Stop Pretending

Regina's breath caught in her throat as they appeared in her hidden tomb underground. In a room she had come to hate, the sound of the stolen beating hearts filled her ears.

Emma was still standing mere inches away, looking directly into Regina's eyes. "I hope you don't mind I've touched the place up a little," Emma said. Regina looked around and could see an old record player and a bed. "Scotch?' she asked, barely giving Regina a chance to catch her breath. Regina did not answer, but Emma turned swiftly to the glass and brass liquor cart, pouring the golden Glenlivet into two crystal glasses.

She brought one to Regina and held it out. Regina took it as hesitantly as one might accept a glass of poison.

"Still in shock?" Emma asked.

It was true. Regina did not know what to say. She hadn't felt such true uncertainty since she lost Daniel.

"It's ok," Emma said. "Just have a drink with me," she raised her glass to meet Regina's. "It'll make you feel better."

Regina touched her glass to Emma's hesitantly. She took a sip followed by a long swallow. Emma was right, she instantly felt a rush of relief and soothing warmth in her stomach where she usually held her tension.

"I must say, Madam Mayor, it's unlike you to be scared. And what's there to be afraid of? You hold the dagger," Emma walked to Regina, taking her by the wrist. She had the dagger still clutched in her hand. Emma took the blade and pressed it right to her own chest. "You could end me right here if you wanted. Take my new powers for yourself."

"Haven't we already covered the fact that I don't want to kill you," Regina said pulling away. She set the dagger on the cart, happy to be rid of the weight of the thing, and realized she had been holding it so tightly her knuckles were white. She turned to face Emma. "And I'm not afraid of you," she said, a bit defensively. "I'm afraid for you."

"Why?" Emma asked, smiling wondrously. Again she stood with her face mere inches from Regina's. Regina was used to being in close proximity at this point with Emma Swan, but it was unlike them to be alone, and usually those intimate discussions only happened when they were talking about Henry or after one two many drinks alone at night at the diner.

Still Emma smiled, and took Regina's hands gently. "This is everything we've ever wanted," she said.

"We?" Regina asked.

Emma's smile faded. "Regina," she said darkly. "I have a spell around this hiding place making it impossible for anyone to hear or see where we are. You can stop pretending."

Soft violin music began to play, and there was no mistaking Emma's intentions as she drew her hand lovingly down Regina's face, tucking a strand of dark brown hair behind her ear. Emma leaned in closer with her eyes on Regina's lips. "What name has truly been written on your heart all these years?"

Regina felt hazy and relaxed, and she realized she had chills rushing up her arms. "Emma...I don't understand," she said, although the truth was she simply couldn't believe it.

"I can show you," Emma said, touching her forehead to Regina's, and pressing her hand to her chest.

Flashbacks raced through Regina's mind like images flickering on a white screen from a Super 8 film.

She saw Emma when they first met in her signature red leather jacket, which she had made fun of, but really found it totally sexy. She saw another memory, she had taken Robin shopping and he was trying on a jacket like Emma's that Regina had picked out for him.

"Do you think this really suits me?" He smiled. He looked ridiculous. She laughed at him, but really was wondering why she had him try the jacket on in the first place.

She saw Henry, she was tucking him into bed after his birthday celebration. "Want to know what I wished for?" he asked.

Regina nodded.

"I wished you'd find your true love and be happy. I wished we were real a family," he said. Regina smiled at him, kissing his forehead, tears in her eyes. Yet she always wondered why Emma's face had come to her mind first, and she also wondered why Henry hadn't simply wished she'd marry Robin.

She saw herself perched on Emma's desk while Emma walked towards her, her heart racing.

She saw herself being saved again and again by Emma and being thrilled by every touch. She saw them saving the town together over and over agin, her magic made all the more powerful when joined with Emma's.

She heard Emma tell Mary Margaret, "she's not dying," with such passion in her tone.

She saw them drinking together late at night. How they always seemed to wind up at the same place, knocking back shots, trading stories, talking about what they wanted for Henry, planning their son's future together. Regina realized how happy all of these memories were making her feel.

"Now do you understand, Regina?"

Regina had never felt so happy yet so afraid before. She pulled away. "No," she said. "No, Emma, this can't be. I love Robin," she said, again a bit too defensively.

"Do you really?" Emma asked, smiling like she knew something Regina didn't. "What do you love about him?"

Regina searched herself. "He's handsome," she pointed out.

"That is true," Emma agreed. Regina felt her stomach drop. "Handsome indeed," Emma went on. "Brave, I mean did you see the way he threw himself at the darkness to save you," Emma laughed remembering how Robin had fallen on his ass. "Brave indeed, but not very bright."

That much was true. "He's great in bed," Regina added.

"Is he really? Let's take a look."

Regina was swept into another memory where she was on her back staring at the ceiling. Robin had his head between her legs and was not quite hitting that spot. His facial hair was also giving her rug burn on her thighs. Regina sat up on her elbows.

"Darling," she said. "Try hovering a little higher." He looked at her and moved up a few inches, licking quite close to the desired target. Regina reached down between her legs and touched her clitoris. "Right here," she said. He obliged and finally she felt a rush of pleasure.

"Emma," she whispered lying back, and she realized it was Emma she had been thinking of. She looked down and saw it was Emma who she imagined, Emma who she wanted...

"Emma," Regina breathed again. Emma looked up and smiled, kissing Regina along her inner thigh, teasing her. "Yes, just like that," Regina begged. Emma returned her attention back to Regina's clit, drawing slow circles at first, and then changing it up every so often.

Regina moaned as the memories rushed forth. Emma. Emma. Emma. Every important thing that had happened to her revolved around Emma. Everything she had accomplished she had done so with Emma. Every positive change she had ever made had been under Emma's influence.

Henry had wished for her true love to appear, and here she was in the most unlikely form. Regina realized as gave in while Emma expertly teased the hood of her clitoris. Regina reached down, lacing her fingers with Emma's, as her hips thrust forward, she moaned climaxing, giving her body over to the rush of pleasure that started from her toes and rolled up through her body again and again.

And just like magic Regina was standing in her vault with Emma's arms around her still sweaty and shaking with pleasure.

"Do you see now, my love," Emma whispered.

"My love," Regina agreed breathlessly.

Emma kissed Regina full on the lips, softly at first and then passionately, their tongues caressing one another's. Regina did not resist. She felt her feet lift from the floor as she was pressed down against a soft feather mattress. Emma pulled back, and dropped to her knees. Regina sat up as Emma slipped her high heels from her feet, and reached up Regina's skirt, her fingers grazing her thighs, and pulled her panty hose down gently.

Emma stood slightly and unbuttoned Regina's shirt, slipping it off gently and casting it to the side. Regina reached up and pushed Emma's signature robe to the floor. They continued to undress one another slowly, and Regina realized Emma had subtly lowered the lights as the room was illuminated softly with levitating candles. They sat indian style on the bed sipping their whiskey, enjoying the naked sight of one another.

Emma smiled, taking Regina's empty glass and set it aside. She still had half an inch of scotch left in her own glass, and she painted Regina's arms with droplets, licked them gently one at a time giving her the most exquisite chills. Emma took her time, slowly running her fingers over Regina's naked flesh, laying her down. They kissed pressing their bodies together. Emma kissed Regina on her neck, down her collar, finally reaching her nipples, taking each of them gently into her mouth.

Regina gave herself over completely, as Emma drew her hands down between her legs, pausing to look Regina in the eyes.

"Yes, please," Regina panted, putting her hand over Emma's and slipping her fingers inside.

"You are so wet," Emma gasped, as she thrusted in and out slowly at first, locating the textured surface of Regina's G spot, pressing and stroking in a pulsing motion.

Emma gave Regina such pleasure, slipping them into a cosmic realm where Regina saw things. Things sh could have never imagined bloomed behind her closed eyes. Such colors and such magic all while she was screaming with pleasure.

Emma kissed Regina slowly down her chest, along her ribs, down her stomach, pausing to lick lightly around her navel, finally servicing her clit again.

Regina saw the universe on the end of Emma's tongue. She saw all the power she held and it excited her. She felt her own body morph into something dark, something more accepting of her own fate, and her brand new love. She saw beings from other planets, ones that had always hovered just above their own reality's surface.

When she opened her eyes, after coming for the third time, she saw Emma above her, watching with joy. Regina realized they were floating and Emma set them gently down onto the mattress.

"This is love," Emma said.

"This is love," Regina agreed, kissing Emma fiercely and turning her over onto her back.