"It'll be okay. Don't worry about anything happening. This isn't honestly the first time this happened to an Angel. If you would be more comfortable you can retract your wings."

"*Sniff*… Did… you… do this to me?" The boy said as he retracted both pairs of his wings.

"No I did not. If you would like me to explain I can."


"What I am about to tell you are the closest kept secrets of all Devils and Angels. Few if any Fallen know about this. I need you to keep it between us and those I tell you are in the know, okay?" The boy nodded. "The only other time this happened was with the very first Devil. His name was Lucifer. When he was cast out of Heaven he also ripped his wings off. But he got all of them. He ripped all twelve wings off, and plummeted all the down to the Underworld like you did. He was bleeding already and these puddles of blood formed the original seventy-two Devils and their houses. A few of these houses were blessed with powers never seen before. The immortal Phenex flames, the Power of Destruction, the rare blue flames of Devil Fyre; to name a few. The only time the Devil fames were ever seen were from Satan himself and a house whose line was thought of as never continued. In fact the name of that house is long forgotten." Sirzechs walked closer to the boy and sat beside him. "What you have done is keep your Angelic wings in addition to gain those of Devils. This is what truly confuses you I am sure. The reason as to how the exact opposite energies could be in one vessel, your body. This is because not only Lucifer but God died. I don't know if you knew this but He did. God died."

"I did know this. I wasn't supposed to but I snuck in to where the Seraphs control the system and saw them using Michael-sama as the center. When Gabriel-sama saw me she swore me to secrecy."

"I see. Well I now have to ask you two very important questions."


"The first one: do you want to go back to Heaven?"


"Okay. The second question: how old are you?"

"In Angelic years or Human?"

"Which ever you have aged by."

"In Human years I am too old to be a Middle aged man. In Angelic years I am a ten year old."

"You don't talk like a ten year old."

"You grow up quickly with no friends, Guardians or parents."

"So who looked after you and kept you company?"

"Gabriel-sama did when she could, but other than her no one. I looked after myself. I am too unstable or was I don't know why but I don't feel the swell of Light energy in me anymore. It's there, but it's only about half as powerful. There is some other energy though. It feels like you do."

"I would suspect that your power was halved and turned into Demonic energy as a way to give your body balance."

"Oh. Okay. Well what am I to do now?"

"What do you mean? If you would like to you can stay here and train with your Demonic powers. After all you may just develop one of the Pure-Blooded abilities or even Devil flames. I have a little sister who is your age in Human years and she has a friend your age too. Would you like to meet them? If you want to stay here we will have to create a way to completely hide your Angelic energy."

"I can hide my presence completely."

"But you would have to leave your new Demonic energy free flowing. After that we will have to give you a cover story and then find you a surname that passes as a High-class Pure-Blood House. This will depend on your abilities if you have any."

"I see. Well… I would like to stay here, if that is okay."

"Well of course it is okay; I offered didn't I?"


"Well would you mind telling me your first name? The one you had before all of this."


"Do you have a last name?"

"No. I don't have any family. I don't even know who went through the ritual to birth me."

"I see. Well how about we play a game? You are going to hide yourself and your presence leaving only demonic energy. Because of all the excess in the house it should blend in and hide you. Afterwards depending on the outcome I'll make a call to either my sister or a friend."

"Okay! I love Hide and Seek! How long do I have to hide!?"

"Well, how about I count to thirty?" Sirzechs said with a smile.

"Okay! I'm gonna go hide now!" The boy ran off.

"Definitely a ten year old. ONE! TWO!..."

It took Sirzechs three hours to find Hikaru. Hikaru couldn't hide only his Angelic presence. He was only able to hide himself completely. He didn't give off ANY presence. He made himself nonexistent. Afterwards Hikaru got hungry so Sirzechs got him some food while calling his friend.

This friend arrived via teleportation circle almost immediately. The friend happened to be Ajuka Beelzebub. He had green slicked hair and looked around Sirzechs age. He also had blue eyes. "You said you had a challenge for me?" Ajuka said to Sirzechs.

"I was wondering if you could make a device that could hide one type of energies in will allowing a different type to flow freely all in the same body."

"Hmmmm…I might be able to-"

"Is this the friend you called?" Hikaru had come in from the kitchen.

"Yes, I am. My name is Ajuka Beelzebub, what is yours?"

"So you're another Satan?"


"Mmkay, my name is Hikaru."

"I see and why are you hiding your presence?"

"Oh, we were playing Hide and Seek."

"I see." Ajuka sent a questioning look to Sirzechs.

"Should I let lose Sirzechs?"

"Yeah, go ahead my friend here is gonna help you overcome your hiding problems."

"I see." Hikaru released his energies and wings all at once. Ajuka was astonished and turned to Sirzechs.

"Who is he?"

"An Angel. I found him while we were looking for a certain criminal."

"I see. And do you have any idea how he got his wings and kept the white ones?"

"No, just speculations."

"Sirzechs does Ajuka know?"


"I told him about our origins and he already knew about God."

"I see."

"He tossed himself from Heaven as a way to protect those around him."

"Hmm… Will you tell me your story little one?"

"Okay." And so the party moved to a comfortable living room and Hikaru told his story just as he told Sirzechs.

"So now you need a way to hide, but not seal your Angelic energy while releasing your Demonic energy."

"Yeah, I'm pretty sure I'd put the Underworld into a frenzy if I didn't do that."

"If I can't hide the Angelic energy would you be up to sealing your Angelic energy?"

"Not completely, if possible."

"I see. Well I might be able to make you just what you need but before that I need to talk with Sirzechs alone."

"Okay. What should I do Zechs?"


"Yeah it's your nickname."

"I see. Well why don't you see if you can hide your Angelic energies?"

"Okay." The adult duo walked off to the kitchen.

"Sirzechs!? What were you thinking? Not only does that boy have the same level of Demonic power as we did his age, but also an equal Angelic side!?"

"I was thinking that all kids should have a place to belong. You heard his story, he only ever had Gabriel and she couldn't be there constantly. He deserves this and he's just a ten year old."

"Okay I guess that those are valid points. But what if the Heaven come looking for him?"

"They can't technically he's Fallen."

"No, technically he is an Angel that fell off a cliff and became a Devil Angel. Something that shouldn't be possible anymore because of God's death and Michael running the system and having changed that!"

"Look I planned on telling all of the other Satans but first I want him to have a friend in Rias and possibly Sona, perhaps even their peerages. To be able to do that we need to have that device and a cover story. Look Ajuka I'm not asking you as another Maou, I'm asking you as old friends. Please I'm beg-"

"SIRZECHS! I NEED YOU TO HELP ME!" Ajuka and Sirzechs ran out of the kitchen and to the living room only to find the couch on fire, blue fire. "HOW DO I PUT IT OUT!?"

"No fucking way." Ajuka said.

"Hikaru, just calm down. Take a deep breath. In and out. Okay now where are you?"

"I-I'm on the c-couch."

"Okay I'm going to walk over to you don't move okay?"

"Okay, but what if you get burnt?"

"Do you wanna burn me?"


"Okay then you won't." Sirzechs walked over to the couch and was right next to the flames. "I'm gonna reach out my hand. I want you to grab it okay?"

"Okay are you sure though?"

"Yes, I'm sure." Sirzechs reached out his hand and Hikaru grabbed it. Hikaru's arm was coated with the blue flames. "See? I don't feel anything."


"Devil Fyre responds to your will. Anyone or thing you don't want burned won't be. Well the thing has to be worked on, but people and living things come naturally."

"Okay. Well, is this one of the powers you mentioned me possibly developing?"

"Yes that is correct."

"Could I develop more?"

"I don't honestly know."

"I'll make it. You need to do some research on that lost house and claim him as the long lost heir. Then you need to claim responsibility for him."

"Thank you and yes I know."

"I should have something by tomorrow."

"Thank you."

"No problem, but that counsel with the others will have to be soon. In fact I suggest tomorrow. I'll give the device during, okay?"

"Yes thank you. I'll get the word out, emergency meeting tomorrow at noon?"

"Yes. Goodbye."

"NO! Never say goodbye! That means you'll never meet again, not even after reincarnation!"

"Okay, okay. I like the think way you little one."

"And stop calling me little one! I'm ten for crying out loud. I'm supposed to be this size!"

"Okay. Bye you two."

"Bye, Ajuka."

"Bye Ju-san." Ajuka smiled and laughed lightly before warping away.

"Okay Hikaru. In a little while you're going to be meeting a few friends and coworkers of mine and they are all in the know okay?"


"I need you to behave and tell you story just like you did to Ajuka and I alright?"

"Alright, please don't worry Ze-chan."


"I like it better than Zechs."

"Okay. Let's get going." Sirzechs activated a magic circle and they appeared in a meeting room with a large table and five chairs. One chair had a larger cushion on it. So much so that when Hikaru took his seat next to Sirzechs they were almost level. Sirzechs made a large file appear and placed it on the table. "I suggest you don't sit for now the meeting could take a while."

"Mmkay." Hikaru got up and walked around the meeting room sitting in all of the chairs.

Suddenly the door opened and a woman walked in. She was very well endowed and was wearing a green-blue coat, black knee length skirt and had a tie like item around her neck. She had black hair and violet eyes.

"Sirzechs-chan what's the emergency?"

"Please wait for the oth-"

"Oh my Maou you are just the cutest thing I have ever seen!" The woman, Serafall Leviathan rushed to Hikaru and hugged him to her bosom. Hikaru was then picked up and shaken while the female Maou hugged him into her bosom.

A "Ze-chm, wh izz shI? Helpm mI!" Came from where Hikaru's head was supposed to be.

"Serafall please let him go."

"Aww okay." She let Hikaru go and then waited as the color of Hikaru's face slowly returned from blue to a tannish white, depending on where his freckles were. "So who are you cutey?"

"I'm Hikaru. Who are you?"

"Serafall Leviathan. You can call me Levia-tan."

"How about Sera-tan?"

"Hmmm… okay."


"So what is this all about Sirzechs?"

"Oh, Ze-chan called this meeting because of me."

"What? Why?"

"You'll have to wait for everyone else; I don't like telling the story over and over again. Sorry."

"Mouuu, okay." Just then Ajuka entered and sat down in his chair.

"Hey Ju-san!"

"Hello Hikaru. Falbium refused to make it; he said it wasn't important sounding enough."

"Okay then. I guess I should have stressed it a bit more.

"Agreed. So shall we get started?"

"Yes. Hikaru please take your seat."

"Mmkay." Hikaru sat in his chair. "Should I start telling my story now?"

"Yes." And so Hikaru retold his story to Serafall and by the end of it she was crying and hugging Hikaru saying she'll never let him be alone again. Ajuka and Sirzechs sweat dropped at the actions and words.

"Is that a good thing?" Hikaru asked Ajuka and Sirzechs.

"We feel for you." The duo said in sync.

"Can I see your wings Karu-tan?"

"Okay." Hikaru stood up and let lose his wings and therefore his energies.

"Whoa! So pretty." Serafall stood up and stroked his white wings.

"So Ajuka did you bring the device?"

"Yes. Hikaru could you come here please?" Hikaru walked over to Ajuka. Ajuka held out a chain necklace. "Put this on." Hikaru put the necklace on. His Angelic energy completely disappeared. His wings however stayed.

"Whoa! You did it!" Hikaru said.

"Yep, now summon a light object."

"Okay." Hikaru took a step back and summoned a bow and arrow of light.

"Now shoot the arrow at the wall please." Hikaru did so. "It works! If you ever get tired of it being a necklace it can change into any type of accessory."

"That's so cool!"

"Now Sirzechs can get you a temporary set of real clothes and take you shopping for more."

"Hm?" Everyone looked at Hikaru and realized he was still in priest attire.

"Yeah that's a must!" Sirzechs laughed.


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