On The Run

Chapter 30

It's been a few months since the whole ordeal with Lisanna. The guild was finally back to it's rambunctious self. A few weeks after her arrest, the guild members were all somewhat broken from it all. Lisanna was once loved by all and now became hated by everyone. No one dared whisper her name. The ones who were broken the most were Mira and Elfman. The pain they felt was far worse than when they believed she had died. As time passed, she became a fleeting memory.

Focussing more on the positive, the guild loved the new addition to their family; everyone absolutely loved little Ryu Dragneel. Natsu and Lucy were quite lucky to be surrounded by such love and support.

One summer evening, after a long day at the guild, Lucy has just finished up washing the dishes. Natsu had just finished putting Ryu to bed. He still can't wrap around his head that he is a father.

"It feels like a dream," He said.

"What do you mean Natsu?" Lucy looked at him quizzically.

"This life. I am mated to my soul mate and we have a son together. I feel like I am li dreaming and I don't ever want to wake up" He pulled her into a hug.

"I know what you mean. I can't believe it all myself. I wouldn't trade it for the world" she got up on her toes to kiss him.

Natsu's onyx eyes darkened and Lucy could have sworn she heard a faint growl from him. Suddenly he picked her up, startling the young woman.

"Natsu! What do you think you are doing?" She said and he carried her to their room.

"Hmm, I think we should try for another one" he smirked at her.

Once he reached their room, he kicked the door shut with his leg. For the rest of the night, moans and heavy breathing could be heard from their room.

10 years had passed since the incident with Lisanna. The guild never experienced such peace after her incarceration as before. Makarov was still guild master. However there were a few changes.

The Fairy Tail family had grown. Mira and Laxus had finally settled down and she was now pregnant with twins. Elfman was happily married with Evergreen. She was currently berating her husband for fighting in front of their son.

Gajeel and Levy were currently on their honeymoon. Gajeel dragged his feet with confessing to Levy. Levy was growing so impatient that she and Lily conspired together to trick Gajeel into confessing.

It was springtime; Levy had made Gajeel believe that she had a date with someone else. This infuriated the Iron Dragon Slayer. After eavesdropping on her conversation with Lucy, he decided to follow her during her date. Lily, under a disguise, pretended to be her date. By evening's end, as she was 'about to kiss' her date, Gajeel jumped out of the bushes and sent her date flying. He then stomped over to Levy and yelled at her for being on a date. In his fury, he confessed his feelings and, well the rest is history.

Erza decided to take a leave from the guild and travel with Jellal. He finally came clean about his feelings for her (worse kept secret ever!). With their new relationship, they decided to take some time away from their duties and travel, so they can get to know one another again.

Gray finally acknowledged his feelings for Juvia and they were now married. She was currently holding their son, while Gray was teaching their daughter ice make magic outside. Their daughter, Julia, inherited his father's magic, while their son, Silver, inherited her mother's water magic.

Wendy and Romeo were now in their early twenties and formed their own team. Romeo also finally mustered the confidence to confess to Wendy and they have been going steady every since. Lately poor Wendy and Romeo were stuck with babysitting the new generation of Fairy kids whenever their parents wanted to have a date night.

Last but not least, we have Natsu and Lucy. Their bond had only become stronger as the years grew. Their son, Ryu, had mastered fire magic thanks to his father. He was currently outside with Natsu learning fighting techniques. Actually, Gray and Nastu were throwing punches at each other while Julia and Ryu were playing with their magic. Ryu took a liking to Julia, which irked their fathers. However, their mothers loved the idea of becoming in-laws.

Lucy was outside as well, with their twins. Two years after the incident, Lucy became pregnant again. The couple were blessed with twins this time. Luna was the splitting image of Lucy with the exception of her hair. She inherited her father's colourful mane. Then there was Igneel, Iggy for short, amongst the three, he was the only who inherited his mother's golden locks. He, however, was a fire mage, like his older brother and father. This basically meant, that Lucy was always cooking for an army. Her boys had bottomless pits when it came to food.

Lucy and her children were sitting under a cherry blossom tree, Luna had Plue on her lap and Iggy had Happy. Lucy was recounting one the many adventures she shared with their father.

After calling it a tie with Gray, he picked up Ryu and headed to his brood under the tree. Ryu sat between his younger siblings and while Natsu pulled Lucy into his lap. Much to the disgust of their children, he nuzzled her hair, basking in her scent.

While listening to Lucy's story, and occasionally pitching in, Natsu felt at peace. It was a peace he never felt before in his life. Lucy calmed the storm in his heart. She completed him. He thanked the stars everyday for that fated encounter in Haregon all those years ago. Lucy gave him the family he always wanted.

Later that night, after all kids were settled into their bed, Natsu pulled Lucy towards him in bed to cuddle. Lucy was practically his teddy bear when they slept. Who would have thought that a fearsome dragon slayer loved to cuddle in bed?

"Have I told you today how much I love you?" He nuzzled her hair, making Lucy giggle.

"Hmmm, not that I can recall?" she teased him.

He turned her over to face him and kissed her. Lucy melted into the kiss, feeling all the love and passion behind it.

"I love you too, my dragon" she breathlessly whispered after pulling away.

"There is not a day that goes by where I am not utterly grateful for the family you gave me Luce"

"Thank you Natsu for the life you gave me." Lucy had tears falling down her cheeks.

Nastu kissed her again and they both settled into a peaceful sleep.


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