*ORC Clubroom - Hikaru's POV*

"My story starts a long time ago. When I was a very powerful Cherub." I stood in front of my whole family, anxiety pumping through my whole body. "After God died Heaven was no longer able to increase its numbers. I was the last Angel created by the Lord. We didn't know why but I had a lot of power. A crazy amount of power that was uncontrollable for a child like I was. My only company was Gabriel. Yes, the Gabriel of Heaven. Unfortunately though she had little time with all her responsibilities. I reached a point where I was too scared of hurting anyone else, or worse, killing someone. I had decided to cast myself from Heaven. There is this cliff up there, if you look down it goes from Heaven, through Earth, and then to the Underworld." Asia, Katase, Murayama, Akeno, and Yumi looked aghast. They seemed to have put together what happened next. "I flew above this hole, ripped my wings from my back and fell. I was only able to pull off my top pair, the pain was excruciating. I was so consumed by the pain I can't even remember the fall itself." I took a deep breath and steadied myself against Rias' desk. "I landed on the border between Fallen territory and Devil territory. I could barely move, the pain was starting to make me black out. Last I remember is a basic healing spell, retracting my wing stubs, and crawling towards Devil territory. I have a hazy memory of Ze-chan finding me with Mom. Then I finally succumbed to the black. I woke up in Mom and Dad's private house. The one that's not a mansion. Ze-chan was talking to me, trying to figure out what happened. He asked to see my wing stubs for proper healing. When I tried to release my wings, Devil wings came out instead. About a day later my Devil Fyre manifested. Ajuka and Sirzechs worked together to contact the other Maous and also made my old seal. Thank you by the way, for breaking it. I'm sure Ju-san will be happy to hear about that." I looked pointedly at Rias and Issei. "Anyways more recently it came to light that I was supposed to be the heir of Heaven. YHWH's Scion, destined mate to the beauty of Heaven, Gabriel. Obviously things didn't exactly go as planned. Additionally Michael reported that I had the Flames of Creation when I came out of the...incubator of sorts. But they've never manifested since and Michael and the Maous believe it possible my Devil Fyre, the exact opposite of the Creation Flames, took their place. The only people who knew about me aside from Azazel, the Maous and the Archangels, were Sona-chan, the Fallen Angels, and Murayama-chan. Sona-chan found me the night after that first Stray attack in the garden, remember that Rias-nee?"

I looked at my sister. She had slightly teary eyes, "How could I possibly forget?"

"The Fallen found out because the Maous, Azazel and I were working on a peace mission. They found out when Azazel was originally told. Murayama, she guessed. She was close enough that the Maous and I just came clean. Thank you by the way Sona-chan. She was able to guess with the books you'd given her while I was sleeping off that Stray attack. From here I want you guys to realize my presence is completely hidden. The reason for this is that seal hid my Angelic energy specifically. Without it I can only hide my entire presence. I can't manually sort through my energy like that. No, that seal wasn't perfect. All it really did was make my Angelic energy function on a frequency harder to pick up. Certain beings that can see or manipulate the world energies and other deeper energies would pick up on it quickly." Koneko looked down her face hard with thought. "The answer to your personal question, Koneko-chan, is yes." Koneko looked up, her face still hard and nodded. "Are there any questions?" I looked out across the room, On the usual two couches sat Rias, with Issei and Asia. Then Akeno, Yumi, and Koneko. A third much longer couch was put in front of the entry to the doorway. Katase, Murayama, Kal, and about half of the Student council sat on that, with Xenovia behind it. Raynare and Mittlet were leaning on the back of Rias' couch, while Tsubaki, Saji, and two of Sona's peerage members, Momo and Ruruko leaned against the other one. Sona herself walked over to me and took my hand.

"I think I can speak for everyone here that we don't think of you any differently. You're still our Hikaru. Still our family and still the person all of us can count on. Am I wrong?" Various murmurs of agreement rang out. "Aside from being sworn to secrecy Hikaru was worried about how you all would take it. How we would think about him after this."

"Dude! You're a total badass! And you totally saved our asses from Kokabiel! You've been around to protect all of us! Which don't worry I'll always protect Rias-san and Asia-san, and all of our friends!" Issei exclaimed.

"You defeated Kokabiel by yourself?!" Saji asked. "Holy hell dude! You really are a badass!"

"Well no, Issei-san boosted me. And was that a pun?"

"No, love Saji-san did not mean 'holy hell,' as a pun."

"Damn. Missed opportunity. Anyways. Thank you, all of you. Moving on from me though, in a week's time there will be a peace summit of all three faction leaders. In that time Sirzechs has deemed you capable of releasing our shy friend."

"What?! My brother wants me to set Gasper free?"

"Yes, with how you all handled Kokabiel's threat and the Excaliburs he's deemed you more than capable of handling your Bishop. I'm sure with Issei and the others you will all be able to handle it."

"I see. I'll have to thank him for trusting us so."

"I'm sure he'll agree when I say there's no need. Now moving on, we have new members to reintroduce." Kalawarner stood up and Xenovia walked around the couch. Both joined me at the front. "All of you already know Kal. But I want you all to welcome her as a newly born Devil, my Queen!"

"We're all already family, but please take care of me as I learn the ropes of Devil life." Kal bowed towards everyone.

"We got off to a rough start but I want you all to welcome Xenovia to our family as well. Xenovia is my first ever Rook!"

"What the hell?! You became a Devil?!" Issei asked.

Xenovia bowed. "I owe you all sincere apologies for how I treated you when I first met you all. Especially you, Argento-san. I hope you can forgive me for all the terrible things I said to you. I could not understand what you had gone through. But when the Church elders found out I was aware of God, the looks the gave me...Either way. I'm so sorry. If it makes you feel better you may hit me."

"Oh! Oh no! Thank you for your kind words but I'm so happy as a Devil. With our new family and friends. I'm sure you'll be very happy with us as well! At least I hope you do!"

"Thank you, Asia-san. You're too kind. Anyways, please take care of me as a new Devil!"

Katase stood and walked over to Xenovia. "Welcome to the family. I look forward to fighting alongside you. After all, we're blade sisters."

Xenovia cocked her head to the side, "What do you mean?"

"I am the wielder of Cortana and Joyuese. The sister blades to your Durandal. Did you not notice them during the battle with Kokabiel?"

"I couldn't tell. I thought Durandal was just in a mood actually. My apologies."

"No worries! We'll have to spar sometime!"

"I'd like in on that!" Murayama spoke up.

"As would I!" Yumi said.

"I'm glad you are all getting along so well. Unfortunately there is plenty of work for my peerage and I. I think it's time we headed out."

"I have one question though." Tsubaki said.

"Yes Tsu-chan?" Tsubaki blushed a little when I called her that.

"You guys said you had Phenex flames during the battle with Kokabiel. How did you get that Hikaru-sama?"

"You know I hate when you call me that. But the answer is, we don't know. I was talking to Sirzechs and Ajuka and we think it's a mix of my defeating Riser the way I did and also the fact that I could have easily developed any of the Pureblood families' powers. For all we know I could have gotten them naturally a while ago. It's also possible I end up with the Power of Destruction that Rias-nee and Ze-chan are known for. We don't really have answers. I'm sorry about that."

Tsubaki nodded. "Thank you."

"Alright love, take care and take it easy. You still need some rest." Sona kissed my cheek. "We'll see you all later." With that the Student council walked out.

"So what are we gonna do now?" Kal asked.

"We are going to go clean the pool and then have a fun time in said pool." Rias said.

"Unfortunately I will not be joining you guys. I have to go talk to Sirzechs and everyone down the way." After this I said my farewells and headed out.

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