He sat in the shadows waiting, waiting for the right moment to strike. He had been following the Jarl of Riften for a few hours now, waiting until she was alone for even a few seconds. It didn't seem like this was going happen, and that he would have to complete the contract in broad daylight surrounded by the public. But just as he was about to do the deed, she left her guards and entered a side room, even Maven Blackbriar had to use the restroom every once in a while.

He slipped in through the window and drove a dagger right into her unsuspecting throat.

"The Dark Brotherhood sends it's regards," murmured the assassin,

The words rolled off his tongue with practiced ease, as these where the last words any unfortunate soul who was on the other end of his blade ever heard.

This seemed like an anticlimactic death for such a hated woman, he decided to spice things up a bit for fun.

He started by wrapping a rope around her neck in a noose, then used the black ink he stored in his bag to print a black handmark, the sigil of the Dark Brotherhood, on her forehead. Next he used his dagger to slit her belly open and had her intestines spill out, before he tied the rope to the window and threw the body out, to hang for all to see.

He then stealthily made his way out of the building and slipped into the crowd that had gathered underneath the window. He smiled, another completed contract.