Hi everyone!

First of all, thank you so much for reading and reviewing Trial By Fire. Really, thank you. We loved writing every bit of it and loved hearing from you even more. You guys really made our journey so much more exciting and enjoyable. Please keep an eye out for the sequel, Circle of Hell (TBW).

Secondly, we were asked to submit Trial By Fire into a writing contest on Inkitt! We were so flattered that we decided, why the hell not? So, Trial By Fire is now in the running for the Fandom Writing Contest over at Inkitt. As you all are such wonderful readers, and since you followed this story from start to finish, it would be totally awesome and amazing if you could VOTE for Trial By Fire!

There is a link on our profile page that should take you directly to the site. (if it doesn't, pls let us know and we'll link you to it privately)

Please, and thank you all so much! We'd really appreciate it!