly answered. "Emma," she said, her eyes wide with surprise. She tightened her black silk robe against her, feeling shy, doing her best to hide how happy she was to see her. "It's so late. What's wrong?"

"Everything," Emma said, and she realized she had run, she was out of breath, dizzy with what she had done. Looking at Regina Emma felt another bolt of rage, like she needed to get away from Regina, and yet she just wanted to go back to being on the lake with her. It was the most confusing kind of turmoil.

"What's happening to me?" Emma asked, tears filling her eyes. Regina saw Emma's wounded hands and the sweat on her brow.

"Come in," she put her hand on Emma's back and guided her to her living room, sitting her down, and immediately presenting her with a scotch on the rocks. "Drink that and relax," Regina said leaving, waving her arm towards the fireplace that exploded to life, warming Emma and illuminating the room with a soft orange glow.

Emma took a swallow of the chilled whiskey, and Regina returned kneeling before her with a towel of ice cubes and a sort of witch's first aid kit: it was a black box filled with various glass vials.

"Let me see," Regina said softly, and took Emma's hands gently in her own. Her knuckles were shredded, and Regina let Emma sit quietly as she cooled the stinging, and cleaned the wounds with a potion that immediately began to slowly heal her.

"You want to tell me what happened?" Regina asked, quietly, after a few moments.

"Hook," Emma said, sighing with relief, finally feeling like she might not have a panic attack after all.

Neither of them knew Robin was listening around the corner.

"What did he do?"

"I don't know, Regina, these last two weeks have been such a nightmare...well except for today. He came over, barging in, he kissed my mom!"

Regina paused stifling a giggle and let Emma take another drink from her crystal glass.

"I'm sorry," Regina said, trying to keep a straight face. Emma frowned, and then smiled.

"Yeah I guess it's hilarious if you weren't there."

They both shared a laugh, all the while Rumple was watching and hating every second of it.

"That imbecile," he said. "He kissed Snow and wasted the full potency!" How could Hook let that happen? Emma could stand to be near Regina, although she must be uncomfortable, the whiskey could be affecting the real question was, could Emma and Regina kiss?

"So then what? Your boyfriend kissed your mom and you broke his jaw?"

"Well, he was coming over and I already have been feeling like it's not working out. Henry doesn't like him. There are other reasons-"

"Which you've shared with me over a bottle of red wine at Granny's," Regina added.

"Right," Emma went on. "But he just...he wasn't listening. He pushed his way in, he grabbed me and he kissed me-"

"He forced himself on you." There was no mistaking the rage in Regina's voice.

"He was just being so stupid, and I...snapped."

The air in the room stood still, and Regina looked up at Emma, her brown eyes wide, waiting.

"I didn't kill him," Emma said. "But I wanted to, Regina. I easily could have. I just keep having these flashbacks...but not quite. Like...I have these memories of doing dark, horrible things, but I can never get them to focus, but they feel so real. The worst part is...I love the feeling. I feel-"

"Powerful," Regina said knowingly. She and Emma shared a look and Emma felt that hateful, yet lustful feeling rise up.

Robin went up to the bedroom and put on pants, shoes, and let himself out quietly.

"I know what that's like," Regina said.

"What's happening to me, Regina?"

"Come," Regina answered standing. She took Emma's hands gently, and stood her up. "You're not crazy. Snow didn't start having night terrors for no reason. Let's figure it out together."

Robin thumped on Hook's door again.

"Come on, man!" He called. "I know you're in there!" He knocked again. No answer.

"Hook, Emma came to Regina's and told her everything!"

Hook opened the door.

"Yeesh," Robin said.

Hook's nose was broken, blood had crusted down his chin and neck. His face was badly bruised on both sides, and his front bicuspid was missing. In his hand was a half empty bottle of rum.

"You are such a cliche," Robin said, letting himself in.

Hook's place was a mess, a regular man cave, in every stench of the phrase. Hook fell onto his couch and returned to nursing his wounds with a bag of frozen peas.

"She told Regina everything?" Hook mumbled.

"What were you thinking kissing her mother?" Robin had to know.

"I was trying to surprise Emma," Hook said. "The crocodile gave me a potion to repel her from Regina, and I wasted the better half on her mother, who is guaranteed to hate me forever now."

"You are acting like a fool trusting Rumple with anything," Robin said. "Did it ever occur to you to stop and ask why he's trying to keep Emma and Regina apart?"

Hook thought for a minute. "He said it would ruin everything?"

"Oh really?" Robin said. "For who? Last I checked two women shacking up didn't stop the world from turning. Why is Rumple so dead set against it happening? What motive does he have?"

Hook thought about it and realized Robin was right.

"He tricked me," Hook said. "He used my desire to be with Emma to get me to do his dirty work."

"Why do you think he wants them apart?"

"I don't know," Hook said. "It's like you said: it doesn't make any sense. He's specifically worried about them kissing. I did what the bastard said and I lost Emma anyway."

"Yeah, well, you need a woman who's easy to control. Emma's not for. Get cleaned up," Robin said darkly. "I'm tired of the games. Let's pay your crocodile friend a surprise visit."

Regina had intended to take Emma to her vault to assess her and try and figure out what kind of enchantment she might be under, but they were half way through the woods when Regina realized Emma wasn't at her side. She turned and saw Emma had stopped a few yards away.

"Emma, what are you doing?"

Emma was shaky and her face was flushed. "Regina...I can't go with you."

Regina walked towards Emma, and while Emma held her ground, Regina knew something was wrong. "Whay are you talking about?"

"All night I have been fighting these urges...it's like I cant stand being near you, but I..."

Regina took another step forward, her brown eyes wide and daring. "What?"

"Fuck, I cant do this." And she took off into the woods.

"Emma!" Regina called, taking off after her.

Rumple could see Emma was fighting the urges to be with Regina. He couldn't take the risk of Emma trying to kiss Regina. For one, he was still afraid she may succeed in kissing Regina, and that would be the end of everything for him. If she didn't succeed they'd still know someone had spelled Emma's lips. Questions he couldn't have them asking.

He turned to leave, opening the door, but was surprised to see Robin and a very rough looking Hook.

"Hello, friend," Hook said pushing his way in. Rumple stepped back and immediately began to survey for the nearest weapons.

"Friend?" Rumple asked.

"Yeah. Friend, as is someone who does not put false notions into your head and manipulate you into doing something stupid in order to achieve ones own selfish agenda," Hook said, shoving Rumple back.

Rumple smiled as pleasantly as he could muster. "My, my, my, have you swallowed a dictionary?" he taunted.

Robin and Hook waited, when Rumple made a dive for a spear in the corner, but Robin blocked him easily shoving him back, with punch that cuffed Rumple's jaw, as he staggered backwards.

Robin picked up the spear.

Meanwhile, Regina appeared in a puff of purple smoke in front of Emma, who nearly crashed right into her.

"Emma, stop!" Regina said, taking her by the shoulders.

Emma's eyes glowed darkly, but Regina wasn't afraid. She couldn't leave Emma's side even if she wanted too. Regina had to know if she and Emma were afraid of the same thing.

"Just relax," Regina said softly. She put her hands up defenselessly. "I know you're under some kind of curse, Emma," she said, while slowly moving towards her.

Emma shook her head. "You need to get away from me," Emma warned, and she began to shake, struggling to stop herself from wrapping her hands around Regina's soft throat.

"Let me help you," Regina said, reaching out to touch Emma.

"This visions...they're getting worse..."

Emma's eyes rolled to the back of her head as she saw what could have been her own reflection, yet it was like a layer of steam was clouding the image. She could only make out shapes and colors, but what was so present, what was so jarring was the feeling of these visions. Emma could feel herself killing. She could feel herself, her body pulsing with the darkest, sweetest power imaginable. She could feel someone, someone close to her, she could taste her, could feel her naked body against hers within the tidal wave of her bedsheets. All of these visions flooded through her uncontrollably.

Who am I?

She felt a soft, hand take her arm and she grasped the hand with a howl, pushing away with all her might.

Regina was stunned, when she reached her hand out to touch Emma she found herself very roughly, and so quickly it nearly gave her whiplash, pushed up against a tree with a very angry looking Emma holding her by her throat. Emma's eyes were dark and far away.

"Emma," Regina said, her eyes wide with surprise.

"This is all a misunderstanding," Rumple said, as Hook and Robin backed him slowly into a corner.

"Have you misunderstood your week, Hook?" Robin asked without taking his eyes off Rumple.

"You can't misunderstand rotten luck," Hook answered, his bruised face only making him look more sinister as her glared at Rumple.

"Well ,what if I said it wasn't your luck that was down, but this little rat fuck here pulling the strings of your fate like a short sighted puppeteer?" Robin asked.

"Well I'd have to say that'd make me pretty angry."

"Pretty angry indeed," Robin agreed, nodding his head solemnly.

"Look now," Rumple said. "You two-"

Robin flicked his spear at Rumple causing a cut on the side of his face, and he was instantly pulled back to Belle flicking Charming's sword at him. One of the signs his curse was unravelling: parallels between the realities. He looked at Robin with wide, fearful eyes.

"Stay away from Emma and Regina," he warned. "Whatever you're trying to do, we will find out, and stop you and end you, understand?"

Rumple nodded and Hook smirked watching him snivel.

They turned to go and Rumple felt relief run through him until Robin laughed sarcastically as they both turned back to Rumple.

"Oh, did you think you were getting off that easy?" Robin asked.

"I don't think so," Hook said, and he delivered a jab to Rumple's jaw. When Rumple staggered back Robin knocked him on his other side, drawing blood from his nose. They closed in on him, attacking.

"Emma, it's me," Regina said.

"I know who you are, my Evil Queen," Emma breathed. Her eyes were black, and Regina couldn't make out any of their color. What kind of curses turn memory into a kind of possession?

Emma tightened her grip on Regina's throat, and pushed her body right against Regina's, who began to quiver, but not because she was frightened. "Emma, I can help you."

"You cannot, nor can anyone. It feels like my life is ending whenever-" Emma stopped herself and raised a fist in the air out of frustration. Regina held her hands up defensively, but was relieved when Emma only cracked a tree branch with her signature right hook.

More bloody knuckles, Regina thought. She had never seen Emma like this-acting like a wounded animal in a cage.

"Whenever what, Emma? Just tell me what you want."

"You," Emma breathed.


"I am sick with longing for you, Regina. All I think about is you. Day in and day out. It's been pure misery whenever we are apart." Emma ran her fingers through Regina's hair, touching her, and whispering in her ear. "Your silky, dark hair, your beautiful eyes, and your exquisite mouth," Emma's touched Regina's lip, and it burned her finger. "Whenever I do finally see you, it's just more frustration," she whispered in Regina's ear.

Regina closed her eyes in ecstasy.

"You torture me with every move. I see you in your pencil skirts, I watch you walk in high heels, and I just want...I just want to fucking-"

"Do it," Regina breathed.

Emma tried to kiss Regina, but the spell was too strong. Trying to press her lips to Regina's was like trying to force magnets at opposite ends: impossible. Emma buried her face in Regina's neck, breathing along her flesh, and slowly licking her tongue with soft kisses.

"Do it, yes Emma," Regina begged. "Do whatever you want with me."

Hook and Robin felt no mercy for Rumple as they took turns swinging at him. Eventually the poor, little man fell to the floor to spit a few teeth. While he was down Hook brought his foot up and down on Rumple's back with a sickening thud. Rumple screamed and fell flat where Robin kicked him.

The beatings continued all while on the back wall, just out of eyeshot from Robin and Hook Regina and Emma were still visible in the woods.

Emma had Regina's skirt hiked up, and Regina lost herself in receiving Emma, in giving over to her. The last three weeks had been hell, but Regina and Emma were finding each other above all of that in this one moment against a tree in the woods. They were all alone, and they were out of control with lust for one another.

Regina pulls Emma's shirt off and ran her hands over Emma's chest and stomach, pulling her in by her long blond hair. Again the spell stopped them from kissing. The two simply kept touching each other all over. Every touch was like a relief, as if invisible bands so tight they were leaving blisters were finally cut free with every forbidden touch.

Emma could not kiss Regina's mouth, but she could kiss Regina everywhere else, which she did relentlessly. They both panted and blushed when Emma reached up Regina's skirt to touch her between her legs. Regina moaned opening her legs wider for Emma. "Yes," she cried, pulling Emma closer. "I want you inside of me," Regina breathed against Emma's ear, bitting it tenderly.

Regina was so wet that Emma only had to give the slightest of pushes to slip inside of her. Emma knew exactly what to do, and did not hesitate in locating Regina's G-spot, penetrating her softly at first. Regina thrust her hips letting Emma know she didn't need to take her time. Emma thrusted rapidly.

"Yes, just like that," Regina cried. "Harder, do it to me harder."

Emma obliged, losing herself in giving to Regina. She had thought of this moment nearly every painstaking second, and now all she wanted was time to pass slower. Give us time in this secret place.

"I want to taste you," Emma whispered in Regina's ear. She slowly unbuttoned Regina's shirt revealing a nude colored lacy bra: gorgeous. She kissed down Regina's neck, between her breasts, her stomach, until she was on her knees. She looked up at Regina, the two both solemn in their new commitment for pleasure, and lifted her knee over her shoulder.

She kissed along Regina's inner thigh all the way to the center over her dripping, wet cunt. Her tongue lapped Regina clean before penetrating her lightly. Emma then began to draw slow circles around Regina's clit, teasing her lightly. Regina moaned and screamed Emma's name, putting her fingers into Emma's soft blond hair, and tugging at her not to stop.

Hook and Robin both left with blood on their boots and Rumple screaming on his floor. Just across the way on the other side of the woods, Regina was screaming with pleasure, her body being rocked by the most incredible orgasm she could remember, waking the rising sun that washed the woods with color.